Thursday, April 19, 2012


Behold the Secret Canadian Treehouse

This took me to so many places, emotionally, that I don't think I can talk about it right now ("talk" –> type alone), but here's where you can help them save their precious little ball house.

And here's where you can try to find and raze it. Just kidding. Oh just kidding.

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Skipping across trees to your tiny house in the trees, you all, help, I can't even


Exactly, it amazed me how we are bombarded by all the "go green" propaganda on a daily basis but god forbid if anyone actually takes matters into their own hands and actually starts living it.@j


help me canada


When I was a kid some slightly older kids built a full-sized log cabin at a secret location in the woods. I only spent one night there and went for a few visits, but it was amazing.


It's Lothlórien!

And watching this now makes me wonder how elves bathed.


@nyikin No - it's that tree world from Myst!

J Walter Weatherman

@nyikin Elves don't get dirty or sweat, they just secrete arrows.


@serenityfound "It's like something from Myst!" is exactly what I said to myself.


I want a treehouse so, so bad.


Add "visiting handsome man in his adorable secret tree house" to the list of reasons to buy that dress I can't afford.


SO NERVOUS when he lit the candles IN THE TREEHOUSE!


Edith, is the place that this took you to emotionally...straight into that hunky tiny-house-building man's arms after unceremoniously pushing his girlfriend off that wee bridge of adorable stepping-stone planks?

Because that's where it took me.


@wee_ramekin Awwww, never mind. I am just suffering a case of the jelz. Her name is Heidi! Look at how cute they are. Plus, it looks like she helped build that house. Seems like she worked just as hard on it as he did!


@wee_ramekin my first and primary thought through that whole thing was "HOW COULD HE BE WITH HER WHEN HE HASN'T EVEN MET ME YET? DOESN'T HE REALIZE WE'RE IN LOVE??"

ugh, i know, that's the worst thing, horrible person, etc


Or you could book in to the hotel on Vancouver Island?


Time out: is that girl actually walking through the woods with just sandals and a sundress on? Is she crazy??


@meetapossum Possibly, yes. But the website says the location is "about a five-minute walk from the nearest road". So I don't think she had to do much serious hiking to get there.


@EternalFootwoman Oh, fair enough, I suppose. But it seems like a "secret treehouse hiding" in the the woods would have to be farther from the road.

And even so, the sections of the guy walking up there are steep and filled with rocks and pointy things! I think she's crazy.


@meetapossum I was really concerned when she walked across the log/bridge holding her bowl of vegetables. And a little saddened that the treehouse is not deep, deep in the woods.


@EternalFootwoman I understand that she wants to look cute for her secret treehouse date, but I think dude would understand if she wore sensible shoes.


*plans road trip to whistler.*


Watching this from an office with no windows is some kind of special hell. Treeeeees.

Daisy Razor

I just read the entire story, and it is so charmingly crazy that I'm grinning helplessly at my screen. May there always be people out there willing to go to insane lengths to create cool things.


OK I guess I'm the only Debbie Downer that went "you built it on land you don't own... you don't really have a right to complain about this"?


@iceberg He thinks he owns whatever land he lands on; the earth is just a dead thing he can claim.


@iceberg Or maybe, since it's Canada and there was something about 'crown lands', he's a (small r) republican? As in, wants to stick it to the Queen? Wait. Forget I wrote it that way.

Anyhoo...distraction. Here's the cabin in the woods I'm trying to organise a birthday trip to in June. If I have the money. The bed has doors!


@feartie aaaaahhhhh-dorable!!!!!


@meetapossum well i know every rock and tiny treehouse ... has a life, has a spirit, has a name ....


@iceberg: I know! It's CROWN LAND - he must have known there was a risk of losing the house when he built it on un-owned land. On the plus side, it's the Queen's treehouse now; maybe Wills and Kate will drop by for a visit.

Also, he was lighting a worrying amount of candles for a man who built a wooden house in a forest he doesn't own.


@kinbarichan "maybe Wills and Kate will drop by for a visit." - THEY ARE STEALING IT FOR THEMSELVES!!!


@iceberg Yeah, I get homesteadding, but you can't really homestead in one of the most expensive and housing-restricted places in Canada. I think I'm just bitter because I used to work in a park in that general region and I hated having to kick out the poor schizopherenic guy who would keep trying to live in the woods there because it was the only place his illness was managable. If sad, schizophrenic park-guy can't squat on park land, you can't either, painfully-earnest egg-ball man.


@MilesofMountains I can't go without saying that "painfully-earnest egg-ball man" made me laugh out loud at my desk. Oh, goodness.


@iceberg Yeah... he's basicly asking for help in wriggling out of something he knew was illegal from the start.

Barry Grant

@iceberg "painfully-earnest egg-ball man"

Goo-goo ka choob.

Valancy Redfern

I really, really, really wanted them to use the Fred Penner music and then crawl through a log before they reacehed the magical burl-house (does it remind anyone else of a burl?). Though it would be hard to push a salad through a log without losing any lettuce.


I love this so much! But am I the only one worrying that the bear will come eat them? They need to grease the tree trunk or something!


Let them be eaten! Then we can steal their treehouse.


This proves once again that we don't need a lot of things to make us happy. Unfortunately most of us cannot have a tree-house. After assessing my options I'll have to rely on Cal-Am Properties to find a solution for my living.

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