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They're sending spiders to space.

They're sending.


To space.

"[I]t’s going to be the first time in history for an animal to change its way of hunting to zero-gravity environments," says the 18-year-old mastermind behind this spiders-in-space plan, so blithely. (Above is his winning entry to the YouTube Space Lab contest.) (For which, incidentally, the judging panel was made up entirely of spiders. "No bias," the head judge clicked while suppressing a smile. "We just thought it'd be a neat idea.")

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Space-bound spiders suppressing smiles!


Amr you are spectacular and i just can't wait till the expirement is performed, you are talented and you deserve the best. Congratz for being the first and i am so proud because you are representing Egypt. Egypt will always stay great and rising !@y


"Frankly, we decided that Spike was the spider who should go. He's been getting a little hefty lately, so if he can't catch prey for a week or so, we think he'll be fine."
- Official Statement of the Spider Judge Panel in response to outraged questioning from PETA.


I, for one, welcome our new spider overlords.

oh well never mind

Spiders have already managed to spin webs in space! Also on a variety of drugs, although these look increasingly odd depending what substance they have been given...


@moosette Fake :(


@deepomega C'mon, the caffeine one has to be real, else my grade school education was teaching me falsehoods. Impossible, I say!

oh well never mind

@deepomega Oh no! But surely everything on the Internet is true?

oh well never mind

@deepomega No, it's in New Scientist! At least sciency types have been taken in too...


Send the spiders into space.
Send ALL of the spiders into space.


Spiders and space are both at the veeeerrrryyy bottom of my list of Things With Which I Never Want To Interact.


@olivebee Which is why we should definitely send spiders into space, so we never have to worry about them again.


I look forward to looking up and seeing "Some pig" spun out into the night sky.

Katie Heaney

I really really REALLY hope they're going in tiny individual spider shuttles!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT COULD BE CUTER?


I'm not afraid of spiders per say, but I feel like letting them learn how to hunt in space is going to trigger a Starship Troopers/Ender's Game kind of situation...


@@serenityfound Totally! In my mind, this is a science fiction horror story just waiting to happen.


@@serenityfound I'm not afraid of spiders either, but yes, I am afraid of what they will learn out there.


@@serenityfound More like A Deepness In the Sky! (I'll be honest, the non-spider-alien parts of that book were a SLOG.)

lavender gooms

@frigwiggin Things my brain cannot handle: metric time. Particularly metric time measured in SECONDS. Loved the book, but had to pretty much give up on figuring out any time reference that was more than an (Earth) hour or so.


@lavender gooms Yeah, at some point I just kind of worked out a system where it was "a little bit of time" "kind of a lot of time" "a really lot of time" and went from there. Other than that, though, that is one of my favorite books of all time.


@SarcasticFringehead Sherkaner Underhill is my DUDE.


@frigwiggin Hmmmm....I have not heard of this book, but it seems relevant to my interests and will pick it up for my travels next week. ...even though I am only halfway finished with my current Stephen King novel and only at page 100 or so of Ulysses.

@SarahP My god...it's full of spiders....


@frigwiggin Him, but also Anne Reynolt 4EVA!


@@serenityfound I'm from San Francisco and I say kill em all!


And don't come back!


And here is a documentary about the horrifying results.

The Giant Spider Invasion


They were never the same after they came back down. And soon it was all of them. They taught each other, and before long we could barely remember what they were like before. It was hard to believe there was once a time when you could see one and not feel that hum in the back of your mind that meant they were looking back at you-- watching you. A single nest can hatch over two thousand spiders.


@caddie It's like the computer takeover in Matrix and Terminator! (Also, I would totally read a book with that as the cover blurb. And I will now have nightmares.)

lavender gooms

Hairpin Boyfriend Garrus Vakarian does not approve of space spiders.


@lavender gooms My husband got me a "Waiting for Garrus, will settle for Kaidan" t-shirt at Comic Con this weekend after I told him about that post.


@SarcasticFringehead never settle, especially for Kaidan

young preeezy

And don't even bother coming back, spiders. You're not welcome here.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

No good can come of this


fondue with cheddar

@disgruntled co-worker WHY DID I WAAAATCH I'll be over here cowering in the corner.

Prostitute Robot From The Future


Here, a puppy

fondue with cheddar

The face and the noises and the pouncing and the chin on the floor! Thanks, @disgruntled co-worker! And thanks, A Puppy.


this seems like a terrible idea!!! what if they get out there and morph into something giant and alien-y and come back to attack us! wouldn't it be simpler (and way cheaper) just to put them in an anti-gravity chamber instead?

Princess Slayer

This is AWESOME! I hope they come back with better ways to kill mosquitos!



What if they mutate and come back to earth to eat us all?!?!??!



This cannot end well.
Least it's not an effing camel spider or anything.


@Shayna Camel spiders are so rad, they're not even spiders!


"This is fucked up" - A spider in zero-g

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

I think what we really need to know is, what does A Spider think about this???


I was an art history major and that is exactly the kind of thing I probably would have said when put on the spot! HA!auto insurance


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