Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Red-Coloured Light District

“I feel like a debutante. I feel like a citizen. ... There is a brothel on every block in every city, and there always has been."
—In an effort to make prostitution safer, Ontario legalizes brothels. Globe and Mail readers seem to agree with the ruling.

(Elsewhere in women, sex, and ancient questions, the finger-length and pill-as-testosterone-filtering-glasses mysteries also remain.)

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I tried for longer than I should have to vote in that poll. Tuesdays, ugh.


@Gertrude I tried like 4 times. I feel like the slow guinea pig getting zapped repeatedly in a science lab.


Definitely not the article that will make me go out and buy the issue, but still good.@a




@redheaded&crazie I visited a brothel in Ottawa last night! After I was done she asked me "What do you think, A?"

I just hate grade whores.




Sure she didn't say, "What do you think, eh?"

emily eileen

Dammit. Canada has ALL THE BEST STUFF!

Seriously though, how hard is it to get citizenship there?

The Lady of Shalott

@emily eileen Speaking as an immigrant to Canada: pretty hard, unless you have someone like a spouse willing to sponsor you. I got in because I had six-plus years of postsecondary education in Canada and consequently work experience here.


@The Lady of Shalott They have been cracking down on letting people in apparently, so hard.

emily eileen

@The Lady of Shalott Hmmmm, guess its time to quit dragging my feet on my "Get Hitched to a Canadian" Plan...


@emily eileen They have a little survey on the citizenship website that you can take to see how "desirable" you are as a potential immigrant. My results are basically "haha sucker, no way are you getting in here!" :(


@tortietabbie Harsh!

emily eileen

@tortietabbie That sounds terrifying.


Oh it's great seeing my local news on The Hairpin!

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

But what does the National Post think?


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict Aha yes! Better yet, as the Toronto Star!


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict truly, theirs is the only opinion that matters!


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict agree. also, thanks Hairpin for bringing me my local news. And I even checked CBC today ...


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict Haha, today's Metro headline: "Sex workers rejoice."


"We are not going to have fire and brimstone and sex workers raining down from the sky."

That's probably for the best.


@anachronistique I mean, unless you get some SERIOUS umbrellas.


@anachronistique Cloudy With a Chance of Vagina?


Ohhhhh Canada!!!!!! Oh Oh Canadaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


@Slutface oh you're no fan of us? what you think our movies and TV shows are so amateur?


@Slutface yeah we laugh it off, that don't really bother me - look we ain't serious unless we really gotta be!


@Slutface I could do this all day, it's a part of my routine but supper's almost done and tonight, poutine!


@redheaded&crazie Strange Brew is a cinematic masterpiece.



Poutine? Oh, is it a weekday?


@redheaded&crazie still doin rap like the 1990s, but that's how we like it old-time and griiiimey


@crookedlegs they say hip hop is dead? naw it's up north with me!


I was so proud when I heard this! There haven't been a lot of reasons to be particularly proud of the Canadian or Ontario gov'ts lately, so big deal!
And of course I'm glad that prostitutes will finally have a safe(r) place to work.


I just want to hug Canada all the time. And whisper in its ear, "You're doing it right."


@SarahP good to know we've still got the rest of the world fooled!


@SarahP If only that were the case. We currently have a Conservative government and a fool for a Prime Minister. They recently instituted minimum mandatory sentencing, want to build more prisons despite low crime rates, have been making huge cuts to the arts and non-profit / advocacy sector (e.g., women's rights orgs, environmental protection groups), and are trying to get a Canadian version of SOPA passed and bring back a discussion of "personhood of the fetus". It's getting grim up here.


@kapitalk http://sorryworld.ca/


@kapitalk In the US, we are what you're afraid of becoming.


I can't imagine it'll last long before Stevie Harper figures out a way to make it illegal again :( I hate that dude.


@MilesofMountains my thoughts exactly. As I understand it, this ruling could still be overturned by the Supreme Court. So while the ruling itself is heartening, I'm not sure how long-term or far-reaching its effects will be.


@planforamiracle I hope it isn't overturned. Legalizing brothels really only makes prostitution safer on all sides: easier to get tested, easier to report abuse, easier to use protection. I'm not sure why anyone thinks that making it illegal is beneficial.


@SheWhoReadsInSkirts Because prostitution is baaaaaad! If you legalize brothels, what's to stop all the women in the province from becoming whoooores??!


AHHHAAAAH! I HAVE LADY FINGERS! AAAAAAHHHHH! *running off in panic as though hair is on fire*

Prostitute Robot From The Future

That finger thing made me think of this


Regarding the last link: in a great stroke of irony, Scicurious already debunked that joke of a study on mate selection and the pill on the Scientific American blogs back in October when it was published: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/scicurious-brain/2011/10/18/the-pill-and-relationship-satisfaction-aka-the-power-of-interpretation/
Lousy science, why do you keep turning up like a bad penny?

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