Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Quiet Return of The 'Pinup Roundup

[Psst, I'm back. I may stick around... or not? Usually I just like to chiiill while you do all the heavy lifting, but then I got worried you might think I'm lazy. So, here you go.]

Providence, you're meeting March 24th? Oh snap, that's this weekend.
San Francisco will be ready to party April 4th.
NYC: something is going down in you April 5th.
Chicago, you're having drinks after work on April 9th.

For more parties and details, or to plan your own 'Pinup, check out the Google Group or get busy in the comments. Who's ordering pizza? *cracks open another beer*

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Are there enough Irish 'Pinners to organise something? Anyone? Any ridebags?


@Decca I can gather together two or three 'pinners/ridebags. Any more of you out there?


@mascarasnake Where are you based?


@Decca West coast! You're in Dublin I think? Probably a better place for a pinup.


is a good idea. Whee! @a


I can't access Google Groups at work but...yeah Chicago!


@ImASadGiraffe Come, y'all! Midtown Kitchen, and I don't know when it's actually supposed to start, but I'll be getting my drink on around 6:30. I want to meet my neighbors.


@wallsdonotfall That's right by my office! Woot!


@ImASadGiraffe Can not. Express. Enough Joy!

Also, excite for this being a Monday. I'll have to take off for swing dancing 'round 8:30 or so. I'll be the one with the pink and blue hair. >_>


@SheWhoReadsInSkirts I've got to leave for a lesson at 7:30, so I'll have my guitar with me. Impromptu hoedown?

edit: do you do swing at Black Rock?


@wallsdonotfall @SheWhoReadsInSkirts I'll probably get there around 6pm...I have to split around 7:30 but I'm very excited to meet some people! I'll look for the hair. :)


@ImASadGiraffe @wallsdonotfall Sometimes! I do Black Rock super rare because I have class at 9am on Wednesdays(ew). But I do Fizz aaaall the time. Also hurray for guitars!

I can totally come earlier if peeps are getting there 6ish. More time for hanging out = win.


This is my absolute first time commenting, and all I have to say is, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuun!"


@everyone Oooh! I wanna come to the Chicago one! But I am nervous. I have never been to a pin-up, and approaching strangers is kind of scary.


@olivebee Please come! I'm also nervous because I've never been to a pin up, so we can be awkward together! Hurray!


@olivebee Come!!! You are one of my fave commenters and I would love to meet you. Pleasssssseeee.


@olivebee It's my first pinup too, we can be nervous together!


Aah my schedule keeps getting jumbled...but I think I can make it?

fondue with cheddar

@wallsdonotfall I just have to tell you that every time I see your username, I sing it to the tune of "Please Do Not Go" by the Violent Femmes. Did I tell you this already? Maybe I did. Walls, walls, walls, do not...faaaaaaaaall"


Dear Orange County Pinners (I know you're lurking, because you've told me),

Next week/end - potluck and game night or trampolines?



@@serenityfound I'm here! Costa Mesa! I'm free all of week after 6. I need other females to hang out with, my boyfriend's male friends are not enough and it's so hard to meet people after college.


@@serenityfound I just started a new thread in Google Groups so hopefully more people can find us!


@alpacasloth Good thinking! Also, your username - I know the reason for it! mwah ha ha

@avoidmadness Yay! Come play with us! There are about 4 of us so far who have made it to 'Pinups (one coffeeshop shindig in Laguna, one drinks and karaoke in Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach). Come check us out on the Google Group.


Welcome back! What can I do to make you more comfortable, so you don't leave us again? We get a little lost over there without you.


Dear NYCers, I will be there, wherever in the east village this thing ends up. I went to the Dorian Grey bar on a weekday a few months back and it was not at all crowded and kind of cute inside. Thoughts?


@chrysopoeia This might make me sound boring, but I really like the magician--where the last few were held. It's pretty quiet and cheap. If I'm free and can go, I'll go wherever though.


@pizza - Also, this is only days before my birthday. So, it's just going to be a 30th BDay part for me now, not actually a pinup. But all Hairpin people are free to come, I guess?


@pizza Yes! My book club meets at the magician and I love it. I just moved to New York, so I may have to try to pry myself out of my shell and come to this.


@leon.saintjean You are not yet 30? So young... *weeps quietly*


@MALLROY I really should join a book club... that meets in a bar.


@pizza I hear there's a Hairpin book club that meets in a bar in Boston.
You hear that, Leon? Boston 1, New York- I don't even want to say, I know the terrible truth. But I never said that.


@pizza Oh! The murmur on the google group thread was the east village. The Magician's on the lower east side, yes? I didn't realize there was a de facto meeting place!

Manchester Tart

@NeenerNeener Really? I would like to be a part of that, if it's open to new members.


@chrysopoeia Imma hop on this here thread so I don't miss any of the updates. I'm down for the Magician (or anywhere else there is alcohol!)


@NeenerNeener - You are not tricking me. Boo boston, yay nyc. (Although I do completely adore girls who can't pronounce the letter r).


@Manchester Tart
Of course! If you want to email me, I can add you to the email list - neenamarie19 at the gmails. We're scheduling a meeting for the current book now, and we should be choosing a new one in the next couple weeks.


@leon.saintjean I just admitted Boston isn't in the same league as New York (except we have better sports teams), what more do you want?!
And my Jersey guy is so disappointed I don't come with the accent.


@NeenerNeener Also emailing! Book clubs + bars = score.


@nyc - i read on the google group people would like to go to a place that takes credit card payment, does the magician do so? so far what else has been suggested is: grassroots, Common ground, 10degrees and 12th street alehouse, DBA, Boxcar, and.... cute wine bar on st.marks between 1st and a. and may i throw in vol de nuit on w4th and bareburger on laguardia (both w/ outdoor spacage although more west village than east)? and/or second dba??? WHERE TO PEOPLES? apparently all the happy hours end (and some classes start) at 8pm, so i guess we can start the nyc 'pinup at 6...30pm??.

and p.s. @leonstjean, if this is near your 30th i will bring a guiness beer bread to celebrate, but confirm you don't hate molasses and happiness, pls


@kierkegaardsbro Not to make things more complicated, but I would recommend Schoolbred's on 12th & 2nd. They most definitely take credit card, have reasonably priced drinks to begin with, have 2 for 1 happy hour, AND have outdoor seating! Reading the google thread, this placed immediately popped to mind, but there have been lots of other suggestions, so feel free to ignore this!

PS Their happy hour gives you a drink chip for each drink you buy (thus the 2 for 1), and the chip is redeemable at any happy hour thereafter! So if there's ever a day that you lost your wallet and need a drink in a happy place like wowzer, it's the best thing ever. (Totally never happened to me....)


@kierkegaardsbro Guinness beer bread, you say???


@leon.saintjean Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, this is happening only a few days before my 30th birthday, too - now I'm going to be wondering if we have the exact same birthday! (The 9th, by any chance? Birthday of Baudelaire and Hugh Hefner??)


@jujubean I like the sound of that place as well as it's proximity to the L train.

called birdy

@chrysopoeia Do we know when we're meeting? I work out on Long Island, so I need to know when to start the trek. :)


@chrysopoeia The Magician does NOT do cards. The reason cards came up is because that's where the 'Pinup was last time and a bunch of people had to go find ATMs.

And I'd advocate for something more like 12th Street Alehouse (or some of the bars in that neighborhood). 12th Street Alehouse is close to the L and Union Square so it's pretty centrally located. They also have: A) cheap drinks, B) a happy hour until 8, C) a JUKEBOX!! and D) a relatively spacious back room with tables. Shoolbred's is also nice (and right across the street) but I've found it can be more crowded.


@called birdy There was mention of a 6:30ish start time, I believe. Do we have a set location yet, besides the east village/les?


@chrysopoeia Yes on the 6:30 start time please, that means I don't have to sit in my miserable office for hundreds of hours and eventually lose the will to live/motivation to go.


@dorkmuffin Sounds great to me. I've heard good things about 12th Street Alehouse.

called birdy

@chrysopoeia Fabulous. Thanks!


The Hairpin is going down on New York!


Judith Slutler

Berlin? anyone?


@Emmanuelle Cunt oh man, we had a mini-'Pinup in Berlin last weekend! (You do mean Berlin, Germany right?) It was only three of us and actually the girl who did all the organising was sick and couldn't make it so we'll be doing something again in a couple of weeks.

Email me! elisebradshaw at gmail dot etc

Judith Slutler

@broompeople Boo! But also yay! I will definitely email you

Jane Marie

OH PS- I noticed after nosing through all the threads on the Google group that more than a few times people have missed each other at the bars. Liiike, one group sits at one table and another sits at a different one and they miss each other entirely. SO, a solution: one person should bring those "Hello, my name is..." stickers. Even if no one wears them, you'll meet around the pile of stickers!


@Jane Marie Yes! Other internet meetups (and I've been to so many, somehow...) have table tents with the website name, or people have posted pictures, or list their phone numbers.

Reginal T. Squirge

@Jane Marie I think I'll just walk into the room and bellow "WHO'S HERE FROM THE HAIRPIN?" to make sure I don't miss anyone.


@Jane Marie PLEASE DO THIS. Signed, this happened to me, except I was alone, it was stressful.


@mackymoo That is my fear. And also that I would have to start approaching random people and asking "are you my internet friends?", which would mean that I would have to be drunk before going to the bar, which makes it all a lot more complicated.


Ooh, I tried that for the one back in the fall. They were not! They were confused! It did not go over well!

Vera Knoop

@Jane Marie At the Halloween NYC pin-up, we solved that with a phallic flowerpot centerpiece.

Lily Rowan

I made a sign for the first Boston one and we had name tags for the first two, but after that, we just stare at strangers and say, "ARE YOU HERE FROM THE INTERNET???" It works out pretty well...


@Lily Rowan Though it helps when we're by the door and have a lookout.

Lily Rowan

@NeenerNeener True! And/or are the obvious big group.

Betsy Murgatroyd

@Jane Marie I've used a few helium balloons at meetups I've facilitated for other Internet groups. It seemed to work pretty well.


@ReginalTSquirge@twitter At my first pinup I asked the hostess, "I'm here with a big group, but I don't know the name...?" and she said, "Oh, The Hairpin?"

The next time I tried that, they said, "Oh, are you with IBM?" and I said, "haha, no?" and she said, "Well, they have that whole room reserved, but you guys are welcome to the bar." SUCCESS


@Jane Marie This happened to us in Montreal! I made a lil sign after I found another Pinner through awkward eye contact and the sign worked to gather a few more, but apparently there was a whole other table of people elsewhere in the bar. Alternate universe pinups!


@thenotestaken I almost didn't find people for our Toronto Game Afternoon in February, but luckily the place was really small, so I just spotted the likely candidates and had to gather up the courage to ask if it was them. But a sign would be helpful!


@thenotestaken It was such a cute hairpin sign too! I guess we should pick a better-lit bar next time though :)


Wellington, New Zealand?


@GingerJane Yes, I'm in Wellington!

Sam Tibbs@facebook

@Sealion Ooh me too, me too!


Calling all Dallas 'pinners!!

Post HERE: http://groups.google.com/group/hairpin_pinups/browse_thread/thread/d568c9341ec8fe51

Let's get together


If there's more of you out there in Rhode Island/Southern MA (or even eastern Connecticut -- we don't bite!), speak up! Thread's right here!

I posted in the group, but my dad got taken to the hospital today, NATURALLY, so I may not be able to make it. But if you can go, you shouldn't miss out!


Is there still another Toronto one happening April 12th? I can go to that one if there is!


@Megan Patterson@facebook IT BETTER HAPPEN!

I think board games fell through. I was hungover as heck so I certainly did not make it, and judging by the google groups activity, well anyway. :(


@redheaded&crazy I didn't make it either, I was at the Game of Thrones exhibit that day.
According to the group it is April 12, 5:30 (?) at Nirvana (not sure where that is).


@Megan Patterson@facebook Nirvana is at bathurst and college


@redheaded&crazie I missed it, too.


@Megan Patterson@facebook + everybody
YES it is happening! check our google group here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/toronto-hairpinners
We're doing after-work drinks on April 12. 5:30ish until whenever. Nirvana, at College/Bathurst.

Siva is bringing a sign, I think. IT FEATURES AN ACTUAL HAIRPIN! See you soon Toronto Hairpin pals!


Any of y'all in the Durham/Triangle area? I know there was one in Nov, I couldn't make it! :(


@Palmetto I aaaaam! Actually I'm in Greensboro but I am in Chapel Hill like every other weekend. Re-Pinup!


Oh shoot! I'm in Raleigh!


@FurCoats&CinemaTropes hey, Raleigh is pretty close! I don't really know where the best place for a Pinup would be, but it should totes happen again. To Google Groups!


@Palmetto I will be in Raleigh starting in May (i.e. after I graduate) so...maybe then I can participate? :)


Seattle anyone?


@cindyistickledpink Yes! We're looking at the first two weeks of April. Planning is happening here! (but I also check the google group, so people should post there too)

Summer Somewhere

@cindyistickledpink I requested to join!


Has there been a Los Angeles Pinup lately? I just found such a sweet/cheap/randomly ship-themed bar in Koreatown that could be fun for a group hang.


@paperbuttons we had a taco crawl/wine night in Echo Park about a month ago, and we're in the middle of nailing down a date for a makeover night and a trip to the roller derby! we have a facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/182820175133424/
also, is that the HMS Bounty you're talkin about? or the titanic themed one that I can never remember the name of!


@OaklandBooty oh sweet! Thanks for the link, I will join the FB group right now. Yeah it was the HMS Bounty. So cozy and cheap!


@paperbuttons Yay :) welcome! vote on when to go to the roller derby! And I <3 the bounty. I will go there with you anytime!


@paperbuttons Hi, expatriate NY-pinner here. I used to comment a lot more before life took over my internet habits. Room for one more in the LA group?


LONDON! London is meeting tomorrow! TOMORROW!


Oooh - I'm in LONDON London tomorrow if crashers are welcome?
I might be covered in chalk.


@cmcm Whaat? Where?


@cmcm Argh, I am in London tomorrow but it is to go and see my boyfriend, so I am not free! Maybe I should just move there.

living internationally

@teaandcakeordeath @philomene The Slaughtered Lamb EC1V 0DX from 6:30. It's cool to share that right? It's my first time too so I don't know the rules!



"Covered in chalk" sound like rhyming slang to me.


@cmcm what, whaaaat! But this is pretty much the one weekend I'm NOT in London (and, yes, yes I just signed up and got an account, after the longest time, just so I could be over-excited and disappointed at the same time, and say this). Um, please can it be really great, and then please can you have another one really soon?


@cmcm i will also be there and i haven't met any of the current attendeees either!! hurrah! i won't be the only new person! YAY for tonight.


@chensike find the London Hairpinners group on facebook and join! all the planning happens there. there is talk of an April Pinup already, just so you know :)


@madgemmc I'm another first-timer - see you later!

oh well never mind

@madgemmc I will be there and new too!

oh well never mind

@emm_gee wow cross post :)


Ha - I've been entertaining myself by coming up with suggestions for what that could even mean.
Covered in ... pork? I guess I could fashion a skirt out of bacon!


@emm_gee & @moosette hurrah for newbies! i'm excited to not be the only new one (i was last time. but then, that was the one when EVERYONE got sick, so there were three if us in total and it was *packed* and we had no signage or reserved areas and wow, the stress. seriously, i hung out in the stairs and mumbled "hairpin?" under my breath as people walked past. i got some strange looks. BUT OVERALL it totally worked out in the end and was really fun!)


@teaandcakeordeath hawk? dress made of feathers? not enough things rhyme unless you put on an accent...!


On the upside if I dress as a hawk, I think fellow 'pinners would be able to easily recognize me. Or avoid ...

It Girl. Rag Doll.

It would be amazing if there was anyone from north San Diego county but I'm fairly certain the best I could hope for would be Orange County or San Diego proper.


There must be Portland, OR folks here. There must!


@LaLoba I will soon be a Portland folk! But not quite yet...


@elizabeast i just moved here it is awesome.


@LaLoba I am! I am!


@Elsajeni i have a cold of death - i'm siiiiicccckkk, but once i get better i am thinking mcmenamins and uno.


@LeafySeaDragon i am not sick anymore. i want to make this pinup thing happen!


Can I go to one of these even if I have a love/hate relationship with the Hairpin?


@daylightspool I think as long as you don't have a love-hate (or hate-hate) relationship with hairpinners, you'll be cool.


@daylightspool no.


Long shot? ST. LOUIS!!!

Any other 'Pinners in St. Louis for 4C's, C'sing the day?


@l'esprit de l'escalier my boss! (this is not helpful. but I did do all her travel arranging!)



I'll say hi if I run into her! Although the logistics of following through are not on my side!

Amanda Boudreault@facebook

Hey Austin 'Pinners! Email austinpinup@gmail.com to get added to the 'Pinup email list!

Meredith L.

@Amanda Boudreault@facebook I also, um, posted a message on the Google Groups before it occurred to me to check the comments. So yes, email this one!







@LeafySeaDragon Portland. !!!


Uh, Phoenix? Anyone cool in Phoenix, at all, other than me? No? Ok, then.

But seriously, a Phoenix meetup would be fun!


@oopsydaisy Look at me! I'm right here! There's been mumblings about meeting a couple times and then... nothing. I'd be down to do something. Especially before it reaches hellish temperatures.

Rose Daly@twitter

@oopsydaisy and @lil.orphan.shannie - I am down for a meetup, how about downtown? I live up North but most people seem to live in the East Valley.


@Rose Daly@twitter I live in the East Valley, too. But I would meet up wherever!


@lil.orphan.shannie We totally should! I am between Tempe and Downtown, but would be willing to meet up wherever.


@lil.orphan.shannie Downtown would be awesome!


@oopsydaisy I'm in the east valley also. I'm not too familiar with the good downtown spots, so someone else will want to take the lead on that one. Join the Google group and plan away!

Rose Daly@twitter

@oopsydaisy and @lil.orphan.shannie - How about first Friday downtown? Friday April 6th? Does that work? I think I am on the google group, but I am not sure.


Las Cruces El Paso area!?! Or hell, Juarez if you're inclined to pop over.
I know there's at least one of you!


@The Kendragon We should just meet in Gallup.


@The Kendragon LET'S DO THIS.


@sophi YES!
I knew you were out there somewhere! Pretty much any day after 5 works for me, except Thursdays.
I would if I could, but Gallup is about six hours away for me, and that's a lot of gas money...I will be in ABQ on the 30th and 31st of this month, if you wanted to try and bang something out super quick!


Ok, looking up thread I see you found Pheonix 'pinners. Yay for everyone having 'pinner buddies!

Porn Peddler

Rochester NY? I've tried this before so I suspect the answer is no.


@Third Wave Housewife Yes, actually! I'm a grad student here in the ROC... any other Rochesterian 'pinners??

Porn Peddler

@craygirl WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Holy shit I thought I was the only one who actually lived here! TINY PINUP? COME TO MY APARTMENT FOR BEERS SATURDAY NIGHT? THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND,


@Third Wave Housewife If I'm lucky as shit and get into Eastman I will then be a Rochester 'pinner! Odds are slim, however. Keep you updated?

Porn Peddler

@MademoiselleML Please do! I am so jealous of cities with pin-ups!


@Third Wave Housewife just fyi, i sometimes travel to niagara falls area for work.


Porn Peddler



@Third Wave Housewife alright I'll try and schedule my visits so they work out! (it's not super under my control though but i will try!!!)

sergeant tibbs

@Third Wave Housewife I'm abroad right now, but I'll be home for the month of June. I'll keep an eye on the google group!


@Third Wave Housewife ughhhh I'm actually busy on Saturday... heartbreak! But we must make a ROC 'pinup happen ASAP!

@rest - I'd definitely be down for a Western NY 'pinup as well - anybody else from Buffalo/Niagara area?


Minneapolis! For something lazy like "let's go squint at each other over beers or else I'm going to re-enable my OKC profile to feed my meeting-internet-strangers-addiction but that takes SO MUCH WORK plus I feel kind of bloated lately and dating just isn't that appealing."


Middle Tennessee! Nashville area! We tried this once before and I couldn't make it. Y'all care to make a second attempt?


Ooh, I might? I'm in Tennessee, Knoxville area, but I can look all over for public transportation/sketchy Craigslist rideshares! (No car, poor student etc.)


@MademoiselleML I am in Nashville, but I'm shy! What does one do at a Pinup?


@MademoiselleML YES, Nashville here! I attended last pin-up, back in November (I think it was?), it was pretty awesome to meet other ladies! I'll be happy to plan another one if ya'll are interested?!?


@rainbowbot No need to be shy! I'm socially awkward, so I'm sure we'll get along famously. At the last pin-up we all just sat around and drank beverages and chatted.


@Inkcrafter Being a poor student myself, I totally sympathize. Maybe a greyhound or something is your best bet? Or rideshare. I bet you could find someone at your school from Nashville who goes home for the weekends sometimes.

@rainbowbot Shyness not a problem! This is the Hairpin! The Hairpin loves shy people! (Or at least, I love shy people and I'll be damned if I don't project all my opinions onto this website.)

@QuiteAimable Yes! Yes interested! Shall we try the whole google group thing?


@MademoiselleML Let's google-group it up!


@MademoiselleML Yes to Nashville! I was out of town and had to miss the one last November.


Atlantans, we are tentatively meeting on April 1 at 3 pm at the Octane in Grant Park. We have a fb group called Atlanta Hairpinners - find us!

rien à dire

@t-square It's true! We'll be crafting, so bring knitting needles et al if you've got them--or just yourself!


Southwest Michigan? Anyone? Bueller? My apartment 4 blocks from Lake Michigan. Let's play.


@reebs14 Oh man. Come inland.


@Mere ....how far inland? I mean, I hop over to Ann Arbor fairly often, so no big deal.

And OH MY GOD, my "edit comment" didn't work: *My apartment IS*


@reebs14 Grand Rapids or East Lansing. EL is my permanent residence but I spend most weekends in GR.


@Mere That could be do-able. Of course, my weekends are booked for the next month for a play I'm in....so maybe closer to summer for a potential 'Pinup? Then we can collect all of the Michigan lurkers. I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, DON'T PRETEND YOU CAN'T SEE THIS THREAD.


@reebs14 Summer Pin-up. I like the sound of that.

raised amongst catalogs

@reebs14 I AM A MICHIGAN 'PINNER! As much as I loooooooooooove Lake Michigan and the west side of the state, I am usually closer to Lansing on the weekends but working in Detroit during the week (I hope that very soon I will be cohabitating with my dude and therefore closer to Lansing all of the time). Summer Pin-up, yes, but also just keep me in the loop.
Confession: I am terrible about checking the Google group, and do not do Facebook.


@vanillawaif I KNEW it. I could smell the Michigan on you....that's not nearly as creepy as it sounds. Just means you smell like cherries and the freshwater beach and all that is good with the world. Preach, Tim Allen.

I'll need the middle-of-the-staters to do recon for potential meet-up spots, since I'm not entirely familiar with that area. Good news is that we have plenty of time until summer (since the 80-degree days we've had for the past couple weeks are now gone *sob*).

raised amongst catalogs

@reebs14 Cherries and beach? I'll take it. On a bad day when I've been doing outdoor chores, I'm liable to smell more like Bob Seger's beard. Are you near Saugatuck/Douglas? I head there a few times a summer and COMMUNE WITH THE LAKE.
There's a little place in downtown Lansing called Tavern on the Square (I think they also have one in GR?). They do "Yankee tapas" (pierogi, etc) and cocktails, and have a covered outdoor eating/drinking area. Just a thought.


@vanillawaif I'm less than an hour south - St. Joseph. A few of my college roommates are from Holland (and come back to visit frequently in the summer), so I know and love that area.

I have heard of this Tavern on the Square. My little brother frequents the GR one, I think.

raised amongst catalogs

@reebs14 GET OUT! I love St. Joe. Cutest little downtown ever.


@vanillawaif It is pretty fun. My apartment is part of a big old brick house that is literally one block from downtown proper. And now that they've cancelled that godforsaken Venetian Festival this year, I'll actually be able to park next to my place when July rolls around.


@reebs14 Just registered to say if there was a pinup in West Michigan I would come! I'm in Grand Rapids. Excited to see other Michigan pinners!


@reebs14 YES YES SW Michigan!! Super lurker here, but I did make a post for a SW Michigan pinup on the the google groups site a while back...a feeble attempt to be internet social. I'm in Kalamazoo but I'd definitely be able to travel elsewhere for a pinup!


is there any Korea love left? I know there were 1 or 2 of us!!


@sunshinefiasco Hey! I'm in Korea... Gyeongju area. Might be able to do a weekend Seoul trip, though, if that's where you guys are located. You?


@sunshinefiasco my sister is in Suwon at the moment (for a year), so i shall point her in your direction!


@sunshinefiasco I'm in Daegu... so in theory we could meet up just about anywhere!


Montreal? anyone? anyone? *crickets*


@emjeejee We had one a few weeks ago (well, two at the same time at the same bar at different tables, oops), another would definitely be a great idea! There's a thread somewhere in the Google Groups for us.


@emjeejee It was fun! It is surprisingly validating to fan-girl out about Edith with other people :)


@thenotestaken I joined the group, I'll keep an eye open for any meetings!

Kerri Mercury Morris@facebook

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher We need to get this party started. Lexington/Louisville folks?! Anyone?!


Anyone else in the Bristol (UK) area? Even vaguely?

Angry Panda

Prague, anyone?


@Angry Panda Ahoj - err... yep. (umm... please do not be freaked out).

Angry Panda

@EvilAuntiePeril Eep! I was near comatose in bed with my laptop still on, and my email comment notification thingy popped up and I am wide-awake now. :-)
Ahoj! You're in Prague! I knew someone was around from an old thread in the google group, but I thought everyone moved away. And now I am feeling strangely shy.


@Angry Panda ditto on both the shy and the eep, hence the errs and umms... Hello internet person who lives in the same city as me. I was on the old thread in the googlegroup, but likewise assumed people moved away. That is the way of things here.

For reasons related to boring things like employment, I have (annoyingly) stayed... and stayed...

Angry Panda

@EvilAuntiePeril Tell me about it. I have only been here a year or less now, and I am dying to leave. But being an adult means sucking it up and staying till I find something else. Sigh.
So did you ever have that meetup last year?


@Angry Panda No meet-up sadly, probably just too complicated with the holidays and travel (was more of a Euro pin-up being discussed due to numbers).

I have occasionally entertained wild thoughts of tunnelling through my cave of paperwork and escaping to parts Germanic for a weekend break that coincides with a pin-up there, but then a) organisation and forward planning b) unsure how to even start stalking potential German 'pinners c) internet stranger meet-up (eep)

(I will not terrify you by saying how long I've been here, but I will say that I got a little thrill at the thought I might have come across someone who isn't all, "But Prague is SO aMAZing, and the beautifulculturalSOULoftheCZECHNATIONandHAVELMAKESMEWEEPandCASTLESandPARTTTYYYYY!!!" Or of course, you could be actually thinking some or all of that (I do not mind castles in their place) and dying to leave for other reasons. But I am happy to pretend at least.)

Angry Panda

@EvilAuntiePeril Hahahaha! That is generally my answer when people ask me about life in Prague and I have to be diplomatic. My reasons to leave are many, most of them work-related, because unfortunately work is my life. Sigh. And sigh some more!
I had a brilliant idea last night. There should be a helpline of some sort for people who just want to complain about their life. I know, I know! You're thinking, that's why people have friends and family, right? The beauty of this helpline will be that the only response you get will be "Oh, yeah, that sucks, I am sorry". No judging you, no telling you about people whose lives are way more unfortunate, no suggestions to improve your life. Just someone to listen to you and say I hear you.
My friends and family (all of whom live on the internet, far far away) are sick of my complaints, and it shows. Which is when I decided to quit lurking and bore the internet at large.
And now I will step away from the computer slowly so I don't freak you out completely.
Weird internet person who lives in the same city as you.


@Angry Panda Ahh, yes... work is my life and this causes me pain. I know this very well. The increasingly-glazed eyes of friends & relatives when moaning too. The frustration of the well-intentioned suggestion, the annoyance of comparisons when all you want to do is bitch, in possibly a snarky way. All very familiar. I like your suggestion.

I mainly vent in my head, with occasional little explosions. They are becoming more frequent of late, and I believe I may be turning into a cranky old woman. That is why I am soothing myself with thoughts of all the HATS that I will wear once it has truly set in, plus a cane made from very dense wood.

Angry Panda

@EvilAuntiePeril Haha! I've been a cranky old woman for at least 4 years now. The cane sounds like a good idea. I am also resigning myself to the idea of cats. They match my personality more than dogs, although I am a dog person. :-)
Enjoy your weekend!


My party team and I might be interested in one in Baltimore. I know there was one a while back, but I was simply too awkward for it.


Wilmington, Delaware? I know there's one of you out there!

Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

I'm in North Carolina, and I'm planning on moving to Asheville later this year - Are there any Pinners in that area?


Pretty sure I've seen another person mention it on here!


Also, Portland Pinpals, did you know that the premier of Mad Men is being shown at the Academy Theater Sunday FOR FREE? Just so's you knows!


@LaLoba do you know of any good places that do drag race night? i'd be on that IN A SECOND


Whoaa this is so cool that everyone is from wildly different places. I'm close enough to NYC to go to that one (if I don't chicken out :( ) but are there any New Joiseyans around?

30 Helens Agree

@fabel <3 New Jersey forever. I live in NY now, but oddly I hardly ever meet anyone from NJ.


Gulf Coast? Like, Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama/Florida Panhandle area??


No Philly area 'pinners? :( I mean, my roommate is too, but I do see her pretty often...

Kimberly Pine, Drummer

I just posted in the Sydney (Australia, not Nova Scotia) Google Groups thread in the hopes of restarting the 'Pinup momentum. I turned 30 yesterday and decided real-life 'pinners should be my new grown-up friends. Actual grown-ups need not apply.

PS: I can't actually see my comment, but I absolutely made one. Hmm.


China friends, where are you? Beijingers more specifically because I'm too lazy/busy to travel at the mo?

Sam Tibbs@facebook

@Sealion Ooh me too, me too!

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