Friday, March 23, 2012


The Pros and Cons of Leaving Half-Eaten Sugar-Free Jello Pudding Out Overnight

Pros: no need to worry about attracting any critters.

Cons: it completely liquifies?

Full disclosure: it was Dulce de Leche flavor with the caramel topping. Sugar free caramel topping = imminent death, right?

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jello-pudding is my favorite@a


If it was half-eaten, it's because your spit finished digesting it. Gross, Jane.

fondue with cheddar

@singstrix AAH we posted the same idea AT THE SAME EXACT TIME!

fondue with cheddar

I guess it's that digestive-enzymes-in-saliva-breaking-down-the-dairy thing. Gross.


Ha! I have that pudding in my lunch today!


Do I need to write A Hairpin Guide to Custards, featuring recipes and variations on every possible pudding, custard, flan, and creme? Because girl! Don't do that to yourself.


@wallsdonotfall One of the best things I have ever eaten is a flan from a bakery in northern Spain called "tocino de cielo," or "bacon of Heaven." It's like pure distilled joy on your tongue.


@wallsdonotfall Please do!


@wallsdonotfall Yes, for the benefit of Hairpin-kind, I believe it is your duty to do so.


@wallsdonotfall Oh, man, for reals! There are ways to make puddings that are not butter & sugar laden yet still taste good and will not kill you to death with artificial sweeteners!

Judith Slutler

@wallsdonotfall Yes, you do need to write this. I would love to learn about these things!


@Emmanuelle Cunt Then it shall be done. Get ready for Brazilian coconut pudim, y'all.


@wallsdonotfall Do you need a taste tester? For, uh, quality control purposes? Or something?


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher True story: this is going to produce more pudding than I can offload on my friends, so if Chicagoans want some (in exchange for photo help, maybe?), get in touch.


@wallsdonotfall Bring some to the Pin-Up!

Totally OT, but is your avatar a cat dressed like A Victorian Lady with the caption "Contented."? Because I have a print of that hanging in my apt and it fills me with glee.


@faustbanana That's a good idea! Not sure if they'd survive the workday, though.

My avatar is from #9 here, which may be the same source!


@wallsdonotfall Ooh, good point. Office fridge? (I assume everyone works in a depressing downtown office, like meeee.)

That is the same kitty! She gets around (a-meow-nd? ahh I give up)


Oh Jane, I'd share my stories of custardy disgraces here but Edith would most certainly ban me.


@saythatscool Thanks, please leave your A Custard Incident to yourself.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@saythatscool I remember one time on a road trip back from Canada (don't ask) we figured out the tan goop in the Wendy's salad bar was butterscotch pudding. The ladies behind the counter were somewhat annoyed but amused that they had to keep filling up the... crock? tub? Whatever those brown salad bar container things are.

I think that was before I realized that pudding = milk = unfortunate bathroom breaks, so I don't have a strong memory of any repercussions. We were probably two hours from home anyway.

That's my story, hope u like it!


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Wendy's salad bar - whaaaaat?
Are Canadian Wendys not fast food?

Daisy Razor

I'm a member of a local mothers' message board that's 10% useful, 90% crazy and one of the recent posts was from a mom asking if it was all right to feed her kids "organic frozen French toast sticks" that she'd accidentally left in the car for 3 hours. I enjoyed that she specified that the possibly-spoiled food she wanted to feed her children was organic.


@Daisy Razor I have a friend that specifies every single thing as organic even when asking her kid what she wants to eat. As in, "Child, would you like Organic Cheerios or Organic Wheaties today?" Never mind that those products have their own names and the kid has never had the normal versions of the stuff to compare it to.

Basically, it's snotty and annoying is what I'm saying.

But I <3 her....


I distinctly remember finding a frozen Gusher (one of these bad boys: http://www.tbseblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/gushers.jpg?w=300) in my car in high school and EATING IT. Whhhyyyyy? But also, I'm totally still alive!


Umm, I went for "a drink" (----> more drinks ----> dancing) directly after a grocery run once (the halcyon darker years). Though I subsequently ate all the groceries that had been bagged up and chillin' underneath my coat and the coats of many friendly queens from about 8PM to 3AM, I didn't die. The bag definitely definitely contained frozen goods AND at least one cheese.


I'm pretty cavalier when it comes to consuming possibly spoiled foods. Alive and kickin' for 26 years now... before finishing that burrito I left out overnight or whatever I just tell myself "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

However you are also talking to a girl who fell asleep naked on top of a bowl of chili then finished eating it the next morning, so I don't know about myself.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@emilylouise you sound like my kind of lady


@emilylouise You are brave. The worst thing I ever do is eat food that's been leftover in my car overnight. (Pizza is the best to do this with!)


The last lady I dated came up with the genius "pocket burrito" when she asked the cook at the mexican restaurant for a piece of tin foil, wrapped her remaining half of a burrito, and put it in her jacket pocket. That was on our second date and I thought it was awesome. Not the reason we're not dating anymore.


@emilylouise I feel like if I met you in person I'd want you to be my best friend, just for that little chili anecdote right there.


@emilylouise During my time as a full time college student, part time retail worker, and full time small business owner, I was known to eat anything that I found in my car as long as I could fit it in my face while frantically driving to wherever I needed to be next.

I think the worst (best??) thing was the jerky that I could not recall buying. Yum!


My general rule for food is pretty much the same as for laundry: if it doesn't look or smell bad, it's probably fine to put on/in my body. (But um, I may be A Gross, so...grain of salt.)


I actually did this two nights ago but with the chocolate pudding. And yes, I was shocked/disgusted/intrigued to find out it liquifies. Still not going to stop me from eating it in the future though! And do tell - how are the dulce de leche ones?


@batgirl Butterscotch is way better, IMHO :)


I'm wayyyyyy more dismayed by the sugar-free part than by the left-out-overnight part. Sugar-free food items: not delicious AND bad for you! DOOOOOOOOOOON'T DOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEET!


@werewolfbarmitzvah Also: migraines!

(at least for me)


Eww I think I just threw up in my mouth. x-|

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