Monday, March 5, 2012


The Opposite of Online

A year ago, the Argentinian surfer Jorgelina "Lina" Reyero spent the day at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia, with a camera attached to her board. Rest Your Eyes production company then "glued up the tapes for your viewing pleasure." (Soundtrack: Fleet Foxes, "Mykonos.")

Elsewhere in travel, a frenzied civilian is trying to leave the planet. (Full disclosure: he promised to write "tiny house: space edition" and "what's in your bag ... in space?!" columns for this site if I mentioned him and he won. So, vote carefully.)


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Esther C. Werdiger

I will choose to believe she headed directly to the airport after fleeing the Single Ladies video shoot following the realization that she couldn't go on being somebody's backup dancer; she needed to be the Beyonce of her OWN life -- the Beyonce of The Ocean. No luggage.



The trouble with extreme wide angle lenses is, they make the surfboard look like it's 30 feet long.@k


I am currently sitting at a computer in a cubicle in a government building somewhere in the Ohio Valley. There is a pile* of snow on the ground and because of this most of my coworkers have decided not to come in today. After I get off work, I will spend my evening doing homework for class tomorrow.

Clearly, I'm doing life wrong.

*3 inches. The Ohio Valley doesn't handle snow well.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher - Don't fret! There is nothing wrong with sitting in a cubicle making spreadsheets!

I've been rationalizing this for myself lately, and I've come up w/ a pretty decent list:

-Let's face it, LSJ - you are good at things, but not like, amazing. Which means by working a 'regular' sort of job, you're minimizing your risk at failing when trying to do amazing things.
-This means you're not broke, as you would possibly be if you were busy trying to do amazing things and failing...

-Which, remember that nice dinner you went out to w/ friends Saturday? That lovely cocktail you bought a friend Friday night? Sure, if you had stuck to trying to become a BigTime Movie Director, you might have been at the Oscars a week ago - but you also might have been broke in Bushwick eating ramen noodles like some of your other friends.

I may not be able to afford Chateau Latour, but my days of drinking Colt 45 are over too. Thank you cubicles!


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Yeah this made me hate my life. Girl surfers are very threatening to me for some reason. Maybe because I will never in a million years be as effortlessly cool as they are?


@bunB Exactly! Ugh, I'm doing it wrong.


@bunB Yep. Yep yep yep.
@Leon This would all be very comforting if I was making any sort of actual not-dedicated-to-rent-and-utilities-money in said cubicle. Alas, I am not. (But it is paying my tuition, so that's...something?)


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Don't worry, she probably has a horrendous job, like modeling or something.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher - You will get there! I felt like I was in the same boat forever, then one day I was like, "Oh wait, I can go to Momofuku Noodle Bar? THIS IS AMAZING." - It took me years, but it was worth it.

@bunB @slizzii - Don't worry! You can be totally cool without surfing. I think the biggest thing that makes 'extreme activity' cool is that, just by having some pictures of you doing it, it's proof that you're passionate about a thing - cuz it's so much work, if you're on top of that mountain, you're obviously dedicated.

But anybody who's passionate about anything is cool! Everyone loves meeting and talking to people w/ passion, whether it's for spelunking or collecting records or 18th century mathematics.


@leon.saintjean You know what? That's a great point. Thank you!


Thank You for linking to my application! I so very desperately want to go into space! You can vote every day! SIGTVFMTGTSOIGTCYFT! Not a threat! An inside joke puzzle! I'm non-violent! Are you afraid of Heights? G Forces? Re-Entry into the Atmosphere? Vote for someone who is none of those things! (Me!)


@snack_attack Someone is going to vote for me to go to space or I'm going to call your finest T-Rex!(?) (jk, @snack_attack, we're all picking up what you're throwing down.)

I like this one. Let us send him and his many exclamation points to space!


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I can TRY to tone it down, I just get really excited about outer space.


@snack_attack DO NOT TRY TO TONE IT DOWN. We are sending your enthusiasm to space. Remain enthusiastic.


Could just watch this on repeat all day. Soothing, beautiful. Happy Monday morning.


This should be a thing. :)


Somewhat related: there's a whole "doomsday" section on Amazon I found whilst looking for window box gardening things. Amazon's kooky underbelly thinks I'm trying to either grow weed, or am waiting for the rapture. (because I bought the Blair Witch lady's book via a Hairpin recommend?)


I'm here to brag about having been to Byron Bay when I studied abroad in Australia. Everyone-go to Australia! It's beautiful! (ending brag mode). This video also reaffirms my wish to be good at surfing.

Feminist Killjoy



It's getting freaky.

also australia is fucking amazing


@beanie WAIT WAIT WAIT ARE YOU GUYS STUDYING AT SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY? I go here too!! I got a crazy sunburn in Byron for my birthday!

Sparrow Morgan@facebook

Fellow Hairpinners! I too want to go to space! Vote for meeeeeeee! http://bit.ly/z69lRm

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