Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Guy With the Fern-Like Lightning Flower

Natural tattoos.

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That's a totally rocking scar. It's both a shame that the dude got injured by lightning and a small blessing that at least it looks cool instead of being categorically disfiguring.


very well said@t


woooooah that is freaky, hot, and FREAKY! (not like, he's a freak, but more like omg lightning does that?!)


Kind of puts anyone with a lightning bolt tattoo to shame.


@punkahontas [insert harry potter joke]


also I love how all the comments on that site are like "going to go stand outside in a thunderstorm now"

i mean ... i know they're joking right?

But anyway, gonna go stand outside in a thunder storm! I want a cool tattoo with none of the pain of needles. What could go wrong???

Tuna Surprise


The 'tattoo' is only temporary. It fades after a few days. Bummer! Just get a henna version instead.


@Tuna Surprise Ah. From the text with the pic, it sounded like that was the scar from the injury obtained when he was first hit.


@Tuna Surprise buzz kill!


@Tuna Surprise I've had that capillary scenario happen from vomiting. As in, I was having a bad reaction to MSG/preservatives or something, and vomited so hard the capillaries in my face busted.

Thankfully, it does indeed fade.

Also, I once was bending over to pick something up, and felt a weird pain in my lower back. Later that day, I was bending over again and one of my brothers must have been able to see the gap between jeans and shirt, because he shrieked "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT??"

"That" was a cluster of busted capillary marks on my lower back shaped like the nerve cluster that runs down your spine to your glutes. It was kind of Georgia O'Keefe-ish vagina-symbol shaped.

*cue fast trip to the ER and much WTF-ing from the medically specialists there*


@PistolPackinMama I have definitely had the vomit-induced busted capillaries as well. ... I was having a bad reaction to consuming two and a half bottles of wine ...


@Tuna Surprise If I were him I'd get a real tattoo done over it tracing the pattern; it's too amazing not to keep forever (and this from a person with no tattoos, who has never been able to think of something I'd want on me forever).


@Fodforever awesome idea


If people around you are struck by lightning and you're okay, ignore the people who are screaming and treat the "dead" first.

The screaming people will likely survive.

The "dead" often need CPR and may live to show off their fractal tattoos if you help.


I'm petrified of lightning (always have been), and a few months ago, I was watching the news and I saw the craziest video ever. It was video footage of a guy walking outside a building, and he gets struck by a bolt of lightning dead-on. He collapses for a minute or so, then miraculously gets up and starts to walk away, and then FOUR FEET LATER, he gets struck AGAIN! And collapses, gets up, and walks away AGAIN. Dude had some serious stamina. In other news: lightning never strikes the same place twice is only true if we are talking the exact same millimeters of space.


@olivebee Don't be scared. Like most frightening things, lightning is more scared of you than you are of it.


I was avoiding that picture for like a week, fully expecting it to be gross. I am surprised by how not gross it is.


This actually aligns pretty well with my personal theory of tattoos, which is: Get something that serves as a reminder or historical marker. Tattoos are a record of yourself and imagery that matters to you at a given point and time, not a museum of shit you must always love.


@deepomega My personal theory of tattoos is, get something that serves as a reminder of shit you love, just make sure it's a really good piece of art :)

(exceptions: books you just finished an hour ago, people you just started dating, political symbols)


So, does this mean he should buy more lottery tickets or just quit buying them altogether?


Ooh, is this a good place to tell this story? I currently have marks on my back from acupuncture (not the needles, the cupping -- explainer ), and this weekend at my grandmother's house, my mom said "Ooh, show your back to Grandma!" (We do things like this in my family). And my grandmother said, in this tone of sad resignation "What, did you get a TATTOO?"


That looks so cool! It's slightly disturbing to think of it being from burst capillaries, though.


Ahhh, I wish that happened when I got struck! Now I'm worried it did but I didn't notice before it faded :( Awesome tattoo-trace opportunity forever missed.


I have a kinda sorta vein phobia, and this grosses me out BEYOND BELIEF.


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