Thursday, March 22, 2012


The $70 Million Ring Pop

An icy donut. (Also, "[blanks] icing [blanks]" could maybe come back as slang for proposing? As in: "You got iced, brah" / "I iced Amy yesterday" / "John iced me last night, and I threw up. No, but ultimately I'm happy. I am really happy.") [Via]


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My friends and I already use this term for something much less glamorous - when someone unexpectedly presents you with a Smirnoff Ice. You're obligated to chug it immediately. I know, we're a classy bunch.

Reginal T. Squirge


Edith Zimmerman

@bellabrunette Indeed I am referencing the BROS ICING BROS phenomenon of mid-2010.

dj pomegranate

@bellabrunette Yeah, it's gonna be hard to make the transition from (Smirnoff) icing to (diamonds) icing. Unless you propose with a Smirnoff Ice!? (aside to my bf: do not propose with a Smirnoff Ice.)


@dj pomegranate Oh god, I haven't drank that nasty shit since I was underage and couldn't get anything better.



@Edith Zimmerman Now I am reinterpreting that trend as a tender expression of the love between two bros. And then popped collars and aviator shades all the way to the altar.


@bellabrunette Fun fact: in the UK they put real booze in the alcopops. So Smirnoff Ice has, I believe, actual Smirnoff in it, instead of being basically sweetened malt liquor.

Still nasty, though.

Judith Slutler

@stuffisthings Wait, American Smirnoff Ice doesn't have Smirnoff in it? Weird


@stuffisthings Ah, I loved alcopops when I was in the UK in college! We convinced ourselves they tasted vastly better than any of the US malt beverages. But we also drank boone's farm back in the states, so we may not have had the best of taste.


@Edith Zimmerman "phenomenon of mid-2010" - you say that as if it's over. My friends didn't get that memo. If I ever get married, there will be no getting iced at the reception, only getting old fashioned-ed.


this is amazing, fabulous, gorgeous!!!!@n


What size is it what size is it what size is it

If it's a 4 1/4, I CALL DIBS.


@SarahP But seriously, I would be so nervous wearing something that valuable that I'd break out in hives.

Katie Heaney

@SarahP 4 1/4??? is that a human ring size?!!!

Katie Heaney

@Katie Heaney oh, haha, apparently yes? and not all rings are sized between like 6-10 as I previously believed?


@Katie Heaney I have E.T. fingers.

Katie Heaney

@SarahP i am impressed. i thought *i* had ET fingers, and my ring finger size is a 7.


@SarahP I am a 4 1/2! *tiny hand high five*!


@SarahP You are the E.T. fingered yin to my fat sausage finger yang!


@nogreeneggs @SarahP Also a 4 1/2! Yay tiny hands!


@ImASadGiraffe I actually have long hands! Just spindly fingers.


@SarahP I don't know what size ring I have but when I was getting the stone in my engagement ring replaced the vaguely creepy Russian jeweler was like "Is pinky ring?" and when I said no, stuck it on the tip of his pinky and laughed uproariously. "Ohoho! Let me see tiny hand!"


@MollyculeTheory My husband also has thin fingers, and when the lady at the jewelry store sized him for his wedding band, she was so hilariously bothered that he had thinner fingers than she did.

The Lady of Shalott

@MollyculeTheory For some reason this tickles me so much that I am having a hard time not cracking up in public. "Ohoho! Let me see tiny hand!" is KILLING ME


Dear World:

I need and deserve this.

So get on it.


@OhShesArtsy But diamonds are my birthstone, so I was BORN for this beautiful monstrosity! :brushes dirt off shoulder:


@JessicaLovejoy The problem with receiving a ring like that, is that strong implication of "anal on demand." And I think we all know that's just leading to skidmarked bedsheets...


We could also start calling divorce "de-icing," for a little aerospace flair.


@stuffisthings "What is all that crap on the lawn? Horrible yard sale?"
"Don't worry about it, man, it's just leftover from the de-icing."


@stuffisthings All this icing and de-icing makes me think of Mr. Freeze and his beloved Nora.


@SarahP It makes me think of the verb "pantsing." Which, really, should mean putting pants ON someone.


@stuffisthings BEST NEW PRANK.


Yo dawg, I heard you liked diamonds in your diamond on your diamond and I hope I don't ruin your day with this complimentary DVD of Blood Diamond.


@JessicaLovejoy I'm sure this diamond is from Canada. But not even mined or anything--a bear came out of the woods, handed it to the designer, and was like "Make something beautiful of this, grr," and left.

See, now it's okay.


@SarahP Even better, that bear made it in a lab.

RK Fire

@Ophelia: The bear was also given fair/living wages, in sustainably fished salmon and carefully gathered berries that respected the integrity of other nearby plants.

The salmon had delightful, carefree lives before they willingly jumped into nets of silk.

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia Even better than that, the bear held a piece of coal tightly in his ass for more than a billion years, waiting to find someone worthy enough to receive it as a gift.


oh you guys

you guys are great


Also: at lunch I was shopping online for a shoe-shine kit and saw one for $140, which momentarily enraged me at the state of income inequality in this world, etc. A $70 million ring? I can't even.


@stuffisthings The shit? Andy Dwyer will do that for, like, a ham sandwich. And not even a nice deli one, the lame one your brought from home!


Unless it's an actual donut...

dr. annabel lies

Its costliness is rivaled only by its ugliness.


@dr. annabel lies No way, it looks like a space diamond FROM THE FUTURE.


Is this relevant at all? "Frost yourselves." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txaXm66ifl4


@amyfairycakes Was coming down here to say this. I am pretty sure I'm the only person alive who is still all about "frost yourself."


I bet one of those Ecclestone girls is just dying for this. Goes nicely with the Old Masters hung in Aaron Spelling's old house.


For some reason, my first image after seeing this was the wearer twisting it pointy-side out (since they are on the subway platform and keeping the blingy part on the inside so they wouldn't get mugged), removing her big earrings and Vaseline-ing her face, pushing up her sleeves and announcing, "Girl, I am gonna fuck you up!" before commencing a fistfight.


I just want to say "frost yourself" and then I hate myself for referencing the marketing campaign they put together in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.


@beanie YO

Hot Doom

I think I can safely say I want that.


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