Thursday, March 15, 2012


St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

Madison is sorry she hasn't been making a lot of videos lately but she was busy. Had to go to school and stuff. Now she's on spring break, so here you go!

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oh my god i am so doing this on saturday.


@redheaded&crazy Trust, it'll look hella good with that ensemble you showed us.

@redheaded&crazy How do I get on the email list of 'pinner fashion advice?


@S. Elizabeth send me an email! wombat.baby@gmail


@S. Elizabeth There is a 'pinner fashion advice email list??? Amazeballs.


@Ophelia there is now! i have fashion anxiety and need all the help i can get ya know?

@redheaded&crazy Email sent!


@redheaded&crazy What?? Is it cool if I suck at fashion advice and will just be sitting there like a sponge instead of giving out any?

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@carmine&cuckoo Wait, what?


@OhMarie You should join up anyway, it's fun! I get to natter on, other people pretend to listen, actual advice is dispensed from other sources, it's good.


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict o hey is that you in my inbox "sex at my place"

I am crying because that is a legit email in my inbox. not, of course, from the honourable stu benedict (i'm sure).

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@madder&mad I understand that many men must have asked of you that which you weren't prepared to give. But I pledge you my word of honor as a gentleman that I would never take that which you didn't offer freely, nor enter where I've been asked to remain outside.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

wat gives this was supposed to make you have swoony lady-type feelings or wevs at least be impressed where i swiped it from


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict hah! what can i say my "swoony lady-type feelings" are notoriously unruly/noncompliant

also did not recognize the quote! but uh, it's a good one? :D

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@cerise&certifiable Well, we all have our personal cultural touchstones, nez pah?

How did it go? I bet the makeup turned a few heads.


you are soooo sweet and adorable!!! and I really like your blog Madison!!@y


I enjoy that all of Madison's looks are variations on her Panda look.


Oh. My. God. My icy heart just melted. And my ovaries might have twitched a little bit.


That hair is fucking baller.


Part of me loves these videos and part of me cannot comprehend how preternaturally good she is at them. I mean, there are definite similarities between Jane's videos and hers, and I don't mean that as an insult to Jane. I thought my nieces were precocious, but this is a whole new level.

Just as a comparison, I think I was still peeing my pants occasionally at this age.


Totally buying some WONDER WOMAN LIPSTICK.


Oh, Madison. We missed you.


I've been working under the assumption that my unborn child is a boy, just cause I have a feeling or whatever, but JESUS this makes me want a girl. I want nothing more than to facilitate this kind of behavior in a child!


@hallelujah In my experience, boys like face-painting as much as girls, so no matter what you end up with (babies are like Happy Meal toys, right?), I bet you can encourage them to YouTube stardom.


She's been busy getting her teeth knocked out. Aw.... Nice to know you can take those Wet 'n Wild cosmetics with you in your purse when you go out!


If they had internet and webcams when we all were kids, this would have been Jane Marie. What I'm trying to say is this is Jane Marie Jr.

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