Monday, March 5, 2012


Spiderweb Sonata

"Several professional violinists reported that spider strings ... generated a preferable timbre."
—The violin strings made from 5,000 strands of twisted spider silk apparently give off a "soft and profound" sound, as evidenced in a brief clip on the BBC.


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It was quite creepy. Not as creepy as the tree ring music though, I think.


I was listening to music on the web while you kids were in grade school!

:: shakes cane ::


Take that, silk worms!


Further proof that musicians are strange creatures, indeed.

That is gorgeous, though. Not sure what it would do for Dad and his bluegrass fiddlin', so I don't think I'll be hearing that locally anytime soon.


JUST yesterday I was trying to see if I could find any spider silk yarn. (Answer: No, just pictures of ancient textiles).


Spider silk: more or less freaky than animal intestines?


First thread of the day! Guys-who-were-around-on-Friday, I bought some Vitamin D, how about you?? (Mine are gummies because I am six years old.)

Barry Grant

@figwiggin "First thread of the day!"

Heh heh. Thread.


@Barry Grant I have four letters for you: R. D. R. R.

Barry Grant


I'm sure I'm in for a beatdown, but what does that mean?


@Barry Grant You should a-rack(nid) your brain and think about it a little!

(No, but seriously, say it out loud and see if that helps.)

Barry Grant

@figwiggin OK. I deserved that.


@Barry Grant No worries; it's OICURMT-style humor. I latched onto it from a favorite joke book when I was seven and never looked back.


@figwiggin FIGLET! I am heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! I'm sorry; I had a really busy day today and I haven't been on until now!

SO! I didn't get Vitamin D! I actually went to an herbalist shop here in Austin and got an ~*~herbal iron tonic~*~. But it's sort of the same! Kind of! So I didn't forget about Our Pact, I'm just late :)!


@wee_ramekin Yaaaay, I'm glad you showed up! Herbal iron tonic sounds awesome, even if it didn't come in gummy form. High-five for vitamins!


Another reason not to squash spiders: they know how to make silk out of flies.

We need a "spider news" slug.


OMG SPIDERS ARE THE SHIT. I would absolutely love to try out these strings! (while I'm at it, gimme the $$$$$$$$$$$$ it would take to buy some). I just recently switched my synthetic violin strings to gut-core ones, which sound FABULOUS and I didn't even get the amazing custom-order ones either! They sound so beautiful.

Strumpet McClanahan

@SomeGayGuy I would loooove to try out these strings. Do you play acoustic or electric violin? I've been trying to find some to mellow out my sound but it's hard on my electric ax. Blah!


@Strumpet McClanahan I play acoustic. I don't have any experience with electronic violins, so have no suggestions, unfortunately :(

THOUGH, did you hear about the guy who made an electric violin out of a louisville slugger?


PS I am so upset he is married with children.


AAHHH so eerily beautiful! I love it, I love it, I love it!


Spidey-strings tingling....

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