Tuesday, March 27, 2012


No. 5 Cannot Be Unseen

"25 Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses."

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I seriously didn't know who at least 1/3 of those people were.

Also, is Jessica Simpson in the process of falling down in that pic?

oh! valencia

@Ophelia And was Lindsay Lohan eating something out of the gutter in that one pic?

We need to stop wearing plaid, is what I'm taking away from this. But honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a plaid printed mattress in a store?


@Ophelia Also, what is that pic from? I think she's wearing a dress my friend wore as her wedding dress (it's short, so it probably wasn't marketed as a wedding dress, but it still made me laugh to see J.S. in it).


@Ophelia Oh good, I was afraid I was the only person who had never heard of some of those folks.

@oh! valencia I have also never seen a plaid mattress, in a store in or in someone's house.


@oh! valencia I think Lindsay was licking the sidewalk? I dunno. My dog does that a lot, so maybe I'm just expecting it at this point.


@Ophelia Which ones didn't you know? A few are British slebs.


@spanglepants Oh, jeez...um, here goes: David Mitchell, Lakoda Rayne (is that her real name?!?), Nadine Coyle, Pixie Lott, Brian Harvey, and Felicia Day. I'm guessing at least some of them are British.


@Ophelia David Mitchell is a (very funny) British comedian. Nadine Coyle is a 'singer' from a girl band who won a British tv talent show of some kind, not sure which one (she's Irish). Pixie Lott is a singer, not sure, think she might be from somewhere Scandinavian but I might be making that up. Brian Harvey was in a 90s boyband called East 17; now he's a kind of washed up drunk/ druggie who ran over himself with his own car in an incident that somehow involved a baked potato, no sure what, can't remember (British). Dunno the others!


@spanglepants @Ophelia Nuhdeen is from GIRLS ALOUD and is amazing in that British c-list kind of way they do so very well. And Felicia Day is from Dr Horrible/the Guild/Dragonage/a Nerd. And is American.


@MrsLlama I think I would like Felicia Day!

raised amongst catalogs

@oh! valencia In my experience, that is the posture one assumes on the evening that one first meets Long Island Iced Teas. Except I did it on a freeway shoulder, not a sidewalk.


@Ophelia You NEED to know who David Mitchell is. Watch Peep Show, it's on Netflix streaming!

oh! valencia

@Ophelia Felicia Day is awesome!
@vanillawaif, the Long Island Iced Tea is a fickle friend indeed.


@meetapossum Seconded. And also That Mitchell and Webb Look, also on Netflix streaming.

raised amongst catalogs

@oh! valencia So was the brand new friend who convinced me I needed to drink more than one. Ugh.


@Ophelia Nadine Coyle was in Girls Aloud, ie the best pop group of the 21st century so far.


@Decca I can't speak French, so I'll let the funky music do the talking

oh! valencia

@meetapossum once again, I desperately wish Netflix Canada were the same as Netflix US. Sad face.


@meetapossum @datalass Will check it out this weekend!


@spanglepants After reading that I HAD to google "Brian Harvey baked potato" ... and this is what I found:

"Troubled reality TV star Brian Harvey has provided an astonishing explanation for the bizarre and terrifying accident in which he was run over by his own Mercedes... claiming it was caused by a meal of three giant baked potatoes smothered in tuna mayonnaise and cheese."

Link!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-358451/Harvey-blames-potatoes-bizarre-car-accident.html


@MrsLlama Thank you for redeeming Nadine Coyle. Girls Aloud is pretty much The Best. Because I AM just a love machine.


It's good to see someone paying attention to what really mattress.@a

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Oh, hm, I thought they meant as in: "Because I suffocate them with my drooly love every night."

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

among other fluids...


That is awesome. Very cheering on this day of bad things.


I would bang Jason Statham's shit out VACATION-STYLE even on the mattress that he looks like, I don't care. <3 u, baldie.


@iceberg 100% agree. All those sex pheromones make me completely blind to stains and spills and all manner of things.


::snrk:: Excellent. Oh, plaids. I will always have a special place in my heart for you.


@area@twitter I got three photos in and was like 'nooooooo gingham I love you gingham!'

I may have a Thing. Basically, I just want to dress like a farmgirl, all day e'ry day.


Technically, it should be "Celebrities who dress like discarded matresses"


@Megan Patterson@facebook Well, dress and act.


@Megan Patterson@facebook And someone had to sit there and find 25 different pictures of discarded mattresses.


@anachronistique thanks, buzzfeed interns!


Aw. Leave David Mitchell out of this. Otherwise, perfect.


@fantod Look at his happy face!


I had no idea where that article was going, but that was excellent.


did anyone else think this was the best thing they'd seen on the internet in a while?


@hotdog yes, me, I did.


@hotdog i did too.


@nyikin @hotdog
All I have to say is that this is very good. Very, very good.


Shut down the internet, we're done here.


Alan Cumming. Allllaaaaan Cummmminnnnng. He can dress in all plaid forever and I will love him. I got so excited when I was watching Third Rock From the Sun and he guest-starred as a hole expert.


@figwiggin Also, that suit is beautifully tailored. Note the matched-up pattern running perfectly straight from vest to trouser. Somebody's got some sewin skillz.


What on earth is a Lakoda Rayne? Is it the most misspelled band in the world? Is it a single person? Is it a collection of people who do. . .things?

This is bothering me. Deeply.


@Mingus_Thurber Ohhh, maybe it is the whole...band? I thought it might be one of them? I...

I smell burnt toast

@Mingus_Thurber Without knowing anything at all about them other than their name, I am perturbed.


Buzzfeed has sent me looking at photos of shirtless Zac Efron and I'm having a lot of confusing feelings.


@Decca I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that, while on a plane home from Germany, I watched Me and Orson Welles almost purely because of the Zac Efron eye candy. (Although I ended up getting more hot n' bothered by Christian McKay, which gave ME a lot of confusing feelings.)


I had seen that David Mitchell picture on Tumblr a couple of days ago, isolated from the rest, and was so pleased just now to see it again. I forgive you for getting engaged, David.


I would 100% wear that dress that Kirsten Dunst is wearing. Like, to work or wherever.

Any One Ninja Plot

We did it, you guys! We finished the internet!

Prostitute Robot From The Future

What's with the sad potatoes in the Brian Harvey pic?


I would curl up and sleep on David Mitchell, definitely. (Except perhaps not, as now he's engaged. People know about this, right? I am so happy for them!)

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