Friday, March 16, 2012


Natalie Eve Garrett, What's in Your Bag?

Natalie, when you stop cooking and painting, please tell us about No. 11.

1. Diaper, size 4.

2. Ziplock baggie of diaper wipes.

3. Blue patent-leather pouch.

4. I Am a Bunny.

5. The Trouble with Poetry.

6. Lone loose quarter.

7. Mimi the Cat, named by my toddler-baby. She's totally in love with this cat and races around the house repeating its name. It sounds like this: Meeee Meee! Meee Meee!

8. Tons of band-aids. (My husband put those in here.)

9. Ziplock baggie of Cheerios.

10. Pens, floating around.

11. Red two-headed lady.

12. The perfect sunglasses.

13. Tiniest pinkest moleskine notebook.

14. Tarte 24/7 SPF 15 lip gloss in Wednesday and Thursday, my favorites. I like Tuesday a lot, too.

15. Pink brush/mirror.

16. Small golden pouch.

16. Ziplock baggie of acetaminophen. (My husband put this in here, too! Thanks, hon!)

17. Black zip-up wallet that’s a bright springy pink/green/violet on the inside.

18. Two black hair elastics.

19. Carrot Cake Clif bar. Will I ever eat this?

20. Keychain with mini glow-in-the-dark flashlight & mini library card.

21. Hand cream.

21. Hand sanitizer. (See #1 and #2)

Natalie Eve Garrett also has a website. And No. 11 remains a mystery.

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Why isn't I am a Bunny in *my* bag? :(


@margaret_r It was one of my favorite books when I was a little kid.


I JUST reapplied Thursday!

Neve Garrett

@EMarrinner HA! I just love how that sounds :)


Oh man, I thought I lsot my phone yesterday and I dumped out my bag, and it did not look like this.

Meaghan Widmer@facebook

Ohhhh my god, "I am a Bunny" was one of my favorite books as a child. Calling Mom now to have her look for it. Whee!


Do not eat it! Carrot Cake Clif bar: vastly inferior flavor. "I am a Bunny," on the other hand, was just so so wonderful when I was a wee bairn, and now I want it in my bag.


@BadWolf I totes agree about the nasty-ness that is Carrot Cake Clif Bar. Woe is the time when I think I am grabbing delicious delicious Apricot (also an orange label) when it is really Carrot Cake. I usually find out mid-bite. Blech.


@wobbafett Oh, that is so disappointing! I think the last time I tried Carrot Cake, I picked out all the white chocolate chips, and pitched the rest. Bleh. Chocolate-Dipped Coconut is my jam.

Neve Garrett

@wobbafett Thanks, lovelies! I'll swap it out for a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Or a booodseee.

Hamburger Hot Dog

Mini library card? Heck yes. I would like the libraries in my town to get those, please. Granted, the libraries in my town would probably prefer not to have their funding cut than to have teeny-tiny library cards, but, dag, that is just a very great little card.

Neve Garrett

@Hamburger Hot Dog Mini (almost) everything is a delight. That flashlight brings me particular joy. Maybe you could spring for that, at least, if not the library card? I mean, it GLOWS! Irresistible.

Hamburger Hot Dog

@Natalie Eve I kind of love anything that is not its regular size. Mini is great, but giant versions of things are also enchanting. I found the best miniatures in Israel, though - MINIATURE DONUTS:
You cannot really tell from the picture, but they are less than 2" across. I got one just to stare at it. (Fine, also to eat it. But mostly for staring.)

Neve Garrett

@Hamburger Hot Dog Donuts for sure. And yes, you're right, giant is pretty amazing, too!

Hamburger Hot Dog

@Natalie Eve Yes! I actually sleep with a plush squid, because that is how amazing they are.

Neve Garrett

@Hamburger Hot Dog My baby has a stuffed animal squid toooooo! Clearly you two need to hang.

ms. alex

@Hamburger Hot Dog I was amazed when I discovered that the local library in my new town only has mini library cards. It's super handy, I'm not gonna lie.


@Natalie Eve @ms. alex Everytime you guys reply to @Hamburger Hot Dog I keep forgetting that the name isn't just Hamburger and read it as "Hot Dog _____" in the reply. So we got "Hot Dog Mini" and "Hot Dog Donuts" and "Hot Dog My baby"...

Yeah I'm weird.


(Is Mimi the Animal Surprise?)

Neve Garrett

@figwiggin Yes, Mimi is the Animal Surprise every single day!


My little brother is named after the bunny in this book! My parents couldn't decide on a name so they went with their (then) 3-year-old daughter's opinion. I, obviously, loved this book.


@Yarnybarny I never read the book and went to Amazon to see if your parents had named your brother something weird! But Nicholas is a perfectly adorable name and that is a perfectly adorable story. Does your brother tell people how he was named? I bet he could totally pick up girls with a story like that.

Neve Garrett

@Yarnybarny @Badwolf @Meaghan Widmer@facebook Ahhhhhh, so much love for the bunny books! Too adorable. My baby used to only like everything bunny. Lately, though, she prefers gorillas, kittens and babies.

Hot Doom

@Natalie Eve on the sunject of adorable bunny book, The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes was one of my favorites as a kid (and I Am A Bunny!). Seriously it's so lovely, and the images are wonderful and ah! Good for Easter, if that's your thing. I cry when the mommy bunny gets laughed by the mean male country bunnies. I might be getting misty thinking about it. Hormones are great.

Neve Garrett

@LolaLaBalc I always need new bunny books in my life. {I mean, my baby needs them ;)} Thank you.


@LolaLaBalc YES that book is at my mum's house, it is so beautiful and perfect I do not want her to send it to me until my wee ones are old enough to respect books (instead of eating them).


How big are these people's bags?? We need to see the bags.

Neve Garrett

@WaityKatie I will totally post the pic if you tell me how! (Edith has one, but she's twirling around a bar in NOLA right now;)

Neve Garrett

@Natalie Eve To answer your question, it's pretty gigantic, lots of room for spare kittens & two-headed ladies & sea angels.


@Natalie Eve That is a decent sized bag, and it holds an amazing amount of things!

Neve Garrett

@ Edith Zimmerman: When I stop painting and cooking? In other words, you never ever ever want me to tell you the secrets of the two-headed lady?


@Natalie Eve No, no. Maybe when you get a break?

Neve Garrett

@PistolPackinMama Haha, a break ;) Thank you, that sounds nice! I wish cooking and painting were my chief activities. Mama-ing, writing and collapsing also play key roles.

Neve Garrett

@PistolPackinMama But I think Ask a Two-Headed Lady needs to be my next advice column. She's a thoughtful lady, this one -- ever-diplomatic and generous, and particularly helpful in times of transition. Also: TWO-HEADS.


I AM A BUNNY. I am pretty sure my mom can recite this entire book to this day, based on how many times I made my parents read it to me when I was little.


Natalie Eve, the inside of your bag is the inside of my bag, down to the size 4 diaper and the sunglasses. I am having one of those everyone-is-connected, peace-and-cookies moments the Unitarians are always on about.

Neve Garrett

@ritualtheory Ahhh I love it! Twins! Wait, are you writing a secret undersea ghost story, too, with lots of eerie doubling? Ackkk noooo it's too much...

L. Bates Jaffe@facebook

I am a nanny. My name is Bates. I live in a hollow tree. In the spring I like to pick flowers.

I think i read this book a dozen times yesterday.


Carrot Cake Clif bar? Why don't they have these where I am? Granted, I only really eat the ones that are half chocolate or peanut butter.

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