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Katy Perry's "Part of Me" Video

I know we don't all agree on Katy Perry (which is crazy; Teenage Dream is already a timeless masterpiece), but if we're on the topic of music videos about percentages of people, this one is an interesting addition. Plus Hairpin pal Lindsay Robertson screen-grabbed that note. And who doesn't love a good anguished-wig-cutting-in-the-mirror scene?

(It should also be noted, depending on one's definition of should, that this song was made long before Katy and Russell Brand parted ways — it actually leaked way back in the low, dusty days of 2010.)

Elsewhere in music: A lovely new Norah Jones track, "Travelin' On."

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Emma J

was this paid for by the marines, or what?

Stella Potato

@Emma J OMG totally! This is the best marketing campaign possibly ever? "Nobody's volunteering anymore, what should we do?" "Well, broken-hearted girls are pretty angry and prone to making rash decisions--let's see if we can get a few of those!"


@Emma J The "Citizen Soldier" intro to movies wasn't working so some brilliant marketing team added boobs and POOF - this is what you get.

Lila Fowler

@Emma J Between this and that Taylor Swift video about dating a soldier, it looks like somebody in the Department of Defense is a real Top 40 fan.


@Emma J seriously what the fuck?


I'm not even going to watch this video. I'm just here to say that Teenage Dream is the best song ever written.


@elizabeast As a chronically single person who loves that song, when do I get to feel like I'm living the teenage dream??? Because I really really want to.


@sox I could tell you I feel like I'm living the teenage dream with my boyfriend when we're having a ton of fun, but I feel the song most closely mirrors my feelings about hanging out with my best friend? And once I felt that way about ordering a really big tray of sushi just for myself.

You can feel like you're living the teenage dream whenever you want!


@elizabeast as a person who was chronically single for the longest time and is single again as of yesterday, that song just makes me really sad because I had that like...two days ago and identified with the song more than I wanted to admit, and now I don't and can't. Sad violins womp womp woe is me etc.


@elizabeast Congratulations, how wonderful. ;)


i think the video is weird because she is a normal person then she turns into the armmy@n


this is ... genius? The last line on that note she burns says "I miss your face" . Truly, for a love spurned, the only logical option is to join the marines. Do they usually get dance breaks under a big flag? that part looks fun.


Is it wrong that my first thought was how pretty she is without her usual makeup on? I first wrote "without much makeup," but realized that the only difference between the AMA look and the Marines look is color and glitter.

Also, she should totally cut her hair.

Wait. . .was there a song in there?


@Mingus_Thurber Yes, she looked so good scrubbed down and with short hair!


@Mingus_Thurber Seconded on the hair-thing. She's got such gorgeous eyes, and they really pop with her short haircut.


@Mingus_Thurber : Pixie cut for Katy Perry!!!!


@Mingus_Thurber So what you're saying is, you think she's pretty without any makeup on?


@Mingus_Thurber Came down here to say this! Girl has a STUNNING face.


@lil.orphan.shannie Buuuuut she's always getting the punch line wrong, so...



So last week I stumbled across the Vanity Fair photo shoot of her from the current issue, and she looks like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. Between that photo shoot and this video I'm convinced she should fire every single person who has ever done her makeup because she's so much better looking with less makeup. She's beautiful and she has incredible bone structure and somehow they are erasing all of this with her makeup? It's so weird.


Song was okay and it kinda icked me that she did it all because of a man, but I'm a fan of all the badass lady scenes (especially since it was mostly in a group of women soldiers, not against a backdrop of men). It's also an interesting change from her usually uber-girly persona.

a small sea

Am I the only one who thinks all of her songs sound the same? More than other pop artists, I mean. When that first line when she's driving in her car came on and it's like "days like these I want to drive away-ayyy" I really thought that was from another song (Teenage Dream? California Girls?) and that she was going to turn the radio off and start this new song. BUT THAT IS THE NEW SONG. DRIVE AWAY-AY, BIKINIS ON TOP!

H.E. Ladypants

Was anyone else reminded of the Simpsons episode where Bart's boy band is being used by the record industry to recruit for the Navy?


@H.E. Ladypants I was totally just about to type YVAN EHT NIOJ before I saw your comment.


Does this music video really trivialize our armed forces, or am I being overly sensitive?

[This comment provided by someone who is usually pretty critical of the adoration we shower on our military personnel.]


@wee_ramekin Yes!

(says the lady writing a paper comparing how sucky it is for women in the Israeli and American militaries)

Valerie Sprague@facebook

@wee_ramekin Can't speak for the Marines because I'm an Air Force vet, but mostly what military people notice in these pop culture things is "Does this seem really unrealistic?" which doesn't matter because hell, it's a Katy Perry music video - and "Jesus, that woman's hair is dangling all over her collar and the uniforms are wrong!" which isn't the case here. Though she could have just put her hair up in a sock bun.


@wee_ramekin i kept thinking of the line in legally blonde --

"you got into [the marines]?"
"what, like it's hard?"


@Valerie Sprague@facebook For me, it crossed the line from "inspiring, bad-ass woman-ry that actually made me tear up because empowerment is amazing" to "uhhh...this is kind of disrespectful" when she started dancing under the American flag-parachute hybrid that's being held aloft by like, 50 Marines. I mean, don't they have something a little more important that they could be doing?

Valerie Sprague@facebook

@wee_ramekin They're training and doing patrols too. I kind of don't get the point of the video in general, except that Katy Perry wanted to wear camouflage and carry a weapon in it. It would be more of a flag-trivializing thing than anything else, but certainly no worse than Cher singing on an aircraft carrier; seamen have more important things to do than stand around behind Cher.

I wish I had a video of my flight cleaning our dorm to Back to Life by Soul II Soul while dancing in our underwear, because it was AWESOME.


@Valerie Sprague@facebook

hee hee "seamen"


I really also wish you had video of that, because it sounds awesome.


I'm happy to see her with relatively minimal makeup on. She looks human.


Love the granny panties-shot and the no makeup but why the heck was she taping her boobs down? This isn't Mulan! Get a sports bra, jeeze.


@Ameelz123 i wondered the same thing. whyfor boobs go away?


@Ameelz123 : And also? An Ace bandage will not strap down a set of boobs such as Perry's.


@OxfordComma THIS.


Hahaaaa...did anyone notice the sign at 0:21 that says 'Millimeter Peter'? It's there right when she first confronts her boyfriend.

Katie Walsh

This video is ridiculous. As is most everything Katy Perry does.

Song's genius though. Add it to the list! (Hot and Cold, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream)


Sorry, but Katy Perry is the worst and her "music" makes my ears cry. And is that Elijah Wood? How does he not have better things to do?


@Hooplehead Elijah Wood probably has enough fuck-you money from Lord of the Rings to do whatever the hell he wants for the rest of his days.


@anachronistique I would be happiest if everything Elijah Wood wants to do is off-camera. He just bugs me. I HEREBY JUDGE HIM FOR NO REASON. Except that he looks perpetually startled.




Kind like that?


@Hooplehead Wait WHERE is Elijah Wood?




Brb, substantially revising the house editorial standpoint re: Katy Perry



Marine Kristen Stewart?



This is ridiculous & definitely ignores all the shittiness ladies in the military go through (and a second WTF to the boob-taping), but zomg I kind of love it. And by "kind of" I mean completely.

Katy Perry....please butch out with this look for a while. It totally works for you. And by you, I mean me.


Music aside, if that is what you do during military training, it reaffirms my belief that I'm a total weenie and would never be able to do it. The whole laying down in the water freaked me out and that wasn't even the worst of it. Thank you troops!

ps. this video gave me flashes of Cadet Kelly, Hilary Duff's finest work.


@beanie ok, so i have actually seen that and it was adorable.


@LeafySeaDragon I will admit to crying at it. I still am confused by my reaction. (She was a free spirit! And that bitch from Even Stevens was mean to her!)

buttercup empire

This video makes me feel embarrassed. Katy Perry your music cannot pull off badass. I'm sorry. Please continue with cotton candy and bras that shoot things out of your boobs. That you do magnificently.

buttercup empire

@buttercup empire Which is to say that Katy Perry the person can do whatever she wants, badass or not, but her music will always remind me of pink and rainbows


A bit red faced to be the only (?) Katy Perry hater on hairpin, but I kinda stand by it. In other news this song is fine and the video was ok to watch. And yes she's pretty. So I'll revoke saying she's the "worst" and change my overall verdict to "meh at best."



You aren't the only one. The auto-tuned pretty girls cluttering the top 40 bore me and and I have trouble telling them apart. Luckily I am old enough to be selective about my pop culture -- no one is going to make fun of me in gym class because I don't listen to this stuff.


@AmyDun It's okay, I'm a semi-hater, too! I do think she's adorable, and she seems to have a decent sense of humor, but her songs are just excruciating, and she's got no voice, and I'm STILL offended by that "I Kissed a Girl" song, even a hundred years later.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Thank you. Yes. I found that song, and her jiggling her boobs on SNL, offensive. Like, don't do that Katy, you're not helping the (our) cause. That era of KP likely tainted my ability to judge her neutrally (positively?) on anything she did thereafter.


@AmyDun I don't like her, except when I'm running, and then "I Kissed a Girl" (which I find slightly offensive, as a queer girl myself) SAVES MY LIFE around mile 3. When I am not sweating my arse off though, NO.


This is sort of terrible, but I'm oddly attracted to short-haired binding Katy? Yikes. #gay


@mcLurk Same reaction. I was really hoping we were getting more of hoody/rough haircut Katy. But no, straight to uniform, which does nothing for me due to an ex who went military and ugh bad experiences of freshman year of college flashbacks. But Katy, bind your chest more. Work androgyny for a bit, yes? So the rest of us can objectify you for a bit.


@mcLurk - seriously. i never got the mass obsession with her, but that hairrrr and the androgyny, oh my lord.

Maggie Peterson@facebook

I feel like "Teenage Dream" is actually encouraging teens to have sex.


Considering what happened in Afghanistan last week, this is one of the most narcissistic, fucked up things I have ever seen. Thanks Katy! I, too, would like to bayonet and shoot muslims when I have a bad break up.


@aintquite : This video was released in 2010.


@OxfordComma i think the song was released in 2010, but the video was released today.


@aintquite : Ah, you are quite right!

In that case, the timing is terribly poor, but it might be a tad unfair to extrapolate that the video is aimed at bayoneting and shooting Muslims...I'd be more inclined to think Russell Brand was on the mental end of her bayonet, there.


@OxfordComma I understand what you mean about the private meaning of taking a stand or whatever, but there are only two places where our military has been actively killing people for the last decade and they are Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not saying they don't do nation building or whatever, but BAYONETING A HUMAN SHAPED form? Is distasteful. It might be a slip, but it's a bad one.


@aintquite : I totally see where you're coming from, particularly with the not-so-well-thought release date of the video (honestly, do record studio execs even READ the news?).

Consider, though--handgun training uses silhouettes of the human body to teach students proper kill points. Using a bayonet is a form of self-defense in close combat (though it is being phased out)--it makes sense to use a target that is roughly shaped like what you will be defending yourself against--namely, another human.


Again, I truly see why you found this thoughtless and narcissistic-- I don't agree with your conclusions, but I *totally* understand them.


Hyperbolic Heather

@aintquite Bayonetting a human-shaped figure is a standard part of boot camp and combat training, as is shooting human silhouettes, whether or not we're actively involved in war.
Distasteful and offensive as I find the video (as a person, a liberal, and a former Marine), it wasn't necessarily an inaccurate depiction of Marine Corps training. Terrible timing, and absurd, but still.

Hyperbolic Heather

Huh. I remember less singing and dancing and makeup in boot camp, but I suppose the rest wasn't terribly unrealistic (as far as the activities shown go).
Katy Perry as a Marine, though? Ludicrous. (Typed by a girl whose friends and family once said "You as a Marine? Really? REALLY?! Like with a gun, and Republicans, and authority? Ludicrous.")


@Hyperbolic Heather the activities were realistic? aside from forest gump, i know so little about what goes on in the military (and yes, i know forest gump isnt accurate...probably...). so really, laying down on the shore? and standing in water? im guessing it's cold water or something. i want to know more!

Hyperbolic Heather

@Bluebird26 Aside from laying down on the shore and standing still in water (??!!) and the implication that men and women actually drive into combat together in LAVs, everything else looked exactly like something I did in bootcamp or later exercises. Minus the singing and makeup and dancing. Hah. What a weird video. What the hell.


@Hyperbolic Heather : You're a badass.

Just in case you didn't know that already. :)

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