Friday, March 9, 2012


Jaya Saxena, What's in Your Bag?

Jaya, when you finish that Qream Qasserole, please show us.

1. Personalized silly straw: hands down the best Christmas gift I have ever received.

2. Cell phone: I am the only person left on the planet without a smartphone.

3. Veet wax strips.

4. Work ID.

5. A recipe for Goulash from Smitten Kitchen: on Monday I thought my boyfriend and I were gonna cook, but we got takeout chicken curry instead.

6. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot: really good read about human cells that have contributed to tons of modern science research and the woman they were stolen from.

7. iPod engraved with the Weezer lyric "I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon."

8. 39 cents.

9. Gloves.

10. Keys to my apartment, office, mom's apartment, and a bike I never use.

11. Gum wrapper.

12. Birth control.

13. Wallet, complete with hot dogs. In there is a card that says I'm two sandwiches away from getting a free sandwich at Luke's Lobster.

14. Bare Minerals lip gloss in Rose. This is my go-to gloss. Pretty much the exact color of my lips, just makes them shiny with a bit of sparkle. Absolutely perfect for anything.

15. Strawberry Chapstick: because Cherry is for suckers.

Jaya Saxena has not yet made a Qream Qasserole, sadly.

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I don't have a smartphone, either! The worst part is that I'm still on my parents' plan and my dad works for Verizon (& gets a discount on things like these).

"The cobbler's kids never have any shoes..."


@klemay I don't have a smartphone! I buy the cheapest phone I can, they have never failed me.


@klemay I haven't got one either! When I could afford it, it wasn't a priority for me; now that I want one, of course I don't have the money for it. Sigh.


Joining the chorus of no smartphones! And I have no desire to get one, either. Even though I get the side-eye from everyone regarding my cheap 5-year-old flip phone.


@olivebee Ignore the side-eye. They are just jelly of your thrifty, durable phone.


@klemay No smartphone! The irritating thing is that smartphones are so ubiquitous nowadays that to not have one is basically an affectation. I'm just stingy!

Lily Rowan

No smartphone! Whoot!

(Actually it's like when I didn't have a cell phone in like 2002 -- enough people have them that I can just ask when I need to (make a call/look something up), which isn't that often anyway!)


@all See?! You aren't alone by any means. I count 4 of my friends who have old flip phones and I am half jealous, half converted to the dark side.

oh, disaster

My phone is of moderate intelligence. I can check my email but can't reply.


@klemay I do not have a smartphone, and have only had a phone for the past two years (I am almost 26 now).


@klemay Me neither! Just my little flip phone, without even much of an external display. It is small and functional and was the cheapest one when I had to get a new phone.


@klemay I was of the same mind, until my contract was up and I splurged on an iPhone. I wasn't sure how much I'd use it-- but it is truly amaze. Email, facebook, calorie counter, Bejeweled, and a good camera all in one place--AND it's a phone?-- I am seriously sold.

Living My Best Life Far Away from the Hairpin!

@olivebee Ah, yes! My flip phone and I will be celebrating six years together in May--it's the only phone I've ever owned. It's not that I would *hate* having a smartphone, but I'm balking at the likely expense and I'm (obviously) not an early adopter when it comes to technology, so it doesn't embarrass me too much to pull out old flippy and start cycling through the number keys to text people...


@klemay Everyone! I thought I was the only one without a smartphone! It's so nice to know that I'm not alone. :)


@klemay I have to hop on the No Smartphone Train! Woo! I sort of want one but figure I've made it this far without one, why start. Also, no monies.


@LizHo Because the thing is, it's not just that the phone is expensive; it's also, what, at least $40 / month more expensive than an older phone. Phone makers have convinced us to drop an enormous amount of money on these things.


@klemay I am also smartphone-less (for another month and a half, damn you, Verizon!)-- and I have that exact same phone. <3 you, QWERTY. (QWERTIE? I am bad at things.)


@klemay No smart phone here either, much to the dismay of all my iPhone-havin' friends -- who apparently get dismayed over weird things (though being the people who are constantly poking around on a phone even when they're out with their friends is not one of them--argh...). I'm fine with calling, texting, and the occasional purchased ringtone, and I barely know my phone exists if I'm at home (and I have a landline, oh yes!). My bill's pretty much the same every month and I am not paranoid about losing my whole life should I lose the phone (which I have done numerous times).

If the time ever comes that AT&T wants to upgrade me at a fabulous rate (and also reminds me that it's upgrade time, because I never know), maybe. If not, I'm good as is... and I don't have to learn how to use a new thing!


I don't have a smartphone! My phone is an old Nokia that used to belong to my mum; it doesn't even have a camera. I am not remotely a phone person and leave it turned off most of the time; a smartphone would be such a waste. And I like having a proper computer to do things on rather than having to use a tiny keyboard and screen.


@klemay I *just* finished getting trained to do technical support for cellphones (previously I did tv and internet, now I do everything) and seriously, non-smartphones only have problems when they get old, or if you buy a crappy model of phone. (Just say no to Kyocera, please!) Smartphones have too many things that can go wrong with them, they break way more often. Plus, the newer ones that work off the 3G network (y'know, iphones and stuff) have terrible coverage outside of large cities, and sometimes even in large cities.

Now I'm not saying no one should get a smartphone. I have one, and it works for me. But the smartphone:plainphone ratio of calls I take is like, 2:1. Maybe even 3:1.


@MaladyDee That's interesting information! Thanks!


@klemay Haha I used to do phone tech support...5 years before I had a phone. I didn't even know how to turn most of them on!


@Megan Patterson@facebook and everyone... I'd just like to say the next time the Hairpin points and snickers at those of us who don't have a tv or don't watch tv and calls us pretentious, I'm going to point to this thread and say, hey, if you're allowed to not own a smartphone and be like, no really, I just don't want it/can't afford it, I should be able to say the same about tv.

--> still slightly sore over being told am coming off as up myself because I just can't be bothered with tv


@OhShesArtsy I always get the "free" phone that comes with the phone plan and I've never been disappointed. My bff will go through 3 phancy phones to my one freebie.


yeey..I'm very happy to see this article@t


That book is amazing, and anyone who hasn't read it should go out and buy it right now and read the hell out of it all weekend. It's the only nonfiction book I've ever stayed up until 1 am to finish.

(Also, it's the antidote to the people who argue that the only reason that black scholars didn't like The Help is because a white woman wrote it, since a white woman wrote this book and it and she have been totally embraced.) In conclusion, read it! It's awesome!


@thebestjasmine YES. I have told so many people to read this book. I am not a scientific person at all, but this book was amazing.


@thebestjasmine Agreed. Great book. Although the description of how her cervical cancer was "treated" is horrifying.


@thebestjasmine LOOOOOOOOVED "Henrietta Lacks." Unexpectedly un-put-downable.


Man, the Help really brought out a lot of bad shit. White people assumed black scholars hated it because a white woman wrote it, and other white people told black people what to think about it depending on how those white people thought about it. Good job, white people, like always!

let's pretend we're bunny rabbits

@thebestjasmine It really is one of the best non-fiction books I've read in the past couple years. Plus The Henrietta Lacks Foundation is pretty rad!


@let's pretend we're bunny rabbits YES, the Foundation is fantastic!


@thebestjasmine ummmmm ok I should have guessed, but man? the ONLY reason? uhhhhhhhhh


I USED to have an iPhone and then I decided it was maybe unhealthy that I flew into a seething rage every time it took more than 30 seconds to do something and got replaced it with a free phone from AT&T that is worth every penny.


Strawberry chapstick is vastly superior to cherry and yet impossible to find. I think the fact that it so elusive adds to the appeal.


@lobsterhug My various family members are trained to look for it in checkout aisles wherever they go. BRING ME TRIBUTE.

(Cherry is totally for suckers.)


I can attest that that goulash recipe is excellent! You will not be sorry.


@Snicker-snack! I love basically everything off of Smitten Kitchen! The recipes hit that sweet spot between "looks impressive" and "techniques, ingredients, and time suited to a broke cooking n00b." I'm making the chili and goat cheese cornbread this weekend, and the cream biscuits were amaaaazing when I tried them out a few weeks ago.


@MoxyCrimeFighter The spinach and chickpeas recipe has made it into my regular rotation. So easy! So delicious! So ridiculously healthy!

And I got so many compliments on the applesauce cake and the cheesecake brownies when I brought them to work.


@anachronistique And the pictures are soooo pretty. Not only am I jealous of how good her food always looks (I am aesthetically challenged when it comes to food prep), I'm jealous of how her pictures always look pro when no matter what I do, every photograph I ever take looks like I took it with a hunk o' junk disposable.


@MoxyCrimeFighter So many of her recipes have made it into my reg rotation - shakshuka, red wine chocolate cake, everyday chocolate cake, egg and cheese sandwiches, chana masala. I'm making goan curry this weekend. Damn, I love that site.


@Snicker-snack! SK's buttermilk roast chicken is the most recent thing I have made and the future Mr. Scandyhoovian practically mauled me for the leftovers. I also really, really enjoyed the (gloriously simple) spaghetti with cheese + black pepper.

let's pretend we're bunny rabbits

Personalized silly straw! I made a weird little yelping noise at my desk when I saw that.

fuck fuck fuck

@let's pretend we're bunny rabbits i just wanna say i love your username so much!

Stingray Bikini

Jaya! I seriously just went from this article and purchased name straws for me and my roommate. And a back-up of each so we never have to live without them. Oh my goodness!


@Stingray Bikini
Haven't even finished the article and I'm on the site, credit card at the ready. Must have.

Stingray Bikini

@Maria Girl, I PayPal-ed that shit. Don't even have to make the 5 foot journey to my purse.


@Stingray Bikini The best part is bringing your straw to bars!

Stingray Bikini

@Jaya Perfect. I can keep one at home for my mugs of wine and take one out on the town.


@Stingray Bikini Why must one of my friends have a name longer than 5 letters??


@Maria Why must I have a name longer than 5 letters???????


I just bought 9! 1 for myself and 8 for my regular happy hour crew. Now there will be 1 of each color and I am so happyyyy. (For people with long names, I went with their shorter last name or initials.)


@Stingray Bikini I totally just bought one for my niece but why did I not think I getting extras and more names? I was so focused on the one name. Duh!

Dr. Iris Puffybush

@Stingray Bikini NOOOOO, my name has 6 letters. This makes me so sad. I'm a total freak about things with my name, and this would have been an awesome addition to my collection. pouty.. sad.. pouty..


@vunder Both my nieces have 7-letter names, as does their mother, my Mom, and me. *sad trombone*

dracula's ghost

Every bag posted here has been so much cooler/girlier/more tech-savvy than my bag, that it is astonishing.

In my bag there is not a single thing that could be called makeup
There is not an iPod
There is a really shitty non-smart-phone
There are like 3 poop bags for dog-walking
There is hippie breath spray
And like seventy crumpled up grocery store receipts
two broken pens
and my work stuff (folders and notebooks)

I want a fun bag filled with fun pretty things! Why can't I accomplish this


@dracula's ghost I don't even have a "bag." I grab shit and dump it into whatever I'm taking for the day, so stuff and trash accumulates in various tote bags and whatever. Usually includes 843985 receipts, legal pad with rumpled pages and illegible scrawls, pens that don't work, phone (which is a smartphone but also means I cannot stop looking at it because I am scared I will miss something), medications, keys, etc. Like, at no time will any of my bags ever look like this. The closest I came was maybe earlier this week on vacation when my tiny purse had wallet, keys, lipstick, phone, sunglasses, map.


@dracula's ghost Be careful what you wish for! Oh, my bag--what a trove of nonsense it is. All the lip products (when I use, like, two regularly), the various trinkets the BF gives me (usually Star Wars-related), 57 singles floating all over the place because I am that lady who breaks a $20 bill for a cup of coffee from a convenience store, receipts that I never look at, jewelry I thought I'd lost...and everything delicately sprinkled with tobacco crumbs, with nary a lighter in sight (except on those days that four or five inexplicably show up in there). Oh, I suck at bags! (Ew. That sounds bad.)


Can someone explain the wax strips to me? For all those emergency upper lip waxes? I feel like I'm missing an important piece of Lady Information.


@aproprose Ehh, I had just bought them and they were still in my bag from Duane Reade. However, I would absolutely be a candidate for emergency upper lip waxes.


El Scorcho! El Scorcho!

Jolie Kerr

because Cherry is for suckers

Ooooooh shit girl, now you gon' get that minuscule ass of yours KICKED HARD. Bitches, hold my hoops.


@Jolie Kerr You best BRING IT. I'ma get that cherry-ass chapstick all over your impeccably clean walls!


@Jaya @Jolie Kerr I will fight you both in the name of unflavored, medicated chapstick! Team Lip Tingle!

tea tray in the sky.

@@serenityfound Seriously, the best lip chap ever is SoftLips vanilla. I would spread it on toast if I could. Well, I guess I technically COULD... and I don't. So nevermind. But if I run out of Nutella, I swear to god.


@tea tray in the sky. I should buy stock in Burt's Bees, their original beeswax lip balm is probably what is keeping my lips from falling off my face in this wacky hot-cold-hot-cold dry Georgia strangeness right now.


I now know my life has been missing personalized name straws.

Also, is it weird that I want to point out that I use that specific kind of BC pill?


Thank you for reminding me to take my birth control. Sluts, all of us!!!!


Omg. I think we take the same birth control pills. Aviane? (Can we be pill buddies?)


@bocadelperro It looks a lot like my Tri-Sprintec's pouch. Pill war!


@ylime It looks identical to the sleeve I had for both Aviane AND Sprintec. Also, I am a bit pleased to find out that someone (anyone!) else carries their BC around in their purse. Yeah!


@VolcanoMouse I keep mine in my purse if only because it's one of the few things that I am GUARANTEED to know the location of at all times. I always have the purse nearby!


Speaking of carrying around birth control, I saw these leather pouches online the other day and felt super un-classy for carrying mine around in the blue plastic sleeve, or nothing, because I always lose that blue plastic sleeve. Are people really this fancy?


@thisisunclear I carry mine around in the blue plastic sleeve too! But now I want to buy the kind of classy that the leather pill pouch is selling.

conniving little shit

I was about to order some straws but apparently I have to pay $26 for shipping. BYE.


I often have crumpled recipes in my purse, this week I actually made 2 of them! But my Nuvaring sits in my puss and not my purse. Off to go buy some straws...


there's people who are the last people on earth not to have smartphones, and then there's people who are the last smartphone users on earth to have blackberries and not iphones

i think the former group still beats out the latter for cool factor

*sob sob sob*

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@redheaded&crazy But at least "those people" can claim Canadian pryde or something


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict Canadian pride at the expense of my dignity! I'll take it.


No smartphone here either. I would love if you could have an iphone and have all the cool apps and ease of texting, but not be required to pay for internet service (which is a big part of the iPhone, but really isn't necessary for lots of the features). The additional $40 dollars a month or so it costs with Verizon to have one is just not feasible right now. I do feel like I'm the only person I know without a fancy phone though


@musicello11 I'm the only one of my friends without an iPhone and I'm also the only one of my friend capable of doing a prolonged activity without texting/emailing/surfing the web, etc. I think I win!


I don't have a smartphone either (I want an iPhone but I can't really afford it). I don't consider it a bad thing, though because I know I'd be glued to it if I had one. Oh and I don't have to worry that I'll spill a bit of wine on my FANCY & SUPER EXPENSIVE phone on a drunk night out.

These are some really kickass headphones by the way!

carly mary@twitter

you totally should check out the slow readers online book club! we are reading the immortal life. it's an awesome read!


I am eagerly anticipating the day when a smoker's bag is highlighted and there is a neatly labeled "pile of tobacco shavings from bottom"


@Nutmeg "Travel toothbrush I purposely leave at my manfriend's house until he comments on its presence because I am trying to avoid it filling with said tobacco shavings"


A gum wrapper. FINALLY. There are far too few of these in WIYB.


I am IN LOVE with you for having that Weezer lyric engraved on your ipod. And I'm jealous that I never thought of doing something like that.


I don't have a smart phone either! Cheapo losers unite! I don't really need one since I can get others to take & post Instagram photos for me.

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