Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Birthday, Andy!

Let's all sing happy birthday to my little brother, Andy. He lives in Vietnam and I miss him a whole bunch. Dude got a serious brain tumor excised from his dome last year and he's all good now. That is, literally, the very best any of us can hope for. GO ANDY! You nailed it. I love you.

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I have a little brother named Andy too, so I am automatically sending YOUR brother Andy all the birthday hoorays! Nice job on the brain tumor, dude. Happy birthday!


happy birthday@t

Porn Peddler

This is AWESOME and great and wonderful!!!! Go Andy! Happy Birthday!

Party Falcon

Happy Birthday, Andy! You sound pretty amazing!

With love, pecks and best wishes, from a Party Falcon!!


@Party Falcon "a" Party Falcon? There are more of your type??

Party Falcon

@Emby A bird can always hope.


Yay Andy! Happy birthday! You're a survivor, you're not gon' give up, you're a survivor, keep on survivin'!


@backstagebethy This comment wins, we can all go home.


Happy birthaversary, Andy! Rock on!


Party hats! Party hats for all.


Happy birthday, Andy! BLESS DAT HEAD.


Is he cute? I bet he's cute.

Jane Marie

@Mere he's kind of gorgeous. and he's like 6'4" or something.


@Jane Marie Is he single?


@Mere Duh, he IS Jane's brother, of course he is gorgeous.


Chúc mừng sinh nhật, Andy!

Nicole Cliffe

Happy Birthday!!!!! Pinners <3 u, Andy.


Happy Andy day!


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Andy!
Happy birthday to you!
annnnnnd maaaaannnyyyyy moooaoaaaaaarrrrre


I have never met an Andy I didn't like. Truth. Happy birthday Andy!

My siblings and I have never been super close, but one of them moved abroad last year, and it is kind of a bummer! Thank god for FB, instagram, etc.


@thisisunclear Skype! Skyyyyype. It is a magical thing.


@thisisunclear This is true. There are no bad Andy's.

Which reminds me to ask my mom-in-law the story behind my man-friend's name. His name is Drew instead of Andrew because she explicitly never wanted him to be called Andy. "I will not have my son called Andy."

I need to find out what past-Andy did to her to cause such revulsion. Andy's are always nice!

Happy Birthday!


@bitzy My MIL says the same thing of her son/my partner; per her explicit instruction, he is only to be referred to as "Andrew" - not "Drew" or the much-loathed "Andy". I feel weird and overly-formal telling people "Andrew said this" or "Andrew did that", but whatever MIL wants, MIL gets. :/


Happy, Happy Birthday; this song is short and truuuuue.
Happy, Happy Birthday from Red Lobster to you! HEY!!!

(Sorry, Andy. I've been brainwashed since the summer of '99. Er... Super-stoked that your brain isn't totally washed. Better for the zombies anyway. I hope that in 20 years, you can get really silent and withdrawn when people ask about your time in Vietnam. AS A JOKE! ...not funny.)

((This is why I only sign my name in all birthday cards.))


@Anne dude. i am also andy's sister an it is surprising and weird how many people ask if he's in the military (or express some sentiment that would've made more sense 40 years ago) upon hearing where he lives. i also only refer to it as "'nam," which i guess doesn't help.

@jane marie great post! i've spent all week feeling equal parts lucky (to have him) and lonley (so far away!). love you, lucky to have you, lonely you're so far away!


I bet he could teach other guys how to be a man.

Happy Birthday Andy!


Happy birthday buddy!


Very many happy returns! Congratulations on making it around the sun once again, little brother.


Andy it's your birthday
Happy birthday Andy
Andy it's your birthday
Happy birthday Andy
Yeah! *jazz hands*

His teeth are big and green
He smells like gasoline
Da da da dandy
Jane is his sister
His birthday she missed-a

Any One Ninja Plot

Happy birthday, Andy!


If I could remember the dance they taught me at Chuck E. Cheese back when I was a party hostess in high school, I would TOTALLY bust it out for you, Andy! Happy birthday!


Wow! Happy birthday, Andy! You look like a monkey and you smell like one, too (I mean that in the most affectionate, punched-in-the-arm-by-your-sister-Jane kind of way).

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

Wonderful news all round! Happy birthday Andy!


Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Andy! I'm so glad your noggin no longer has tumors, as they are a total bummer. Vietnam sounds beautiful!!


Go Andy! Happy Birthday!

More battenburg, vicar?

So, the Brit version:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Bread and butter in the gutter
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday Andy!!


@More battenburg, vicar? I've never heard that one! Whereabouts are you from? (East Sussex for me.)


Happy birthday, Andy!

Way to kick life in the nads! :)

George Templeton Strong

Happy Birthday, Andy, from one Piscean to another!


Happy birthday, Andy! I'm glad your brainbox is free of toomah.


Happiest birthday, Andy!


Happy birthday, Andy! Good job being born in early March - all the best people are!! :D

ayo nicole

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDY!! I hope it's great.


This made me all warm and fuzzy. Little brothers (even when they're grown and big enough to carry us around) who kick ass at life are the best. Happy birthday Andy! Mazel!


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