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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Geraniums in a Can, $2.99 (were $15)
Open the can, add water, watch life happen. The basil and parsley versions of this are in full bloom on my kitchen windowsill and every watering feels like a real accomplishment. Do yourself the favor — it’s SPRING!

Pleated Knit Dress, $54.98 (was $168)
A flattering BD that doesn’t need an “L” in front of it. Just pretend it’s still March and not 85 degrees in Chicago right now.

Perfume Atomizer, $3 (was $10)
Make your own imps!

Trinket Flats, $29.95 (were $98)
These look to have just the right amount of toe cleavage and they come in teal too.

Luxury Travel Set, $29.99 (was $59)
How hard would it be to bump that $8,500 travel savings up to $8,529.99 and GTFO in style?

Falke OTK Socks, $11.70 (were $39)
I know it feels like we’re leaving OTK sock season, but picture this: You. On a boat. Bikini. Oversized linen sweater. Dusk. A chill in the air. OTK socks. Baby bump?

Intrinsic Cami, $19.95 (was $38)
You can never have too many extra-long, delicately embellished camisole/tank top type things. If nothing else, it’s cute sleepwear. Ooh, and perfect with those OTKs!

Constanza Linear Earrings,$16.99 (were $39)
Chico’s! When it comes to giant but wearable jewelry, it’s good to know we can always count on you.

100 Dresses, $16.42 (was $24.95)
Best. Book. Ever.

A Day in The Life Dress, $16.99 (was $54.99)
Speaking of solid dresses, here’s one. But, according to the reviews, it is not for girls with any junk in the trunk. *cranes left, cranes right*

Nails Inc. Wyndham Collection, $10 (was $20)
Werk dem galaxy nails.

This bottle of dish soap was on sale at Anthropologie last week but this week it’s gone. Which is great; you should not spend $14.99 on dish soap, BUT! You should copy this idea for free with your next empty bottle of whatever.

Maison Close Garter Belt, $26.95 (was $35)
If Edith weren’t such a prude, I’d show you the real selling point for this number: the back. Poke around on the site for a few more Maison Close items on sale — a rare occurence. Then wear them under this (but take it easy on the necklaces, yeesh):

The Victoria Bridal Gown, $299.99 (was $598)
Half off a wedding dress and you they take returns? You do! I do. We all do.


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