Friday, March 2, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

takin' a train
Sephora Metro Train Case, $59 (was $98)
Grown up Caboodles! Wait! Where are you going? It also comes in black and silver. I got mine last week. I'm calling it my briefcase.

Jewelled Collar Necklace, $21 (was $98)
Favorite ways to wear sparkly bib necklaces: with ribbed white tanks, to transform a strapless dress into a faux halter, on your head.

zip it
Della Printed iPad and Laptop Cases, $19.99 (were $38)
These are literally the first iPad or laptop cases I have ever given even one half of one shit about. They're gorgeous.

Tobacco Over The Knee Socks, $6 (were $12)
The perfect excuse to try OTK socks for the first time.

silky mereal, baby
J. Crew Silk Cami, $39.99 (was $88)
Also comes in electric blue and navy so just get all three.

scaredy cats!
Diorshow Mascara in Golden Brown, $14.50 (was $24.50)
Not only is this the only Diorshow mascara you'll ever see go on sale, but it's perfect for all of you blonde wimps out there.

Thomas Paul Canvas Notebook, $9.99 (was $24.50)
There are pockets inside! MULTIPLE POCKETS!

fancy sweatshirt
Sequin Trim Sweatshirt, $19.99 (was $34.50)
So Edith has these wardrobe items she calls "fancy sweatshirts" which are for, like, dates or something? If only there were some way to find out if this qualifies!

Vintage Chanel Cuff, $1,102,479,287,543, or whatever
Look, none of us will ever be able to afford any of this stuff, but did you even know about it? Maybe make the whole collection your screensaver? There are Chanel dookie ropes from the 80s with "add to cart" buttons next to them whyyy!? *sobs*

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"Gary, it's not that kind of bib. Put the lobster and drawn butter away."


@figwiggin To be fair, if I had a blinged-out lobster bib, I might eat lobster.


@figwiggin "Elaine, I'm going to keep wearing it because it goes so perfectly with this camisole I stole from your mother's closet. What? Don't look at me like that!"


@Ophelia "Well, none of it matches that absurdly expensive Chanel cuff, Gary! You look like a fool, Gary, a beautiful fool."

(Can I just say that I love how Gary almost always ends up cross-dressing. I like our canon.)


@figwiggin "But, Elaine, it goes PERFECTLY with my new pink 'briefcase.' You just don't seem to understand."

(I know, right? Our Gary is awesome!)


@Ophelia "I bet you've got my new mascara in there too, Gary! You don't even need it! Your eyelashes are as full and luscious as eyelashes could ever be. Tsk. Gary, you've got a problem. I'm writing this all down in my bird notebook."


@figwiggin "Oh, Elaine. You have to learn to love me for who I am! And if you do, I'll let you borrow my new OTK socks..."


@Ophelia "Oh, Gary! I've just been waiting for you to offer. As long as I can wear them with the sequin-trimmed sweatshirt, we've got ourselves a deal."


@figwiggin "Not only that, Elaine, but I'll let you use my awesome notebook as a clutch! Although I'm not sure it's big enough to fit the ipad you insist on carrying everywhere like some sort of ersatz digital security blanket."


gotta get a dookie rope


@marisajane - Ever since I have begun to make sausages, and have declared myself "The Sausage King of Brooklyn", I really want to get a dookie rope which consisted of several lengths of solid gold sausage links.

This is not a joke, this is an actual thing I want. Now.


@marisajane things that will ensure I never want to own an item...


@leon.saintjean Get it! Your subjects would fall at your feet, weeping from the beauty of it all.


@leon.saintjean Yes, but it should also have a medallion of your likeness a la Rick Ross: http://www.tattoo22.com/celeb/rickross11.jpg


@leon.saintjean Are you going up against Abe Froman for the national title?


@Ophelia I'm suggesting that you leave before I have to get *snooty*.


@leon.saintjean This lady can be your BRIDE:


I really dont get it..@k

The Lady of Shalott

Will someone settle this for me? I was teasing one of my friends (like, months ago) because she was buying pants from Delia's, and I was saying it was a teenager store (as evidenced by the fact that the only other people in the store were 12-15 year-old-girls and their moms), and she was saying it wasn't.



@The Lady of Shalott It is a teenager store. In the same way Limited Too is for tweens. There just is no debating that.


@The Lady of Shalott Delia's is the most teenager store of teenager stores buttttt there is sometimes still cute stuff there? you have to be really careful with it, though.

Katie Heaney

@The Lady of Shalott It is definitely a teenager store but that does NOT mean that Edith shouldn't buy that fancy sweatshirt and wear it on a date!


@The Lady of Shalott It is, but I have bought some t-shirts and winter gear (mittens, a hat) from there in my adult years.


@The Lady of Shalott It really is. BUT, I recently bought pants from there, because it was the only place that I could find black skinny jeans that both fit and were affordable. Their sizes are a little wacky for a teenager store.


@The Lady of Shalott if there is anything with an odd numbered size, teenage store. RUN.

Oh, the teenage memories, Delia*s. Roxy everything. Boardshorts. Unfortunate west coast tween years.


@The Lady of Shalott

It is a teenager store, absolutely. I know this because they (inexplicably) send me their catalog, full of pictures of teens in extremely short dresses.
If I were a 4'11" adult woman, I would be tempted to shop there, and let the Mutton Dressed As Lamb chips fall where they may.


@City_Dater I read "mutton dressed as lamb CHOPS" then thought of a lovely euphemism I once heard for labia.


(mutton choooooooops)


@The Lady of Shalott It's definitely a teenager store, but I suppose it's ok to shop there if you're past your teen years. Personally, though, I figure that now I'm more than twice the age of the Delia*s target demographic I should probably steer clear of the place.

nevernude cutoffs

@The Lady of Shalott Yes, it is for teens, but as a lethal bargain shopper, it never hurts to look in there. And if you can find adultish items in there that work and don't make you look turrrrible, go for it! (I looked for red jeans in there last week, and they were horribly unflattering. But cheap!)


@liznieve Oh, Delia*s. My misspent middle school years. PLATFORM MARY JANES.

Also, aren't mutton chops giant sideburns? Too late, it's already ruined. I'm picturing a good friend of mine with other things in place of his sideburns and oh god this is really upsetting me.


@The Lady of Shalott Absolutely a teen store, but I got some really cute sheets from there last month.

Bird Internet

@The Lady of Shalott I shop at Delia*s, but then again, I shop at all the teenager stores. I ain't care! But also the teen clothes fit me better because I'm short and lack curves. And I look younger than I am. The last time I was at American Eagle, the girl at the register asked for my ID (I assume to check my name against my credit card, not my age), and then she looked at me and was like, "Oh, wow, I thought you were, like, my age." I was probably twice her age.


@The Lady of Shalott Yes, it is a teen store, but some of their clothes are appropriate for adult women if you comb through the store. You just need to get past the shame of being the only 20-something among packs of tweens. And then talk about how it's a birthday gift in front of the cashier who looks approximately 12-years-old.

So... probably not worth it.


@The Lady of Shalott It's totally a teenager store. BUT they have the best skinny jeans. They're halfway between skinnies and straights, so they don't cut off circulation to my feet. They have cute things. You can easily take pieces from there and "grow them up" a bit, like with that fancy sweater. I love that store and as @BirdInternet said "I ain't care."


I totally buy stuff from teenager stores becauuuse it's cheaper sometimes?

my faves: bluenotes and garage. no really it's just bluenotes. everything i own is from bluenotes. american eagle is another one. (right?)


@redheaded&crazy I've gotten a couple things from Garage when I've been up in Canada. I like what I've gotten there. And yes American Eagle. I love their jeans and sweaters!


@miwome Age be damned, I will never give up platform Mary Janes! Never! And I say shop wherever you want; there are more than enough ways to not look like a teenager if you don't want to, even if the clothes come from Delia's or the like (says the woman who wore a short, pleated, black skirt from Hot Topic just last week).

Jolie Kerr

I realize that this is probably Too Insidery or whatever but Jane's campaign against Edith's dress sweatshirts will never not be funny to me. There's a sitcom treatment in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.


@Jolie Kerr I, for one, would LOVE to hear more about this campaign against dress sweatshirts. (And for what it's worth, I'm on Jane's side. In my mind, a "fancy sweatshirt" is an impossible thing, thus does not exist, thus Edith is going out on dates topless which I find troublesome for many reasons.)


@Jinxie While I am having a hard time thinking of what a fancy sweatshirt would be, that would be an excellent way for me to upgrade my typical outfit to something that goes a bit above "I work from home all the time."


@Jolie Kerr we are living in the 21st century. Both my baby cousins (19 and 21) are already tatted up! Fancy sweatshirts should be the least of our worries.


@Jolie Kerr I have a similar campaign against my sister's SWEATSHIRT DRESS. The horrors.

rien à dire

@Jinxie A little over half of my wardrobe is made up of fancy sweatshirts! Hooray for Edith being my spirit animal, boo for realizing that my style has not evolved past grade school. Bonus, though, my sweatshirt collection helps me feel like a young Dorothy Zbornak on the daily.


@Jinxie There is noting ok about a "fancy sweatshirt". It's like those people who wear fitted sweatpants with heels. No. No. Sweat-anythings are not dressy.


@Ophelia Sweatshirts are like a fashion thing now! It's weird! I'm not the most fashionable style blogger out there, but it kind of freaks me out to see so many of the pretty, well-known style bloggers traipsing around in oversized, overpriced sweatshirts with skinny jeans and giant platform heels. STYLE.

Edith Zimmerman

@Jinxie Ahhhh!!! But sometimes they cost more than $100, so .... !? Right?! Ahhh, okay I spend more than $100 on sweatshirts :-/

Edith Zimmerman

@figwiggin Last week Jane helped me buy 2 blouses, though, and they are really lovely. Jane knows everything.


@thebestjasmine (I'm frightened by the thought of this sweatshirt dress but I have to admit it sounds really comfortable/cozy and I would glady be wearing one now instead of my grownuplady work clothes. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.)


@Edith Zimmerman D:


@Edith Zimmerman Oh yes, Jane is the all-seeing, all-knowing eye, for sure! I just fear what I don't understand.


@figwiggin Also, I have no idea if this counts as "fancy" but I was at an Obama event* last night, and they were selling pretty darn cute cropped Obama sweatshirts. They were crazy expensive, though, since they were basically a campaign donation themselves.

*The best time I saw Ingrid Michaelson perform at an Obama event while drinking open-bar wine! Trifecta achieved!


@figwiggin @Edith Zimmerman I feel like we should have a "Jane Takes Us Shopping" Sweepstakes.


@Edith Zimmerman But where would you wear them?


@figwiggin Can someone please link me to another example of the Fancy Sweatshirt? Are they just all crewnecks with sparkly shit sewn on them? I'm so confused on what makes a sweatshirt Fancy. Also, I tend to look like a five year old in loose garments; does this mean I can't join the Fancy bandwagon?


@Ophelia Haha, I do see stuff like that and think it's cute, but then I blanch and think, "Wear something other than a circle skirt and a button-front blouse? I could never!" I can dress cute, but I can rarely dress trendy.

Also, YES! Hairpin sweepstakes!!!! All the exclamation points.


@figwiggin Yeah. I also am tall, so the cropped anything generally just looks really awkward on me, instead of cute.


@christonacracker This is the sort of thing I see all over the place. They aren't even really fancy or different, but somehow for (skinny) trendy ladies, it's really cool right now to wear huge sweatshirts with tiny skirts and heels and stuff, and somehow they're fashionable and not sloppy?


@Ophelia Ooh, how tall? I'm 5'7" so I guess I'm pretty middle-of-the-road, although I have a bunch of short friends (and a handful of friends who are 5'11" and taller) so I rarely feel average. Plus my height is almost all in my torso and I have stubby corgi legs, so that's always fun. Regular-length shirts feel cropped on me anyway, why would I want something -more- cropped?


@figwiggin juuuust about 5'9" - tall enough that regular pants are too short, and "long" pants need to be hemmed? :)


@Ophelia Winner gets a visit from Jane in her hometown, they go on a shopping spree and then go home and try on all the new outfits while watching a Real Housewives marathon. This is when Jane will helpfully chime in "Belt it!" to any outfit that doesn't quite work.

Edith Zimmerman

@christonacracker I have a T by Alexander Wang one that really is nice I swear! I think! #unmoored.


@MeghanElizabeth And Jane does our HAIR and makeup. Everything about this plan is awesome.


@thebestjasmine Yes! Obviously the most per-store time allotted on the spree goes to Sephora. And I really need help with my hair.


@Edith Zimmerman Hey now, I don't think this is nuts at all! I'm a lady on a budget, and I have no less than 4 sweatshirtish things that cost >$100.

Yeesh. Seeing that sentence in print is way more jarring than I'd anticipated.


@christonacracker Ah. So, the Fancy Sweatshirt trend was adopted from every single sweatshirt, ever, sold at Lane Bryant.

Plus size clothes finally influence the mainstream.


@MeghanElizabeth Oooh! And at the end of the day, you get to make a How To Be a Girl video!


@PistolPackinMama I had to hide my face in my (not-a-sweatshirt) collar because I was laughing so hard.


@anachronistique ;)

Jane Marie

@Ophelia I am SO into this.


@PistolPackinMama it's funny because it's truuuuue


@christonacracker If you go into a Forever 21, you can probably find tons and tons. However, I have not yet figured out any sense of order in that place, plus it is quite an overwhelming display of color and shiny (the floors! I always feel like I am gonna fall!), and... stuff upon stuff so, for god's sake, be careful!


@Lizanne07 - WAIT. I am a boy, so please excuse me for being stupid. Because, I am about to drop some massive stupidity. On the upside, I did get bonus points last week for referring to my friends' girlfriends shoes with a "You should wear those wedges you had on the other night" instead of just "Tall Shoes" / "Heels" (most of us boys think all 'tall shoes' = 'heels').

Ummm....isn't a fancy sweatshirt just a sweater? Like, I thought the main difference between a sweatshirt and a sweater was that sweaters were fancy and sweatshirts were for wearing at home. Clearly I am wrong here, but I would think that just costing over, I dunno, $45, automatically turns a sweatshirt into a sweater.


@leon.saintjean Oh sweetheart.


@leon.saintjean The material makes a difference, though! Even expensive sweatshirts, if they're made of that sweatshirt-y material, are still sweatshirts. (Also standard, although may be substituted: crew neck, ribbed hem and sleeve-ends, etc.) If they're knit or something else, definitely sweater.


@leon.saintjean I figure it's determined by whether it's made of a fleecy, cottony fabric or some kind of yarny thing.


@leon.saintjean Sweaters: knitted out of yarn. Can be knitted on a machine, in which case the stitches are smaller.

Sweatshirts: sewn from woven fabric.

Cost doesn't factor into it. You can have cheap sweaters (acrylic yarn, machine-knit fabric) and expensive sweatshirts (fancier fabric, sequins and doohickeys like the one Edith posted), but they are still two different things!

Or, what Hellcat said.


sequins and doohickeys like the one Edith posted), but they are still two different things!...Discount MLS Listing

Katie Heaney

JAAAAAAAAANE I was just whining about wanting a makeup box thing like this YESTERDAY this is the BEST


@Katie Heaney I had one from Target that was super similar and probably way cheaper. The come in black and silver and I think they still have them.


@Katie Heaney Or you could use a tackle box! Like for fishing!

Yeah, my dad definitely wanted a boy, so I kept all of my barbie things in a fishing tackle box growing up :P But I for serious think they would be perfect for makeup.


@MissMushkila I bought a toolbox to store my sewing things in. It's the best.


is it okay for me to solicit advice on cheap-cute-yet-sturdy-and-not-too-bulky cases for an iPhone 4s here? it's white, if that makes a difference with aesthetics. which I think it does.


@blee I'm just commenting so I can remember to eavesdrop on this conversation. My iPhone case broke the very first day I had it. Because I dropped it, but still. Broken.

nevernude cutoffs

@blee I just got a super cheap case at Radio Shack of all places... they were doing a 2 for $10 sale, and I got this and the striped one.


@blee I don't know if this qualifies as cheap OR not too bulky, but I have an Uncommon (http://www.getuncommon.com/) case and it is beautiful and gorgeous and I love it. You can upload photos or use provided artwork to create your own. They are also very sturdy--I've dropped my phone countless times and nothing has ever happened.


@blee here is mine! I love it. http://www.gelaskins.com/store/phones/iPhone_4/Intermezzo

I just use a skin to prevent scratching, rather than a hard case, but they have those too! they are lovely. you can also use the discount code "couponrefund" for 10% off.


@blee I got this one and am very happy with it. I am I chronic phone dropper and this has yet to pop off or break like the others.



@chrysopoeia I was looking at that one earlier! I really love the color.


@blee I cannot get the direct ink to Uncommon to work , but Jenny Hart has some embroidery designs on phone cases and I LOVE THEM


@blee incase snap cases come in some cool designs, an they're the opposite of bulky.


@blee the very nicest iPhone 4 cases come from (I'm sorry, I didn't name it) Tuff-Luv in the UK, google them.


Some of that thick gold vintage Chanel stuff looks very... how do I say this... 90's era Versace.

Hot Doom

@bonnbee Oooooh, I love it. Versace me, baby.

Actually I do like those gigantic mirror earrings. If I had my ears pierced, I would buy them so other people can gaze adoringly at my ears, in the act of checking themselves out.


@bonnbee I immediately thought "Eddie Monsoon would LOVE this," so yeah.


"An exclusive shade of Diorshow mascara in a tawny panther sparkling brown."

I wasn't going to, but I am interested in making myself more pantherine.

(pantheresque? pantherlike? panthersome? panthracite?)


@Vicky Johnson I assume this means someone with dark lashes would look silly using it? SO CONFUSING! SO PANTHERIFIC!


@Vicky Johnson I like to think that my lashes are already "tawny panther sparkling brown," although that's generally why they need mascara in the first place.


@Vicky Johnson If only there was a lion-y shade, so I could align myself with the right Dillon football team.


@Vicky Johnson: Pantera.


@Vicky Johnson

One step closer to becoming a Fascinating Woman!

Anchovy Cake

Put a bird on it! That notebook wallet organizer is really cute though.

Bird Internet

@Anchovy Cake Keep calm and put a bird on it!


I spent the morning filling a JCrew shopping cart with fancy sweatshirts (30% off sale online, meh) and then not committing to the purchase. Fancy sweatshirts, you temptresses!


@thisisunclear I've been tempted by a fancy sweatshirt at H&M for a while now. But I just can't figure out where I would wear it?


@bangs To work, under a blazer. To work, over a collared shirt. To Work, belted over a skirt (if said fancy sweatshirt is long enough). On weekends, with anything.


@thisisunclear I love filling online shopping carts and then forgetting about them until none of it is available/on sale anymore anyway, at which point I congratulate myself for saving money!


I ordered the black train case because I outgrew my jewelery box, but I ended up having to return it because it was just way too big for the space I have available. It was so sad. Being practical can be such a bitch.


Ooh those laptop cases are pretty! Too bad my cats tend to use my current laptop case as their own personal bed (since it's perfectly their size). I mean, I suppose I could just put it away when not in use...but that's for non-lazy people.


Wait, does dookie not mean what I think it means? You crazy Americans and your regional slang!


@iceberg What do you think it means...? 'Cause I'm American, and I always thought it meant poop.


@Jinxie I, also.


@Jinxie Ditto.


@Jinxie That's what I thought but then what is a dookie chain and why is it called that??? *shudder*


@iceberg it means poop. but "dookie rope" is a term for a really thick gold chain a la 80s hip hop.


@vvv Ahhhhhh. Got it. Much less disgusting than what I was imagining.


@vvv Does it have something to do with that guy Luke who had a song about "Doo Doo Brown" ??? I never understood that.


Gah, that Chanel silver locket necklace. WANT. For some reason, I have Chanel included in my ShopStyle sale alerts; I guess to remind myself every few weeks that I'll be poor until the end of time?


I had a terrible go at Diorshow mascara--it flaked into my contacts and gave me raccoon eyes. I know people seem to love it but if you're a contact lens wearer it might not be a good option.


@parallel-lines Was it Diorrorshow?


@parallel-lines YES, this is why Blinc is the best best best mascara for contact lens wearers. It doesn't make your lashes as long and pretty as some others, but there is NO flaking ever ever. I hadn't worn mascara in months because of the irritation before I discovered it.


@thebestjasmine Clinique High Impact has been really good and the only mascara I've repurchased over the past few years. I had to throw away the tube of Diorshow even tho it was spendy.


@parallel-lines I have it now and I am always feeling like it gives me raccoon eyes. I don't even wear contacts! I can't put it on my lower lashes at all. Erg. I'm disappointed because it was expensive and came highly recommended.

Does Axl have a jack?

@thebestjasmine BLIIIIIIIIIIINC!
*ahem* That is all, carry on.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@thebestjasmine Blinc hey? I have been using 1000 lashes or Million Lashes or something ridic but it flakes like a mofo. I have long, light coloured lashes that brush against my glasses, so I need something Flake Proof.



As a longtime Sephora addict, there is exactly one drugstore makeup purchase that I'll never give up - I have never found anything better than Maybelline Full N Soft. It is my holy grail mascara. Doesn't dry out, doesn't flake like crazy (it flakes a leetle, but nothing a good swipe under the eyes won't remove), makes my eyelashes ten feet long, and costs 6 bucks. No fancy mascara has ever toppled its reign.

Lauren Hayden

That notebook sold out already?!?!? :'(


I seriously covet those classic Chanel bags. My roommate has one which makes it seem attainable but it is most definitely NOT. Then again, bag I use every day now was a gift and cost way more than any bag I'd have bought myself (no where near Chanel though) and I bug out all the time because I somehow keep spilling drinks on it?? So maybe I'm not ready for Chanel anyway.


I actually bought that JCrew blouse in blue last night. Seeing it here makes me excited about it all over again!


i went to buy that notebook -- i am such a sucker for notebooks! ugh! -- but it has lined pages, so i can't do it.

where does the hairpin-tariat come down on lined journals? plain paper is my favorite ... graph paper is OK, too ... but lines feel way too fascist. like, don't you tell me how big to write mister!


@madge I need lines! Otherwise my handwriting always slopes down and it looks like I'm falling asleep while writing.

The Lady of Shalott

@madge I have waaay too many notebooks, but all of mine are lined! Mostly because if I have to write on an unlined sheet of papers, my writing goes alllll up and down and all over the place. It's kind of tragic.

Bird Internet

@madge I am a notebook-addict too! And I agree re: plain or graph paper, but more because I'm going to draw in them rather than write.


@madge If I don't have lines to write on my writing looks drunk.

oh, disaster

@madge Unlined for me! It's the best for doodling.


@madge I need a graph paper notebook, where do you find them? All I've seen are pads - no covers and glued at the top


@NeverOddOrEven just found a link to the rhodia one i was thinking about ... here it is!


@madge No lines! I like to be able to draw in them as well as write, and drawing on lined paper doesn't feel right. It feels sorta adolescent.


@madge Sweet, thanks!


@madge Unlined FOREVA. I have the tiniest handwriting known to mankind, so even college-ruled paper makes me feel like I'm wasting half of the paper. And a blank unlined page is just more aesthetically pleasing.

I have also nearly gotten into physical altercations re: how Pilot Precise V5 Rollerballs are the only acceptable pen. Take take your office supplies seriously, y'all.


@NeverOddOrEven Try moleskines? I have a graph paper moleskine notebook.

Also I prefer lined, I have endless sketchbooks for when i need to doodle.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

Lined paper is for fascists and grade-schoolers. **ducks**


@madge I must be a mega-ultra-fascist, then, because I like GRAPH paper for writing. With little teeny boxes, so that I feel like I'm maximizing my space.


I don't even like shopping, but Jane makes me think I need everything ever. Well, I definitely need all the Chanel...


I have the bird fabric that the "tribal" lap top case is made from. I think it's weird that African fabrics are labeled "Tribal" in the States. Weird, and uncomfortable... Especially since they sell the same fabric in Ghana that they sell in Mozambique.


@heliotropegerbil8 Yeah, anything called 'tribal' turns me right off.

And, just to get all fabric nerd about it, what people think of as African Prints are actually usually Dutch Wax Prints, made to copy Indonesian batik design.



Trying so hard not to buy that Sephora make-up case. I currently keep my makeup in a wicker basket, which is, by the way, NOT the best solution.


@alphabiddycity I keep my makeup brushes and pencils in those teeny glasses you get at beer festivals and this seems to keep my shitty wicker basket from degrading into complete chaos, just a tip.


@christonacracker BRILLIANT.


@christonacracker I keep mine in a Doctor Who mug. This probably sums up more about me than it should.


@anachronistique Love it. Mine is in an old jam jar.


@christonacracker I like to use the empty glasses* from the Yankee Candle medium-sized tumbler style. They're about 4-5 inches tall and plain in a very aesthetically pleasing way once you get the remaining wax out. But I do worry about the whole "glass in the bathroom" thing because I am a clumsy lady.


* Glasses? Containers? What do you call what I am talking about?

miss maggie may@twitter

Also: Lands End Canvas (the cool young hip line) has cardigans on sale for $13. Which means you can get monogrammed cardigans for $19. Hooray!


@miss maggie may@twitter Sweet! I needed a new white/ivory cotton cardigan for summer! And if you go through the regular Lands End site, you can get free shipping!


@miss maggie may@twitter Oh my goodness, that is good news. I have the stupidest problem ever with all my cardigans, as in I get holes in the elbows from doing god knows what. If I had the patience and/or skills, I'd put those patches on all of them! As it is, I'm thinking I'll just buy two of everything I like... and pray.

tea tray in the sky.

@miss maggie may@twitter Oh my god, I just got WAY to excited at "monogrammed cardigans". As in, I actually felt my eyebrows shoot way up and thought "I didn't know they could go that high?".

Still saving up for a monogrammed Cambridge Satchel Company satchel though, even though I don't really love the idea of having a cross-body strap without also the optional shoulder strap. I need both! BUT I also need monogramming. So.


@miss maggie may@twitter I have spent $100s on Lands End Canvas this year!

AHHHH! Thank you Jane, I just ordered the pink camisole. I was tempted to get the blue, too... but I'm a pink girl and it's so pretty and neutral. I can wear it with a black blazer and cute cropped pants, and then put a trench over it and with pearls and pretty lipstick and thick eyeliner and black flats... this whole thing is made of win.


@S. Elizabeth That's the best outfit, ahhhh.

@thebestjasmine So I'm femme, and was very "I get Dressed every day" in college (in a college-appropriate femme way with cute flats and trenchcoats with floral lining and pearls and cute color combinations). After college I worked at a conservative high school and went through some rough stuff, and kind of lost my desire to look cute (I was sexually harassed by one of my students in a pretty vicious, threatening way and I started to hide behind ugly sweaters). I'm in therapy now and I've worked through a lot of the trauma stuff, and now my therapist and I are working on ways to self-care and feel like myself again. Looking cute is ridiculously therapeutic right now... it sounds so weird and materialistic, but it's true. Taking that time to Be A Girl over the past year -- which was actually prompted by the How To Be a Girl videos -- has been so beneficial.

Pink camisoles!

i.e. Jane Marie is my hero in a weird way that involves lipstick and hot rollers and good vibes.


@S. Elizabeth Not materialistic! There is nothing nothing NOTHING wrong with wanting to look good, or to feel good about looking good, so long as it doesn't morph into a body-hating thing like it sometimes does. There is lots of value in dressing in a way that makes you happy and lifts your spirits, and it pisses me off that our culture simultaneously admonishes women for looking sloppy and then calls us vain or materialistic if we care about our appearance or clothes.


@S. Elizabeth : Darling lady, I am so so sorry you went through that. I hope you keep healing, and keep on keeping on.

And being cute is *completely* acceptable as a form of therapy.

@OxfordComma I am doing a super duper job of healing! I've been in therapy for a year and things are SO MUCH BETTER. I'm less anxious, I stopped having flashbacks/nightmares, I can talk about it without getting angry/upset. I'm doing yoga now, which I always thought was awful but now I realize why it's so awesome for trauma survivors. I had a period of weird depersonalization (i.e. I felt like my body wasn't connected to me, in many different ways) and yoga helps. It's not a spiritual/zen thing for me, it's more like "hey look, I'm in my body! How nifty! Oh look, I can feel everything! I'm here!"

Yeah, after a year of intense therapy for some Big Issues, self-care now involves downward dog and trips to Sephora.


@S. Elizabeth I was going to thumbs-up this as a gesture of support and then realized that might seem weird...? But healing is great and important and if that comes through Looking Cute, more power to you.


@S. Elizabeth I also ordered the pink one! They were out of blue by the time I got there, otherwise I may have actually gotten both!


@S. Elizabeth Hahahah, this cracks me up only because I remember you ranting about how much you hated yoga just a few months ago. It will win all of you over!

But seriously, yay you, and yay pretty clothes and makeup and fun things.

@anachronistique Thumbs up for support, ladyfriend!!!

@thebestjasmine I know. I was all "Eff that noise and your ashtanga-ommm bullshit and your 'practice' and your motherfucking LuLulLemon outfits and herbal tea," and then was all "whooooooa this is super fun! And there are nice people!!!"


@S. Elizabeth : That is AWESOME. I am so happy that you're doing well!


@S. Elizabeth A few months ago I went to a yoga class where the woman next to me was all super yoga bitch and doing headstands when the rest of us were mostly in downward dog etc. and I was struggling and getting irritable. And then after class she turned to me and said "It was nice practicing next to you!" AND SHE MEANT IT. Those yoga people, man.

@thebestjasmine Yoga people, man. Calling up the studio to ask what people where to this, and the guy being like "oh, just anything stretchy and breathable. If you bend over, make sure it doesn't get bunchy." When asked if everyone wore insane amounts of lululemon he laughed and was like "oh please, $200 for a yoga outfit is ridiculous, fitted cotton tshirts are great, I get mine at Target!" Yoga nice people and their free towel service and 100% cotton shirts. Bitches, man.

Jane Marie

@S. Elizabeth thank you! you are lighting up my life.

@Jane Marie You are lighting up *my* life. Also, I wrote you an email the other day. :D


@S. Elizabeth Darling girl, your strength has made my heart smile. Jane, you really are doing a great deal of good as my story is similar to S. Elizabeth's. I was afraid to look pretty. I felt braver after some "How to be a Girl" videos and went and tried on false eyelashes- now I have four pairs!- and I went out and bought eyeliner and the same brand of base coat that you use... I am loving this! thank you and thank you.

@thebestjasmine So this is the yoga class that I LOVE:


I'm possibly addicted. Dark room, dance music, lots of fun, friday night yoga class... :D

@Myrtle Solidarity, lady friend!!!


Thanks! I totally bought the Lana silk tank. I have been looking for a top to wear to work and something that would put me over the free shipping hump.

@whereismyrobot Blue or pink? I ordered the pink :D


@S. Elizabeth I got the blue because:
a) I look awesome in blue
b) I have another dusty rose top
c) Rose is basically the color of my skin, making it hard to wear. To find out out how I know this, see C.


@whereismyrobot I LOVE J Crew's blue. I just can't figure out their sizing!!


@whereismyrobot Really? I think their sizing it spot on and consistent. My friend who is super thin however, finds that their clothes do not fit her well. (FWIW, I am a 12/14)

@whereismyrobot I am also the color of dusty rose, and I just don't care. I sort of like really pale colors because I'm one of those pale/pink people with dark DARK brown hair and gray eyes so it works? I don't look washed out because there's a mountain of dark hair and thick dark eyebrows involved. Granted, I also treat light pink like a neutral (some people see cream/khaki/beige as a neutral, I see rose pink as a neutral).

@whereismyrobot I consistently wear a size 12 in J. Crew -- but my mom, who is tiny, ranges anywhere between an "I'm too tiny to wear these pants in ANY size including a 00" to a 4. She's very very petite and thin.


@S. Elizabeth I'm fairly thin, but their stuff usually fits at least one part of my body. I find anything fitted is way too big in the boobs. I haven't had much of a chance to try their stuff on as they are not yet in my city (soon though, SOON!)


@S. Elizabeth Ah, yes. I have blondish red hair, so when I do this, I look like a mountain of pink attacking you. Much the same way Brian and Stave from the Sarah Silverman Program look orange.

@bangs Lucky mother! The only issues I have with their stuff involve my D cup boobs busting out of things. Seriously, the pictures of my best friend's wedding (I was wearing one of their dresses as the maid of honor) look very... erm, provocative. In a sexy way?

@whereismyrobot You sound so pretty!


@S. Elizabeth Aw, thank you ma'am.

Lana Cami = I am going to freeboob this shit out of this.


@S. Elizabeth But it's silk! Silk = nipple city

@Megan Patterson@facebook I'm imagining some sort of long v-neck cardigan over it... maybe in dark gray? A men's large, cashmere, belted, with cropped black pants and heels?

@Megan Patterson@facebook BTW, the freeboobing would be to create a flatter, more boyish figure. When I wear a bra, belting is not an option, as it looks as though the belt is a corset for the purposes of boob and ass creation.


@Megan Patterson@facebook

Silk = nipple city.... You say that like it's a bad thing?!


@S. Elizabeth I love men's large cashmere sweaters. I do not know why but they all fit me like perfect and I am usually a medium in women's clothes, but why the hell would anyone want a fitted cashmere sweater? The large ones are SO SNUGGLY and have this chic casual thing (or maybe that is just me justifying the comfort)

That was totally unrelated to your comment, but I had to put that out there.

@MissMushkila It's totally related! I have a big huge wool sweater that I accidentally purchased at a J. Crew factory store (I thought it was just a really big lady sweater?)... and it's amazing. I heart it.

If everyone starts wearing big sweaters, we can make it A Thing.


Jane! Thank you! That necklace is perfect. And is now my wedding necklace. It looks so much like the $500 one ($500! For ribbon and sequins! $500!) I tried the dress on with.

Also, if it doesn't work out, a very crafty and awesome fellow 'Pinner might make one for me.

Jane Marie

@bitzy omg awesome! pics when it happens and congrats!


I really tried to love Diorshow! I've bought it twice now! But it leaves little flakes everywhere after like a month, and that shit is too expensive to replace after a month :\

I want that makeup case, though. As inspired by A Clean Person I'm organizing all my hair/jewellery/makeup shit and I really need more storage containers.


I saw that makeup case on sale. And I want it. But $59??? REALLY.
Does it also do my makeup for me so I can sleep for another 20 minutes?


I don't think we have these fancy sweatshirts in Canada.

tea tray in the sky.

@Megan Patterson@facebook Ugh, I'm from Ottawa and know the pain of nothing from the Friday Bargain Bin shipping to Canada. Now I live in New Zealand, and it's worse.


@tea tray in the sky. Canada has actually gotten a lot better over the last year or so. But yipe, New Zealand? I'm sure it's awesome, but I would miss online shopping.


Ugh, laptop cases. So cute. I want, but I'm not convinced that a bit of foam and a zipper would help a damn towards protecting my computer. Am I stuck in the '90s where laptop cases were briefcase-sized and actually sort of protective? Do modern ones mostly ensure that a bobby pin and lint won't get stuck in a USB port when you throw your computer into your bag?


@VolcanoMouse The neoprene incase ones actually are worth it. I had a bottle of mouthwash open in my overnight bag once (a big bottle, not travel sized) and it absorbed ALL of it, my laptop was dry as a bone. I think they make fun patterns now? I don't know, I just have a black one because I am A Boring, but it's totally work the $35 vs $1200+ for liquid damage.


AGH so busy at work that I don't even have time to READ any of this what IS UP WITH THAT but just poking my head in to say I got my first julep package! It was so exciting and I got a sparkly red nailpolish and a sparkly gold nail polish and I'm going to try them this weekend and I'm exciiiited.

But I totally want to switch to glymm, they seem like they get cooler/MORE stuff, but do I really need it? or am I just succumbing to capitalist CONSUMERISMMMMMMMM

okay I know I just exceeded my CAPS quota for the day but I got excited


@redheaded&crazy I am very curious about your Julep experience! Do you only get two? I don't feel like the site explained it well. I'm addicted to birchbox and want more ways to accumulate mini nail polishes.

I did just discover that ulta carries mini OPI polishes for 3 bucks each though, which I have been buying in mass quantities. Because I can't justify buying a full size nail polish because I always only have enough money for one and it always dries out before I use it up.

Basically I am obsessed with makeup samples as they are all I need and I want MOOOORRREEEE. (apparently consumerism has gotten to my soul as well)


@MissMushkila you get 3 products, 2 of which are usually nail polish and 1 of which is some extra thingy (in this case cuticle oil)

but the way it works is you sign up for different styles so there are different boxes available and one of the styles each month (or maybe it's the same style "it girl") is always 3 nail polishes. and you can switch from your style to a different one so I switched to the one with 3 nail polishes for next month >:)

I like the idea of mini opi nail polishes! I definitely go through mine but the cost factor. I think I'm going to stop being such an opi snob and try some essie and branch out a bit more.

I love nail polish *_*


Does anyone have recommendations on where to get Bermuda shorts (they don't have to be Bermuda shorts but I don't like the really tiny shorts that seem to be all over the place)? Or capris?


@charlottevegan Land's End. They have all the classic colors and you can basically choose your length.


Cute cami! Predictably, not in my size.
Cute laptop case! Predictably, not in my laptop's size.


(Does anyone have a lead on a protective laptop case that will fit my beast? It's a 17" widescreen laptop. This one, specifically. It's huge. I'm terrified of taking it out of the house. Help me.)

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@camanda Wrap it in a duvet? (aah I'm kidding don't kill me.) Have you tried googling "laptop name" + case? I found my laptop case through a forum recommendation. (There are forums for EVERYTHING.)


@Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy) Yes, and I'm beginning to think no one else was crazy enough to buy the 17" model! But but but but IT HAS A FULL-SIZE NUMBER PAD.

I shall look again, it has been a while.


@camanda oh man i have no advice for you just commiseration as I also have a 17 inch dell. what's crazy is that i actually lugged it back and forth to work with me for a long time before they bought me a laptop at work. when I think back on that. jesus.

my computer is not made for lugging around! I can tell because it started to get all finicky and shutting down or not turning on properly or whatever, and now that it sits in its rightful place on my desk it's been smooth sailing.


@redheaded&crazy Solidarity! I lugged it to school maybe twice because it sort of fit in my backpack (with nothing on it, unprotected from my notebooks, THE HORROR), but it was the end of my final year when I got it, so I just held onto my 15.4" Dell for a few more weeks until I was done.

Now I only take it out of the house when I go visit my BFF and I have visions of it falling off the seat in the car on the way there or something. :(


@camanda (aah I'm kidding don't kill me.) Have you tried googling "laptop name" + case? I found my laptop case through a forum recommendation. (There are forums for EVERYTHING.) here i found it


I haz a protest at "blonde wimp." I do not like black mascara! Also, I would have bought this Dior except I just found out M.A.C. has a brown mascara again, and I bought it and it's lovely. Maybelline, you and I are through for good this time.


oh my goodness, mission FIND-THAT-CAMI-OR-ONE-SIMILAR-IN-PLUS-SIZES begins NOW.


Tangentially related style question!

I was recently in west Africa and brought back some gorgeous wax-print fabric (some of it the same print as as that on the laptop case on the right, in fact!) I'm an amateur seamstress and am planning on trying to make some dresses and skirts out of it, but I feel sliiiightly uncomfortable rocking African prints as a white American lady. Does it smack of cultural appropriation? Will I basically be the equivalent of a hipster wearing a "Navajo" print onesie from Urban Outfitters?



@mayfly I would say you are probably/possibly okay because you bought the fabric direct from the source? However I am just an occasionally-out-of-touch white lady from the middle of the US and have been known to be way off base on things before. Input from other ladies/gentlemen with more perspective/experience here than me?


I'm going to admit that I had my bright pink Caboodle until it was stolen (yes, stolen!) from my house in 2005. I have a hard time imagining that I kept it for so long... or that someone would actually steal it.


In case anyone out there is still reading...Tights are 25% off at hue.com! $10 a pair or two for $16! Maybe I will finally throw out all my black tights from CVS that get weird bleach-y discolorations for no conceivable reason. (Does this happen to anyone else?)

Also, these better be the best tights EVER. I have high expectations.

fondue with cheddar

I was really disappointed to find that the cuff said "CHANEL", because I was hoping it said "HAND".

Daisy Razor

I got the laptop case and love it. It has very little padding, but it will keep the little Razor's grubby hands off of my shiny macbook air, while also brightening up my living room. Thanks, Jane!


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literally the first iPad or laptop cases I have ever given even one half of one shit about. They're gorgeous mountain house


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