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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

takin' a train
Sephora Metro Train Case, $59 (was $98)
Grown up Caboodles! Wait! Where are you going? It also comes in black and silver. I got mine last week. I’m calling it my briefcase.

Jewelled Collar Necklace, $21 (was $98)
Favorite ways to wear sparkly bib necklaces: with ribbed white tanks, to transform a strapless dress into a faux halter, on your head.

zip it
Della Printed iPad and Laptop Cases, $19.99 (were $38)
These are literally the first iPad or laptop cases I have ever given even one half of one shit about. They’re gorgeous.

Tobacco Over The Knee Socks, $6 (were $12)
The perfect excuse to try OTK socks for the first time.

silky mereal, baby
J. Crew Silk Cami, $39.99 (was $88)
Also comes in electric blue and navy so just get all three.

scaredy cats!
Diorshow Mascara in Golden Brown, $14.50 (was $24.50)
Not only is this the only Diorshow mascara you’ll ever see go on sale, but it’s perfect for all of you blonde wimps out there.

Thomas Paul Canvas Notebook, $9.99 (was $24.50)
There are pockets inside! MULTIPLE POCKETS!

fancy sweatshirt
Sequin Trim Sweatshirt, $19.99 (was $34.50)
So Edith has these wardrobe items she calls “fancy sweatshirts” which are for, like, dates or something? If only there were some way to find out if this qualifies!

Vintage Chanel Cuff, $1,102,479,287,543, or whatever
Look, none of us will ever be able to afford any of this stuff, but did you even know about it? Maybe make the whole collection your screensaver? There are Chanel dookie ropes from the 80s with “add to cart” buttons next to them whyyy!? *sobs*


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