Friday, March 2, 2012


Dorcas, Hedwig, and the Five Other Godiva Sisters

"I attempted to draw the sexiest babes I could, but they came out looking absurd."
—In honor of what would be Dr. Seuss's 108th birthday, Maria Popova excerpts from his strange and "fairly scandalous" 1939 book The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Family. It is ... sort of not safe for work (there are drawings of butts). A 2002 Amazon review does a good job summarizing if the horse stuff doesn't make sense.

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I remember checking out this book at the library when I was nine. I carefully hid it amongst a stack of other Dr. Seuss books so my mom and the librarian would glance over it without noticing.

I got in trouble once my mom found the book, but she reversed my punishment once she realized that it was her fault for not noticing a book with bare asses on the cover.


exelent work, congratulations@k


"They are sisters sworn not to marry their beaus, the seven Peeping brothers (yes, Tom is one of them) until each of them discover a scientific truth about horses." Haaaaa!


what the WHAT!?


I just ordered one on Amazon!


I have this book! I don't remember when I bought it, but it was years ago, I must have still been a teenager. I think I bought it for the horses. It's sitting on my bookshelf. Right. Now.

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