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Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

“And there have been many awkward moments at parties, when Bea has wanted to eat, say, both cookies and cake, and I’ve engaged in a heated public discussion about why she can’t.”

The mom who put her daughter on a diet and wrote about it for Vogue now has a book deal. Its working title is The Heavy, but maybe we can come up with something better. How about I’m Trying to Do My Best, Although I Probably Shouldn’t Be Writing This Book, I Know. Or even: You’re Ruining Your Kids, Too, in Your Own Way, I Bet, Right?

Also: with the resurgence of fairy-tale influence in pop culture, maybe Rapunzel-, Snow White-, and Little Mermaid-style diet programs will also make a comeback. (“I lost her to a witch / I keep her in a coffin / I turned her into foam.”)


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