Tuesday, March 13, 2012


College, 1967

No doubt. The vintage romance-comic enchantresses at Sequential Crush celebrate National Women's Month.

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Porn Peddler

College 1967: every guy has an enormous convertible, dorms are renovated Victorian mansions.

Porn Peddler

@Third Wave Housewife also, what in seven hells is a "dishy" bird?


@Third Wave Housewife someone you'd want to dish (aka gossip) about? a popular girl? that's what i was thinking.


@Third Wave Housewife I believe @PartyFalcon is the proper entity to ask about this.


@Third Wave Housewife Dishy = pretty/ handsome. My mum still says it, because she is old. Edited to add: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dishy


@becky@twitter It means hot. I'm not sure why.


@Third Wave Housewife I use "dishy" for hot all the time. And I am not veeeery old. Maybe it is a regional thing?


holy hell finally! i found it!@y


Wow. They used fancy lamps in their dorm rooms back then!


Hey, I'll take being Hermit #1. I'm going STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!


@Marzipan hey, there's one in every year! somebody's got to be the overachiever that we can all turn up our noses at.

"Did you hear Susie spent the entire evening in the library?! What a prude. At this rate, she'll never graduate with her Mrs."



Oh, yeah? But can you really resist a moonlit boner? In a CONVERTIBLE?


@redheaded&crazy Speaking of Mrs., a small group of girls on my campus started a club called "MRS Degree Majors" in 2003. It was only slightly tongue-in-cheek, because most of them found husbands on campus and married shortly after graduation.


@Marzipan Have fun not getting invited to the hayride, The Iceberg!


@atipofthehat Nope. That's my kryptonite.


@atipofthehat Now I have "Moondance" by Van Morrison in my head, only the first line is, "Well, it's a marvelous night for a moon boner."


@applestoapples "Moon lance"?





You all can come over and watch Mona Lisa Smile with me, if you want.


I keep going back to "You'll learn a lot more about men than anything out of these books." Obviously it fails to make sense ideologically, but I'm pretty sure it's grammatically devoid of meaning as well.


@nonvolleyball I bet it's in a fieldwork sense. They didn't seem to be exercising proper data notation techniques, though.


My favourite part was how they went to Draper College, and her roommates were named Joan and Peg.

Barbara Gordon

@Megan Patterson@facebook Imagine: Mad Men, but on a college campus. SCDP becomes Sigma Kappa Delta Phi. The drama!!

Faintly Macabre

@Megan Patterson@facebook Now I really, really want to know if Matthew Weiner read these comics while dreaming up Mad Men! Especially because the image of Matthew Weiner with a giant stack of 1960s girl comics in front of him is wonderful.


I didn't get a husband OR a degree out of college, so, um, I lose?

I did get some awesome debt, though!!! It will be with me forever (and ever)


Was anyone else confused by this exchange?

"This is one girl who's not going to let every guy she meets make love to her!"
"Well - you'd better - or you'll be elected Hermit #1 on the campus!"

Did "make love" have a different meaning in 1967?


@yamtoes Yeah, I think it mean "making out."


@Ophelia "flirting" as well


AHHHH i can't go read that without getting ragey at the pic in this post! Burn your books WHAT???


@iceberg OK, now I can add that I resent her nickname too.


I LOVE how they dressed up like cowgirls to go on a hayride (big hat! bandanna!). LOVE.

And at my school, the dorms were indeed renovated mansions so...awesome?

Fancy Mustard

In the wake of a certain recent news story, I often could be heard opining that burning a book is the most un-American act possible. Although that book-burning reference is a non sequitur, I'm nonetheless amused by the notion that Yvette Mimieux up there is some sort of treasonous, anti-democracy scourge on civil rights.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum looks at this panel and thinks he might have judged college educations too harshly...

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