Friday, March 9, 2012


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"Open up one blue drawer, and you might find snakes; another could be all bejeweled daggers. The opposite wall is stacked floor to ceiling with black velvet-lined trays. This is where the most coveted pieces have been carefully catalogued, ordered first by type, and then by gem color."

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Put on my to-do list for the weekend: Start collecting daggers.


@Slutface Don't forget the snakes! But wait until you're pre-menstrual, you'll catch them quicker.

Hot Doom

Not entirely related, but I did a quick skim of the blurb and read 'codpieces have been carefully catalogued', which led me to scrutinise what it said for much longer than I'd like to admit.


@LolaLaBalc sounds like something from an alphabet book of vintage porn. "Concubines Carefully Cataloging Codpieces" "Dancers Defying Daunting Dukes" "Eager Eunuchs Embracing Ecstatically"

...I really should listen more often to the censor in my head, shouldn't I?

Hot Doom

@Bitterblue You should get that idea published, fo sho!

Fear Biter

@Bitterblue I am totally NOT singing those words to the tune of "Aligators All Around" from Really Rosie in my head now. Not even a little bit.


The "Joan looks on, horrified..." photo is a damn treasure in itself.

Dear Everyone, let's go back to costume jewelry! Boooo diamonds!


You might find snakes - IF you are ovulating.


It's Scandals of Classic Hollywood meets Estate Jewelry. I die.


I'll take one of each, please.

Party Falcon

I'm so happy these are there!! And organized and just...there! Such a trove of amazing movie history!

(Also, I Must Have It.)


You have no idea how jealous I am they all got to wear those crowns.


I think I need to lie down for a bit. So much fabulousness!


"Open up one blue drawer, and you might find snakes" -- AHH this sounds like my nightmares.


Just reblogged this--oh, the glory.

I might have gotten teary-eyed over the pretties.



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