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Ask a Clean Person: Let's All Make... Our Beds

Hey hey hey and welcome to March Madness, Clean Person-style: today kicks off a month-long project we're calling Let's All Make... Our Beds. It's just what it sounds like: we're going to make our beds for the entire month of March and see what happens! To get everyone excited (and I mean, who wouldn't be excited about this?), I'll tweet regularly about all things bed-related — follow me @joliekerr and use the hashtag #LAMOB to join in the fun — several of this month's AaCP columns will be devoted to the topic of beds and bedmaking and bedcleaning (got questions? Ask away), and my bedspiration-themed pinboard will continue to grow. Are you ready? You're so ready.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for several years, and we steal blankets like Dickensian pickpockets. We also like different blanket weights. These issues caused much woe until we came up a with a compromise: we'd each buy our own twin-size blankets/comforters/quilts to suit our needs. Now we each have our me-sized bedding solutions and can share a queen bed in peace. No more midnight stealing of blankets, no more lost sleep.

Trouble is, there also is no more making of the bed. Any traditional attempt to do so is ludicrous, as his thin weight quilt looks very odd beside my down comforter. We could fold up our top layers and place them on the end of the bed, but would it look weird to show off a naked bottom sheet? Does anybody make pretty bottom sheets worth showing off? Can I make this relationship-saving compromise look normal?

All of my questions boil down to this: how would a clean person make this bed?

You know what I dig? When people think outside the bed and get creative with their linens and spreads. It's great because everyone should liberate themselves from these weird rules about How A Bed Is Made. I mean, who even made these rules? Pas moi. My feeling is this — if you want to sleep under a burlap sack, go for it. It's your sleepytime. (Just lie to me and tell me that you straighten the sack every morning? Thanks!) And actually? I want to hear about your choices in bedclothes! Do you want to know mine??? My queen bed goes like this: fitted sheet; no top sheet; twin duvet with a duvet cover on it; four thin-ish pillows in cases that when I sleep are arranged with two flat on the mattress across the bed and two stacked one in front of the other and propped up against the wall. The effect of this is that I sleep in the middle of the bed sort of sitting up but also lying on my side? I don't know, I'm just an active sleeper I guess. Oh also! I co-sleep with my laptop. Totally.

I share this because I think it's cool for you to know that I don't really follow the rules! I am a BED REBEL. A no top sheet-having, four pillow-hogging, laptop co-sleeping bed rebel.

But I also like a fine looking bedstead, and my set-up doesn't lend itself to a fashionable bed presentation, so my solution has been … drumroll please … a coverlet. And that's what I think will work best for you too.

A coverlet "is a top cover for a bed. They are usually made of 100% cotton that is stitched through to form a stylized pattern." Coverlets can be found in solids or in patterns, and — fair warning — tend to be pricey, generally costing in the $100+ range. But they last a long, long time, particularly when you're not actually sleeping under them (I fold mine at the foot of the bed each night before I pretzel myself up under my small persons duvet) and there are absolutely some low-price options out there. Discount chains like Marshalls and TJ Maxx often have coverlets for sale; stores like Target and Wal*Mart sell coverlet and quilt sets that are quite affordable; Overstock.com has a great selection. You should also keep an eye out for sales at places like The Company Store and Land's End — they have wonderful, high-quality products that can be had for a steal if you have the patience for trawling their bargain bins.

If you don't want to invest in a coverlet, or if just seems dumb to buy something that's purely decorative, the other suggestion I have is to use one of the covers (the comforter maybe?) as a spread over the top of the entire bed, and then fold the quilt at the foot of the bed. Then when it's time for sleep, you can snatch your puffer and burrow up under it while your boyfriend grabs his quilt and tosses it over him. From experience I can tell you that a twin-sized quilt will cover the entire top of a queen-sized mattress, leaving only the edges exposed. If you go this route, you can pull your bottom sheet taut and re-tuck it every morning  to make things really tidy looking.

I have obviously been folding bottom sheets for many years now, but I feel like there's probably a trick I'm missing.  What's the secret?

The secret is corners. Corners are the secret. Isn't that a fun new mantra?? I'm picturing us all as cult members, wearing fitted sheets as clothing while chanting, "Corners are the secret, corners are the secret" with rapidly growing excitement.

First things first: those who haven't yet discovered the joys of sheet folding instructional videos, please step this way. Bonus: a pre-Clean Person Jolie gettin' all "Pfft old news. NEXT!" in the comments. Little did I know at the time that "NEXT" loosely translates to "jizzcliner" in Hairpinese.

Now then, my technique is actually a little different from that of Jill Cooper. Also, I want to point out that Jill Cooper is folding a fitted sheet that is NOT elasticized around its entirety, which is what's known in the business as CHEATING FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CAMERA. Oh yeah, uh-huh, that's right girl — I'm calling you OUT, Jill Cooper.

Bitches, hold my hoops.

The kind of sheet she's working with is relatively easy to fold, but things get awful dicey when we start talking about fitted sheets that don't have straight side edges. Which is what I have, and likely what most of you have, since the last time I saw a straight edged fitted sheet was, like, sometime in the '80s. (If any of you have a line on a fitted sheet that's NOT elasticized around its entirety, do speak up! Where do they still sell these things?) So what you're gonna do is this: turn the sheet so that all the corners are inside out. Then tuck the bottom left corner up into the top left corner, and lay the sheet down on a flat surface (the bed works well for this, btw). Then you'll sort of smooth the new outer edge you've created down so that it's as straight and as flat as you can get it, with the understanding that the entire thing is a big rubber band and you're not going to get an absolutely perfect edge. Next you'll bring the bottom right corner up and tuck it into the top right corner, and repeat the smoothing process as best you can, also taking time to straighten out the top edge as much as is reasonable. By now you should have a rectangle-ish shaped sheeting situation on your hands. Take the left edge and fold it into the middle of the sheet, then do the same with the right side so that the unruly, elasticized edges are touching. Oh look at how now you have straight edges!! Isn't this exciting! Now fold the top edge down into the middle of the sheet and the bottom edge up over it. OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW THE FITTED SHEET IS NOW FOLDED WITH STRAIGHT EDGES CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT??????????? YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last fold is to join the left and right sides so that the place where they've met is folded up in the inside of the sheet. BOOM. You are done. You have just folded a fitted sheet into a square. I would like to buy you a Coke and a smile!

One important thing to know about this is to take your time. It's not hard, but it is awkward, and the slower you take it the less frustrating it will be. The other thing is this: it might not always work as perfectly as you want it to. Even fitted sheets have their off days (so do Clean Persons) and when that happens you have my permission to live and let live. It's just a sheet, you know?

I have a wonderful organic cotton (wool-wrapped for anti-flame purposes) futon and an organic wool topper, both of which are more than five years old and flattened. I have this fantasy that if I could only turn into some kind of demonic monster and grow claws long and skinny enough to dig into each of these, I could just pull and refluff the flattened cotton and wool to restore them to their original condition. Of course this is just a fantasy. But it makes me wonder. Surely in the old days, like in Japan, people didn't just throw away their futons when they flattened? Is there a way to unflatten them? They're giving me and the poor old BF backaches due to the body-shaped indentations in them. It's sad because they were expensive (I bought them before the recession when I was flush), and we did turn them around and flip them (not as often as we should have, of course).

I was hoping to make these last another few years ... any hope? Please don't tell me to get a real mattress instead. I hate mattresses. They make noises that bug me, and they bounce when the restless BF flips around in bed in his sleep. I love futons!

Well no, I'm certainly not going to tell you to "get a real mattress." Haven't you been listening?? Your bed, your choices. Come now, ladies!

The answer is: you're gonna haveta beat the tar out the damn thing.

It's lucky that you share the bed, because this is a two-person job. If you're a solo futon sleeper please enlist a friend before you do this, and no matter your coupling situation I want everyone to be really careful to protect their backs during this process. Also, if you have downstairs neighbors who you don't hate/don't want to firebomb your home you may want to give them a heads up about what's about to take place in your dwelling.

Basically this is what you need to do: haul the futon mattress off its frame, put one person at the head of the mattress and the other at the foot holding the thing a little higher than waist-level and then ... drop it. That's all, really. Except you'll need to do this about five or so times — maybe/probably more — depending on how things go, before the futon filling is properly redistributed and fluffed.

If, after more than oh let's say 10 tries, that technique isn't working for you, try rolling and unrolling the mattress to see if that helps redistribute things. If you want to get really serious about things, bust out a bat or broom handle and play pinata with the mattress. Blindfold optional.

Previously: The Uncluttering.

Jolie Kerr is not paid to endorse any of the products mentioned in this column, but she sure would be very happy to accept any free samples the manufacturers care to send her way! Are you curious to know if she's answered a question you have? Do check out the archives, listed by topic. More importantly: is anything you own dirty?

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Oh no, but it's already March 1st and I've already failed at March Bedmaking Month. If only I'd known yesterday. I even considered it this morning! But I didn't.


@alphabiddycity I have no authority but I say it's ok to do it when you get home. Even if you get into it right after.


@alphabiddycity As a lifelong anti-bed maker, I finally decided to start doing it a few months ago. This is right when my husband quit his morning job (now he just works evenings), so now he wakes up after me and does not make the bed. Just when I try to form good habits...


@alphabiddycity I overslept this morning and I don't get home until 10 tonight, but I plan on making my bed then because I have discovered the joy of slipping between soft soft sheets.

Lexa Lane

@alphabiddycity It completely counts if you do it when you get home! I broke myself of the never-making-my-bed habit by setting the goal of making it every day for a month, even if it was when I got home from work. Yes, you're making a bed that you're going to get into again soon, but it's sooooo much nicer to get into a made bed than an unmade bed. PLUS after a month of making my bed every day, I finally realized a) the magical effect of bed making on your mood (as Jolie says, of course) and b) that it literally takes me five minutes. And now I make my bed almost every day. And life is good. Here endeth the lesson. :-P


@alphabiddycity I haven't done mine yet, but I need to switch out my sheets today, and am ridiculously excited that I had unintentional awesome timing. :)
BTW: My filth-hole is slightly less filthy! The bedroom is still a disaster area but the kitchen is clean AND organized...except the fridge...and the floor. Oh well all dishes are clean and all food is organized :)


@alphabiddycity Definitely also forgot this morning. Getting home at 11pm, making bed, then getting in bed. It counts.


Oh man, futons: not a long term sleeping strategy. In a story that might make a clean person throw up, I had a futon on the floor for about a year when I was subletting and between apartments. I'd wake up coughing at night and when I finally got ready to move and threw the damn thing away, I turned over and saw the bottom was covered in mold. Between that, and a year of chronic back pain, I can't even look at them anymore. Even with a topper, I don't think I ever had a single night of awesome sleep.


@parallel-lines In other news, I can't believe I just told you all about the futon mold. I intended to take that to my grave.


@parallel-lines You have to turn the futon over every time you wash your sheets! And leave it sheetless while you wash them, and have the futon up on a rack for air circulation. I had a futon on a bedstead with a sheet of plywood for support, and it molded too. But my gentleman has had one for more years than I'd care to guess (he still uses his childhood sheets because new ones cost money?) and it has not molded.

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

@parallel-lines I live in the disgustingly damp and mold-ridden PNW area, and I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. It happens here all the time. Air circulation underneath is key, even if you're on a traditional mattress! Bodies are steam factories at night. Also, (unfortunately for those of us trying to save energy) heating the room is a good way to prevent mold.


When I was little, we had a futon that was the living room couch/guest bed. Every once in a while my dad would take the futon off the frame and my sister and I would treat it like a trampoline. It was the best! I never occurred to me until now that maybe my parents had an ulterior motive.

raised amongst catalogs

@teffodee I read that as "burn the futon."


@parallel-lines i've been sleeping on a futon mattress for the last 6 months. oh noes! I haven't noticed any mold when i change the sheets, but I think I shall air it out now. I actually really enjoy sleeping on the floor, but mold is a big no-no for my allergies.

I am excited to be getting a queen-size bed soon from a friend who is moving. never had a bed that big before.

Lenora Jane

@Selene Haha, it is amazing the number of childhood "fun treats" my parents gave me and my sister that I am only now realising were totally ways to secretly put us to work.


@vanillawaif Yes, burn the futon! Viking solutions for everything!

raised amongst catalogs

@parallel-lines You've just started me on an afternoon of ignoring my office work and instead searching the internet for all things Viking (it doesn't take much to get me to do this). Now I want an Old Norse name instead of my boring one.


@parallel-lines Viking solutions always makes me think of Taylor Mali's "Tony Steinberg: Brave Seventh-Grade Viking Warrior" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hFW7Ls3v6k) and then I cry. You made me tear up at work.


@teffodee I also still use my childhood sheets because new ones cost money. And because I have Little Mermaid sheets. They're on the bed right now.


@Serafina THAT IS SO AWESOME. I want Beauty and the Beast sheets. Do they make them queensize?


@parallel-lines Oh no. Oh no, oh no. I feel for you. I didn't realize sleeping on futons was a "thing" in North America, but as someone who's recently moved back after spending my entire adult life in Japan: you HAVE TO beat out futons constantly. I mean at least once a week. To any futon-dwelling 'Pinners currently out there, please take note and save yourself a whole lot of grossness!

However, the difference is that in Japan everyone has a balcony and easy access to futon-beating sticks. I don't know how you beat out a futon without both those things? Jolie's solution probably helps, but I've never seen one in a frame so I can't really picture it.

Oh, and if the original LW is reading this, to me 5 years is a good/average life span for a futon. No matter how well you care for them, they do tend to flatten out. If you get can't over the fact that it sucks to replace them regularly, maybe replace just one? It definitely helps.


@teffodee I will salt the earth with your tears #vikingsolutions!

Seriously, put that futon on a body of water and light it afire. This is the only solution.

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

@OneTooManySpoons This is what I always suspected about Japanese people & futons! Also, I think I saw in a tv show a long time ago that they fold them up and put them away during the day? Is that still true? Relatedly, back in the day (ie before coil mattresses) all bedding would be regularly beaten, shaken, and fluffed daily or weekly. And the stuffing pulled out and replaced yearly I think? This whole invest-in-a-mattress-for-life idea is newish/possibly a ripoff.


@parallel-lines The internet, the grave, tomato toMAto...


@100kb In the ryokan (traditional style inn) I stayed at in Kyoto we folded the futons and moved them to the side of the room during the day. I don't know how actual Japanese people who sleep on futons do it. My japanese friend had a western bed, and I didn't see her parents' room.


@parallel-lines oh I had something similar happen to the slats (and foam mattress) of my last bed. Worse still, within months of buying it. Thank you lovely but damp house. I'm still annoyed that I couldn't just get new slats for my bed and therefore take my bedframe with me when I moved to Australia..


@OneTooManySpoons Amen--you know you've been in Japan too long when your first thought at the sight of sun through the window is, "Oh, I have to get the futon out on the balcony NOW!"

Some people fold their futon and blankets up and put them in the closet (if there's space) during the day, others just fold them up and leave them on the floor. I just bought a bed after five months of futon living, and I am SO FREAKING HAPPY to just be able to flop down on an already-assembled sleeping space when I get home.

True story--a guy I know who lived in a typical Tokyo closet and never aired / beat his futon turned it over one day to discover a whole crop of exotic mushrooms. Mushrooms. For real.


@100kb This information makes me feel a little better about having those slat things beneath my mattress instead of a regular box spring! I know it sounds lame to be, like, excited to learn this, but I really am! Thanks!

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

@Hellcat yes, slats! Ikea and everything! Box springs are lies. They're huge, difficult to move, too expensive (for what is essentially some 2x4's wrapped in cheap fabric) and just all around the Michael Scott of the bedroom-furniture Office.


@TokyoPlum You made me feel so much better - I swear, when I found mold on my futon I had this "I love you, get it together" moment where I freaked out and was like: this is your life!! But I didn't have mushrooms so, yay?


@TokyoPlum Ok, this is an extremely disgusting story, but you talking about mushrooms reminded me and I AM SO SORRY.
So my parents are nurses, and a couple of years back my father saw a patient who had neglected to clean out his bong and never replaced the water (and we mean never) and it got so disgusting that his lungs were filled with fungal growth. MUSHROOMS. IN HIS LUNGS. HIS LUNGS!!!
Every time I remember that story I feel ill.


@parallel-lines holy buckets. changing water, right now. I dont even let it get dirty colored, but MUSHROOMS. IN. LUNGS.


@Hellcat slats are the best, even from an aesthetic point of view- you just end up with a less clunky looking bed (and you can store things underneath if need be). At least with Ikea slats you can easily replace them if they get slightly mouldy/mildew-y. This whole thread is reminding me that the next time it is ridiculously hot and sunny here I must air my mattress...
Also that clam bed picture at the top of the post looks seriously claustrophobic!


@violetta They seem OK so far... but man, they can be a bitch to keep aligned under there, especially when only one person is trying to line 'em up!


@OneTooManySpoons Aha, that was my question up there. Yeah, I would love to replace the futon, but I just don't have the dough right now. (I don't want just any old futon, I want the same organic cotton and wool one -- lawd only knows what's in the cheap ones). I'm going to google "futon beating sticks" and see what I can come up with. Alternately, someone I know is going to Japan soon, and I'll ask him to find one for me there! I can't wait!


@teffodee Holy shit! I use Taylor Mali's stuff every semester in class - how did I not know about that poem? Aaaaand now I'm crying. Wow.


woot, good stuff@k


My bed not being made solution? Don't let people in the bedroom. It's covered in dog hair anyway.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Yep. My whole life I was of the camp "Why make your bed when all you're going to do is get in it and mess it up all over again?" so I never did it. When people came over I either closed the door or made the bed reluctantly. And mine's covered in pet hair, too. I swear I am trying to be better at making the bed now that I am a grown lady. Sigh.


@olivebee But making it kind of dusts off the pet hair a bit! And it makes you feel so good to make it. And also, if your bedroom is a pit, it makes it all seem cleaner / at least rationally messy. Make your bed! I used to not, but then I did, and now? It's just the best. Literally makes me feel ready to face the day.

Making your bed: surprisingly more psychologically-beneficial than previously thought.


@olivebee This is my life exactly.


@liznieve I don't think you understand how much dog hair there is, lol


@Megan Patterson@facebook It keeps the dog hair on the outside! Even more reason to make your bed!
And remember, you're doing it for you. Because you’re worth it.


@gobblegirl Maybe she made her bed, maybe it’s Maybelline.


@all you guys, when you're engaged in a passive aggressive roommate cleanliness war (not that I would know anything about that), a fantastic way to gain the upper hand is to make your bed neatly every morning, and leave your door ajar so that your slovenly roommate can see what it looks like to be a grown ass woman who actually makes her bed instead of living in squalor. it's great for feelings of superiority on days when one is feeling embittered.


@heyits YES.


@Megan Patterson@facebook This is why I make my bed everyday. If I didn't, my dog would get IN the bed and leave her dog hairs on the sheets, then at night they would get on me, then I would wake up gross and dog-hairy. Plus, yes, if your room is messy - a made bed instantly makes it look more rational. I make my bed every morning.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Something you could try is making your bed, and then folding a sheet/quilt/comforter in half and laying that at the bottom of the bed.

My roommate's dog LOVES to sleep on my bed, but he is A Shedder. However, he's also really into having his "own space", so once I started putting a comforter at the bottom of the bed for him to sleep on, he started using that spot and that spot only! The sweet bonus is that I take this comforter off my bed each night, and all the dog hair goes with it, and not onto my deliciously made bed.

You could try it! It might not work (my fucking brat of a Puggle roots and rustles UNDER all kinds of covies, so this does not work with him), but if it does, then your life has just changed For The Better!


@wee_ramekin It's actually not so much in the bed, as all over the comforter. And he actually does spend half the night in his own bed, but once he is there for cuddles he doesn't seem to have a spot preference. My room is actually not very messy though!


@heyits Are you me?


@Beericle Yep, I learned to make the bed every day when I had a dog AND cockroaches. You can't see the cockroaches in your bed if you don't make it nice and neat. And I don't like surprises. Which was why I also switched to white sheets.


@carolita A Viking solution would be appropriate here, too.


FINE. You win, A Clean Person. My bed is made!


Does making the bed late in the day still count? I go to work earlier than my husband does and I can't make the bed while he is still in it (although now that I think of it, I can straighten out my side and fix pillows...). I'll totally play if I can make it at 5:30pm.


@jennifa I have a different schedule than my boyfriend, and I'm just going to make the bed as soon as possible when I get home OR get him in on the bed-making.


@jennifa @dinos Last person out of the bed makes it!


The gauntlet is thrown. I take up your challenge. And I like to imagine the gauntlet is my crumpled duvet.

(p.s.: fitted flannel sheet, flannel top sheet, two pillows but I want more because I have a new Queen-sized bed and my two pillows from my twin bed look lost and I like pillows, a globe-shaped pillow I've had since the Soviet Union was still intact, a teddy bear named Murvin, a plush goat, one down duvet, one synthetic duvet, a woven cotton blanket, and a quilt my sister made me. To make the bed, I strip off all the layers because they become a giant knot when I sleep, shake them out, and layer them back on. But I leave the bed unmade to air while I make my coffee/wash my face. Pillows go on top of the blankets and the goat and Murvin are arranged in an amicable posture [get your mind out of the gutter] by the globe pillow.)

Porn Peddler

@teffodee ....do you sleep outside, in the arctic circle?


@Third Wave Housewife It is a very thin down comforter!

In my defense, I live in Canada? Mostly I just like sleeping naked, and my room is a bit drafty. And I like sleeping under heavy covers.

Porn Peddler

@teffodee Oooh heavy covers are nice. Truth be told, I could have slept like that in my last apartment and the one before that if Mister hadn't been there to keep me warm in one of them. Currently, the bedroom is the warmest room in the house, even with the bed set against a wall of bay-ish windows. We have to keep the door wide open (which drives me INSANE) or the temperature skyrockets


@Third Wave Housewife Gentleman and I don't live together, but if we ever do, we will have troubles. He never gets cold. Ever. And I am always cold and whine all through February and March about how winter should end after Christmas. He sleeps under, like, a tenth of my covers. (fyi, I hate fleece blankets, because they keep me too warm without enough weight.)

Porn Peddler

@teffodee I cling to Mister like a baby sloth at night because 1. I am always cold and 2. he is a blanket hog. I actually use "baby sloth" as a verb to describe my heat-leeching ways...


@Third Wave Housewife HEE! I am a blanket hog. I actually prefer to roll myself up in the blankets like a burrito. I just never passed the swaddling stage, I guess.


@Third Wave Housewife I am a baby sloth! Both in the way you've described, and because I've been known to cling to the back fur of my bf in an attempt to get carried around. Also, I swim very well and I eat poisonous vipers.


@teffodee I have been known to sleep under three duvets at a time. And a blanket. I don't have living in a cold country as an excuse either.

@Third Wave Housewife vb. to baby sloth! That makes freezing my bf sound much more appealing.

The Lady of Shalott

I LOVE folding fitted sheets. I LOVE IT. They look so nice and neat and wonderful afterwards!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

Bed-making: My dad is ex-Army so I grew up being forced to make my bed every morning, with hospital corners, the proper way. I, uh, don't do that any more. But the habit of making the bed every morning has stuck with me, and that is A Good Thing!


As a veteran of the Blanket Wars, ain't nothing wrong with two radically disparate covers on top of the bed, so long as everything's straight and tucked in where it should be. The coverlet really is the easiest solution if the looks just bug you something awful, though.


When I saw this post i was so sure you were going to tell me how gross I am for using a duvet and no flat sheet so colour me relieved... I have a double bed with a queen size duvet, I think I like to coccoon.


@ephcee I like the swedish approach where the duvet is changed / washed every time the bottom sheet is, and is made of a similar material / matchy pattern. Hence, why all the duvets at Ikea used to be (I think they got more 'Muricanized) like $8... because you change them just like the sheeeeeeeets.


@liznieve that's pretty much what I do, unless I don't feel like wrestling with the duvet, which is... often

Marquise de Morville

@liznieve In Germany it is done the same way. Ikea is my source for cheap bedding in the US, it should definitely be on the list! The non-Ikea 80s/90s European duvet cover fabric patterns were nearly all ugly, and I am glad that modern patterns are much prettier.

Using a comforter without a removable cover is still weird to me. How can you sleep in them and not wash them at least once a month? Even if you use a top sheet? Ikea also sells cheap coverlets, which are great in the summer if a comforter is too warm.

And while we're at it, would someone like to explain what the difference is between a duvet and a comforter?

Emma Peel

@Marquise de Morville As I understand it, a duvet is the feather insert + cover. A comforter is just printed fabric with stuffing -- you can't remove/change the outer pattern.


@Marquise de Morville I think a comforter is more the kind where you can't wash it, whereas a duvet is one where the cover is washable. Also, I feel a duvet is the actual cover, not the fluffy thing... the fluffy thing I think is also a comforter. If that makes sense.

H.E. Ladypants

We moved into a new apartment yesterday. After getting up this morning and wading through the mazes of boxes and fretting/wondering how this was ever going to turn into something organized enough to be a home, I calmly made sure I made the bed before I went to work, all the while chanting to myself in my head, "I will trust A Clean Person. I will make my bed. I will have an island of sane and clean in this madhouse of stuff. It will make everything easier. A Clean Person says so."

(A Clean Person is totally right.)


@H.E. Ladypants You will feel SO MUCH BETTER when you get home and your bed is lovely and made!


@H.E. Ladypants making the bed is the FIRST thing I do once I move into a house. Instantly the place feels more like home (additional unpacking chaos aside)

Kirsten Hey@facebook

Ikea do fitted bottom sheets which are only elasticised in the corners, and so do La Redoute

Porn Peddler

@Kirsten Hey@facebook ugh my Ikea sheets are elastic the whole way around. I was so sure they weren't but...nope :(

Coal Tar Epoxy

@Kirsten Hey@facebook As does Quilts Etc. They have lovely sheets


@Kirsten Hey@facebook I was going to metion Ikea, too, as well as Target and maybe Penney's? I actually don't own any fitted sheets that are totally elasticized, and I've made a point over the last 5 months or so of getting all new linens, since my old ones were so gross. A Clean Person has inspired me!


@TheCheesemanCometh My Martha Stewart from Kmart are corner-only elasticized!


@Kirsten Hey@facebook is that a european thing then? Unless they have no elastic (i.e. for bedmaking on the highest difficulty setting) they all have elastic corners in the uk.


@TheCheesemanCometh Target has some surprisingly nice sheets! After I bought their organic sheet set, I could not go back to the Company Store prices, even on discount.


All of the king sheets I/my parents have are corner-elastic-only. Maybe that size is the great holdout?


@gobblegirl Nope- all my king sheets are elastic all the way around. Granted I only have two sets since I'm new to the king sized bed ownership.


I just bought a new comforter/pillows set! Can't wait to put it on my bed and then make my bed, forever and ever.

(PS. I'm so glad to hear that Jolie is also a non-top-sheet-user! I hate them. They always end up tangled around my feet in the middle of the night.)


@tortietabbie Me too re top sheets. So, when I buy sheets, I buy two sets in coordinated (but not matching!) colors and/or patterns (decent sheets can be had for cheap at, like, Ross).

Fitted sheet 1 goes on the box spring, fitted sheet 2 goes on the mattress, four pillowcases, two of each style go on the four pillows I burrow between nightly and the two top sheets get sewn together for a cheap duvet cover.

At present: camel flannel on the box spring, cream and red pattern sateen on the mattress, matching pillows and duvet cover, stuffed with three synthetic duvets (shakes fist a down allergy), camel flannel side down. Two red and camel, etc., cashmere paisley lap blankets (OK, they're unfinished fabric samples a little over the width of a queen mattress [I used to know a textile designer]) artfully flung on top of all. Underneath is an extra-firm mattress with a fluffy mattress pad on it.

I don't like to sleep with my skin pressing down on flannel. It feels like flannel sucks all the moisture out of my skin.

Why am I telling you all this? I think I like talking about my bed.


@laurel Oooooh I like that idea! Your mattress looks nice, your box spring looks nice, AND you haven't spent an arm and a leg on a duvet cover. Genius!!


@tortietabbie And then you can switch it all up! And getting the fitted sheet off the box spring more or less forces you to flip the mattress, as you should.

Also eliminates the need for a bedskirt. Stupid bedskirt.


@laurel My bed sits on the floor, so a bedskirt would just look ridiculous. The bare box spring is awful, though.


@tortietabbie Your bedskirt would lay flat, spread all around your bed, like a girl in a dress on a picnic.

Actually, that sounds pretty cute, if pointless and impractical.


Genius. This is the most helpful A Clean Person yet! My bf and I do the same thing with blankets, and our bed also never gets made as result. Also, it's a studio, so we sit on the bed to watch TV and it will be so much better to sit on a coverlet to do this instead of an unmade bed!! Thank you!!


On the question of sharing a bed without sharing bedding: one other solution is to take a cue from the Austrians, who traditionally (even on double and queen beds) make the bed with a fitted sheet on bottom, and two twin-sized comforters in duvets folded in half (width-wise) directly on top of the fitted sheet. At night, duvets get unfolded and used individually, but when it comes to making the bed, all you do is fluff the pillows, fold the duvet, and you have a neat looking bed. Because they serve as sheets, the duvet covers and pillowcases are washed regularly, but it really is a low-maintenance and classy solution. I couldn't find many pictures, but the one toward the end of this blog post would give an idea: http://www.awayshewent.com/2010/09/luzern-and-train-to-innsbruck-austria.html


@Posey this! is the closest to functionally making the bed that i've managed.
if people are coming over, i'll just spread out both comforters on the bed, with the nicer one on top so we look like normal people. it's weird to unfold though before bed.
i like the coverlet idea, and also that explains what the hell i bought 3 years ago from urban outfitters ("THIS ISNT EVEN A COMFORTER its like a sheet but only one and it was like $60? what the fuck did i just buy??" a coverlet, younger self. that was a coverlet. you can use it now.)

great advice all around and all of it was relevant! i have a two-person lumpy futon mattress with two comforters. i will drop that shit like it's hot (and lumpy). (pro tip: a third comforter under the sheets, in the indentations, helps a little).

i do get to feel proud of mama though, she took me aside one day as a child to learn how to fold fitted sheets and them shits is all folded proper in my linen closet.


@Posey this! is the closest to functionally making the bed that i've managed.
if people are coming over, i'll just spread out both comforters on the bed, with the nicer one on top so we look like normal people. it's weird to unfold though before bed.
i like the coverlet idea, and also that explains what the hell i bought 3 years ago from urban outfitters ("THIS ISNT EVEN A COMFORTER its like a sheet but only one and it was like $60? what the fuck did i just buy??" a coverlet, younger self. that was a coverlet. you can use it now.)

great advice all around and all of it was relevant! i have a two-person lumpy futon mattress with two comforters. i will drop that shit like it's hot (and lumpy). (pro tip: a third comforter under the sheets, in the indentations, helps a little).

i do get to feel proud of mama though, she took me aside one day as a child to learn how to fold fitted sheets and them shits is all folded proper in my linen closet.


@Posey Oohh, I was trying and trying to find pictures of exactly the same thing.



Holy shit THAT's a duvet?! I never knew! My homestay in Paris used those instead of flat sheets and comforters and I thought it was just the niftiest thing ever and had no idea how to talk about it because I didn't know the name. I thought a duvet was like a bedskirt of some kind. Now I see the light. Clear eyes, made beds, can't lose.


@Posey This is awesome! My fella and I noticed it on a trip to Germany. We loved it for the same reasons as LW1 describes. It felt extra luxurious and looked great because everything was white (which I probably wouldn't do at home, but still.)

Porn Peddler

I have been making my bed lately and it rules! Except...overnight shift starting at midnight, so I am about to get back into my bed, which did not get made today. Our setup is two pillows each, one primarily for show or for leaning on while reading, fitted sheet, top sheet, comforter, all on a very serious ten inch thick handmade futon from Buffalo NY. On top of Mister's Monster Spartan Bed Frame that I still haven't gotten around to modifying so it has a mock dust ruffle. The frame elevates our bed to 21 inches off the ground which is just high enough to look "not quite right" but not high enough to be weird or inconvenient. I have this set of beige-y sheets that used to be gold, I think, but we slept and sexed in them (and subsequently washed them like crazy, of course) so damn much they are....just. pale. An indescribable color really. And I'm okay with it because all the washing and fucking have made them sooooo soft!

While reading this column, I was freaking the fuck out thinking "ALL OF MY FITTED SHEETS HAVE ELASTICIZED CORNERS ONLY WHO THE HELL MAKES THEM ELASTIC THE WHOLE WAY AROUND" and then all of them were elastic the whole way around and I was really surprised. What the crap, I was convinced! That said, without a video, I am never, ever going to figure out Jolie's directions for folding one of these evil things. SHOW US YOUR METHOD JOLIE! SHOW USSSSS!

kendra j.@twitter

Jolie, girl! Do not co-sleep with your laptop, you are gonna give yourself the cancers!


@kendra j.@twitter Ohhhh I co-sleep with my laptop ALL of the time and am actually delighted/relieved to learn other people do it too.

I also recently googled the laptop/cancer thing (namely laptop/cancer as it relates to ovaries/reproduction aka is my laptop making me infertile not that I even want babies now but ya know, someday, maybe), and the internets, in its wise and worldy knowledge of all things health related, told me no, your skin/muscle/tissue protects your lady reproductive parts from any laptop harm. I choose to believe it.


@kendra j.@twitter As part a LAMOB month, I am trying to rid myself of the habit of co-sleeping with my iPhone. For similar reasons.

kendra j.@twitter

@waitykaitie I've read some stuff about how bad it is to be sleeping anywhere near electronic devices, esp laptops/computers/smartphones, because electromagnetic fields? http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/2010/11/check-this-sht-out-the-scary-reason-i-have-to-move-out-of-my-apartment/

But Sarah Wilson is also one of those almost-tinfoil-hat-wearing HLBs, so take with a grain of salt (or not! salt will kill you! so will sugar! maybe agave nectar?).


@kendra j.@twitter I cosleep with both my laptop and my phone. Ain't nothing gonna change that.


@kendra j.@twitter I'm not worried about cancer, but isn't she worried about starting a fire? If I left my laptop in my bed overnight by morning the whole place would be in flames...
Maybe she's not an idiot though and doesn't rest hers directly on the blanket.


@marley I am worried about fire and also about rolling over on the damn thing and either knocking it out of the bed or squashing it.


@kendra j.@twitter just read that whole thing, fell down the internet rabbit hole, and OH GREAT ANOTHER THING TO WORRY ABOUT THAT I CAN NEVER PROVE OR DISPROVE


@emmapeterson@twitter In other news, EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL US ALWAYS. So fuck it. I am trying SO HARD to stop worrying about this stuff and it is so difficult.


@Laptop Co-sleepers, a friend of mine used to co-sleep with her laptop and ended up with a really nasty burn on her leg from getting too cozy.

Words of warning.


The ClamBed photo is so wonderful! It looks specially engineered to murder an evil opera diva in her sleep.
My dog would bark and bark and refuse to get in it, because anything hovering over one's head is probably a witch.


@City_Dater Clam bed would be the easiest bed to make. Get up. Close it. Boom! Done! On with your day.


Yes! I can do this! And I will start by laundering my duvet tonight because my cats are revolting and I cannot get rid of them.


@Maria I have had great success in keeping the cats out of the made bed by leaving old (clean) clothing lying on the bed in strategic, cat-attractive places. At the end of the week, the cat-filthed decoys go into the laundry with the bathmat and such like, so they never get too filthy and the cats have the pleasure of refilthing them. (Caveat: They have taken to tunneling under the rugs and burrowing between the under-the-bed storage boxes, though.)


@wharrgarbl We have an extra blanket that goes on top during the day for that purpose. Of course, they sleep in my dirty laundry pile too. So yeah, cats require more laundry doing than I used to experience.
That is hilarious that the tunnel under rugs though.


@Maria The efforts are led by the cat who is usually so good, too. It's ridiculous. But they have been very good about staying on the cat-pants and cat-shirt instead of the pillows, so that's something.


@wharrgarbl cat-pants! This just put an entirely entertaining picture into my head.


@Maria That entertaining picture is why I taunt/sing to them about how I'm washing their pants when I'm gathering their things up for laundry.


@wharrgarbl Do you have to do that whole thing where you pretend that you don't want them to sit on the cat-pants (ahahaha! "Cat-pants")-- like reverse psychology? I used to have to do that with my other cats, but now I am left with only the good one, who hardly ever does anything bad (it's so weird... unless she's just really good at hiding her badness, which the others were not).


@Hellcat I don't know if I have to, but I cut my adult-pet-owner teeth on ferrets, whose lives are sad and empty without mischief, so I always do with the bad cat. Half of my interactions with her are all like "Nooooo, not the caaaaaatniiiiip, you're a horrible beast, stay out of that before I muuuuurder you." or "Kittens! Terrible kittens shedding all over my precious pants! Pants that I leave on the bed in a show of good faith!" or "How many times do I have to tell you not to sleep in the cat-bed? Out! You are to sleep in the middle of the floor where I can trip over you like the chump you are!"

If I do that with the good cat, though, she just stares at me in horror and then goes and cries somewhere in a corner because I'm apparently angry with her.


@wharrgarbl AWWWW! Oh, that last part made me so sad! I know how it is too; last night, my good cat kept running from me when I wanted to clean her eye-goo, and I said, "You're an awful little thing!" and she just... looked with her little face. She sometimes gets spooked by being pursued, but mostly this cat will cooperate as long as you say please and thank you to her. It's so funny.


Is there a such thing as half-assed bed-making? I think that's what I do. It's neater than when I got out of it but I'm relatively certain that if my mother saw it, she'd give me a look.


@Scandyhoovian That's what I do too. It's totally a thing. Where you just kinda tug the blankets and sheets mostly into place so there's not too many wrinkles but like hell are you going to make the hard-to-reach side that borders the wall nice and tidy.

fondue with cheddar

I haven't even read this post yet, but I just came down to say I would be TERRIFIED to sleep in the bed pictured. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THAT? I suppose you could close it instead of making it, which is convenient. But I would never trust that hinge.

Also, the entire thing looks like it's made of soap.


@jen325 very dr. phibes. i can dig it.

i'm also doing mermaid reference research so im like OMFG CLAM BED OF COURSE!


@jen325 I thought the same thing. I could never relax in that bed!


@Cavendish Neither could I. It just... looms. [Shivers.]


My mind is still blown by how much cleaner my room looks when my bed is made, even if the rest of the room isn't very clean!


I started making my bed every morning a few years ago and it has changed my life! And I'm not even being a little bit sarcastic there. I'm a naturally mess person (sorry Clean Person) and there's always stuff all over my room. Jewellery every where, shoes all askew, drawers hanging open with bras dripping out...you get the picture. But once I make my bed, my room looks just that much neater and that much more like a responsible adult lives there. Trust a messy person - make your bed!


I use a large tablecloth I got from a Williams Sonoma outlet store once as a coverlet during warm months! It's a pretty floral pattern in blues, purples, and greens and I didn't necessarily buy it for the purpose of coverletting, it just happened that way when I put away my down comforter for the season (which is in a decorative duvet). I think it was less than $50.


Making my bed is not the problem. Motivating myself to wash the bedding (and, more specifically the duvet cover) is the problem. Sigh, I'm gross.


@thisisunclear It's not so much the reluctance to wash the duvet cover so much as knowing how awkward it is to get the duvet back in the cover after.


@phlox it is much easier (but still awkward?) if you turn your duvet inside out, put your hands in the top corners of the duvet and grab the corners of your comforter with it, and then shake-shake-shake until the duvet is on the comforter? I am realizing I sound like a crazy person and I don't know if this is the normal way to put a duvet cover on a comforter.


@O'Malley That is how I do it, but I am only 5'2" and my duvet is a good bit taller than that so it is still awkward.


@O'Malley It is the normal way, I promise.


@phlox 5'4", so I have to climb onto the bed to shake the cover out. Usually I don't make the bed until it's time to sleep, and jump down from the bed to realize the blinds are up. Hey courtyard! Hey neighbours!

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@phlox Is it possible to stand on your bed when you do this? Because that worked for me in my old apartment. These days I live in a studio with a split level where the bedroom is and the ceiling is as tall as I am, so no workey no more. (Yes, I could do the shakey thing at the edge of the split level, but I just get nightmare visions of myself plummeting to death. Death by duvet shake :S)


@O'Malley whyyyyy did that never occur to me? I grab the corners of the duvet and then slide my arms into the duvet cover and stand up straight with my arms up so as to get the corners of the duvet into the corners of the duvet cover and the duvet cover then falls around me and the duvet and I stand like a big colorful duvet-cover ghost and then sort of flop onto the bed and then climb out. Then all it takes is some straightening and TADAA! Finished duvet! And now I feel a bit silly for not having thought to do it your way, it seems so much easier. Whoopsie.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@Scandyhoovian Aww, I like it. Duvet-cover ghost :)


@phlox sometimes I just get inside the duvet cover and bring the comforter with me and straighten it out from the inside. it's fast.


@phlox Me, I just 1) grab one corner of the duvet, 2) stick my arm inside the cover (picture a vet attending to a pregnant cow), 3) stuff the duvet-corner inside the cover-corner, 4) secure them together with a safety pin.
Repeat for all the corners, then give the whole thing a couple shakes to smooth everything out. And I'm on the shorter side too, but it's really easy.


@Scandyhoovian I would totally watch that on YouTube.


Day 1 down, except I'm not using all I have. a caring friend forced me to ditch my 1 flat sheet and 1 old pillow (really, that is ALL I had, I kept freezing and somehow didn't care enough about myself to take care of myself? I don't know.) and so I got a proper bed set:
new fitted sheet, 800 thread cotton
2 down pillows, and pillow cases, 800 thread cotton
2 regulary pillows, new pillow cases 600 cotton
1 new flat sheet, 800 cotton
1 new duvet cover, 600 cottong
1 new down duvet
2 large decorative pillows behind the 2+2 stacked
2 small ones in front

mind you, the decorative pillows slowly all drifted off the bed and on a chair or living room sofa. do I try to stick with it or give up and live simply?


I want you to hear about my choices in bedclothes! I sleep between black Egyptian cotton fitted & flat sheets; I have a cheap black-on-black cotton duvet cover over a ratty old down-alternative medium weight comforter that has been chewed by my rabbit; on top I have an ivory four-pelt sheepskin rug that obviously sheds ivory fibers all over my black bedclothes but which has revolutionized midwest winter bedtime comfort; I have FIVE pillows, two of which stand upright against my mirrored headboard, two lay down flat and one lays centered on top of the other two; and I have a giant stuffed penguin that I spoon and wrap my arms around, ostensibly to keep my shoulders and neck in line while I sleep. The pillowcase that my face touches gets changed every few days because Adult Acne. The rest of the bedding gets washed every two weeks unless a gentleman visitor leaves his calling card. Otherwise I just tuck the penguin back into bed when I get up, and shake the sheets out/re-tuck the fitted sheet maybe once a week.

I want everyone to explain their bedding situations! Other peoples' beds are fascinating.

Jane Err

@biubiu I love that you use a sheepskin on your bed!! That sounds amazing!

I have a double bed with cheap Target sheets, a Pendleton blanket (that I can't find a picture of to link to but it's white with grey stripes instead of colored ones), a crochet blanket my grandma made, and a silly quilt that I made (I'm currently in the market for a down comforter and duvet). I also have FOUR fluffy lovely pillows that I often maul into a person-like shape next to me when the BF isn't around.


@biubiu My bed consists of a full mattress, bedframe, grey cotton bedskirt, green cotton sheet set (both thanks to Macy's), and a super thin purple ikea comforter, with a fleece-y blanket between the topsheet & comforter.

The huuuuuge trick I've discovered that makes making my bed a snap is to ALWAYS fold the bottom of the sheets into the bottom of the mattress. Then in the morning when I'm MAKING MY BED I just have the pull the sheets up to the head of the bed, and I never have to mess with the bottom because it's already tucked in. Oooh, and 2" memory foam mattress topper.

I've made my bed every single day since February 1st (when I moved into my new digs) and I'm sooo excited to treat March like it ain't no thing.


My sheets don't have elastic all the way around, but this may be because I inherited a crap ton from my grandmother, who lived near the outlets, and had like, 20 pairs of sheets for each bed (plus extra sets of pillowcases)...and I kept them because they're *SUPERCALE*, which Wamsutta doesn't make anymore :(


I'm evidently a very quiet sleeper, since I make my bed by lifting up the corner of my bedding, getting out, and putting it back. The top sheet is always still neatly folded over the top of the duvet. Then I fluff my pillows and I'm done. Am I weird?


@Cavendish naw it's totally normal to sleep in mummy position. totally normal and not at all creepy you VAMPIRE!


@redheaded&crazy mumpire


@redheaded&crazy Actually it's weird because I toss around a lot before I fall asleep, and usually wake up on my stomach. I don't know how I manage to not disturb my blankets at all!

oh, disaster

@Cavendish My old college roommate slept like that. Perfectly still on her back, never moved, never made a noise...

oh, disaster

@Cavendish Oh, wait! Nevermind. But yeah, my roommate slept like a mumpire.


@Cavendish I'm a mumpire too, I cocoon myself with my arms to my chest and my legs together, and sometimes wake up in the same position. Bedmaking is awesome.


@redheaded&crazy Oh no. I'm a mumpire.


@redheaded&crazy AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh MUMPIRE! I love it! I love you, Ginger Nutball.


I think I have only not-made my bed like, maaayyybe ten times in my entire life? And I'm sure it was only when I was sick and alternating between bed and couch all day.

I just don't get how people can not make their bed. It seems... uncivilized? (I'm sorry! But it's true!) Thank you Jolie for your bed-making crusade!


no offense to our wonderful, beautiful clean person, but this is the BEST way to fold a fitted sheet. Ever. Essentially you collect all 4 corners together, inside to outside, and you get a near perfect square. It is amazing. You don't even necessarily need a flat surface to do it. At least not with queen sheets. Just a reasonable arm span.


@Wondajules DAMMIT! I can't get the hyperlink to work. Here it is copy and pasted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5k9nWcuFc

All Mimsy

Oh, this reminds me that I need to wash my duvet cover, and the good Pottery Barn sheets that I've had on the bed for the last three months (I know that it's nasty, but they are the only sheets I have that I actually like, so I keep them on as long as I can stand). Also I finally got two new pillows to replace my old wonderful deflated one, I need to put the nice shams on one of the new ones and on the old one that is retiring from sleeping on. Although that means I'll have three pillows on the bed, and I've only had one for the longest time, it will be weird.


"I'm picturing us all as cult members, wearing fitted sheets as clothing while chanting, "Corners are the secret, corners are the secret" with rapidly growing excitement."

This made me laugh so hard at my desk. My students were very confused. I told them not to worry about it.


@ariandula I laughed similarly at the Dickensian pickpockets line, at first not realizing that they were stealing blankets from each other, and thinking they were sneaking around fog-filled streets yoinking blankets off of people's clotheslines.


@Ophelia That is EXACTLY what I thought. Maybe more like from hotels and stores and friends' houses, but yes. It took quite a while for me to realize they meant something else.


Guys I have a great bed linens tip. Fold your top sheet, bottom sheet, and one pillowcase. Store all of these things in the other pillowcase. Neat little bundles and keeps all your stuff together. Also, if you end up not pulling off the straight edge fold on the fitted sheets you don't have to see that shit.


@cheeseandcrackers Yes! I saw that on a home-blog thing and just about died. Genius! No more rooting through the linen closet, trying to ferret out all the matching things, or dealing with stacks slowly crumbling into bunches from removing a few too many things without re-organizing.


@wharrgarbl This is how my family has always done it, and it is THE BEST.


I've made my bed religiously every morning for the past 4 years at least, and although I am pretty organized, this hasn't kept me from never dusting a damn thing or using my couch as a makeshift bookshelf/dresser.


Call up your mom or grandma for a coverlet! My mom is all about them, as was her mom. <3

Atheist Watermelon

perfect post to announce: I just discovered the joys of modal sheets. ZOMG. they're like a cross between silk and really soft cotton. look, they have red ones! http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=130425&COL=600&RN=16& gaaaaaahh. why are they so expensive though... :-(


QUESTION!!! My mom always told me that the top sheet should go on pattern side DOWN...because that is the 'soft' side and so that if you pull it back it looks pretty. Does anyone know if this is a rule or is my mom a bed rebel herself? Pathological bed rebel?

Emma Peel

@loulou My mom told me the same thing, and she's not really a Clean Person, but it makes sense. I mean, no one sees your top sheet if you follow traditional bed-making protocol, and then you can fold it back over the top of the comforter all fancy.

I don't think one side is softer than the other, though. How would that even work?


@loulou It's not softer, but like @Emma Peel mentions, classic bed-making protocol means you see the bottom of the sheet, not the top. So if you have pretty sheets, you naturally wouldn't want the crap side being what's on display.

Whitney Connelly@facebook

@loulou My mother taught me to do the same thing! I no longer use a top sheet (bottom sheet + huge fluffy duvet with a STUNNING Anthropologie cover I got for a steal + obscene amount of pillows) but when I did I always put it on right side down. The reasoning in my house was that the top sheet should be folded down at the top, as a way to protect the edges of any quilts you chose to put on your bed underneath the comforter. The six inches of folded down sheet would then show the right side UP pattern. I never heard anything about softness, though.


@loulou Yes! This is very true and correct. I always do this, even though I don't make my bed properly.


@loulou My mom did this too and it annoyed the crap out of me even when I was a little kid too small to undo it after she was done! She was sacrificing the whole rest of the sheet to accommodate that one three-inch strip that showed folded over the edge of the comforter and that was, to my four-year-old self, wrong! I have since rebelled; my bed is made with everything pulled up beneath the pillows and flat. Also (and this is something I am only realizing as I type this), I seem to buy top sheets that have the same detail on both sides, so whether you choose to fold or not fold, everything is uniform.

Jane Err

I heartily co-sign on laptop co-sleeping. It's grown more difficult because my full-sized bed now also often features a full-sized boyfriend who just doesn't understand.


Yessss. I've been making my bed for the past week or so (Thanks, Unfuck your Habitat! You also made me wash all the dishes in the sink before bed, it's crazy!), but I am excited to have company on this bed-making journey!

Other adult people's beds are so much more comfortable and pretty, though, like they're from magazines. Mine still looks like it belongs to a college kid: on a good day, the sheets and pillowcases are the same color. Maybe. I guess appreciate fancy-and-extra-comfortable beds, but I don't know what elements are involved in making one up. Pillow tops? Shams? Those useless little matching pillows that you get to throw off the bed before you turn down the covers? Higher thread-count sheets? Not having a memory foam mattress? Puffy bedspreads that are impractical in the south?

What do you do to make your bedding (ha) extra-nice?


@VolcanoMouse If you're broke like I am, inexpensive bed ensembles/beds-in-a-bag are the way to go. My store sells them from 6 to 24 pieces; the cheapest ones are often $39.99 on sale (I have one and it's fine) and come with sheets, pillowcases, shams, a bedskirt, and a comforter.

In the end, you do what looks good, is comfortable, and doesn't make you not want to make your bed. You don't want decorative pillows? Don't use them. Don't want a bedskirt? Don't use one. Like low-thread-count sheets? Buy them! Know what I mean? Pick up pieces you like and throw them together and see what happens.

Don't spend more money than you're comfortable with, either. Here is an example: this is an absolutely gorgeous bed. Now scroll down and look how much it costs to get it to look that way. Yyyyep. What I spent on my last two bed sets combined wouldn't buy me the decorative pillows from that set. No thank you.

dracula's ghost

I would pay good money for any kind of tip for getting the comforter back inside the duvet without tears, swears, or tears and swears.

I would do the Scandinavian no-top-sheet thing if only it were easier to get the damn comforter back in the FUCKING DUVET OH MY GOD

I co-sleep with my old man. We have a shitty piece of shit Ikea bed we bought USED, SEVEN YEARS AGO, that we both loathe and that is uncomfortable. My parents recently bought us a tempur-pedic mattress topper that is awesome so now we can continue not buying a new bed. We do bottom sheet, top sheet, and comforter in duvet, until recently I started having brutal night sweats and so lately we've been experimenting with with alternatives in an effort to discover if there is any temperature-related factor or if the sweats are purely hormonal. So mostly I just spend the whole night freezing, freezing, freezing cold and periodically drenched in sweat (?). Basically my bed-life has become a nightmare.

Anyway somebody tell me how to change the duvet without having a rage-related heart attack


@dracula's ghost I turn my duvet cover inside out (sometimes I get in it like a ghost when I'm feeling saucy) and match the corners and flip it over and shake it out. I think next time I wash it all, I'm going to get some safety pins to pin the corners and a spot or two on the edges in place.


@meganmaria haha you just described what I tried to explain a few posts up SO MUCH BETTER. I do the ghost thing too!


@O'Malley I always end up with a wriggly dog-shaped lump under the duvet. Babydog cannot. resist. a good bed making.


@O'Malley Hooray for silly duvet ghosts! I do the ghost thing until my butt-head husband tries to tickle me and knows I can't see him coming because the damn duvet cover is black. Then, I get in the fetal position and worm my way out of it.


@meganmaria I got that tip from my sister years ago and it is the best... but I don't do the ghost thing..


Hooray for no top sheets! I hate them so much. I move too much and I get all tangled and claustrophobic. We do fitted sheet, 2 pillows each, and a fluffy comforter/duvet in the winter and a thin quilt in the summer. Though, I found an incredible fuzzy warm extra blanket I've been using because it's been so damned cold lately. I only break out the flat sheet when it's super crazy hot in the summer and even the thin quilt is too much. I don't tuck it in, I just use it like a blanket, because I have to have some weight on me when I'm sleeping at night.


I keep my clean sheets folded and stuffed inside a pillow case so the sets don't get mixed up!!! Someone told me about this the other week and I was blown away by the simpleness.


@Ka$hleen Would it be exaggerating to say that you just changed my life?


@Ka$hleen I do, too! I think that's a Martha Stewart tip I read on the back of a package of way-too-expensive sheets.


Jolie, I LOVE the idea of beating the futon mattress into fluffed-up submission. I have an 11 year old futon (top of the line, good for 10 years they said and they were right) that needs a good beating.

Sometimes, violence IS the answer!!

Aaaaand, I just paused and made the bed. Wooooo!!!!!

P.S. http://unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com/ <------- I think you'll all really like this.


@Barracuda I do I do I do! "Unfucking" sounds like so much more fun than "cleaning."


I like my method of folding fitted sheets more . . . you take first the top corners (the real corner as Jolie describes, where the end of the seam is) and then the bottom corners in your hands, fold them so the sheet is folded in half lengthwise, and then fold in half so that the top corners and bottom corners are matched up. Then it's square. I learned it from Martha Stewart.

I had a bed where we used separate covers, I would put my comforter over the bed and then folded the lighter blanket up and put it on top of the comforter at the foot of the bed. I've almost always made my bed every day! Even in college! It really makes a difference.

Lenora Jane

People who do not use top sheets: what do you do in the summer? Obviously (at least in mooost of populated North America) it is far too hot for the duvet but how on earth can you fall asleep without SOMETHING on top of you? It just feels so...exposed and grody to me? Is this just a weird Lenora thing or is there some Summer Top-Sheet Substitution Secret that I don't know about? Because I totally get not needing a top sheet in the winter but when it is too hot for that...

I have a bottom sheet/top sheet, four pillows two-per side of my full bed (one of the two under my head generally ends up either Fake Boyfriend-hugged or thrown on the floor, but I swear I always fall asleep on them both!), and none to all of the following: two thinnish woven camp blankets, a comforter, a batiky barkcloth bedspread that was my grandmother's, a heavy quilt, and a fleece Batman blanket I bought at Wal-Mart in highschool (for working at summer camp). What can I say, MONTREAL IS FREEZING

Lenora Jane

@Lenora Jane Probably either a) putting the heat up to a reasonable level or b) not living in the bedroom with the external wall on 2 sides AND the balcony door in it would help. But I'm okay with the cocoon, really.


@Lenora Jane oh my god no seriously though how do people sleep without something on them?? I totally know what you mean. In the summer I sleep under a top sheet with the windows open until the middle of the night when it eventually gets too cold to do that and I wake up (Oregon is a little cooler in the summer than Montreal I guess) and pull a thin fleecy blanket over top.

In terms of pillows, I have a body pillow that goes between my knees when I sleep, regardless of the position I fall asleep in, because it helps my knees not bruise each other and my hip joint not get pulled out and my back not get twisted. I guess I sleep weird. And I have this awesome lumpy-in-all-the-right-places pillow for my head. It's right at that point where you punch it a couple of times and it's perfect for sleeping.


@Lenora Jane I use my lightest, crispest duvet cover with just a light blanket inside it. I've even left it empty.

Lenora Jane

@laurel Now I am a little embarrassed that I didn't think of that. But good idea! Maybe I will try it, when it is no longer cold.


@Lenora Jane No worries. We all miss the duvet for the sheets once in a while (what?).


@Lenora Jane ...crank up the A/C really high so it's cold enough for a heavy blanket? Ooooops I'm killing the planet. :/


@tortietabbie Yeahh I totally do that too :/


@Lenora Jane I sleep with a duvet on no matter what the temperature. I would rather sweat to death than sleep without a heavy blanket on me.


@tortietabbie Earth-killers unite! :| At our old house (as I do not have an air conditioner here yet, THANKS MOM AND DAD, AUGUST WAS SO FUN), I would sleep under a flat sheet, a blanket, and two quilts, and sometimes another fleece throw. It was divine. I miss all my twin bedding sometimes, though I do still have all of it for guests.


@Lenora Jane Late but I had to chime in here: I have what is called a 4 seasons duvet which is actually 2 duvets, a thin one and a thicker one that attach together with snaps. In Winter you use both, in Summer only the thin one, and in between the thicker one. If it gets really, really hot I do use just the cover.

Also, I change the fitted sheet and the duvet cover once a week. Nothing beats the sensation of freshly laundered sheets.


@brinylon Oooh, I've always wanted one of those 4 seasons duvets! Such a good idea in NYC, where you have the cold month without building heat, then the overheated months when the heat comes on. Not to mention the A/C days when the lite duvet would be handy.


Oh crap, bed making time wasn't until this month? I made my bed in vain last week?


Wait, I have a question!
I have a Very Fancy pillow I sleep with, which has done amazing wonders for my neck pain. But! Said pillow has become flatter in the past few weeks, leading to a resurgence of said pain. (I just noticed this morning how flat the fucker looked.) I am assuming the dropping/plumping/beating method will work, but is there anything else I can do to refluff it? Would putting it in the washer and dryer work?


@cherrispryte What is the stuffing made of?


@cherrispryte Try just the dryer on low heat and see what happens?


I have questions about sheet stitch vocabulary. I know what sateen is (satin stitch cotton so it's shiny and kind of slippery; seems warm and soft and good for winter if you don't like flannel), but what is percale? Damask? Which one is the crisp one I like for summer?

I like bedding. A lot.


@laurel I think the crisp one you like for summer is percale. Damask typically has an embroidered pattern on it: http://webdesignledger.com/freebies/70-beautiful-damask-patterns-and-textures


@Ophelia Thank you! You can only tell so much by sneakily opening the sheet set package in the store and feeling around in there.


@laurel As an employee in a home department, I endorse you opening the sheet sets and sticking your hand in (provided you are not ripping out security tags or messing up the package!). We carry 800-thread-count sheets and even I will occasionally open and fondle them. So soft! So expensive!

Mad as a Hatter!

Hey perfect timing! I'm in the process of moving and need new bed linens. I've been sleeping on a couch for a year and a half so I want to be as comfy as possible on my new real adult bed that will totally be made at least once a week.


futon trick: lay it out in the sun every few months. it will FLUFF! amazing and weird.


@LeafySeaDragon Like a plant?


Also what kind of sheets do not pill when you put them in the wash/dryer? I had two sheet sets on which I loved the patterns but after a while (and I mean, like, a YEAR) they got all bumpy and gross. I feel like sheets should last more than a year?


@causedbycomma I have heard a theory that pure fabrics = less pilling and mixed-composition fabrics = more pilling, because of the different lengths of the individual fibres. I have never seen this substantiated, nor have I tested it myself.. but it does seem to me that my things with polyester tend to pill more?
Sheets should definitely last more than a year. I never put anything in the dryer (because I'm crazy, probably) but if you stick to 100% cotton you should be fine .


Yay beds!

My bed is actually two twins shoved together with a mattress topper over (long story), making one King sized bed. It has:

--sheets: fitted, top,

--duvet in cover,

--floofy extra blankie and

Pendleton wool blanket

because I like my house to be very cool and my bed to be very floofy.


--two firm side sleeper pillows,

--two down pillows,

--two King sized sham pillows and

--two stuffed bunnies my mom gave me as jokes for Easter.

And I sleep by myself because I am a perpetual spinster.


I am so bad at making my bed, but I'm turning 22 soon and feel like it's time to at least try (probably fail, but try) to be a grown-ass-lady. So. I'm in.


@The Kendragon I'm ahead of you, but still learning at 24. My bed is apparently ridiculous -- my full sheets fit it fine, but my full comforter is too small. (I have a full/queen that is perfect but matches nothing.) So in order to minimize the utter stupidity of my giant flat sheet poking out in all directions, mostly at the end, like, hi, I have a bedskirt and I don't need your help, I'm trying to teach myself hospital corners, one painstaking day at a time. EMPHASIS ON PAINSTAKING.

You can do it!


@camanda I need to discuss hospital corners with my mom when I go home over spring break. You can bounce a quarter off the beds when my mom makes them. I am...less skilled


Hmm I sleep in a single bed with a queen sized duvet, no flat sheet, and like 6 large pillows. It looks ridiculous, even when I try and make it.


After a lifetime of defiant not making my bed, a lifetime spent under constant beratement from a seriously pro-bedmaking mother and subsequently always pro-bedmaking partners (I don't know, even - they were hippies and artists? Who made their beds?), I have finally settled down with a pro-bedmaking fella who is happy to make it himself! But I still face constant beratement, as he sleeps flat on his back like a vampire while I toss, turn, and kick with vigour. If he were sleeping alone, all he'd have to do is slip out the side of the quilt and the bed would look untouched.

- flannel fitted and top sheets
- cotton-stuffed quilt
- big down comforter in pretty cotton duvet cover
- two big fluffy down pillows for leaning on while reading
- one small flat thin pillow for me, the stomach sleeper
- one memory-foam neck pillow for the chiropractically-aware corpse-like sleeping husband

I also MUST always have covers - so even in boiling hot sticky East Coast summer weather I can be found wrapped in a cotton duvet cover. As long as my feet are sticking out, I feel cool enough.


Three things I had hoped to see discussed in the comments (so that I might learn more things today), but have not been discussed:

1. Foam top mattresses, and the best way to clean, maintain, and extend their life. I am a once-a-week-bedding-washer, but have no real ideas about how to clean the foam thing.
2. What to do if your SO is sometimes a heating lamp. More often than not, he is just radiating and emanating body warmth. I like to be cold when I sleep, not hot. There is no question here, just a hope that he is not a freak of nature.
3. The flipping and turning and rotating of mattresses (and foam things on top). Do we have a consensus?

I am a big fan of the made bed and am sort of vexed if it isn't made before I get into it at night, so LAMOB (which, incidentally, looks like LAMB, and isn't there something about March and a lamb? ANYWAY) is a piece of cake. I just want to be more efficient when it comes to cleaning all of the bedding things.


@karion I have no advice, just chiming in because I would like to know what to do with foam topped mattresses as well! I'm sure mine is getting pretty grimy but I don't know what to do with it.


@karion Dudes seem to radiate heat more than ladies. Less body fat insulating them maybe?


@karion As for number two, it's just a weird genetic thing. Everyone on my dad's side of the family (fat, loudmouthed French-Canadians fwiw) is just warm all the time, and we throw off so much heat that it's uncomfortable to sit next to each other at the movie theater. I don't ever wear layers and only zip up my coat when it's snowing, everyone else at work will whine about it being freezing and I'm toasty. It's normal as far as I can tell, if a little rare.

God help anyone who uses a public toilet after me. The "the seat is warm! Nooooooooo!" phenomenon is entirely the fault of my people, but we probably just peed for a minute ok? There's nothing we can do about it as far as I know besides find a cold SO who loves cuddling (My mom who's cold all the time loves how we're "like little furnaces" and always warms her feet up on my dad or steals my spot on the couch after I warmed it up.). Only time it turns off really is if I'm horribly sick or about to be. Give him pneumonia?

the angry little raincloud

@karion Yes, I want to hear more about #2, too. I am currently seeing a man who is also "like [a] little furnace" and I end up sweating profusely all over him and his extremely nice bed. (An aside: I'm for once dating a real, grown-up man-- not an overgrown man-child-- and it's awesome. Nice sheets! Ample pillows! A made bed!). Anyway. I end up throwing off all the covers on my side and flipping to distribute the heat.


@karion I have no opinion on these things, being single, having no foam mattress and not having thought about flipping.

But I did want to swing by and tell you I am working on the 60% full rule in my closet. And my opinion on that is... I think I am going to like it. So, thanks!


@the angry little raincloud Yeah I hadn't thought much about the reality of sleeping arrangements as a Furnace Person. All I'd really thought about it was these weird anxiety dreams where I wind up dating another furnacefolk and then we'd want to have sex but it would get too hot before we finished up so we'd have to stop for hydration breaks and like, keep giant icepacks between our bodies when we were doing it.

Congrats on the grownup man! Does his made bed involve a really thick comforter or duvet or something? I'd look into a thinner comforter or just a blanket, or hell just the sheet. He can probably handle it and it might turn down his furnaceness if he's not so well-insulated.


@karion Late, but wanted to chime in that I too radiate lots of heat. My mother likes to tell me about how when I was a wee baby, I would be snuggling with my grandfather in his recliner and we'd both fall asleep and he'd wake up with a big damp spot on him wherever I was sleeping, from mutual body heat. Like @thesailorsaid, that side of my family (Dad's) is French-Canadian, so maybe that's a thing. I'm also Swedish on my mom's side, maybe it's the Viking blood, too.

the angry little raincloud

@camanda Well, the heat generator I sometimes sleep with is neither French-Canadian nor Scandinavian (a motley Jew of some sort, I think).

@thesailorsaid I've actually wanted to stop for a hydration break with furnace dude! It gets hot when he's on top; it encourages flipping into many different positions, I guess. Yes, Hairpin Nation, what else would you like to know about my sex life?


@the angry little raincloud Well, that's why I said "a" thing, not "the" thing, haha.


@karion - My dad gave us his foam topper and I could NOT use it without cleaning it, bless him, plus it had been stored for a while and smelled...sweaty. I used a detergent with enzyme (like Era) one part to about 4 parts (or more?) water in a spray bottle - I didn't want it too soapy because I didn't want a big foamy situation. I lightly sprayed on one side, let it sit for bit, then went over it with a damp towel, blotting. I did it in sections, then flipped and did the other side. I did let it dry, flipping it (carefully) every so often for like TWO DAYS because I was paranoid about putting it on my bed with any moisture at all. It was a monumental pain in the ass, but I'm so glad I did it - smelled fresh and looked better although they do discolor and turn darker from what I've read and not much one can do about that. I'm assuming you have a cover for it right? I wash that, like any mattress cover, but the topper itself I'm not washing again until I have a good reason! (I did read about sprinkling with baking soda then vacuuming? Like carpet? I haven't tried that.) Hope that helps! There is probably a quicker way, but that's how I did it. P.S. I do flip it every couple months or so.


"If any of you have a line on a fitted sheet that's NOT elasticized around its entirety, do speak up! Where do they still sell these things?"

Lands End, for one.


@Beauzeaux I am thinking about this and realized that I have not one fitted sheet that is elasticized all the way around. None! And, to be honest, I feel like I'd prefer them to be that way (though I say that as a folded-sheet baller-upper).


My place is a mess but I always make my bed before I leave. Tight, tight as a vice grip.

Alibi Jones

"Bitches, hold my hoops."



I am mesmerized by LW#3's description of growing long sharp claws - I can't really figure out what she means to do with them in this instance! Mesmerized I tell you!!!


@Olivia2.0 Poke them through the whole mattress and then kind of pull it back into shape from below, maybe? Sort of like when you "fluff up" cooked spaghetti with a fork if it gets too clumpy?


Oh, I miss fitted bottom sheets. I'm living somewhere where the sheets are provided (I know, I know, things not to complain about), and there are only flat sheets. Also, I get one new sheet a week, so I always have half a set of clean sheets. But somehow I can't convince myself to spend the money for sheets and washing them when I get it for free? So instead I complain to the internet.


The secret is not separate blankets, it's enough blankets. I dress my queen size bed with a king size duvet. It stays put all night and everyone gets enough covers. We use a medium weight down comforter in the duvet. She's always hot and I'm always cold, so I sleep with wool socks and on frigid nights add a hot water bottle.


@cinderellen@twitter YES! Queen-size bed with king-size comforter (that has to hang absolutely evenly all around or I cannot sleep).


Fitted sheet, microplush throw, flat sheet, electric throw, comforter. Also: four pillows, though I only sleep on two (a firm pillow underneath a supercheap and awful pillow; the combination is oddly comfortable). And usually the chair pillow is on the bed, though I've sworn off computing in bed for the sake of my sleep cycle.

My excuse is that I'm not allowed to heat my apartment above 62ºF and the sheets are made of a fabric that is ALWAYS FREEZING. I generally like to be cold when I sleep -- I leave a fan on at night year-round because I can't sleep without the noise -- but something about the place makes it unbearably cold some nights. And you can't seen either of the throws once the bed is made, so it's obviously fine.


@camanda Not allowed to heat your apartment above 62º??? Can you explain? (I'm intrigued.)


@rasko Not very intriguing, I'm afraid -- I live with my parents and our house has an in-law apartment, which is mine at the moment, and it's zoned separately from the rest of the house for heating. I don't pay the heating bill, hence the low temperature and the use of "allowed." I refer to it as "my apartment" because calling it a "room" seems to be understating things -- it's more or less the size of the upstairs of the house AND IT IS ALL MINE.


Re: LW1 and the whole 'two single covers on one double bed' thing. Apparently this is the norm in Denmark (who knew?). I have a friend who lives there. Back when she lived near me in the UK, I noticed the two-covers thing on the bed in her flat (shared with her boyfriend). When I went to visit her in Copenhagen, we went to a few different people's apartments and ALL the couples had the two-covers arrangement in the bedroom!



Jolie, the way you write cracks me up. Signed up just to tell you that.

oh, george

@100kb all Japanese houses have closets basically designed for futons! I like my futon... It is a pain in the ass but I was really relieved when I could move and fit my whole apartment in my car.


This is kind of related, but not completely so... but I have to ask: Does anyone know where/if one can get those t-shirt sheets in a higher quality than the ones at Target-like places? I love them--they feel so nice!--but only until the second or third washing, which is when they seem to get all... twisted and warped! Like, the seams don't line up anymore. Also, one false move with a cat claw and they run like tights--maybe even quicker than tights do! Am I out of luck because t-shirt sheets just blow in general?


@Hellcat I think the type you're talking about are called "Jersey Knit" sheets... I think. Most home-type stores have them (Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.). Or maybe you're talking about bamboo sheets? But probably Jersey knit. I'm a starched, crisp cotton girl, myself, but best of luck.


None of my sheets are elasticized all the way around, and yet they still look like lumps when I fold them. But since I am sheet obsessed, I always iron my sheets. And clumsily folded BUT IRONED fitted sheets still come out ok.
Anyway, as to where these sheets are from? I dunno. Does it matter that ours is a full size bed? One set of sheets came with my husband, so I have no idea what brand they are or where they are from, but they are known as the scratchy back up sheets. We registered for one set, so that came from Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom gave us fancy linen from Schweitzer Linens one Christmas, so that is another set. The last one is Wamsutta (um, the others might be too? just that's the one I bought with my own money).
While we are talking beds, can I just take a minute to praise ironing sheets? Sure, it's a total PITA, but! the sheets! that freshly washed soft sheet feeling lasts all week! It makes your bed feel like a hotel bed (in the good way). It's so worth it. I iron while watching TV and drinking wine after the baby is asleep. WORTH IT.


JOLIE! We sleep EXACTLY the same way. Except I live in the UK where it's normal to have no top sheet and just a duvet with a duvet cover. But it's exactly the same, down to the 4 thin down pillows and the dirty-secret-laptop-co-sleeping.

Frankie's Girl

I don't make the bed. Ever, unless we've got workmen coming through or guests.
The hubband and I worked nights for a very long time, then I went days and he stayed on nights, and the bed was really only empty for a short period of time. We both don't care, and we have pretty sheets and pillowcases, so the covers folded down at the bottom of the bed aren't really that much of an eyesore, and the sheets/bed gets aired out every day.

Also, I have no idea what sadist came up with the idea that you have to share covers. I told hubband when we moved in together that I cocoon like a giant moth so he better get his own blanky. Keeps us both happy and sane and comfy.

Oh, and top sheets are pretty much scrap fabric in my house. Never saw the point to them. And the fitted sheets get rolled up. I watched the videos, and still can't fold them worth a damn. Life is too short to make the bed every day and fold sheets in my house. But I promise my bathrooms are sparkly clean!


I hate a top sheet. It always ends up on the floor or at my feet, so it's just a waste. I have a queen sized bed, pillows in both "sleeping positions", and also down one side so that I can sprawl however I want. Tempurpedic bed=best thing that every happened to me.


Day 1: Boyfriend made bed while I was in the shower. Free pass.
Day 2: I made bed!! Even though I was late for work.

So far, feeling pretty good!


No! Absolutely not! I will not make my bed. In fact, I will go the entire month of March without doing anything besides pulling the duvet up. It doesn't make me feel better, cleaner, or more chipper--It makes me feel like a time wasting sucker.


OMG: FUTON BEATER!!! Right here! http://kioskkiosk.com/products/futon-beater


As a Clean Person with cats (no I won't give them up but I will promise to vacuum obsessively), I make my bed every day regardless to keep cat hair out of my sheets! I even have a sheet over top of my lovely comforter to keep the hair off the king-sized and difficult to wash comforter! It does make the bedroom look a lot more put-together and tidy, in fact I'm off to do so right now...


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