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Ambition, Defined

Two friends of mine moved to Qingdao, China, a few weeks ago to teach. The school gave them an apartment, where they discovered a notebook with this list on the first page and nothing else. The previous occupant, a woman, had been teaching at the school but had left abruptly a couple of weeks earlier. (Proper nouns have been changed.)

2011 – 2012

-Get married to Guillaume.

-Build and sell Emerging Market Strategies LLC.

-Become fluent in Chinese, French, German, Portuguese.

-Maintain a youthful, gorgeous appearance.

-Obtain millions of dollars of funding for Emerging Market Strategies LLC, and Hongshin Consulting LLC.

-Incorporate and build Ba Huy Group, INC.

-Build Hongshin Consulting, fund with profits from Emerging Market Strategies.

-Attract a team of investors, advisors, and employees to me that will help build Emerging Market Strategies, Hongshin Consulting and Ba Huy Group, INC.

-Learn what client needs/wants/interests are, and give it to them. Base Emerging Market Strategies, Hongshin, and Ba Huy off of what the market, investors, clients, consumers, WANT.

-Create a strong foundation for family life. Be a loving, supportive, fun wife, and a loving and responsible mother. Open myself to the world.

-Have lots of friends, do lots of activities.

Nell McShane Wulfhart writes about news and travel and currently lives in Seoul. or follow her on Twitter.


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