Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A Celebratory Glass of Pi-not Grigio?

It's Pi Day today, which means the internet is fluffing itself up with pictures of pi-themed pies, as it has the past several March 14s (3/14). To get it all over with, Neatorama has 14 different pi pies of varying impressiveness. (Last year we commemorated the holiday with recollections of baked goods.)


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Porn Peddler

My cousin gave me this Pi Dish a few years ago. It makes all pies better, I think. Also, that peanut butter pie is perrrrfect! I must learn!


@Third Wave Housewife I would murder that fractal pear pie.


gorgeous as ever! @y


At my brother's wedding, dessert was pies and Bergers cookies (a Baltimore delicacy). Magnificent.


@area@twitter Yummm, Berger cookies. I should hate them, and yet I love them.


@area@twitter <3 u baltimore!!


Pi day, or, the best day ever in elementary school math class.

Also, everyone go make/eat some Toll House Cookie Pie. Unless you can't because of dietary reasons, in which case FIND A WAY


@Nutmeg Is cookie pie when you're too lazy to scoop cookies so you just eat half the dough and toss the rest in a baking dish?


@tortietabbie ALMOST, except it is even easier than making cookie dough! Like, melt butter, add sugar and eggs, put in some chocolate chips and bake that fucker


@Nutmeg Oh shit.


I've made vegan AND gluten-free versions of cookie pie, so I am here to say taht even if you think you have dietary reasons not to eat it, YOU CAN FIND A WAY.


Oh God. My friend's college roommate actually said pie-no grai-jo and refused to be corrected. Flashbacks.


I don't need an excuse for pie, per se, but I'm using this anyway.


I'm making a (vegan) PB-chocolate moussey pie. And drinking some pi-not greeg, ofc.

Porn Peddler

@tortietabbie that peanut butter pie is so tasty. Perfect for basically every occasion (other than those that include people with peanut allergies...)


@tortietabbie Oh yummmm I've heard that recipe is so awesome and decadent. Enjoy!


I feel like when I looked at this post before my conference call there was some joke I'm not seeing now?


@leon.saintjean Mmmmmyes. About edible (and edible) pies.


I made mini apple pies from scratch on Friday. I wish I had saved a couple for pi day, but they were just so good! They didn't even last the weekend.

Two-Headed Girl

I made tiny cherry pies! With Pi on top! I no longer feel as impressed with myself after seeing that apple pie. DAMN. (Also, who has time even?)


I made rhubarb, brought it to work. But I didn't make a pi pie. But crumb top, and strawberry jam in the filling, because rhubarb plus strawberries are a win, but baked strawberries are a texture fail.

fondue with cheddar

While it doesn't look the most appetizing, I like the fact that the ingredients for the bacon one follow the Fibonacci sequence.

Pinch of salt (no numerical equivalent for a pinch; thus spared from the Fibonacci sequence)

1 pint heavy whipping cream (split into two doses: .75c + 1.25c)
1 cup butter
2 cups flour
3 tbsp sugar (split into two doses: 2tbsp + 1tbsp)
5 drops vanilla extract
8 oz chocolate (dark), chopped
13 tsp ice water
21 pieces bacon (11 slices, cut in half = 22 pieces. you can’t not eat a piece!)

Optional: 3.14 tsp rainbow sprinkles


The pie shop down the street from me gives out mini-pies for knowing 10 decimal digits, and 4 full-size pies (1 for each season in the upcoming year) for knowing 100 on this great day. The celebrations there these past 2 years have entirely made up for every awkward moment obsessively memorizing this sequence of digits brought me in my childhood.

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