Monday, March 19, 2012


A Call for Colored-Gas Dresses

This is a preview for the song "Spring of Life," by the Japanese girl group Perfume, which will be out on April 11. It's also the latest in a micro-series of striped-dress-innovation in the field of music videos. In October of 2010 (!) Robyn debuted the colored-liquid-striped dress, and now there's the (lightly) colored-electricity-striped dress. Next, people with time on their hands and tubes around their bodies should try to cook something up with gas. Or maybe little colored balls, I don't know. The [tube filled with tiny] balls [and/or gas] is in [someone's] court.

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Man, I do not understand the point of PVs.


i remember getting hyped up about this a year ago, it all seems so old now...@n

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