Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"You Think I'd Be Wearing These Things of My Own Choice?"

Rita has a bunch of sunglasses. Here's a better look at her collection. Rich, she's gunnin' for ya!

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I want to be her when I'm old. Hell, I want to be her now.


@rayray omg I am in awe of her amazingness


@rayray right? I can't wait to be old and war whatever the fuck I want all the time. I think it will be luxury velour tracksuits and sparkly nail art.

fondue with cheddar

@rayray Check out the entire blog! There are so many amazing, stylish, mature ladies on there and I want to be them all when I grow up. :)


She could Elton John a run for his money with all those funky glasses!@j

hot dog princess

Amazing. I am definitely going to be the most eccentric elderly person on the planet, they are the best type of person.


Well... now I need a trademark.


@JoanTition Maybe you just need Gay Friend Marty, from Austin.


@JoanTition I know! I need a "thing". Everyone seems to have a "thing". I don't think anyone will be impressed when I am 90 and all I can say is "I have saved every button and spare thread that were included with every article of clothing I have purchased since 1990."

Toby Jug

@JoanTition My trademark is not giving a shit until I have expendable income.

@SuperMargie At this point I don't even have a consistent "look." My clothing either involves a pair of yoga pants or a pencil skirt. I am officially boring?


@SuperMargie My thing is wearing jeans 3 days a week, yoga pants the other 4. Does that count? I am too poor/lazy/uncoordinated to have a thing.

fondue with cheddar

@SuperMargie My ex husband used to have a "thing", or rather a collection of things that comprised a style (leather flat cap, Hawaiian shirt, Chuck Taylors). His style was so much a part of him that one year a friend dressed up as him for Halloween and everyone knew who he was supposed to be. It wasn't until he dropped his style I realized that he wasn't very attractive in the first place.

Toby Jug

This is just a beautiful microcosm of the fashion industry, right?


Oh man, I love that she hates her signature look but feels naked without it. Eccentric ladies forever!


Ah ha ha, I know her! In fact, I believe I was walking by when that particular picture was taken! She's basically amazing.

Lee Van Queef

I wonder if Rita knows how cool she is and that she is EVERYONE'S FAVORITE.

Daisy Razor

I also LOVE that Rita has created a cupid's bow on her upper lip out of red lipstick. I am not even joking. Anything a woman does at age 80 is a Fashion Do.


OK now I miss my granny.

tin can phone

I nominate this lady for A LADY!

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

And now a video of Rudy and/or Winston reacting to this please? Then the internet would be perfect.


We all need a Marty in our lives.

ms. alex

I saw an old lady at the grocery store wearing what can best be described as Little Red Riding Hood's red riding hood. I want that to be my Old Lady Trademark when I'm old.


OHMYGODMYNEIGHBOR!!! MY NEIGHBOR ON THE HAIRPIN! I'M PRACTICALLY FAMOUS! This lady was my neighbor for 3 years and I always smiled and tried to say hello so I could get her into a conversation and ask about the glasses but she refused to make eye contact. I'M SO EXCITED OMFG okay breathe, self, breathe.

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