Friday, February 3, 2012


Toys and Games in Art

Click on a game or toy to see its context.

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Lili Loofbourow lives in Oakland and writes about 17th-century ideas of reading and digestion, cognitive science, Chile, and femscularity. She blogs for Ms. Magazine and Excremental Virtue.

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Want that man-faced lion the floppy doll is riding. I would stomp it around my desk making roaring noises. I feel like it would make a really satisfying clomping sound.

kate sweet@twitter

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Jon Custer

I'd like to know the rules for the game "Z on a Stick."


@Jon Custer

I hope it involves icosahedronal dice!


@Jon Custer Whatever, you know you'll just lose the rules and end up using the sticks to fence with your sister. (And then one of you will get hurt and your parents will get angry and take them away from you and ten years later you end up finding them in the rafters of the garage and go, "Oh my god, remember these things? I almost poked your eye out! Haha, good times.")

Porn Peddler

I can't believe I recognized those Bruegels. I obviously should have majored in art history.

Jon Custer

"God, I always get soooo exhausted when I play tennis!" "I KNOW, right? My brow is, like, SO sweaty!"

Zeki Yol@facebook

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