Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tiny House Not Safe

Too small; did not enter.

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George Templeton Strong

When I first moved to New York I was shown an apartment about that size, but it looked on to an airshaft. So I envy the San Franciscans.


@George Templeton Strong I was just about to say - in SF, that's an art exhibition. In NYC, it'd be a $2,000/month "studio with view."


@George Templeton Strong Don't envy too much - if that tiny house were for rent you'd have to show up with your stock portfolio and a deposit of gold bricks to get it. Which is to say, don't relocate for the real estate (or move to Oakland)...


@roadtrips Also it would be leased within ten minutes of being listed on Craigslist or you would show up and there would be a line out the door to apply.


@roadtrips This seems like a higher cost of living competition. Why not move to Oakland? You can have a yard and a porch where it's sunnier. Actually never mind, it's so dangerous. You don't want to move here. (I like my rent where it is.)


But, but--anything could be up there! A witch with a tooth-necklace! Elves! A bear?


I'd heard that melis had moved to the city.


It's like one building giving birth to another building.


Aw. I still want to live in the sphere house, though!


It's kind of brillant though. I mean, the side of a building! You could build a whole treehouse city out there! And get sun for your plants, it would be like living in a canyon!


How is it held on? Magnets?


@SallyForth Magic!


And on Fridays you can rappel down to Le Central and have lunch with Mayor Willie! Win-win!

fondue with cheddar

I love it! When I was a kid I was obsessed with this sign near my house for a realtor. The sign was like a mini-house, made of real windows and doors and siding and shingles, but only a couple feet thick. I always wanted to go inside even though my parents insisted that I would never fit inside. I wish I had a picture of it!


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