Thursday, February 2, 2012


"This Triangle on the Cheek Marks the Very Limit of Operations"

Perhaps a reason some people aren't crazy about makeup tutorials is that the current ones don't feature enough rough crayon markings or facial calipers. Over to you, Jane.

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"where is that cat?" puss! puss! lolforever

...i think it's a bit creepy that a man in narrating, and that the tips are sooo vague. ngl, i love the crayon markings.

Party Falcon

@LeafySeaDragon And that the models are clearly super-spackled before the calipers even come out.


I just love these vintage videos! They're fascinating! @v


I like how all that crayon marking doesn't really seem to have a purpose, other than to show that her face isn't perfectly symmetrical.

Party Falcon

I sort of adore the idea of mathematically defined beauty. I mean, it's just as unobtainable as the modern 'uniquely perfect with a hint of imperfection' but at least there would be guidelines so you can KNOW how badly you're failing.


I feel like I was supposed to learn something useful in this video but didn't. How do I know where to draw my triangle?!


I didn't think there was much difference between the "bad makeup" and the "good". Did you?


wow! what is going on with the make up artists manicure? I guess I thought metallic polish and accent nails where a modern invention.


The aggressive lipsticking! That will never come off, girl.


Ok after a dozen-ish viewings, I think I've got it: if your face is three calipers long, cram the grease blush into the pores on your temples. If however your face is 3.49 calipers long, cram the grease blush into the pores on your temples. And leave your lip ends severely alone.


@TheShe I have just created an account to tell you that I have had an UTTERLY SHITTY week and was so glum, read your comment, laughed till I cried for 5 minutes straight, and my evening is transformed! Thankyou!

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