Friday, February 10, 2012


The Week of February 6 - 10

- A Dude recalled Lord Byron, and A Lady (or, A Coiled Rope?) noticed the way some people take their coffee.

- A Clean Person polished her charm bracelet, and a reader held out a vintage bullet bra.

- Classic Scandals: the rise and fall of Fatty Arbuckle.

- "Both my husband and I brought books, thinking we’d need reading material for what was bound to be a horrendously long wait because I was being 'one of those people.'"

- Esther got low.

- Carolita reconnected with a chair enthusiast.

- And the amethyst belt bracelet got out of my dreams and onto my arm. No, it didn't.

- There's $20 for any woodland creature that fetches me a Nice & Sloe right now. Ditto a casserole.

- Take note of how you pay for those white wine spritzers this weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!

Photo by digitalbalance, via Shutterstock

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Oh my! That jellyfish looks like a PENIS!






Um is that jellyfish oddly phallic?

re: VHS cover of the Little Mermaid

saul "the bear" berenson

Out of my dreams and onto your arm I long to flyyyy....


YOU GUYS http://helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com/


Goodnight, Whitney


@atipofthehat Whitney was only 48?? I thought she was sooo much older.


@heyad oh & yeah - see you in heaven, whit :'(


@atipofthehat During the national anthem, it's the ease, the skill and the smile, as much as the voice, that makes me feel [something something] as an American.


@laurel @heyad

I'm sitting in the town she grew up in, as it happens.


@laurel I've been watching some of her earlier videos, and gosh, her smile is breathtaking. Despite everything, she managed to be one of the great proponents of the exuberance of love. I hope she's dancing with somebody who loves her.

Party Falcon

Oh. Whit. Party but....oh Whit.

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