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The Best Time I Was an Extra on Dawson's Creek

The summer before ninth grade I flew from Pittsburgh to Wilmington to be an extra on my favorite show, Dawson’s Creek. I had an inkling that this wasn’t a normal thing, but I was a clueless teenager with Hollywood dreams. I read InStyle and W and Vogue, I knew things about celebrities, I devoured movies and awards shows, and I had been in a junior high production of Oliver! I was convinced that eventually I was going to be famous, and that magazines would ask me things like what sort of lip product I used. I would have said Benetint. Not because it was true, but because in 1998 it seemed like all the celebrities used Benetint.

Of course, it helped that my dad had gone to summer camp with a guy who ended up owning the studio lot where they shot the show. And I had little sense of how decidedly unglamorous a flight from Pennsylvania to North Carolina was.

I arrived at the lot, filled out my first employment form, and then was sent to wait in one of the classroom sets with the other extras and stand-ins. I remember one gorgeous blonde girl waiting with her parents. She had no fewer than 10 wardrobe changes, all with the tags still on them. I panicked. They told us to bring two outfits! TWO! And I brought TWO because I followed directions, dammit. Both were from my closet and I was WEARING ONE. Was I supposed to have purchased a whole new wardrobe? I like to imagine that I felt the provinciality of my Pittsburgh roots for the first time. That somehow, despite being in Wilmington for a television shoot, I sensed something like blue-collar rust-belt pride. But probably I just felt embarrassed.

We talked a little bit. This was her first gig, too. She was going to be Andie’s stand-in because she had her coloring and her body type. She said she had signed up for some acting classes and expected to start getting real roles soon. Her parents seemed to agree. I knew how unlikely it was that she was going to catapult from her stand-in role to Hollywood royalty — we had a family friend who was a working actress and my parents always made sure to remind me that very few people ever get to be famous. Even so, I was jealous. Her parents were there coaching her through everything. My dad left for a round of golf almost immediately after dropping me off. (Looking back, I realize I probably had the better deal. Stage Parents are not fun to have around.)

Suddenly it was lunchtime, and all I had done was a lot of waiting. In the buffet line an extra with a speaking role asked me if I was there because I was a model. I politely corrected him but was secretly thrilled. If that was a line, and I hope it wasn’t because I was 14 going on 9 and still hadn’t even held hands with anyone, it was probably one of the best in the history of the universe. If a guy ever asked that again with a straight face I’d probably marry him.

I didn’t tell any of my fellow extras the real story of why I was there. It seemed embarrassing. The story I settled on was that I was just taking a tour of the studio, and they'd asked if I wanted to be an extra. It was kind of true. No one needed to know about my dad’s phone calls and summer camp.

Finally we were called to the set. I was ever so slightly dumbfounded when I walked in the room to see all the people I had been watching and obsessing over on television for a year. And they were all there in the same Economics class: Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, and even the new Season Two characters like Meredith Monroe and Monica Keena. It was thrilling. But I was above expressing that awe publicly, of course. I’d decided well before I got there that I wasn’t going to be one of those annoying “fans” who run up and ask for autographs or some ridiculous photo. That would have been SO EMBARRASSING AND UNCOOL and I was there to WORK and prove my sitting at a desk skills silently. So the whole time I just kind of ignored them. I don’t even think I made eye contact. Of course like any 14-year-old who is suddenly in the same room as CELEBRITIES, I couldn’t help but stare, I just tried not to look too obvious about it. I realize now that there was no way I was actually pulling this act off, of course. Like any young teenager trying to look cool and aloof in the presence of older teenagers and young twentysomethings, I was the antithesis of cool. But I didn’t notice that. When we were ready to take our places they stationed me at a desk directly in front of Joey and Dawson, which I took as some indication that I was already doing an amazing job at this whole “extra” thing.

They rehearsed once and were ready to shoot. Before the camera started rolling, though, someone came over and asked me to step outside. I thought I’d been fired, or deemed too ugly. Perhaps I accidentally looked Katie Holmes in the eye and she had me banished. Whatever the reason, I was being sent away. My face burned and I suddenly felt like I was about to faint. I barely managed to walk out of the room. Someone carried my desk and chair out behind me and I sat in the fake hallway high school hallway and read the fake high school flyers on the fake high school bulletin board and tried not to cry. It didn’t really work. I’d never felt so embarrassed and ashamed. My career was over before it had even started.

A good 30 minutes passed before I realized that I had just been in the way of that particular shot. Eventually I was sent back in puffy eyed and self-conscious. They told me to slouch down in my seat as far as possible. As I took my seat I thought I heard James Van Der Beek say something about my shoes to Katie Holmes. They both laughed. I assumed they were making fun of me. I sunk down further into my chair, and tried to conceal the scratches on my black platform sandals from Delia*s. I was a good 5+ years younger than anyone there. Katie Holmes was 19! Van Der Beek was 21! Not only were cool older kids possibly teasing me, but the cool older kids were also celebrities that I idolized. It felt like a nightmare. But at 14 I thought everyone was talking about me all the time. And OF COURSE James Van Der Beek would have cared about my shoes.

We did two scenes that day. We shot till about 10 p.m., meaning I’d been there for about 14 hours total. I don’t think I talked to a single person after lunch — the sort of behavior that I thought made me look mysterious and sophisticated, but really just made me seem very young.

Thinking back on it now, it was all very surreal. But I guess the haze of a 15-year time-lapse will make any memory seem closer to a David Lynch dream sequence than reality. I remember Joshua Jackson running around making the crew and cast laugh between takes. I remember Katie Holmes doing arabesques against the wall and James Van Der Beek trying to mimic her. I remember one of the crew wondering out loud if Pacey and Andie were both dressed in shades of green because they were eventually going to be paired up. I remember thinking that Meredith Monroe looked like a young Gwyneth Paltrow. I remember Michelle Williams, who I’d always thought was a little big on screen, being one of the thinnest women I’d ever seen. I remember being bored. I remember Van Der Beek telling my blonde friend that she was very pretty. I remember resenting this. I remember seeing Katie Holmes slinking away with a book to read in the corner between breaks and wishing I’d been smart enough to bring one for myself.

Ultimately I found the whole experience both humiliating and dull. I didn’t discuss it with anyone. The morning after the episode aired I remember kids at school who I didn’t know asking if that was me on television. Like all teenage loners I was convinced I was anonymous. Getting noticed was embarrassing.

I stopped watching Dawson’s Creek after my episode aired because it wasn’t fun or enchanting anymore, it was just real. I also decided that I was not, in fact, going to pursue acting. So I guess maybe my dad knew what he was doing after all.

Oh and Van Der Beek, I forgive you for the shoes thing. Don’t pretend like you don’t remember.

Lindsey has written for The Atlantic, Splitsider, and The Junior Varsity. She lives in Chicago.

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Ah, this is awesome! One of my good friends was an extra/stand-in for Joshua Jackson (which is how I learned he's like, 6'3". He always looked so short on the show!).


@meetapossum He is both tall and somehow better looking in person! And also, quite good at softball!


OMG does Mark Schwan just recycle characters really that guy Ken was actually Jimmy in One Tree Hill. Watching DC I noticed that OTH recycle loads of lines!@m


pittsburgh prideeeee


@piekin Right?! YES.

oh, disaster

@Elleohelle @Elleohelle My sister was an extra on Adventureland at Kennywood. She wore an 80s track suit, they put her in line at the Jack Rabbit and then her scene got cut.


@andrea disaster That is AWESOME! I knew some people who were extras in that movie too- I still have yet to see it, though. Aw man now I want it to be summer so that I can go to Kennywood!!


@Elleohelle zomfg KENNYWOOD! my boyfriend and i were just talking yesterday about wanting to get married there! that is how much i love that place.. the thunderbolt was my first roller coaster!


BAHAHA amazing story.
it's so true that when you're 14, when things don't go exactly the way you'd imagined it feels like a TOTAL LIFE-OVERTURNING DISASTER.
(probably not for everyone.)

sceps yarx

@plonk no, I'm pretty sure for everyone.


1. I never thought I had a reason to wonder what happened to Monica Keena until I read this article.

2. My hope for you is that Van der Beek will get a Google alert about this and offer some explanation for his perceived slight. Delia platform sandals were the shit.


@applestoapples Monica Keena is still working on TV.


@ImASadGiraffe And, I am not sure what's going on, but it looks like she may have had something done to her face. I recently watched the documentary Never Sleep Again (it's about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies) and she doesn't look anything like she did on the Creek or, if I remember correctly, Undeclared.

Living My Best Life Far Away from the Hairpin!

@applestoapples "Delia platform sandals were the shit." HA! I had a pair of those janky plastic bad boys myself--mine were tan and the straps had flower cut-outs in them. *cringe* But I now feel better for having owned and worn them, knowing that Dawson (allegedly) disapproves of them because EW, DAWSON IS THE WORST.

Living My Best Life Far Away from the Hairpin!

@Hellcat Yeah, she definitely looks different than she did on Undeclared--that was such a long time ago (augh, ten years??)! I remember being surprised by her appearance at that Freaks & Geeks/Undeclared reunion they had last year. I don't want to sound mean, but really...why did she duck-ify her lips like that?


@Katzen-party That girl was perfectly good-looking the way she was. I do not understand what got into her!

Now, completely unrelated and not intended a thread highjack, but... I just took off some black nail polish from my very short nails, which are, unfortunately, surrounded by very dry skin, which now looks like it's smeared with newsprint, no matter how much nail-polish remover/soap and water I use! I am having a meltdown over here because my hands (and underneath my nails) look filthy. And I hate having dirty hands and I have no idea what to do other than what I have been doing that isn't working... and the asshole baby downstairs has been screaming and stomping around like a buffalo and throwing a fucking fit for, seriously, two hours straight! OHMYGOODNESS, I can't...

AnywayOK -- sorry! So, does anyone have a hint for me about the nail polish residue (or even that stupid baby, whatever). Thanks in advance... and god help me.

Pocket Witch

@Hellcat I hear soaking your nails in lemon juice or sticking your fingertips into half of a lemon can help. Or hydrogen peroxide, possibly. I've never personally tried either of these methods, though, so I can't tell you if they work or not.


@comedy_of_customs You know, I think I have heard of the peroxide thing before. Too bad I didn't remember it before having in online meltdown! Anyway, I ended up lotioning copiously and scrubbing with a nail brush, which sort of slid the grime out. Next time I attach black polish, I go in with a better plan (though this has never happened before; maybe it was the new polish I used this time).

The night got better though... the BF showed up unexpectedly with my birthday gifts: one of those round bladeless tabletop fans (not the actual Dyson but a reasonable facsimile) and a great big Han Solo figure atop a tauntaun! Yay!


@Katzen-party I had the black velvet flip-flop platforms where the bed of the sandal was made out of something akin to a woven straw mat. They were the height of junior high school fashion.


@applestoapples OH YES! I had those too. I kind of want them again...

Dr Clownius

@applestoapples me too! but i had the crappy walmart ones, so they fell apart pretty quickly.

Betsy Shane@facebook

@applestoapples Really? Because Crime and Punishment in Suburbia was pretty much my favorite movie ever for about 5 years. In fact, it is in my laptop right now.


You know what's weird? Meredith Monroe is 4 years older than Gwyneth Paltrow. Meredith was almost 30 when she started on Dawson's Creek (playing a 16 year old).


@sjmk@twitter After looking her up on IMDB just now to see what she's been up to, it turns out she does the voice for Pepper Pots on the Iron Man video game, the role Paltrow played in the movie. Kinda funny coincidence. Also, I can't believe how young she looks!


@sjmk@twitter She also plays Lemon's estranged mom on Hart of Dixie.

Lindsey Bahr@facebook

@sjmk@twitter Oh my god, I had no idea!


I unabashedly love teen television shows (always have) so I started watching Secret Life of the American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars... Both included Bianca Lawson, who I knew I recognized but didn't believe she was the person I thought she was - a character actress from the 90s that was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Dawson's Creek. IMDB confirmed it. She was born in 1979, still playing 16 year olds. Love it.


@fatgirlinohio that's actually how i knew how old she was. i watch heart of dixie and saw her and immediately had to IMDB her... i thought there was absolutely no way she could possibly be old enough to play a 20-something's mom. it blew my mind, she's just like 29 year old gabrielle carteris playing 16 year old andrea zuckerman!


When a young man is nicknamed "Cereal Box Head," you don't need to worry too much about what he thinks of your shoes.


@atipofthehat Oh, to have the skill to insert the James Van der Beek crying face gif here!



Use the code you find here?


@atipofthehat Well, now it seems anticlimactic.

(Thanks, I'll use it next time.)

Porn Peddler

My cousin was on Gossip Girl last week! She and my sister live near NYC so they both take work as extras when they can. My sister was a ~featured~ extra in that...movie with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

Zahra B.

@Third Wave Housewife How exactly do they manage to be extras on Gossip Girl? Inquiring minds (who are not me, not at all, duh) would like to know.

oh, disaster

You know that SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Kirsten Dunst as extras who can't ignore the camera? I have a feeling that's the kind I would have been, especially at 14.


@andrea disaster
I had that episode taped on a VHS and watched it constantly for years. There was a sketch later that I'm sure was written by Tina Fey and the inspiration for Mean Girls about a slumber party. I want to see that episode again so bad.


I was too old to care about this show when it was on and never watched it, so I am just now noting that having a roomful of real teens as extras makes the 20-something principals look quite absurd at their little classroom desks.


A friend of mine from college looks a LOT like James Van Der Beek, and when we were both living in London we'd go grab dinner periodically. The combination of the similar appearance and an American accent meant that people would. not. believe it wasn't him. It was kind of great to sit there in a restaurant and have people ask for autographs :)


My best friend would be so jealous of you! He performs his "I'm Joey Potter and I only speak out of one side of my mouth" impression on a semi-regular basis.

Wookiee Hole

@lil.orphan.shannie I also do this impression on a regular basis. Combine with Anne Hathaway's impression and you have the complete Katie Holmes.


This totally captures the early-teens mindset. Love it.

Also, I picture her dad writing a piece on "The Best Time I Got to Fly to NC to Play a Round of Golf".


This made me think of the time 15 or so years ago that Claire Danes was in town filming a movie, and I was 14 and wanted to be an extra. I got a call, but circumstances prevailed and I wasn't able to do it; I cried for days, thinking I blew my chance for STARDOM.

miss buenos aires

@DandelionTacy Was it Polish Wedding? Because my friends and I were also planning to be extras in that movie, but we just forgot when it was and we didn't really know where we were supposed to go anyway. So you and I were practically extras together, right?


@miss buenos aires A friend of mine from high school was a featured extra in Polish Wedding! He had a line!


@miss buenos aires It was! We could have had some good times on set, becoming STARS!


A bunch of girls I went to high school with were extras in a soft core Alyssa Milano movie, "Embrace of the Vampire" back in the ninties. It was a lesbian sex scene.


@parallel-lines Hey, I know that movie! (Why am I so excited by this? I should probably be embarrassed.)


@Hellcat Unless you're a 13 year old boy from 1997, maybe a little? (sorry!)


@parallel-lines I have friends who were in that movie too. My two (guy) friends were in a club scene and had to take their shirts off and dance with each other.


@parallel-lines You guys have convinced me. I'm definitely going to watch this.


@parallel-lines I don't think saying sorry (in parentheses!) after a mean comment really cuts it.


@kylie Congrats, you fail at humor.

Dr Clownius

@parallel-lines How wonderful.


@parallel-lines I guess so, if by humor you mean nasty remarks? I just didn't think what you said was a nice or funny thing to say.


@Dr Clownius Oh dear. What is happening?


I hate how celebrities are so thin but can look less so onscreen. Like everyone says that Amber Benson was super tiny in real life but doesn't look like it with Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Whereas in real life you don't automatically evaluate everyone against the thinnest people you've ever seen.


@Ellie She dated my friend for a while, and she wasn't super tiny, but she was definitely not the size she looked on-screen. At all.


@christonacracker Her Buffy wardrobe did her no favors either.


That is DEFINITELY Christian-alterna-rock-band Plankeye playing in the background. Definitely.


@mirror_father_mirror Oh man, a kid at my school used to wear their shirts. He's a pastor now.


Even though it wasn't the magical time you expected, the part of me that will always love Pacey is still super jealous of you.

The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak

...this may be an appropriate time to brag about the fact that I was an extra on Parks and Recreation this week.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am still freaking out about it. :D

Lindsey Bahr@facebook

@wamanda Did you talk to Aubrey Plaza!?


@wamanda YOU WHAT.


@wamanda I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

Noelle O'Donnell

@wamanda OHMYGOD. That's amazing.

Lady Pennyface

@wamanda No wayyy! Please write The Best Time I Was an Extra on Parks and Rec (and Ate All the Waffles and Whipped Cream)!

The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak

@Lady Pennyface Hah! I would love to. Edith better get on that.

All right. Here is (my attempt at) a brief recap:
Parks and Rec was filming on my campus (UCLA) Monday and Tuesday. Monday, I walked down to check it out. Using my patented ninja skills, I got past the outside security, slipped in the side door of the theater they were using, and found myself ON THE SET. I chilled there and watched them film for about a half hour until some undergrads snuck on and blew my cover. They were wearing their backpacks and giggling furiously, which immediately caught the attention of the stage manager. The kids got kicked out, and then the manager finally noticed me standing nonchalantly in the corner. He asked me what department I was with. I was not fully prepared for this scenario, so I ended up saying I was meeting someone for lunch and was told I had to wait outside.

Tuesday: Having been so successful on Monday, my friend and I decided to try to sneak on together. I got us back to the same stage door, but this time, there was a security guard blocking access (production's reaction to my aforementioned ninja skills?). We walked up, and he blocked us, asking if we were allowed to be there. My instinct was to tell him we were extras who got separated from the group. To my surprise, this totally worked, and we were in! They were filming a city council debate scene, so there were about a hundred extras serving as the audience. We walked right in like we belonged and took a seat. It was the coolest thing ever!! Amy Poehler just radiates amazing kindness. And Joan Kalamezzo is fucking hi-lar-i-ous! And Perd Hapley. Ya heard? PERD HAPLEY. Plus, the adorable Paul Rudd. It was great. We got to participate in scenes too--clapping and murmuring and all sorts of fun stuff.

AHHHH so much to tell you guys!!! Here are some highlights, which I am happy to describe in more detail if folks are interested:
- Evil extra lady tried to rat me out to the production manager, but I did an awesome job of talking my way out of it and convincing them evil extra lady was crazy (the correct answer is always: "Of course we are union!")
- Joan Kalamezzo was the most consistently hilarious ad-libber ever: "Well, folks, if you have ever wondered what similarity smells like, you are looking at it."
- Amy Poehler is quite possibly the most affable, charming woman on the face of the planet
- Impromptu dance party in the makeup trailer!!!!!!!

Best two days ever.

The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak

@Lindsey Bahr@facebook Unfortunately, she wasn't on set when I was there, but I did get some Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, Paul Rudd and whoever plays Joan Kalamezzo and Perd Hapley action.

Lindsey Bahr@facebook

@wamanda Insanely jealous! That is so cool.


@wamanda OH MY GAW please describe all highlights in painstaking detail! I would die. What about Aziz? Or DJ Roomba? Was he in the house??


I was an extra in a movie with Jonathan Brandis about Vietnam/Kent State college kid protests. I did not make the final cut. Apparently my teargas-attacked acting was not convincing. At least, that's what I heard. I never saw the movie, but one of my friends who was also an extra did.


When it said the beautiful but nice blonde girl had ten outfits with the tags still on, the first thing I thought was "Duh, because she's going to return them to the store when she's done!"
I've heard people do that.


I was an extra in a big-budget movie, and I found the experience so rage-inducing and humiliating that I have never watched the movie to this day.


@leastimportantperson How disappointing. I always thought it would be a mildly interesting way to pass a day. What made it so bad?


@leastimportantperson That's kinda how I felt when I worked briefly as a production assistant for a short-lived TV show. After initially telling me it was going to be a 12-hour workday (which is already pretty long!), it turned out to be a 15-hour workday with the last 3 hours entirely unpaid. They didn't let me have any lunch break whatsoever. Most of the 15-hour workday was spent running frantically around the city dropping off scripts at various people's fancy apartment buildings (my feet hurt for daaaaaays after that), and the doorman at one fancy apartment building yelled at me until I cried. After the experience was over, never again did I ever feel envious of people working in the entertainment industry. That job was more thankless than any of the retail jobs I'd ever done!

New Hoarder

@leastimportantperson My older sister was an extra for Deep Impact (Morgan Freeman, POTUS) b/c they needed people with cars jamming the freeway, and she had just bought her 1st car. She got something like $200 for a day or two of work and got to be in a HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION which greatly elevates her status within my family.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Right, there's this split between people who get treated like gods and people who get treated like less than crap. I just also wanted to vomit seeing the amount of money they were wasting, hour after hour, filming this incredibly dumb movie. And it turns out I really resent being told I can't get out of the sun when I'm feeling faint, eat when I'm starving, or put on a jacket when I'm cold. Plus, honestly, I was really grossed out by how everyone around me was just SO PSYCHED to be there. They treated us absolutely atrociously, and everyone was just so thrilled about it. Hated it hated it hated it.


That kid who did his economics homework and had the speaking line, he went on to do amazing work on One Tree Hill in a critical plot where he was a school shooter and then he killed himself and everyone thought that he killed Keith when in fact Dan killed Keith, his own brother! One Tree Hill for LYF.


THIS IS THE BEST. I always wanted to be an extra. It sucks living in NC but being so far away that you can't just be an extra.


@Arielle Clemence@twitter If it makes you feel any better, I grew up in Wilmington (and have since returned), and I never got to be an extra either! I did, however, get to go on set with a friend who was Katie Holmes' stand-in, where we got to meet JVDB and Katie and Joshua and assorted others, which was the greatest moment of my 7th grade life.


I love hearing about extra experiences! I was background in Taking Woodstock and background driver in Salt, and it's my favorite job ever. I wish people made more movies around here.


My friends and I once beat Michael Pitt (who later appeared on Dawson's Creek) in an audition to appear in a Mighty Mighty Bosstones video (yes, this was 1997). Then they ended up cutting all the footage of us!


@Lemonnier I was in a music video! For the breakthrough single from an amazing artist: Teck from Real World Hawaii. He filmed some horrible video about being at "the club" at an underage club in some gross part of Seattle. My friends and I went to be extras. I got in front of the stage and was dancing right up by Teck and then he forcefully SHOVED ME OUT OF HIS WAY because I was in the way of the camera. I was a little 17 year old kid who weighed liked 95lb, come on dude. Unnecessary roughness, Teck ;(

I don't think the music video ever made it onto MTV or whatever, what a shame.


My grandpa was an extra in cleopatra. One of the battle scenes, apparently.


I wasn't an extra, but I saw them filming The Dark Knight once when I was getting off the Brown Line in Chicago?

New Hoarder

@Bitterblue My friends were extras in the commissioner funeral procession, etc. scene from TDK! And then when I visited them in Chicago I demanded The Dark Knight tour and got it. BAM.


I went to undergrad in Wilmington, and legitimately knew students who were professional extras. I mean, most of us did it at least once, although Dawson's was before our time, so this was One Tree Hill. I was also a Film/Theater kid, so someone always had a friend of a friend who was working on the set.

At one point, I had a friend who worked in locations for OTH. At the end of one of the seasons, they shot some big house party in a falling-down mansion in the woods that was scheduled for demolition. Naturally, the next day, my friend called up all of us, we brought beer, and threw a real house party at the location that night.



@FurCoats&CinemaTropes I literally just watched that episode like two weeks ago (I'm studying for the bar, don't judge me, mindless entertainment is important) and having lived most of my life in Wilmington could NOT figure out where that house was. This explains things.


When I was working in a hostel in Connemara they were filming Tristan and Isolde nearby and would routinely stop by the hostel looking for dirty backpackers to play viking extras. Easy pickings there.


I was (kind of) an extra in The Change-Up. They were filming at Turner Field in Atlanta. And they were filming January for a thunderstormy day in August, for some reason. So everyone was FREEZING but the people on camera not only had to wear summer clothes, but had to get wet from rain machines. Anyway, it was pretty boring. The "pull your pants up" guy from American Idol was there. Ryan Reynolds took the mic for a bit, emceeing a raffle, and he was pretty funny and charming. I saw Olivia Wilde too. But it was pretty much boring and pointless even if I did get to actually ~see Ryan Reynolds omg~

Dr Clownius

@annejumps@twitter I was an extra in that Johnny Knoxville movie The Ringer. It was like February and it was freezing outside but it was supposed to be summer so we weren't allowed to wear jackets during filming. The assholes in front of us wouldn't take theirs off so our shots were cut. We got to see Johnny Knoxville in person, but man, he looked ROUGH. Like he was 10,000 years old. No thanks.

Later I actually watched the movie and was glad I wasn't in it.


My Croatian friend was just an extra in the new season of Game of Thrones! You best believe come April 1st I am going to DVR all the Dany scenes and watch them in slow motion just so I can spot him.

Gillian Kirby@twitter

I work in Britain's Famous London and I'm sure that 'Baker Street' in Sherlock is just round the corner from my office. I also accidentally walked onto the set of An Education as they were filming an exterior scene near my old flat.


@Gillian Kirby@twitter I was in Oxford for the last three years, and every now and again would find myself walking through a large film set en route to a tutorial. (The front door of my house was used to film a scene of Lewis! And some filming for X-Men went on just around the corner.)


I was an extra in the Russian movie "Mishen." This was through no merit of my own; the director's niece was (and is) one of my best friends. I remember the experience as being LONG and tiring, and reflecting that actors really did earn their money, spending hours shooting the same scene over and over again.

Pseudo Pseudonym

My college had a TV show that regularly filmed on campus. While the school raked in the money for all the location rental fees (they quickly dropped the rule about not allowing filming during weekdays), the novelty wore off quickly for the students. With no warning to us, the production would cordon off such a large area that it would take 10-15 minutes to go around and make everyone late for class. I was much more annoyed with the school since I doubt any of the production people enjoyed having to yell at students trying to get to the main library during midterms.


This is amazing. I have never been so jealous of anyone in my entire life. Also, "14 going on 9" is hilarious.


I've never been an extra, but they used to jam the fucking street on which my culinary school is located with catering/lighting/equipment trucks for The Wire and you could never get down the Block to go to 7-11 or Crazy John's when they were there. I still won't watch that show, which I am aware makes me sound ridiculous.

Also, fuck Bruce Willis and Live Free or Die Hard. It took me FOUR HOURS to get home one day because they diverted all the buses for a City Hall scene or some shit, and it was hot as balls outside, and by the time I finally made it home I was so dirty and disgusting and sweat-drenched and frustrated and late for work that I cried in the shower.


BTW why is Dawson's Creek not on Netflix Instant? Felicity is there but no Dawson's? What am I supposed to do now, work?


Wait, I tuned in to Dawson's way later than most. Who is that girl in the red convertible, who takes off her sunglasses and enviously (?) watches Pacey and Andie walk away at the end of the video clip?

Lindsey Bahr@facebook

@priscillamalarky Isn't that the teacher that he slept with in S1?

Margaret Bristol

The kid with the speaking role ended up on One Tree Hill as the student who shot up the school. I have a really bad WB/CW addiction.

Also, I am so very jealous of the writer for this.

Zeki Yol@facebook

great work, thank you. i always follow web sites. thanks for sharing. Fıkra .

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