Thursday, February 2, 2012


So a Rapper Walks Into a House Party…

"One time when I was 17, I fell asleep on [a friend's] couch, drunk, in my boxers. When he knocked on the window, I jumped out of the window, went to this house party already drunk, and somehow cut my foot on something. I was bleeding all over this person's house, in my boxers, dick hanging out every-[bleeping]-where. At a house party. In the middle of the winter. In my underwear."
—Creative Loafing oddly ended a list of Yelawolf's top five Atlanta hangouts with this glorious tale that proves one person's dream is another person's nightmare.

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Maybe it's just me, but does that picture kinda look like Young Rapper Will Arnett?

Also, nice try, Yelawolf. I have waaaaay better/worse (depending on your perspective) house party stories from my teenage years.

hot dog princess

@emilylouise Now that you said the Young Rapper Will Arnett thing, I can't unsee it!


@emilylouise All I see is some new style of neck hair going on.

nevernude cutoffs

@emilylouise Oh, so the guy in the $5000 pair of boxers is gonna show up at house party, bleeding with his dick hanging out every-[bleeping]-where?!? COME ON!!!


@nevernude cutoffs Please refrain from discussing or engaging in any inter-houseparty *bleep* or *bleep* -ing, or finger *bleep* or *bleep* -sting or *bleep* -esting or *bleep* eing or *bleep* or even *bleep* . Oh and if anyone tries anything with my sister Lindsay, I'll take off my boxers, I'll show you my *bleep* . And I'll personally *bleeeeep*

nevernude cutoffs

@emilylouise that just made me so happy! if you've never gone here, its my home away from home. http://thebluthcompany.tumblr.com/


interesting :) @v

Party Falcon

Just another Thursday night.


Im really glad to see this linked here.. Good subject, and I always really enjoy this writer's work (Austin L Ray). Thanks!


This story is so very ATL, my hometown. Just this morning I read a Facebook comment from one of my ATL friends about how she once snuck into a Jane's Addiction club show and woke up the next morning missing half a tooth. People there get CRUNK.


jane, while i was falling asleep last night i had the thought: is jane the reason that you hear the beats from "awnaw" and "forgot about dre" on so many this american lifes? whether it's true or not i appreciate that you cover the hip-hop beat here.

Zeki Yol@facebook

great work, thank you. i always follow web sites. thanks for sharing. Fıkra .

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