Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Plenty of Love Jams

In case you missed it, two years ago, Mishka commissioned the best mix of lovey, mid-90s R&B prom jams — including Janet, Mariah, SWV, and TLC to name a few — called "Mishka is for Lovers" from Skeet Skeet and it still exists for free. If you prefer less sweet songs about love, download Brother Ali's brand new 7-track EP, The Bite Marked Heart, for zero dollars. He's a supremely listenable rapper from Minneapolis who often raps nice things about his family. And, if none of the above words made any sense to you, may I suggest one of these two hour-long mixes from DJ Klooney?: a bunch of 80's soft rock or the anti-Valentine mix? Some of these are NSFW.

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Lily Rowan

Ooh, those jams! I just heard Tevin Campbell on the radio over the weekend and wondered what happened to him. Also, our mourning of Whitney on Saturday night took a side detour to SWV.

Reginal T. Squirge

Not sure if "supremely listenable" is a compliment or an insult.


I'm still getting used to the Unthanks over here. (Eerie ladies singing = perfect Valentine's music?)


Anyone else having trouble downloading the Skeet Skeet mix? I keep getting invalid file errors??


My favourite for today is Whitehead Bros. - Your Love Is A 187. Feel the fluids running down your legs, right? Dibs on the popsicles for the home alone dance routine for this song.


this is a time machine to my junior high dances. all of a sudden i feel like wearing overalls.


omg, perfect.


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