Monday, February 13, 2012


Our Children Have Eaten

Here we have two stoic young men who've recently shared a meal. Not only that, they're Hairpin reader Miry's nephews, which according to the laws of the internet makes them all our nephews, and since a nephew is essentially a son, they're therefore our very own children. Madison, take note.

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ms. alex

I love that one of the tags is "beauty tutorials."


@ms. alex That is what I look like when I attempt contour makeup.

ms. alex

@teffodee I'm sure the same would happen to me. Simple makeup or no makeup, or end up looking like the kid in this video! (But less tiny and adorable.)


His laugh just makes this video like 10 times better@l


That's nothing!

When your daughter likes to remind you that she knows the word hair by grabbing it, and her hands are covered with nut-butter....

But, sooner or later, we all need to learn to feed ourselves. And there's no way to do that except by making a mess.


@atipofthehat Related: it is really hard to get cake frosting out of baby hair.


@atipofthehat "When your daughter likes to remind you that she knows the word hair by grabbing it, and her hands are covered with nut-butter...." There's got to be a better way to say that.


@atipofthehat My friend's baby was really proud of knowing all his body parts. At the kid's first birthday party, his little hands were covered with frosting and someone thought it would be hilarious to ask, "Where's your head?" He was covered.


@iceberg HA! Related: I spilled butter chicken on my baby's head the other day. He was not as stoic as these two dudes.


That dad better watch out. That second twin has the look of a young Vito Corleone. Dad needs to stop laughing, or he's going to find a horse head in his bed.*

[*NB - I have never seen any of the Godfather movies, so I'm probably mixing up my mafia references.]



We had a delicious Italian dessert last week, but, after it was all gone, I couldn't resist grabbing the plate and shaking it and saying "I know it was you, semifredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!"

Allison Garfield@facebook

Miry, i gladly hand over the award for best aunt. My 'Air Swimmer' shall hang its head all day long. And NOT just cuz it's low on helium. Such a proud auntie right now!!!!! AAHHHHHHH

Annie Connors@facebook

@Allison Garfield@facebook

FYI, everyone, Hairpin devotee/my coworker and bff Allison Garfield is also their aunt. These nuggets are a constant source of entertainment in my life, and my favorite children in all the land!

Daisy Razor

I don't know if I'm laughing so hard because I've been there, or because that kid is just so damn stoic in his messitude.


@Daisy Razor Kid's gonna cut a bitch.


@Daisy Razor I know! He looks so serious!


Oscar & Orrin.



Stoic...or murderous?


Tuck my napkin in my shirt cuz I'm just mobbin' like that.


"You're so bad at eating!"

Oh, squiggles

I would love to see the process that led to that result.


Get rid of your babies, seriously, etc.


I, too, prefer the "smash my face into the food and gobble like a hog" method of dining. I got your back, little dude.


No, no, no, we've got this all wrong. Young sir is clearly just trying to go for the Statement Eyebrows that are so big this season. Wait out fashion week, you'll see.

Katie Walsh

The laughter of Dads behind cameras makes my ovaries explode. Happy Valentine's Day to me!


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