Tuesday, February 14, 2012


One Sad Song Formula

Does Adele's "Someone Like You" make you cry? Me neither. If it does make you cry, yesterday NPR revealed you may be the victim of an appoggiatura. It happens during the "youuu" part so just plug your ears when you hear it coming.

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Yes, but I'm crediting the lyrics more than appoggiatura.

Jane Marie

@Brunhilde what even ARE the lyrics? (yes, I could look them up on the internet, haha)

raised amongst catalogs

@Jane Marie Guess she gave ya things...I didn't give to you--hoohooohoooooo

Jane Marie

@vanillawaif well, that is just a terrible way of looking at things!


@Brunhilde I'm with you. I like to listen to the remix version because it's faster and more fun to dance around to at my desk and I still get a bit sniffly...


@alphabiddycity I had never even heard the song before, so I guess I was paying extra close attention to words so I could identify the part that was suppossed to make me cry. Experiments! So fun!


This is absolutely Brilliant!!!! @l

Toby Jug

Is this the safe space where I can admit to finding Adele trite and overwrought?

Toby Jug

@Toby Jug I mean Adele's music. I really liked her herself at the Grammys.

Reginal T. Squirge

@Toby Jug Not singing so much as shouting her feelings at us.


@Toby Jug I am really looking forward to hearing her sing songs that are not about love gone bad. Most are so angry and depressing I can't listen to them, but when she starts using that voice for less bitter things, I'm sure they'll be tastycakes.


@Toby Jug She herself is so pretty. I don't really care if you like her music beyond that.


@Toby Jug Yes. And I don't like all the comments she makes abou tbeing different than "those other whores" essentially. She has a great voice, but that rubs me the wrong away, and also..I hate the song "Someone Like You" I don't think I've ever listened all the way through, and not because it makes me cry.


@Toby Jug I gave "21" a try and really wanted to like it, but it sounds like mediocre adult contemporary to me. I said this to a friend who is a big fan of hers and he thought I was insane. As a mom I'm relieved she exists as an alternative to other popular music out there.


@klaus I like a few songs, including this one, but I agree about the album as a whole. It's kind of shockingly boring.


@ReginalTSquirge@twitter This! Plus all her feelings are anger.


@fabel Yes. "I am not vapid like those skinny bitches". Hey, hey, hey. I'm all about the fat lady power, but why does it have to have anything to do with skinny people at all? Skinny people are fine, too, and many of them are very talented!


@Toby Jug Yep! Can't stand her.


@Craftastrophies Yeah, I'm skinny, and I don't appreciate that remark at all! Think she has something to say about slim or neither fat nor skinny people? What's the word for them? Do we hate them? Ah, those horrible non-extreme weight bastards!


@carolita Totally. I am not down with any statement along the lines of 'women/people who do not look like [x] are inferior'. Or 'real women have five legs' or whatever. I don't care whether the groups being talked about include me or not (they do in Adele's case), it's still harmful to me, and all people. I don't want to just move the arbitrary goal posts a teeny bit. I want us all to be amazing in our different ways, physically and not.

And you know, what is WRONG with someone's job being to look pretty to sell pop songs? Well, ok, some things. But why is Adele somehow morally superior for being above that (because she definitely doesn't have a stylist and never puts on makeup or costumes for appearances, obvs).

Ugh, I don't mean to rag on her that much - I really don't know enough about her. But quit with the body snark disguised as empowerment, lady. It just makes you look smug and hateful.


@Craftastrophies Wait, real women have five legs?? Is that why men think we're from Venus?


@Bitterblue Not five of our OWN. Just spares. You know, in case...

Nancy Sin

I disagree. It's the saddest of sad lyrics in the bridge that kills it, at least for me! You can just see it all play out:

"I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over."


H.E. Ladypants

@Nancy Sin Ugh, yes, that is what kills me. That insane feeling of not being over someone but knowing you should be, feeling those feeling that you don't want but you really do and arrrrrrrrg.

It is sad because it is about feelings.


@Nancy Sin Those lyrics make me want to shake some self-respect into her! I completely get not being over someone, and I'm totally sympathetic to the feelings. But handcuff yourself to your toilet before you turn up at your married ex-bf's house to tell him you still love him!!!
For angry heartbreak songs, I prefer Amy Winehouse.


@themegnapkin EXACTLY! The first time I listened to these lyrics, I thought "Are. You. Fucking. Kidding me?". I mean, like you, I get it. I'm sure everyone has felt this way at one time or another about someone. But for her to actually turn up at his house (that I assume he shares with his wife, as he is "married now"), uninvited...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, please.


@wee_ramekin Well, I mean, it's a song. She probably didn't literally turn up on his doorstep.


@wee_ramekin Yup. I mean, I love Adele musically, but I have to force myself not to listen to her lyrics because I would grind my teeth into a fine paste.
As the recipient of a "turn up at your door uninvited" thing, it is NOT COOL. You don't just show up at people's houses, especially after you've broken their hearts. People don't just exist for you to love/not love; they've got their own lives, and boundaries you should respect.


Yeah, this explains why everybody busts out crying in the first movement of Bartok's first quartet.

Give me a break. Can somebody say, control group? Dude got tenure saying things like, "So when that chord is not quite what we expect, it gives you a little bit of an emotional frisson, because it's strange and unexpected," really? I bet harmonic analysis of a random half a page of Bach just makes him tear up.


@Tulletilsynet I'm supposed to pick out ornamentations for some Messiah solos this week. How on earth will I keep from falling into despair?


@Tulletilsynet Schenkerian analysis makes him come like a freight train.


@Xanthophyllippa I am having Susan McClary flashbacks.


But not until the very end, and he can only feel it retrospectively.


@Tulletilsynet And sometimes the detail leaves him a bit confused.


Still worse, he can't be bothered with "prolongation." And he ignores all my favorite parts.


1. Hometown Glory is, I think, sadder than Someone Like Yoooooooouuuu.

2. I like Adele the singer. Not mad on Adele the person - or, at least, the public figure she presents. Just saying stupid things about having to pay taxes, and continuing to smoke for ages when it was messing up her voice, and the whole "chewing gum at the Grammys" contrived thing.


Yeah but she loves bluegrass, so I'd forgive any of that shit.


This explains why bagpipes make me burst into tears!


The only song that consistently makes me weepy is Holst's Jupiter. Which, you know, apparently Bringers of Jollity make me sad.


@figwiggin Smetana, Ma Vlast. The Moldau in particular (appropriately).


@Xanthophyllippa Oh wow. My grandmother was Bohemian and my father had that played at her memorial service. Before then, I'd never heard of it.


@annejumps@twitter Wow. My dad's side of the family is Slovak; I think that's why I find it so powerful.


The Czechs love their Smetana like 100 times more than Dvorak; my downstairs neighbor played me The Moldau on his parlor piano and explained why one day and ever since then I do too. But now I realize it needs more appoggiaturas, right?


@Tulletilsynet Definitely not a Schleifer, whatever it needs. And Smetana can kick Dvořák's ass any day of the week, cool diacriticals notwithstanding. He's even a dairy product!


I cream for Smetana. -- The Schleifer is definitely the hot-looking ornament. #Augenmusik


It doesn't make me cry, but it does make me want to eat peanut butter with my hands.


You guys, I cry at music all the time. Like, probably at least once or twice a week. This is just because I'm crazy, right?


@wee_ramekin I cried at Anything Goes on Broadway, because I was so moved at how amazingly awesome Cole Porter's lyrics are. This is not a sad show! You should see me at the opera...


@wee_ramekin There are some songs I can't listen to in public because they make me cry. Most current songs just make me tear up a little, I can deal. When I need to cry, I usually crack out "Miserere mei, Deus" by Allegri (that soprano line sounds like grief feels) or The water is wide. Garuanteed to make me cry so good.

I also tear up at any kind of public dance thing. I don't know why, flash mobs are just so beautiful, you guys!. And often at show tunes, also. I don't know. I just don't know.


I feel like all of the Adele songs I've heard have really interesting and good *parts* that always ultimately resolve into very middle of the road pop songs. Like, I love the intro part to Someone Like You, and also the intro to Rolling in the Deep, actually. But then the songs just kind of...wander off into traditional radio territory. Something always keeps them from being great. On the other hand, she's 23, so it's still pretty good.


@WaityKatie I'm glad you said this. I just put some Adele on my ipod, and I like it ok. But if it's on shuffle often I won't even notice when one of her songs come up, I'll sort of think it's one of my sister's trashy pop songs that have made it on there somehow. And then a couple, there's one bit where I'll sit up and pay attention and then... the rest is fine. It's totally fine! But space on my ipod is at a premium, so...


Adele does nothing for me but Harry Nilsson's "Without you" gets me every time. And sometimes ABBA's Chiquitita (in Spanish).


I listened to thispodcast last night. It's a less pop-relevant, but more interesting, covering of the general idea.


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