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Sugar Tits & Sugarplum Fairy, 2 years

Affectionate nicknames arise from love. To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked 20 New York couples to tell us their nicknames.

Conchita & Conchito, 1 year

Dad & Mom, 12 years

The Dragon & Captain Clunkhead, 48 years

Aliya: “We’re too new to have nicknames.”

Fuck Pig & Wilma, 3 years

Bed Mole & Snuggleworm, 4 years

Baby Girl & Baby Boy, 6 years

Snowflakes & Brown Bear, 2 years

Marisa: “We have more affectionate nicknames for our cat than each other."

Crazy Old Coot & Honey, 39 years

Honeybunch & Phylis Puss, 30 years

Panda & Mocha Cupcake, 4 years

Butta & Patattoo, 1 month

Cookie: “My name is already a nickname.”

Chico Rico & Punk, 1 year

Banjjok (Korean for “Other Half”) & Bongbong (Korean for “Wife”), 3 months

Nen Nen (From the French for “Godmother”) & Ti Day (Origin unknown), 30 years

Poopsie Daisy & Public Pooper, 3 years

Caitlin: “Anything having to do with poop.”

Previously: Wishes.

Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton have made other slideshows based on walks through Fire Island and Art Basel Miami. Jon is coauthor of Ten Walks/Two Talks. They live in Brooklyn, NY.

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I miss New York.


@laurel Come back!! It misses you too :)


@laurel that was what i was thinking when i was looking at these pics! New Yorkers are great.

Bon Vivant

@janedonuts I miss it so much. :(


@laurel aw shit, me too


Ah! Bed Mole!!!

Jolie Kerr

@feartie "Fuck Pig & Wilma" just crushed my heart, in the good way.

Esther C. Werdiger

@Jolie Kerr
I love that we couldn't see Fuck Pig's face. Unless that was Wilma?

Jolie Kerr

@Esther C. Werdiger I decided straightaway that Wilma was the one with his back turned.

Jolie Kerr

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be off shouting "I BELIEVE IN LOVE, I DO, I DO!!" for the rest of the afternoon.


@Jolie Kerr This restored my faith in love in a way millions of roses and tons of chocolates never could. <3 u, Crazy Old Coot and Honey.

one cow.

Bongbong is Korean for wife!? This is great news.


@one cow. I'd be kinda worried if my nickname was "wife" after only 3 months. But I can be called "The Dragon" at any point in a relationship.


@one cow. "Dear, will you be my Bongbong?" I don't think I've ever had a vision for how I want to be proposed to before now.

New Commenter Name

@one cow. I love it!!! I want my husband to call me Bongbong from now on. It's the best word ever.


@dtowngirl and 'Captain Clunkhead' is perfect.

Jolly Farton

@one cow. it's... not
as far as I know
sorry :/
Captain Clunkhead is, though


I am so with the couple who has more nicknames for pets. My dog has so many nicknames. My former bf? Nope.


@Megan Patterson@facebook my dog has the MOST nicknames! they are embarassing - fluffy puff, snuggle bunny, snuggle muffin, snuggle bear, um ... i like to snuggle with my dog


@redheadedandcrazy Mine probably changes weekly. He's been babu, poo, darwoo, darpoop, schmooschoo, butt, face (a lot of body parts apparently?)...these are just the ones I remember.


@redheadedandcrazy Doofus, sweetnose, furface, Notorious D.O.G., the Round Mound from the Pound, dogbutt, das hunden, Savage Beast, okay this is getting embarrassing.


@redheadedandcrazy cuddle bug, bubba, and angel. Angel is greeting, bubba is when I ask him a question (you gotta go out, bubba?) and cuddle bug is when I wake up and he nuzzles me

Oh, squiggles

Yes! Penny the dog is alternately: Penny Lane, Penelope, Puppy, Little Tiny, Pupperdoodle, Pupperroni, and Stinky.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Sooooooo many dog nicknames! Nugget, honey, sweetie, Sebastafarian, the pooper, poops, pooperface, Sir Poops A Lot, Grandpa, fuzzybutt, lumpy, the lump, gimpy, Goldilocks, muffin, Sebacious, and on and on.

Boyfriend? Um...sometimes I call him babe.


@Everyone I love you guys.

I call my BFFs white shepherd Fuzzy Guy. So I guess I am not immune.


@tortietabbie Mine has definitely been poopface and fuzzbutt before. And sometimes I call him bubba if I've been watching a lot of True Blood.


@redheadedandcrazy I have a super long nickname for one cat alone: Itty Bitty Pretty Teddy Kitty Witty.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Same. Cats are 1) micro-pig, in-between-a, moon face, bad queen, 2) slim, saber, talon toes, knob-head, and 3) fuzzy knickers, stripe-socks, fluff-bot, saucer eyes.

raised amongst catalogs

@Megan Patterson@facebook Our cat (Clonky) is: Clonkybird, The Clonch, Clonquistador, Cookie, Clonky Christ Superstar, and Clonky-xote, The Lord of La Meowcha.


@Megan Patterson@facebook My dog, Berkeley: Berkeley Rufus T Firefly Puppy, Rufus, BooKey (thus named by a local toddler who loves him but trips over his name), Monkey Moo, the Monk, Stinkus, Wrinkles


@redheadedandcrazy My cat is Boo, Eddieboo, Pumpkin Face (?!), Pumpkin Patch, Sweetieboo...

This has to be part of why I'm single.


@tortietabbie Oh, and the cat goes by Josie, Jos, the Joster, JOSEPHINE!, chica, chickadee, chiquita, damn cat, honeylamb, pipsqueak, or The Devil.


@Megan Patterson@facebook My Trixie has Trixie Bear, some iteration of "monster", fluffy bear, T-Bear, baby girl, snuggle butt, etc. Her brother Hamish's nicknames usually have to do with stinky, poop, or a reference to his human-size butt.


@vanillawaif Cat nickname thread!

MY nicknames for my babies:
Olive = Olly-boo-boo, Boo, Olly Wolly, Lollypop, Olly Wallaby, and Bubby.
River = Riverooski, Riv-ski, Rivski-doodles, Doodles, and Roo Roo.

Husband's nicknames for our cats: fat puns on celebrity names (because both cats are large and in charge). These include Girtha Kitt, Lards Ulrich, Beyonce Rolls, Fat Sajack, Harriet Chubman, Larry King-size, and the list goes on.

hahahaha, ja.

@Megan Patterson@facebook: My family's dog has been called Stinky, Stinkerbell, Stinkerella, Buttface, Facebutt, Dumbass, Dumbbutt, Pooper, and Fatty McFatFat. Out of that list, the following have been used on exes (and family members): Buttface, Dumbass, and Fatty McFatFat.


@Megan Patterson@facebook YES. Oddly enough, one of my dog's nickname's is Poopsy Daisy, along with Dinkus, Shmucka, Bunny, and Stinks. My cat is Catter or Cattywhompus.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Oh, man. Do I get to do pet nicknames, too? My cat's name is Monster Truck, but he becomes MT, Mr. T, Boobo, Boobers, Boobula, Kitten, Snuggles, and Nugget Head.

My parents' dog Gypsy doesn't have as many nicknames because I don't see her as much, but it's usually Puppy, Pupples, Poppy, Gypserdoodle, and Big Nose.

femme cassidy

@Megan Patterson@facebook My cat's ACTUAL NAME is Pewhead, but she is more often known as Butt Cat, Fussbutt, Zelly Bug, or Lady Fussther Von Fussington.

My partner and I call each other "baby love" and "jerkbutt" with about equal frequency.


@Megan Patterson@facebook I call my dove Pidge, Pigeon, Dirty Bird, and Marshmallow Bird. Briefly, when my boyfriend accidentally stepped on his tail and subsequently shock molted the feathers, I called my bird Pokey Butt when his feathers were growing back in.

The Hyperbolic Julia Set

@Megan Patterson@facebook My parent's cat's names: Cat, Fatty, Fat Stuff, Poogiehead, Smeaky, Stinkwad, Poopie H. Crap
Her real name: Teensy


Oldladydog: Booboo, Nubbin (she has a little nub of a tail), Chickenpants (she has a fluffy backend), DDog, Püudlepie (she is not a poodle).

Babydog: The Little Miss, Puppybunny, Scimp (portmanteau of scamp and imp), Shrimp Scampi (ditto, also she's little), The Frisky Miss, Special Tiny Cuteness, BBD, Skitters, The Crit.


Dog (actual name: PJ): Peej, Peejy, Peejy Lou, PJ Puggle, PJ Picklebottom, Pickle-Bottom-Jeans-Boots-With-the-Fur (usually sung), Lumpkin, Lil' Ol' Cheese, Lil Ol' Lil' Ol' Cheese, Loloc (abbreviation of the former), Little Um Well, Teo, Teotihuahuan.

Cat (actual name: Bowie): BOW-EH (screamed at the top of my lungs in a Scottish accent), Bobo (my roommate calls him that), Moonbeam (best friend calls him that), Bowie Angelcloud.

raised amongst catalogs

@olivebee Oh, man. Such great puns! Is your husband atipofthehat, by any chance?


@vanillawaif Ha, I know! I particularly loved "Harriet Chubman".


@Megan Patterson@facebook Gotta get in on this:
Rick Fox: Pooter, Stupid, Stupor, Rickles, Don Rickles, Don Datta, Dummy.
Wudgie Norple: Wudge, The Wudgster, Fatty, Fat Fat Dirt Dirt, Bigguns, Giraffe (Spanish pronounciation, HA-rof-eh), Pooper, Lazy.
Grr - Gursula, Tiny, Pretty Pretty Princess, Tiny Toes, Black Bean Toes, Slut, Spoiled, My Little Snow Leopard

Vera Knoop

@Megan Patterson@facebook And so many of them involve the word "butt"


Suki (actual name): Suki Su, Lukie Lu, Sookers, Lukers, Sweet Baby Girl, Bubeh Girl, Bubeh, Bubeh McGee, McGee, Snake, Monkey, Monster, Devil, Fluff Face, Fuzz Butt, Fuzz Face.


@Megan Patterson@facebook
my cat Poptart = PT, P-Tart, P-Fart, Pooptart, Fatty McChunkles, FUPA
my dog Pizza = Freak on a Leash

New Commenter Name

@Megan Patterson@facebook
yeah, my dog had tons of nicknames. Oh. I really miss my dog.
Anyway.... my 2nd daughter has a lot of goofy nicknames too, my husband and 1st daughter have zero nicknames.


So many good cat/dog nicknames!
My cat? Bubba, bub, chubs, fats, monkey, buddy, buddybee, and bug. Oh, and I suppose sometimes his real name, but that's boring.

Roaring Girl

@Megan Patterson@facebook Me too, me too!
Buki: Bukkake Marie, Fatimus Prime, Princess Pretty Pants
Pillow Fight: Mr. Wonderful, Phineas "Pillow" Fightington (his professional fisticuffs name, you know), Fat Fatty Fat Fat.

raised amongst catalogs

@Roaring Girl I recently gave my cat the middle name "Marie" as a tribute to Jane Marie! When she's in trouble, I get so much joy out of calling her by her full name.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Cat (actual name Naboo): Maggie, Bebe, Babycat, Asshole, KittyFace, Squirrel Nutkins, Mimi, Boo boo kitty, chickenfat, fluffyfat.
Boyfriend: Kitty.
Can you tell I like cats?


@vanillawaif Ha! No, it is not. My husband's only a sometime Hairpin reader (and never a commenter), but I'll tell him his puns were appreciated! He's been cultivating a list of fat celebrity pun nicknames for our cats for over a year now, so at least now his talents were exposed to the outside world.


@Megan Patterson@facebook

Dog named Toby: Toby Tyler Tyson Thomas Titmouse, Toby T and the MGs, Tibby, Tooby, Tuna Breath, Tibbles, Bunting, Partyface, Baby Boo, Tobias, Twinkletoes, Dandelion Head, Chrysanthemum Head, and those are the ones I can think of after not seeing him for six months.

Cat named Flat Tire: Kitty, Kittyface, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, Stumper (she's missing a leg), Stubby, Kitty Boo, Squeakums, Squeaker, Little Baby, Little Idiot, Monster, The Littlest Pooper.

@olivebee We did that with our fat Chihuahua too! Or, at least, one of his nicknames was Menachem Biggins.

Chick Pea

@redheadedandcrazy Among my dog Cleveland's many nicknames are "Beaver Cleaver" aka "the Beav" and "ManBearPig", neither of which are conducive to being shouted in public.


Aw, my people.


This is my favorite thread. :)


@wee_ramekin Argh, you are the cutest!

My cat does not actually have a name. He was a joint cat, and by the time we picked a name, he knew that his name was 'kitty'. So now he has a serious of rotating nicknames, including kittenpants; skitterbug; kitten pie; buddy; the worst cat; stinky butt; buddy and meowser. Also, whatever I've just come up with that day. He doesn't seem to mind.


@Craftastrophies Heee! Thanks!

Also, I just read my e-mails about your interviewing process, and I say that you should *definitely* apply for the other job they offered. Good luck, and I'm happy this company likes you so much!


@Megan Patterson@facebook Gordie: Handsome Face, Big Boy, Gordie Pants, Gordo
Major (full name: Major Ziggy Stardust): Miss Major, Major Kittenface, Baby Girl, Itty Bitty Bit
Ruthie (my roommate's kitten): Peanut, Little Bit
All three: Face, Little Face, Shnuggler, Snuggle Bug, Kitten Face, Babycat, Kittybean

When I moved into this house, the couple who had just moved out left their cat behind temporarily and he was a needy three-legged thing we usually referred to as Yelly Cat more often than his actual name (Mycroft), and on occasion, Tripod. That cat would just not shut up, ever.


@Megan Patterson@facebook My cat is Peaches (though I tend to use the singular "Peach"), but she also answers to P, Little P, P-Nut, D.J. P-Nut (in da House!), and Little Small (she's an adult but only about six pounds).

By the way, did anyone watch the dog show last night? I am losing my mind over the little Pekingese who won the whole thing. So cute. http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/top-breeds-at-Westminster-Dog-Show-news-updates-021312


@Hellcat Didn't watch it this year, unfortunately, but my mom gave me live updates via text. We're both non-Peke fans (they look like dust mops!), but I decided to just pretend that Tricki Woo from the James Herriot books won to save myself some mental anguish. (Also, did you know that Westminster has a Twitter? I don't know who updates it but it is unintentionally hilarious.)


@Megan Patterson@facebook boo bear, badger, badgerface, baget (pronounced bah-jeh like ze french badger), mr. butt, mr stinkybutt, tomatoes, mr. cupcakes, mr. patoots, sir, mr cuddles, mr cutie wooty cuddle butt, buttelstilskins, mr spleen (he has a large spleen), mr. cayootiepie, mr. cutie with da face, mr. mopes, mope-a-tron/mope-a-tronic, mr. fat, turkey legs.
oh gosh. this is the best thread ever.


This is such a beautiful thread. But I can't share my nicknames because if I do, you will know all my passwords.


This is such a beautiful thread. But I can't share my nicknames because if I do, you will know all my passwords.


This is such a beautiful thread. But I can't share my nicknames because if I do, you will know all my passwords.


@cc and pee-doggie.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Haha my family has two dogs but about five million nicknames. Their names are Togo and Potus (yes, he's named for the president...) but their nicknames include:

For Togo: Taco, Tater, Toblerone, Toggle, Mr. Taco (if you're fancy), Big Mutt, Big Man, Big Dude, Puppernut, and The Grim.

For Potus: Jimmy, Pottu, Poku, Puppy, Poggle, Pog, Potion, Pocomotion, Noodle, and Little Mutt, Little Man, Little Dude, and Pipsqueak.

And that's just off the top of my head. Meanwhile, the fiance and I don't call each other by any nicknames, really, unless you count "Noob" and "Noobster."


@Chick Pea I gotta say that I give two thumbs up and full approval to shouting "ManBearPig!" in public.


@Scandyhoovian My bunny is called n00b. Like, my actual rabbit. His friend was called Pie, but she had to be put down :( And my sister's ginuea pig was called Pig, but she called him Pigling Brown. He was black. Idek.


@Scandyhoovian "Mr. Taco (if you're fancy)" just makes me think of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_W5QnO5UGk


@ietapi This comment made me cry with laughter.


@Megan Patterson@facebook I love calling my dog "Dog-Face." But I call my BF "Buddy," "Dorky McDork," or "Little Boy," depending on the context. ;)

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

My special sweetheart likes to call me "Intruder" <3


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood Climbin in your window, snatchin your affections up?


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

From the day that sweet cupid
First sharpened his dart
Locks, iron bars, and windows
Can't keep us apart


Ahh so cute. I like the nicknames the older couples give each other (Honeybunch and Phillys Pus? The Dragon and Captain Clunkhead? Yessss)

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@marley I loved The Dragon and Captain Clunkhead!


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose: I think we all want to know the genesis of a nickname like 'The Dragon'.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose They're totally a secret superhero duo.

The Dragon

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose It's so great, it got me over my "I can't think of a good enough name to delurrrrk what do I dooooo" insecurities.
It seems fitting that this happened on Valentine's Day. I've been in love with The Hairpin for about five months and I just want to tell the world!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Too Much Internet I'm also interested in the origin of Capt. Clunkhead, because what? In my mind, "The Dragon" comes from her temper. Or sex. Or cooking. Her temper during sex and cooking?


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Maybe she's born in the year of? Or she's good luck (she's a luck dragon from the Never-ending story?)

The Hyperbolic Julia Set

My husband and I are Gigantor and Tinysaurus and sometimes Snart and Snayson.
My sister and brother-in-law refer to each other as Buenas Titas and Sugar Balls
We've obviously not been in these relationships long enough to come up with something as awesome as The Dragon and Captain Clunkhead.


I dunno--sounds like you guys are doing all right.


@The Hyperbolic Julia Set Gigantor and Tinysaurus! Argh, the cutest!

Judith Slutler

The Dragon & Captain Clunkhead?


Plus, how cute is the baby in Dad & Mom's stroller?


@Emmanuelle Cunt: All the cuter for giving the camera some serious side eye.


Both my dog and my little sister are "my angel" neither fit the description too fantastically.


missing nicknames is one of the hardest things for me to get over in relationships! these are super cute

raised amongst catalogs

@redheadedandcrazy ...I will give you a nickname.


@vanillawaif and hairpin nicknames are just one of the things i love about this place!

unfortunately i am terrible at coming up with creative nicknames. can i just call everybody dude, hun, or jellybean?


@redheadedandcrazy My nickname for you is Ginger Nutball! (stolen from another commenter)




For she is neither R. nor C.


@atipofthehat but i'm great at faking both!


@redheadedandcrazy. (Sometimes in my head I call you Roonil Wazlib)


@lue this is acceptable to me!



OMG OLD PEOPLE. They are the cutest.


"Bongbong (Korean for “Wife”), 3 months"

"Wife ... 3 months"



@Emby Maybe they've been married for 3 months, not that they've been dating for 3 months?


@Emby And how do the people who have been together for 1 month already have nicknames for eachother?

Porn Peddler

@Emby I had a lot of korean friends in college. I didn't even blink. Someone please back me up on this.

Emily Eileen@twitter

@Third Wave Housewife I lived in Korea for three years. I definitely back you up on this. Korean taxi drivers'/ Everyone I meet's favorite questions to ask: 1) Can you speak Korean? 2) Do you have a boyfriend? 3) Why don't you have a boyfriend?

Emily Eileen@twitter

@Emily Eileen@twitter edit: Actually they say "Why don't you MAKE a boyfriend?"

momentary tea

@Emily Eileen@twitter Yes, matchmaking is an all-consuming national pastime. If you are of a marriageable age and remain unattached, the barest acquaintances will attempt to make you a boyfriend. Girlfriends too, but the emphasis is definitely on the boyfriends.


I'm Korean and I never knew BONGBONG was a word for wife.

No one is ever allowed to call me that. All I can think of is getting stoned.

momentary tea

@ginalouise My guess is that it's an extreme cutesification of the term "yeobo" (so abbreviating it to just the second syllable, adding the "-ng" sound, then rendering the abbreviation pointless by doubling what's left). And since "yeobo" technically signifies a gender-neutral "dear" in the married context (I've heard both my mom and dad use it), you could just as easily use it as a word for husband.

Not that I would ever do this.

Emily Eileen@twitter

@momentary tea Yeah, I hadn't heard bong-bong either. I thought maybe it was a mistake on the part of the listener/survey-taker. But it could be a regional thing, maybe. I was in Seoul, so maybe they're saying that business in Busan? That said, one time a guy I met at a club asked me to call him "yeobo".... I didn't even know his real name.

momentary tea

@Emily Eileen@twitter Ha! Compared to that, three months does seem like an eternity.


I don't think I could ever pick one. Also, they tend to just be stolen from other sources, such as Kittentits (A Softer World) and Sugar Hammer (Achewood). Or just Fuckface if I'm feeling uncreative.

Porn Peddler

@figwiggin Mister Third Wave's nickname became Puppy after a long tenure as "Schmuck Puppy"


@figwiggin I use Kittentits all the time and it does make me wish I could come up with better nicknames.


@Third Wave Housewife I like to call my sweetie foods. Struedel. Cupcake. Mascarpone. Mmmmm, now I'm hungry.


@Craftastrophies True transcript of a conversation between the boy and I--

Me: "I love you, honeybunches."
Him: "I love you too, Of Oats."

It remains one of my favorite exchanges ever.


"Poopsie Daisy & Public Pooper"
I feel like there is a story here.


@Maria My coworker said the same thing when I showed her this link.


oh, disaster

Awww, Crazy Old Coot & Honey.

Love this!


I am apparently Sugarpop. I have no idea why. I tend to call him Pumpkinhead, which I hope is not insulting, as he's got quite a round head and face (probably better than when I can't resist and proceed to pinch his cheeks while yelling, "Big fat face!" through gritted teeth. I don't know...)

I love "Captain Clunkhead"!

Party Falcon

He: Captain and/or Darth Mastadon
She: Biscuit von Nibletstein and/or Tushie

10 years

(True fact: Each year he celebrates the 12 Days of Tushmas. Nothing outrageous. Candy, nifty pens, biscuit/tush related trinkets. The song is the best part.)

Party Falcon

I can't, you guys. Party Falcon has GOT to actually do All The Adult Lady With Responsibilities Things.



@Party Falcon You have a holiday (holidays?) based around your tush? You officially win at life.

Party Falcon

@ThievingMagpie Not my tush, just me. Like because of my nickname. And my nickname really has little or nothing to do with my actual ass, whatsoever.

As he refers to me constantly as Tush, Tushie, Tushapotamu, etc. And then it invariably gets parts-of-speeched all over the place. Noun-ed, Verb-ed, Adjective-ed.

"On the first day of Tushmas, your dude brings to thee, one bag of Skittles!" And so on and so forth.


This helps get me out of the bad mood that listening to this week's TAL put me in.

BF and I are a Precious and Plushious. This sounds overly cutesy, until I tell you that Plushious or Plush came about after I told him about those Japanese men who have plush girlfriends/wives. I had already been calling him Precious just because it was one of my generic terms of endearment, but the look of pure joy on his face when he realized that he could call me Plushious was frightening.

After watching Downton Abbey he has taken to calling me Lady Plushious. #keeper #can'tbelieveijustsharedthat


@mackymoo The TAL about the couple's 30 day experiment to sleep around? Just curious, what about it bothered you? I found it interesting and a little depressing.


@alabee Oh just because I'm also in a stable relationship that started in college and since we're now only 24 I fear that this is our future. I don't want it to happen, but it just seems inevitable that no one will love each other forever sapsapetc. It was interesting though, did you listen to Ira Glass talk about it more on Savage Love?

Judith Slutler

@mackymoo I felt like the entire point of that story was that it didn't have to happen. Though I realize that Ira's narration at the end seems to suggest the opposite, that was my takeaway anyway. There's one part where the guy is like, "We really didn't think that we could do anything to break this thing", and that's exactly the mentality that will have people steering their relationships straight off a cliff. The entire time, these were choices they were making, not some inevitable breakdown.


@mackymoo I can see what you mean. I guess what struck me, though, was that the couple just seemed complacent -- I thought it was odd that, in the 12(?) years that they were dating, they never once discussed marriage. Now, that's not to say that marriage is necessary or the marker of the most serious kind of romance, but for that issue not to come up in the amount of time that they dated? I don't know, it seems like it had to have at least come up in one of their heads at some point and for whatever reason, they never discussed it. And I feel like that unwillingness to discuss it as an option indicates something funky.

I also agree with Emmanuelle Cunt -- choosing to sleep with as many people as possible in thirty days after twelve years of monogamy? That's SUCH a push toward a breakup, I can't even.

Porn Peddler

ohhhhh my god
(okay i'll admit it: puppy and squish.)


@Third Wave Housewife SQUISH! I just made the straining cute noise (what is UP with that noise?).

I have more nicknames for my sister than my best beloved. We call each other 'roople bear', and neither of us has any idea where that came from. Also turns into 'roople doople' or whatever. I also call her 'snuff muffin' and its variation, 'scrunch munchkin'.

Drink All the Coffee

@Craftastrophies Sister nicknames are the best. We call our youngest sister "Clarence Carter" because her name is Claire and it's only natural to extend it; we usually don't even realize it's weird until there's an outsider around. Also common is "Shmeeshy."


Agreed, sister nicknames kick ass! My baby sis is 'hoebag' for reasons I can't quite remember.

Mr Sauce calls me 'sexy legs' or just 'SL' which is cute I guess but he stole it from a bouncer!

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

At one point in time, my youngest sister was called Bonzi Pop, le Bonz, or Bonzales. We also used a specific verb, 'squeak', to describe her speech, as in "The Bonz is over there squeaking at Fig. 1." I am not sure where this came from.


Oh, don't act like you don't love it, Captain Clunkhead!


"Anything having to do with poop" seems about right. And I love this!


@julia Yes. Pootown is the preferred nickname in my relationship. Also, Burgerhead. And Jerkface.

8 Years.


@julia "Sweetiepieheartbutt" and "tall glass of poop juice." We watch a lot of Family Guy.


How have Baby Boy and Baby Girl been together for 6 years? They look like they're 12! The ways of love mystify me...




moi: stupid bad [my name]
himself: stupid bad [his name]

ahhhh true love. crossed fingers that in a few more years we'll be up to "captain clunkhead" level.


He's Kitton Mitton because we're weird and Charlie Kelly-esque.

the ghost of amy lee

my nickname is also sugartits! and the old people are so cute!!!


@the ghost of amy lee I wish I was sugartits. Instead I'm sugarbooger, no matter how many times I tell him not to call me that :P. Of course we have lots of other nicknames too, mostly in pairs... pookie/snookums, cinnabun/honeybear, snuggle bunny/cuddle bear, etc etc


To add to yesterdays thread: more of these things! I love these things.

Jon Cotner@twitter

@thebestjasmine Thanks! Claire and I will keep making slideshows until we're no longer mobile.

Artressa Vandelay

RICHARD: Sweetheart!
LING: Please don't call me that! I'm not sweet!
RICHARD: Darling?
LING: And not that either. Ever!
RICHARD: Well, we have exchanged affection, can I call you
anything besides Ling?
LING: Sugar. Or honey, pumpkin, anything food. You can call me


@Artressa Vandelay Haha, the BF used to call me Food.


My roommates are alternately appalled and amused by my nicknames for the man candy.
Five years. He is:
Muffin, Muff, Muffie, Bubbles, Bubs, Nutty, McNutty (A Wire theme, perhaps?) Kins, Kinsey Cat, Nurse Kinsington, Daddy and probably 18 more I'm forgetting. My lady dog shares some of these nicknames too.
He, on the other hand, rarely calls me anything, not even my first name.


@rucifie Given that more often than not my interacting with my pre-med boyfriend consists of watching a wire and yelling things like, "oh bubs!" "McNutty!" or "Sheeeeeeiiiiiiit" at the screen, I think these are adorable.

We call each other "dummy" or "dum dum" most of the time, but that means that I get shivers down my spine when he actually calls me by my name, mostly because it means I'm in for something good, or I'm in trouble.


I love this. Great job finding a diversity of couples and I especially love that so many of them have been together so long. Gives me hope on this Valentine's Day.

None of my better half and my nicknames for each other are this original--your basic honey, sweetie, the occasional boo.


@sheistolerable This used to be true for us. Now I am Magical Goose and he is Butternut Squash.


Am I the only one who doesn't use nicknames? And hates them? My s/o & I just over-use each other's real names in cutesy voices.


@fabel I find most nicknames too cheesy to spit out my mouth. Boo and Toots are alright. Dummy, Idiot, and Hey You are funny. I was Turky Burger for a couple days because god those burps were bad.


@fabel But do you use those cutesy voices in front of other people? In public? Because don't. (Sorry, I'm in a teasing mood.)


@fabel Yeah, we're not cutesy-nickname people. I call my boyfriend by his initials, but so has everyone since the day he was born. He's tried a couple nicknames on me (Oat Groat, Sweet Feet) but none of them have stuck.

I do, however, replace the lyrics of songs with his name, so "Islands in the Stream" becomes "[his name] in the Stream," for instance.

New Commenter Name

Hey, I do that too. With the song lyrics? With my kids' names, though, not husband's. Right now the big one is, you know that dumb Subway jingle? Five dollar footloooong? Well, I go around the house singing "Five dollar {Kid's Naaaame}". They pretty much think I'm nuts.


@fabel Maybe because my family growing up was Nickname Central (they still call me Duck and a million variations thereon), I have never used nicknames in a romantic relationship. It's felt incestuous and infantilizing when I've tried. My husband and I call each other Love pretty much exclusively. (Does that count as a nickname?)

Emily Eileen@twitter

@whizz_dumb I'm hoping you call people Toots, not in the short-for-tootsie kind of pronunciation, but in the reminiscent-of-a-fart-sound sort of way. I would approve of that nickname in all contexts.

Drink All the Coffee

@whizz_dumb I like Dummy because it reminds me of Liz Lemon and Dennis. Also, I like Nerds as an affectionately annoyed nickname for a group.


I forgot about these types of columns! I love these columns! They make me so happy.

I'm Dumb-dumb and he's Jerkface. We are not, perhaps, the most sentimental.


Banjjok (Korean for “Other Half”)

My heart just split open.


I call him Dollface and calls me Sugarsmack

We're totally the cutest couple evr.


My names for him: Warren (not his real name), Omen, Shithead, Lloyd.
His names for me: Red, Crackhead, Ricky, Wrongo.


@breccalynn Do you say it like "Waahhh-ren?" like I imagine Annette Bening does?

Tragically Ludicrous

@breccalynn you mean his name isn't fucking Warren?


Pinners, you make my life better!! These nickname are hilarious and charming.


My boyfriend and I sort of discovered hip hop together so he would call me shaw-tay as it made him feel cool and he could mock me for being a foot smaller.


@teaandcakeordeath I have always wanted a boyfriend to call me shaw-tay or any variation of shorty! If you see my future boyfriend, will you let him know?


@teaandcakeordeath Oh man, mine already lords that 12 inches of height over me (literally) so maybe it's for the best he saves the nicknames for the cats!


Consider it done! Ill climb up a footstool and whisper it in his ear. Is it just me or are there fewer shorty songs around these days? Sad ...

Damn those talls! Though the chronic back pain they get just to kiss us is sweet revenge. (im evil)


Stuff White People Like: Poop (apparently...? :o/)

Katie Scarlett

@wee_ramekin I <3 poop


We use "fish" as an all-purpose word -- it means "please," "thank you," and "love" as well as as a nickname for each other. It started when I was cooking and asked him for something and he said "what's the magic word" to which I looked down at what I was making and said "I don't know, fish?".


@Alixana Ha, that's awesome. "I dunno, fish?"

An ex and I used "fish" (usually pronounced "feesh"). Ours came because another nickname we had for each other was "One", and I think we somehow connected that to One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss (why?). We'd call each other "One Fish" or just "fish".

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@Alixana We use "nom" the same way - to refer to each other, as a verb for eating or otherwise reducing the size of something, and as a noun for food. Sometimes we have exchanges that go like "Nom? Nom nom?" "Nom."

Noelle O'Donnell

Oh, my heart! I hope I'm as feisty and in love as The Dragon and Captain Clunkhead in 48 years.

(Snuffy & Lovebunny, 2.5 years)


@Noelle O'Donnell:Ditto, from Weetie and LOML (love of my life), 20 years.


I'm trying to think of actual nicknames me and the fiance use, but really, we mostly just call each other "Beard" or "Faggy". Which sounds really terrible out of context, I just realized, but within the context of our relationship I swear these words are said with love.


@SheWhoReadsInSkirts It is probably no worse than the white guy calling his black girlfriend "Mocha Cupcake" in couple #13. My first reaction on reading that one was "Awwww heeeeeeeeeeell no", but then I checked myself and was like "They've been together four years: if she didn't like it, she'd say something. Also, this is not your relationship, wee_rams". Context, FTW!


@wee_ramekin There were a few that seemed a little racially tinged, but I actually loved that! It's gotta come up sometimes, right--it didn't in my one mixed-race relationship, but we were only together a couple months--and I think it speaks to a lot of comfort and honesty in the relationship.

What did freak me out was those Korean kids calling one another "other half" and "wife" after one month. Oh, dear youths*, I hope you learn before you get married or anything.

*said the 23-year-old


@miwome The reason it personally set off my alarm is that my best friend in college was half black and half white, and she hated it when people compared her skin to foods. Mocha, coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar, espresso; she hated them all. I've also read stuff on the internet where people who aren't white talk about how much they hate it when white people compare their skin-tone to foods.

With you on the heebie-jeebies from the adorable Korean couple's nicknames. 3 months! Ah!


@wee_ramekin Oh, yeah, no, it's something that's totally contingent on context. I'm making the assumption that she's okay with it, rather than inexplicably putting up with an asshole boyfriend, because...I have no reason to think otherwise! But anyway, assuming that, then I think it's possible for an individual to effectively give permission for someone close to them to use words or endearments that they would find offensive from anyone else.


@wee_ramekin Wee rams! Now I am imagining tiny sheeps gambolling on green hills. (That autocorrected to gambling, which is also a nice picture image).

I always want to call you rammie-kins, like lammie-kins. But then it sounds like a racist accent in my head, and I'm afraid no one will get it, so I don't.


@Craftastrophies I whole-heartedly endorse you calling me "rammie-kins", Craftie, thus proving the point that dearest @miwome made above.


@Craftastrophies I whole-heartedly endorse you calling me "rammie-kins", Craftie, thus proving the point that dearest @miwome made above!


@wee_ramekin Just so's everyone knows that I'm only making a regular terrible pun, not a racist terrible pun. :P


@Craftastrophies @ickle_rammie YOU GUYS CALLED ME DEAREST! Squee.


He: cuteface, cute boy, handsomepants, darlin'
I: darlin', gorgeous (his glasses, they are rose-tinted!)
We: the Pants family (handsome, sass)- 1.25 years

OUR CATS, yes -
Sylvie: catloaf, cat, other cat, fat cat, beachball with legs
Momo: cat, other cat, nutters, Agnes, yelling cat, 'WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU ARE CRAZY'

Katie Scarlett

@;€ I love catloaf! My friend and I volunteer at a cage-less cat shelter (we literally just go and pet some cats for an hour once a week) and we give nicknames to most of the cats, even though they already have real names. There's one I call Fat Head, and then another I call Stimpy or Stumpy, but then there's a really tiny round cat we both call "Ball Cat." Sometimes we even chant it at her: "BALL CAT! BALL CAT! BALL CAT!!" So creative. She doesn't really like either of us though. I can't imagine why.


I'm boring and just call him Darling or Honey. He calls me like a thousand different ones, including Bonny Bear, which is apparently Bon Iver's alter ego? But we had it first.


@iceberg the children and dogs, however, have multiple nicknames including Mushy Face,Les Miss-erables, Monkey, Beefy Head, Tiny Dancer, Monster... I shall leave it up to your imaginations as to the distribution of these names.


@iceberg: I mix up my daughter and dog's names all the time, which is funny because they're nothing alike. But I'd never call the little girl Fuzzypants or Earses McStumperson.


Is it just me or does Captain Clunkhead look like Bernard Cribbins (Donna's granddad in Dr. Who (David Tennant doctor)? Either way, their nicknames are fabulous. My honey and I don't have nicknames - babe, darling (he's English and it works). I call him retarded, but I wouldn't say that was a nickname, per se.


@Bambi I knew he looked familiar! That makes them an even more awesome couple.

My boyfriend calls me Twinkle Tits. I can't think of any nickname for him right now -- I have a short attention span, so any nickname I come up with changes after a week.


@Bambi THAT WAS MY EXACT THOUGHT. It just made the thing so much more precious.


My boyfriend is going to have a new nickname if he fucks up another Valentine's Day....


The names he bestowed upon us: Awesome Blossom and Awesome Possum. I mostly call him Jerk though. Or "Baaaaaaaaabe," mostly when I'm trying to wheedle a favor out of him. Also, "Pookie Bear." He also calls me "Snugglebunny." We'll have been dating one year in April.


@automaticdoor My mom calls me Pookie. :P

Vera Knoop

Fuckpig and Wilma are the new Magnificent and Kevin.


I am also boring! My man and I are boring together! Ugh, I am disappointed now that I've heard about everybody else's nicknames. We call each other 'sweetie'... or maybe 'babe.' SNORE.



I mean. Fuck Pig & Wilma! Chico Rico and Punk!! The Dragon & Captain Clunkhead! THE DRAGON AND CAPTAIN CLUNKHEAD!!! I would read the shit out of all of those.


@miwome Get Francesca Lia Block on the phone!


@elizabeast AH! FLB!!!!! She was the HERO of my tween years, before being a tween was even a thing. My mom read them first and couldn't WAIT to share them with me. I second the motion!


@LornaLoo I'm rereading all the DA books right now and I just found out she put out a Weetzie PREQUEL! And I'm falling in love with the books all over again.


@elizabeast GAH! looks like i have some catching up to do, and it looks like I never completed the series, because I had no idea there was Necklace of Kisses, which appears to be Weetzie all Grown up and DIVORCING Secret Agent Lover Man. Per a description of the plot "Weetzie packs up her lime green and bright orange bikini, orange suede sneakers, and Pucci tunic, jumps in her '65 mint green Thunderbird, and leaves."



I had a girlfriend who used to call me "gingersnap", and until she dumped me over the phone and broke my heart, I had a nickname for her too, but I don't remember what it is anymore. My grandpa calls my grandma "Irv", though I've no idea why - her name is Nora. Romantically speaking, I'm pretty standard. Although my bestie calls me "slut muffin" and I call her "tart of my heart", both of which I find hilarious.

A married couple with whom I'm friends always call each other "Deebo", and they've tried to explain it to me several times, but I've always been too distracted by their way-too-smart preschoolers and the fact that when I'm at their house I'm usually half-crocked within ten minutes because they insist on opening the liquor cabinet. Not that I am complaining! Watching a four-year-old recite an entire monologue from one of the My Little Pony movies while slugging red wine is fucking amazing.

Judith Slutler

@Anji Watching a four-year-old recite an entire monologue from one of the My Little Pony movies while slugging red wine is fucking amazing.

I misinterpreted this sentence so badly. SO BADLY.


@Anji Those people should be my friends too. Can you put them on ice for five years or so for me while I do a little growing up and move to what sounds like maybe Britain? Thanks!


@Emmanuelle Cunt ...yeah, I fail at grammar. To be fair, I've been answering customer emails all day, and my brain is sort of wobbly. Also the idea of my friends' children drinking wine and reciting monologues is pretty funny, at least inside my head, which is apparently a staging ground abandoned by the Monty Pythons.

@miwome I feel like you're giving me a compliment by thinking I'm British! We're actually from Maryland. :D The last time I saw these friends, we went to the Renaissance Faire and made fun of the babygoths running around. And then we went home to drink Baileys.


@Anji I think it was your deployment of "tart" that did it. But regardless, MY REQUEST STANDS.


@Anji I want to do some luffin' all over your muffin.


@nyikin How sweet!

@miwone I love the word "tart". Love. So many excellent uses for the word: a type of dessert, smelly melty wax things to go in a ceramic warmer, a specific kind of strumpet...


@Anji Aw, grandparents! My grandpa calls my grandma Effie, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to her given name. When we ask him why, he alway says, "Effie is the girl I should have married." They've been married for over 60 years; I think he has come to terms. :)

Katie Scarlett

"Ti Day (origin unknown)"
This creeped me out for some reason! The rest I loved, esp Captain Clunkhead (obvs).

I love nicknames which is good because my whole life I've had a knack for acquiring them. There's something so sweet and personal about someone -- anyone -- deciding to bestow their own made up name upon you. Even if it's something simple or obvious, it makes me feel like I've won an award! I only call a few very old/close friends by regular nicknames, but I do like to use poopsie, pal, baby doll, buddy, toots, and darling for general friend/boy purposes.


We don't have serious, regular nicknames but he's taken to calling me his "Bride" on occasion now that we're married.

Otherwise it's all jokey stuff to annoy each other. He especially hated it when I tried My Little Snickerdoodle.

hairdresser on fire

My boyfriend is kitten or baby, and so far I'm just baby, as well as the shorter version of my name that for some reason no one uses but him and my mom? I tore up my cool person card the second "baby" went from a joke to being normal because something something annoying and also infantilizing women something.


Yes! Baby, or in our case Babe, can so easily sneak in as a joke, and then suddenly you're just people who say that!


My boyfriend and I have ALL THE NICKNAMES. It's awful. I usually call him "Estabunny" because his name is Steve, but our friends jokingly call him Estaban and I wanted something super ridiculous. Sometimes I change it up so it'll be Estaberry, Estapie, Establog. And the other day I called him "Snack File" for no reason. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

His names for me, "Snugglefluff" and "Snoozeball" came out of us trying to think of the most ridiculous names we could call eachother. That was before Snack File was in the running though.


@elizabeast My boyfriend's name is Steven, and I will now commence calling him 'Estaban'. I will work my way up to the bunny. Sometimes I call him ste-ben, which is pretty satisfying.

Snack file is the GREATEST.

Barry Grant

Snack File. You gotta trademark that quick.

Also, funny how people object to the sensual "Mocha" but <3 anything poop-related. I'll never understand that.


My BF calls me by my nickname so much that I actually am startled when he refers to me by my real name.

ps: its baby squirrel(soundslike: baby girl)

oh hay anyone who now knows me irl.


Ti Day is Haitian Creole for something. I'll ask my mom, but the Ti part is little for sure.

This was delightful! So many different kinds of couples! Oh, New York.


@FoxyRoxy It reminded me of the characters Ti-Jeanne, Mi-Jeanne and Gros-Jeanne from Brown Girl in the Ring and that I got the impression from the book that it was a prefix with a particular meaning.


@FoxyRoxy I think "ti" is short for "petite." I know Cajun folks who use that construction too.


@missannethrope Yes, literally, but in Haiti at least, we use Ti + some other name to indicate, Little Whatever. Like my uncle Ti-Jean is Little John.I should add I'm pretty sure the couple is Haitian because NenNen is what we all call our godmothers.


My boyfriend calls me "Borpah" after the 30 Rock episode when Liz thinks she's sitting next to Oprah, but calls her Borpah. Also, like, a crazy array of variations on that and on boo. I think my favorite is "Bortaco." He's the best.

I mostly just call him boop or a version of that.

fuck fuck fuck

my boyfriend and i call each other the same things? they are:
ya poop
puptor (like a loose play on reptar? i don't even know)

we have a thing for poop and animals i guess.

and he calls me panda. or amanda the commander, which he got from my dad, who has a thick boston accent and also thinks i'm incredibly bossy!

Danny boy

She used to call me stud muffin even though she didn't like muffins, and she was my sweetie, pookie, dumpling among other things, and once Baby Pie. Dunno where it came from, just blurted it out. She went 'awww' while I saw before me a pie with baby limbs sticking out through the pie crust... don't ask.


@Danny boy In the words of Aziz Ansari, "Fuck yeah, I dunno WHAT this is!"

Meaning, I don't really know what you're saying, but I love it and it made me laugh. Carry on.

the gardener's daughter

I love this!

My boyfriend is always coming up with new names for me.
His current rotation: Old Neller, Love Dove or Nell.
My names for him: Joshua Pumpkinpuss, Honey Pot or Handsomepants.

We also talk about poop a lot. I didn't know that was a thing.


Stinky and Baboso (and/or Jerkface.)


Turkey Muffin and Space Penguin.

ORRRRR Puppy and Grumpy.


I've recently taken to calling my husband (together 10 years) weird Dad-type nicknames, like Buddy, Pal, Kiddo, and Friend. Is that weird?

This is in addition to the more classic rotation of Babe, Baby, Hon, Honey, and of course Dummy.


@OhMarie Haha, my boyfriend often calls me Buddy or Bud, a nickname that I unfortunately share with his dog.

Chris Roberts@facebook

Bonnie & Clyde, motherfucking ride, killing G-men is so romantic...Bang!, Bang! ass crazy retromantic, fuck Valentine cards and flowers, we're burning up the gin joints hours after hours - Hairpin can suck a dick, yeah that's your mother turning a trick.


@Chris Roberts@facebook I think that might be the sweetest thing you've ever written here.

Bon Vivant

I call him Roi and Godot. He calls me Preciosa, Belle Reine, and Peanut (a nickname my parents called me as a wee one). We call our cat Blitz: Blitzberry, Blitzen, Big Boy, Smoosh, Mike Tyson...and I think a couple of other names. We call our cat Blu: Bluberry, Bluberries, Fluffbutt, and Weirdo. I call both of the cats Asshole :)

Roaring Girl

Oh, man. In public, we call each other by our actual names, unless we are actually trying to gross someone out. In private, I'm Baby Snake, Baby Cakes, Sugar Tits, or Sugar Snatch. He's Sugar Booger, Awesome-tin (his name is Austin, see), Baby Bean, and Snuggle-upugus. Eight years.

Roaring Girl

Also, Stupid. Goes both ways.


Semi-related, motorcycle style short jackets on girls = my weakness. So cute/hot.

Quinn A@twitter

She calls me Smudgemuffin, I call her Puppyblossom, and we call each other Gorgeous all the time. My cat definitely has more nicknames than my girlfriend and I do, but "Pretty Boy" is the only one that's even remotely flattering to him. He's sick right now, so I'll let him maintain his kitty dignity online.

Little J.

No, you're Shmoopy!


... Boo Boo Kitty Fuck?

ms. potatohead

We mostly call each other Prawn (which allows for variations such as prawnface, prawnskin, prawnbutt, prawnling, prawnlove), or just P.

He also calls me juggs.
The dog has too many nicknames to list.


He's Handsome Bacon and I'm Cuttlefish.


We started as Tiger and Kitten. Then he became Smoochus McDoofus, and he called me Lady McDoofus and our dogs were Droopus McDoofus and Poochus McDoofus. Then we started calling each other Dooshbags (from a Failbook misspelling that cracked us up). That devolved into DB, or Deeby, or Deeb. Now it's mostly DeebyDeeb. The dogs are now Fangy and Awesomesauce, or Wiggles and Waggles, or BabyDeebs.

Five years and counting!


"I love you oodles" became "I love you oodles and poodles and noodles" became "I love you noodles" became "I love you, noodle" became "I love you, Nudu"

So now we are Nudus. Transitioning to Nunus.


Meep and Whomp.


Nickname twins! He calls me Wompy, a reference to a stuffed toy wombat we bought early in our relationship. Worse? He calls me Wompy in public (and at volume) ALL THE TIME and now several of our close friends call me that too...

Wookiee Hole



We are Stinky, Bunny, Stinkbunny, Stinkerella, etc. When my husband calls me by my name, I say, don't call me that! And he says, OK, shithead! And I say, that's better. I am 50 years old.


5 years! He is: Sugarloaf, SugLo, Loaf, Loafer, Dog, Woofy, Snorfle, Snorfle Florf, My Sun and Stars, You Dog, Smallest of Dogs, Fuck Nugget. I am: Bun, Sweetie. The dog (Abby) is: Abbers, Lil' Miss, Greatest of Bundlers, Bundle Master, and my favorite, Professor Bunnybottom.


We are almost ten years in...there are a lot of nicknames. Most of them get shortened to "bear" or "bunny" or "snugs", etc. But there are a lot of variations on "y'ole..." like "y'ole potato" or "y'ole trout" or my personal favourite, "y'ole frasky bird". Also "butt dinosaur".


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Jessica Mathis@facebook

He calls me "Piggles" because I snort sometimes when I laugh. This turned into me giving him what I call "pig kisses" where I kiss/snort on him, usually on the neck, which sends him into convulsions. Thus I have deemed him "Mr. Wiggles".


Haha, crazy, I know the people in the first pic! Pretty sure they made up the nicknames and are not actually dating. Sorry to burst any valentine's day bubbles.


Babe, boo, butthead, buttface. Clearly our relationship is brought to you by the letter B and the body part butt.


this is hands down the most adorable thing i've seen this valentine's day. love lives on the hairpin.


The only relationship nickname I remember giving or getting was from a long-term ex. I'd given up shaving and he loved my fuzzy pits. "They're like little pets! All soft and cute like little guinea pigs." And so he'd call me Guinea Pig and we'd make "wheet!" sounds at each other. One year for Christmas I made him a super cute t-shirt appliqued with two guinea pigs facing one another and a little heart embroidered between them. He loved it. That was an awful, unhealthy, borderline emotionally abusive relationship, but it certainly had its moments.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@GoToaster That is cute. (Too bad about the relationship though, hope things are better.) I got an owl toque recently and now hoot at Fig 2 when I want his attention.


Anything to do with poop... sounds about right!


This is such a beautiful thread. But I can't share my nicknames because if I do, you will know all my passwords.


Haha, this is awesome! I like the couple who are "Mom" and "Dad", 'cause my parents did that for years and years.

He is Bear, Princess, Bunny, Kitty, Babe, Dollface, and Gorgeous. I'm Mouse, Mousewife, Bear, Flopkitty, Bunny, Anxiety Bunny, and Shetland Pony. Oh, yeah, and we sometimes communicate in a weird animal-ears-on-top-of-our-heads-with-our-hands version of semaphore, with appropriate noises. We're an odd pair.


Him: the ginger, little ginger, or any variation thereof.
Me: AC Butt


Cookie: “My name is already a nickname.”

I feel your pain, Cookie. Signed, Kandy.


The husband and I are both "Pea," which is "Sweet Pea" for short.

The little dude is "Beanlet."

The cat, on the other hand, is Pepper, Sweet Pep, Baby Girl, Kitty, Sweet Kitty, Tiny Sweetheart, Furgirl, Furball, Little Love, Pep, Peppoh, Kittenkin, Babykin, Kitten, Good Girl, My Special, Special Girl, Little Girl, Snuggle Kitty, Green-Eyed Girl, pi pi, and pi.


This is my favorite thing, ever. My beau calls me "Tiff my Spliff." I guess that makes him, of course, "Nick my Dick."


I have a habit of giving dudes nicknames for when I'm talking about them to my friends, but not using those actual names? I've had Funeral Boy (we met at a wake, sounds worse than it is?), Downstairs, Bar Boy, Big Penis/BP/The Hippie/My Gentleman Caller (my current man; the name used is reliant on the company I'm in); but when I'm with those dudes I either just call them by their name or "babe". Usually I only use nicknames when the relationship is new and I eventually switch over to calling them by their real name, which is always confusing ("You're sleeping over Eli's house? WHO THE HELL IS ELI??")

Kimberly K.@facebook

@Nutmeg my friends and I did this too - usually the guy's car, ethnicity, where we met them, etc. One friend dated a guy who I decided just like spaghetti & meatballs, so we still call him spaghetti & meatballs, as in "Hey, I saw spaghetti & meatballs last night. Did you know he was married now?"

Kimberly K.@facebook

This is such a cute post! My bf and I are fairly new, so for right now he's Buhbuh (like a combo of bebe & bubba) and I'm Bebe. We also call each other Sweets.

Now the cat on the other hand, she's had years to develop nicknames. Real name is Josie. Nicknames are Jo-Jo, Jo, Jo-Jo Bear, Jo-Jo Beans, Jos, Pretty Girl, Special Girl, Angel, Baby,Baby Girl, Pretty Kitty, Poopy Bear, Poop Pants, Schmunchkin, Schmunkin Bear, etc, etc. And the bf is likely to hear himself called any of those names. He gets a little pissy when he hears me call my cat the same nicknames I call him. Eh, I go through phases.

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