Tuesday, February 7, 2012


New Brandy and Monica Song Not a Jam

Brandy and Monica's "Boy Is Mine" followup "It All Belongs to Me" leaked online last night, and the results — though eagerly anticipated — are a little disappointing. "That sh*t belongs to me," they sing in the hook. "Those clothes. Those cars. Those rings. That MacBook. That sh*t belongs to me. So log of your Facebook, it all belongs to me." Uh oh. ("Log off your Facebook" comes unexpectedly close to "snoopy snoopy poop dog" territory, too, but it's all good.) High hopes for the music video.



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(I didn't like this song at all dudes)




Dreams = shattered ;(


One time someone left the "The Boy is Mine" CD (five different versions of the single, natch) at my house after a birthday party. And after that my life was awesome.


I choose to think Brandy and Monica got a little tipsy, decided to write the most ridiculous, idiotic song they could and then leak it to the internet as viral marketing for their upcoming, much more awesome song. If you listen really hard you can hear them giggling at the log off your facebook, it belongs to me part.

Or is that just me giggling?


I was not aware of Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog until this very moment and now I'm slowly asphyxiating trying not to laugh and distract my officemate. It's not working.

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Yes, they are at it again. They should be doing a cool job in promoting that one. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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