Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Laura Marling's "All My Rage" Video

Another day, another doll-themed music video for a fantastic song by a beautiful young woman or group of women. (See also: Lucius's "Go Home.")

The wonderful Laura Marling's A Creature I Don't Know album is available on Amazon and iTunes. (Thanks, Gina!)

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I love her! Thanks for posting!


'All My Rage' is taken from the album 'A Creature I Don't Know'@l


I didn't there was another cooler and older Fanning sister!

Edith Zimmerman

@TooCool4School RIGHT?!


@TooCool4School She's like, 50% Fanning, and 50% Evanna Lynch from the Harry Potter movies? And then there's this video, where she inexplicably has a Carey Mulligan thing going on?

Bridget Smith@twitter

@annepersand I LOVE that video. I don't get it at all, but I love the atmosphere and her whole look. It helps that that's one of my favorites of her songs.


@TooCool4School And Anna Faris, amirite?


Creepy doll alert! Creepy doll alert! (otherwise I love this.)

Satchlo Petrovich

In Bosnia only Albanian knows how to make dolls eye move. My grandmother say they are haunted creatures who rape owls. The Ćevapi of Albanian is no good anyway so who care?

Edith you like music? You come to Bosnia and we go see Severina Vučković. She is beautiful like you and sings about the rape of Turks. Is beautiful song that make you cry for the ancients!


She was in a relationship with Marcus Mumford. Had they stayed together, they could've been unstoppable, like the Jay-Z and Beyonce of twee nu-folk.


AHHHH, this album is SO GOOD. Man oh man. Everyone should listen to this if they haven't already. Especially if you like lady voices and guitars.


@aproprose Oh, man. I have 'Alas I cannot swim' and I freaking LOVE it. Why did I not realise there were more? I feel dumb but also excited.

The bonus track at the end of that is the best thing ever.


She's very earnest, isn't she?


I have never felt more worthless as I did when I discovered Laura Marling is younger than me. By a month! But still.

I'm not a fan of "nu-folk" but she gets a free pass. Love her.

Speaking of cake, I have cake

@Decca Ha! Try by EIGHT YEARS! :)


@skyandgorse Oh my god. She's my sister's age (7 years younger than me). This is not ok.


@skyandgorse Ha! Try by TWO DECADES! You all are in your 20s, no need to freak out just yet.


@skyslang It's the advance guard of amazing people who are still infants. It's a bit of a shock.

Gretchen Alice

Kimbra's music video for "Settle Down" is also creepy and doll-filled.


@Gretchen Alice And creepy. And doll filled. With creepy doll like children. It's the greatest.

Nate Jones@twitter

My sister, who is also a Hairpin reader, introduced me to Laura Marling. Thanks, sister!

Speaking of cake, I have cake

Salinas from this album is such a great song. It's got kind of a Zep thing going on that really works


GUYS. She has this little 4 track album out with Mumford and Sons and the Dhorohar Project. To quote Roling Stone ""For this EP, they took a page from the George Harrison playbook, recording in Delhi, India, with fellow touring partner Laura Marling and a nine-member collective of Rajasthani musicians called the Dharohar Project. The result sounds like a pub band crashing an Indian wedding."


Zeki Yol@facebook

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