Thursday, February 9, 2012


I Want to WORK With You -- BE With You -- ALWAYS

What better way to celebrate Black History Month or any other occasion in the history of time than with vintage romance-comic treasure trove Sequential Crush? The site has been quiet for more than two weeks (long, dark, horrible days), but it's thankfully back now with "...But He's the Boy I Love!", a 1970 Marvel story about Mindy and Allan, "as told to Stan Lee." (The Hairpin is very close to being purely a Sequential Crush reblog site at this point. I promised my firstborn child to Sequential Crush, and it didn't even ask. I promised to name my firstborn child Sequential Crush, give it to Sequential Crush, and then rename myself Sequential Crush in its [their?] honor, and it didn't even ask. Sequential Crush. Sequential Crush.)

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Who else thought this post was going to be about Erasure?

Tragically Ludicrous

@Frisky@twitter Now I want a post about Erasure.


@Frisky@twitter harmony harmony, oh, love


Hey, who's driving in that last panel?


@laurel I think the second-to-last panel is Al stomping on the brake and bringing the car to a screeching halt, so nobody needs to drive for the last panel.


@wharrgarbl Ha, I totally thought Al was peeling out.


@laurel He might be? Maybe Al expresses his wild side through reckless driving?

The "clearly drawn without reference material" is one of the best/worst things about the old cheapies. They typically weren't being read by people who'd sit there and go "Wait, what? Who's driving? Why are they now in the back seat of the car, or in a car without a steering wheel? What is going on?", so the artists prioritized economy of story rather than sense, but if you ever fall out of that propulsive "And then what happens?!" mode, you're going "Eyes on the road, you're going to die!" But it's a great way to get more mileage out of comics that failed to interest you (Sorry, Stan, they can't all be winners!). It's a shame most artists didn't have the time to go the Sam & Max route of detailing panels to the point of it being worth the reader's while to spend an hour just looking at the background.


I read this yesterday, it made me laugh/vom with the melodrama


Oh my God, I read this entire cartoon thinking MINDY YOU FOOL. Al is basically what I am looking for in a dude. Mindy! I have lots of fun man-childs ready in Online Dating Land for you, waiting to walk on the beach, go out for a drink and enjoy laughing. I keep looking for a guy like Al who cares about social justice and has greater ambition in life beyond going to the pub... wah.


@sevanetta Yes, Al is great! Als for everyone!


This comic unfairly represents the devil-may-care lifestyle.

Zeki Yol@facebook

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