Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day Gift Basket No. 2

This next Valentine's basket includes Metafilter's Full V-Day Internet Celebration Kit (a basket within a basket) (did you know that every February 14 Metafilter dots the "i" in its name with a heart? just kidding); several riveting new installations of the hypnotic beauty "game" Model Morphosis; one (1) Swiss Protection Sock; an otter banging ice against a rock; an armful of peonies; Nicki Minaj's new single, "Starships" (alternately: the new Erasure video); and ... a light touch.

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Daria Strokous is giving Young Uma Thurman realness (especially when you view the full on "before" shot).



Katie Heaney

There are at least fifty-seven songs in that Nicki Minaj song. I don't know though, that said, I'll probably love it in like two days.


@Katie Heaney - She is so challenging. Part of me feels like I love her more than everyone making hip-hop right now, because she is crazy and wilil go anywhere, and I love a lot of weird shit she does within any given 16.

But then I find myself almost never listening to her, because of those some jarring constant shifts. Like, it is hard to listen to pop music. Part of me really does love her so much for challenging me as a listener, and I am always glad when I sit at home and listen to her.

But then part of me listens to The Supremes and is like, oh yeah, you can be amazing without being so jarring, and I like that better.

Argh. Nicki. I don't know how to deal with you and I like it.

Katie Heaney

@leon.saintjean Aaaaahaha agreed. I also think she has yet to figure out her best sound. (Because even if I want her to, replicating her "Monster" verse a million times over probably can't be done?)


@leon.saintjean oh my gosh you just explained why I like nicki minaj so much! I have serious song ADD and drive my friends up the wall by switching songs before they're done halfway every time i have music control.

nicki minaj speaks to my attention span

one cow.

A basket of shrunken bewbs?!? You shouldn't have!


Sea otters?!? HOW DID YOU KNOW.


Otters! I feel about otters the way that Kristen Bell feels about sloths. Thanks Edith, now the rest of the day will just be spent looking at pictures of otters.


@nogreeneggs They have excellent noseleather.

Alibi Jones

@nogreeneggs Did you know they sometimes keep a favorite breaking-food-open rock in their armpit to reuse? OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM.



You're amazing. <3


@atipofthehat Or something.


@nogreeneggs My reaction to that video was something like "Otters with ices OTTERS WITH ICES! I want to boop them on the nose!" so yeah, I feel you.


No seriously though, what ARE those things?? Eyeballs? Wooden turnips? Painted tops? Opaque christmas bulbs? And why are they in a basket with a bundle of twine? SO CONFUSED.


@Bitterblue Are they dradels? Like with the string and you have to pull the string some magic way I never could and then they spin and spin?


@sox Ooh, it could be! It would account for both the shape and the kind of short, useless top part.


@Bitterblue Amigurumi breasts? I wish I had made those for my valentine's day necklace, instead of these!


@remargaret Oooh, I made felt heart garland too! But i made something more like this. I didn't put the floofy balls in between them but wish I had because they all hung upside down. I made gobs and gobs of it to decorate my friends' wedding suite this past weekend :) If I knew how to share pictures, I'd show you. Now I want to go home and made a mini version to wear as a necklace...for next year/later tonight after I've polished off my Valentine Wine!
Yay valentine crafty times!


@remargaret I kind of thought they were small crocheted booblets too. Does that make me weird?


Yay! Metafilter! I'm functionequalsform if anyone else is on there.


these are TOO delightful, edith, thank you.


Lower...oooh, there.


"Gary, why are there all these ants in the house?"

Zeki Yol@facebook

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