Tuesday, February 7, 2012



The theoretical Chieftains/Nicki Minaj collaboration was a tease (or, a poorly titled blog post), but the "bluegrass hip-hop" band Gangstagrass is wonderfully real, and here they are performing "Gunslinging Rambler" at Southpaw in Brooklyn. The song is also available as a free MP3, if you're so inclined.


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Lily Rowan

I couldn't really listen at work, but I am SO INTO the Justified theme song! I am excited to download this at home.

Barbara Gordon

@Lily Rowan Signed in to say this. Bought their album after watching my first episode of Justified. That song is nearly as good as Timothy Olyphant's hair.


@Lily Rowan Justified is the greatest thing in the world.


Guys!!!!!! I ve got a big question) In the song-Gunslinging Rambler-when Rench is singing "If u took all my dolars.."can u tell me-from what folk song did he take that melody???i cant find this song...i have already heard that melody somewhere,and im sure that from folk song-but i cant find it(((please help me- thats really important for me@v


That was so good. It's like you knew about my love of banjos and phat beats!


This is...kind of amazing. I love hip-hop/bluegrass mashups more than I care to say. (ps: there is a bluegrass cover of Get Low out there and it is worth a listen.)


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