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Five-and-a-Half Daffodil-Free Daffodil Recipes

Daffodils are poisonous — do not eat them or mistake their bulbs for onions. But if you Google "daffodil recipes" to see if anyone's ever consumed them on purpose and lived to write about it on the internet (doesn't look like it), you find variations on the following:

1a. Daffodil cake.
1b. No-bake daffodil cake.
2. Daffodil cocktail.
3. Daffodil vegetable dip.
4. Daffodil lemon sauce.
5. Daffodil wine.

None of which is particularly interesting or includes any actual daffodil, but that last one does come with an eerily fairy-tale-ish unanswered request: "The neighbors have alot of daffodils in their yard and they are free for the picking so I thought I would make some daffodil wine. Anyone know a recipe for this?" Anyway. Daffodils. Not sure what was going on here.

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Tuna Surprise

Only 2/5 are from Sandra Lee? Seems low.


@Tuna Surprise I saw the second one and was intrigued at the concept of a no-bake cake. I enjoy eating batter. It turns out that Sandra Lee wants you to buy a pre-made cake. Isn't that the opposite of baking? How does she have a job?


@heliotropegerbil8 Of my favorite Sandra Lee recipes is the one where she makes Cheesy Corn on the Cob by rolling it in the powdered cheese from a box of Kraft Dinner.

By "favorite" I mean "alksdjflk;aekhr;kjalkjhahahahahahahaha they're paying her so much money to do this!"


@Brunhilde Oh man I love those kind of recipes. Like Rachel Rays nighttime bacon recipe which I think is, put some bacon on a paper towel and microwave it, eat it while telling the rest of the world to fuck off.


@Brunhilde Oh man, it's like elote but made of evil.


@heliotropegerbil8 The entire thing is premade! Pre-made cake, pre-made other cake, pre-made cupcakes and pre-made daffodil cookies (oh good b/c my supermarket always sells those...). Yet the thing is till amazingly hideous.


can't get enough!!@v

The Lady of Shalott

I am disappointed. That Daffodil Cake looks nothing like a daffodil. Rather, it looks like a hairy egg yolk, and the inside looks like a cake interpretation of egg salad.


Are they maybe thinking of dandelion? Dandelion wine is a real thing.



Oedipa felt at once motherly. In a room perhaps a third of the way along the suite he sat her in a rocking chair and brought real homemade dandelion wine in small neat glasses.

“I picked the dandelions in a cemetery, two years ago. Now the cemetery is gone. They took it out for the East San Narciso Freeway.”

. . .

He poured her more dandelion wine. “It's clearer now,” he said, rather formal. “A few months ago it got quite cloudy. You see, in spring, when the dandelions begin to bloom again, the wine goes through a fermentation. As if they remembered.”

No, thought Oedipa, sad. As if their home cemetery in some way still did exist, in a land where you could somehow walk, and not need the East San Narciso Freeway, and bones still could rest in peace, nourishing ghosts of dandelions, no one to plow them up. As if the dead really do persist, even in a bottle of wine.

—The Crying of Lot 49


@Emby It is shocking how many people think daffodils are called dandelions.


@Emby I was thinking the same thing. Has anyone ever tried dandelion wine? Next hairpin meetup?


I bet Diana Vilibert could fix us a superior daffodil cocktail. IN HER SLEEP.

Edith Zimmerman

@figwiggin Oh diiiiiiiiip!

Katie Heaney

@Katie Heaney

After the first few bites my heart was racing, but later I felt very jonquil.

Katie Heaney

@Katie Heaney R.I.P. Kasper and Nicholas


@Katie Heaney At least "best answerer" Cotoneaster(?!) Jay is still alive and kickin'

Tuna Surprise

@Katie Heaney

In England, a 'bulbing' is the grammar school equivalent of a glassing.


The more I stare at the word "daffoil" over &over on my screen, the weirder it looks to me. MAYBE IT HAS POISONED MY EYES

The Lady of Shalott

@emilylouise "Daffoil" sounds like the oil you would get after pressing daffodils or daffodil bulbs to death. And then marketed as some kind of amazing new health product? (That kills you?)


Everyone, I am really worried about the daffodil wine person.


@SarahP I'm more worried about the related question at the bottom, with the person asking someone to give them a "safe wine enama." [Sic] in more ways than one.



If there's one thing I hate, it's a winey-assed so-and-so.


@figwiggin What! Is that safe?!

On an unrelated note, would that get you drunk really fast?


@SarahP Yes, but I think you'd also possibly die of alcohol poisoning.


I think its ridiculous that there is more "cooking" involved for Sandra Lee's cocktail than there is for her cake... How does this woman still have a show?!


@j.gab I am appalled at how ugly that "cake" monstrosity looks. The pictures are supposed to make me want to make the recipe!


Flowers you can eat (sometimes) make wine out of:
Nasturtiums (for salad)
Violets (for sugar petals)

Also you can make wine out of oak leaves, birch sap and rhubarb.

More suggestions welcome. Wonder what's the weirdest thing you can make into wine?

The Lady of Shalott

@feartie This is going to sound monumentally stupid, but when I was a kid I was reading a Sleepover Friends book (I know) and for some inexplicable reason they were eating candied violet petals and it made such an impression on me that to this day I believe that they must be the classiest, most awesome thing ever.


@The Lady of Shalott Sadly they taste a bit like soap.


@The Lady of Shalott Yes, they do sound immensely decadent, but if parma violets (an old lady's sweetie) are anything to go by...

Lavender cookies on the other hand are delicious, not like air freshener at all.

I used to think that Angela Lansbury as the witch drinking rosehip tea in Bedknobs and Broomsticks drinks was the most glamorous behaviour.

*edited to make sense outside my own head*


@feartie A friend brought back a bottle of cashew wine from Belize. It was a syrupy concoction, tasting something like a combination of cough syrup and butter-flavored popcorn seasoning.


@feartie We made wine out of bananas in school once. It was fizzy and tasted, well, a lot like you might expect fermented banana to taste.


funfax: the only flowers my parents' garden grows are daffodils, because the deer eat everything else (the yearly post-Easter tulip culling is particularly tragic).


I'm really concerned about the supposed yield of that Sandra Lee cake... it says eight servings. EIGHT.


I don't even want to know what daffodil wine is. Just imagining it makes me happier than tasting it ever could (I learned my lesson after what happened w/ raspberry cordial!).

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