Thursday, February 9, 2012


Your Friend Wanted Me to Tell You

Which is your favorite personalized Channing Tatum video greeting? I like "Mean a Lot," but "Cheer Up" does it for Hairpin pal Abe Sauer. [Thanks, Abe!]

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You are awesome. I don't know who this dude is, but his sincerity when he tells me my friend "likes hangin with me" gives me butterflies.


@whizz_dumb So this is what it's come to?


Oh, wow. So much cheese.


He grossed me out on SNL this weekend.


Um, so I want to send the poke one to everyone I know, even though I kind of hate Channing Tatum (but hate him slightly less for having Joe Manganiello in the stripper movie based on his life), but it's NOT WORKING.


My mostly a-sexual friend told me recently that the only man she's attracted to is Channing Tatum. This is perfect... I will not allow The Vow to have any access to my facebook account, so she's getting the entire thing in e-mail form.

Thank you, The Hairpin.


Oh man. He hates having to do this so much. CHANNING.


@a5ouncebird such a great actor, such a great use of my attention.

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