Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Better Than a "Fashion Week 2012" T-Shirt

Here are three brand new, runway-inspired nail art tutorials from Refinery29. You can do this. Except maybe not that first one. But the other ones? All you.

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Don't your nails feel, uh, barnacle-y having all that stuff attached to them? This is from someone who can't have nails without accidentally mauling themselves.


@parallel-lines I'm with you. Even when I just use regular polish, I feel like I have nails that aren't quite attached to my hands.


its pretty impressive!@k


I tried to look at this, but got distracted by the "Three A Plus Ivy League Dorm Rooms" article on the sidebar. How do these schools allow people to do these things to their dorm rooms? How are these dorm rooms nicer than my apartment? How??

Lenora Jane

@WaityKatie Well, as far as the stripes: "We mounted the prints on black cardboard and stuck them to the walls with blue painters tape. The stripes, which appear to be painted, are actually stickers called Wall Pops that can easily be removed and are very affordable!" And the one before that is all "tape-art." But yeah, I don't understand how nice those rooms are (and how big, actually, for dorm rooms...)


@Lenora Jane This article is too much! An ivy league student with an ironic "ivy league pretentious" themed dorm room. Too many layers! Also, she used this sentence. As a college student: "I have always found that an Ionic column or two seem to add square feet to a room."


@Lenora Jane It's Columbia. It has a $5bn endowment...


@travelmugs That was a joke, right? Right??? Oh my god.

Lenora Jane

@Ophelia Yeah I mean I guess. I went to a feeder prep school for the Ivy League and we didn't have no stinkin' rooms like that (and now I am somehow both entitled AND curmudgeonly, eh)

@travelmugs That is actually hilarious, though, so I'm all right with it.


@WaityKatie you have to be joking if you think an Ionic column or two DOESN'T add square feet to a room.

I mean really. It's like I don't even know who you are anymore.


@redheaded&crazy I have a a big round column-support thing in the middle(ish) of my living room (former warehouse building) and I spend a lot of time wishing it had storage inside. Can ionic columns have that?


@Lenora Jane I'm really sort of disturbed by the images conjured up on my plebeian brain by the phrase "feeder prep school."

Lenora Jane

@WaityKatie AAAAAAAH now I am having (I assume) the same ones. Why did I say that, the implications are gross. Nothing like that happened! A lot of people just went to fancy colleges afterward.


@travelmugs I secretly loved that room - I genuinely loved the look, I loved that it was all a big joke, and I loved her stupid ionic column answer to the stupid pat questions.

But I am bitter about a dorm room that can fit two couches and two chairs (where are their beds?). My living room, in my actual, real person house, can only barely fit a couch and a chair. And I can't move the room around because the couch only fits on one wall.



Wouldn't it be easier to do the first one by painting your whole nail white, then doing the black design?


@Ophelia a thousand times yes.

Gracefully and Grandly

@Ophelia there is no place for your logic in fashion.


@Gracefully and Grandly Yeah, I'm just going to hang out in Theaterland instead.


Any of my attempts would look like I had a seizure while attempting to paint my nails. One solid color is hard enough, let's not get ahead of ourselves.


@tortietabbie I tried dots, once. It looked like I'd had a horrible accident and/or had mould on my fingers.

fuck fuck fuck

why is everything all wintry? isn't spring coming? i clearly am missing something in regards to this "fashion".


@lighter fluid Fashion shows operate one "season" ahead. So yes, we are coming into spring clothing now--but the shows for that were in September/October, last year. Now the shows are for next winter. It is ostensibly so store buyers can pick out what items they want to order and how many, and therefore the houses can produce those items in that amount--but now I think it's mostly tradition, because operating systems are much faster. SORRY FASHION DORK HERE


@martinipie I remember reading that is used to have a purpose like, a hundred years ago, but now it's just tradition.
I am a fashion person though and even I am like "pre-fall? wtf?"


@tortietabbie I know, right? $10 on 1 manicure is a better deal than 0 manicures I will successfully give myself with an $8 bottle of nail polish.

Lily Rowan

I can never decide if I think you people are kidding with the Refinery29 links... I mean, if they were paid, you'd have to say so, right?

Jane Marie

@Lily Rowan we would have to and they are not. also: NEVER kidding about nail art. never.


@Lily Rowan ....wait what's wrong with Refinery29? Did I miss some Internet decision about Cool Sites?

Lily Rowan

@Jane Marie That site is so crazy! Every time I click through, I'm like, "....really?" <3 u.

ms. alex

Okay, really. Are there people in this world who can actually do this sort of nail art on themselves? How do you people (assuming you exist) actually manage to do this? I have the unsteadiest of hands.


@ms. alex I can! I use toothpicks- a little bit from the "stem" of the brush (can we call it that?), dab off any extra on a paper scrap, and then draw big or small circles on my nail. Doing it on my right hand is harder and takes around three times as long because I need to kind of press my left hand into the side of a table to steady it. It takes lots of practice (I was kind of obsessed with drawing flags of different countries on my nails as a 10 year-old?) but I'd say start with some small polka-dots and work your way up to bigger more-obvious-if-you-mess-up shapes!
...I did the polka-dot one yesterday inspired by this post on my lunch hour (with turquoise, pinkish chrome and hot pink).


I am absolutely 100% incapable of doing these for myself, but I got so excited about the last one because it looks like knitting and I could have knitting on my nails!

Ann F.

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