Thursday, February 23, 2012


BBC Cribs: Highclere Castle

"We found a staircase recently. That was quite exciting."
—Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle, a.k.a. "the real" Downton Abbey, discusses her home, the people who've lived there, and an upcoming book.

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"the illegitimate daughter of [...] his French mistress, Marie Wombwell"

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Toby Jug

@atipofthehat COULD YOU IMAGINE if Downton Abbey was produced by HBO?

(spoilers maybe)

Dowager Countess would have a filthy mouth and instead of discussing the Russian Revolution Sybil and Branson would be doing it ALL OVER the garage.


"The Abbey. That's the name on the street for the Downton Maximum Security Penitentiary. The Abbey is retro, The Abbey is retribution. You wanna punish a man? Separate him from his family, separate him from himself, cage him up with his own kind."


"I'm gonna give you ten minutes to get your hand off my dick."


@Toby Jug aaahhh why can't that be real life :( Sybil/Branson 4 eva.


"Edith Crawley. Vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, possession of controlled substances, possession of a deadly weapon, violation of parole. That's an amazing list of crimes."

"Well, you know, I applied myself."


@Toby Jug "What the FUCK is a week-end?"


Pure blues!!!!! @j

raised amongst catalogs


raised amongst catalogs

@vanillawaif "Lady Almina's waist" is the new "Great Caesar's ghost"?

Two-Headed Girl

@vanillawaif And the puffed sleeves in the group shot, my god!

raised amongst catalogs

@Two-Headed Girl Eat your heart out, Anne Shirley.

oh, disaster

See, when I hear hidden staircases, I think of the BSC.

Two-Headed Girl

I was reading that, and none of it seemed plausible (King Tut's tomb! Sex scandals! Dying in poverty!), and then I remembered that it was the British aristocracy and everything made sense. Also William Cross seems kinda like a dick in the best David Starkey style.

Also, I am now hoping that S3 of Downton starts with the Earl getting really bored and going off exploring with Carnavon. Please?


@Two-Headed Girl The British aristocracy is INSANE and never seems to realise.

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