Wednesday, February 15, 2012


An Educated Model Is a Reliable Model

...the big fashion houses and leading photographers are tiring of the drama that comes with plucking girls as young as 15 from obscurity and propelling them to sudden stardom. Too often, models were showing up to photo-shoots hours late or drug-addled. This wasted a huge amount of time and money. Fashion houses are now keen to avoid trouble. Many find that educated models show up to work on time and don’t go doolally as often.

The Economist says it's — what else – economics pushing fashion houses to hire older, more educated models, but it sounds more like the designers are just a bunch of jealous old squares who don't get it, man. (Do kids still say "squares?" Did kids ever say "squares?" What about "man?")

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I am in favour of older and more educated girls being models. The teenagers should be school!


This is Freaking Fantastic!@m


See you all later, going doolally.


only a square would ask, dig?


@llehj What it is!


I say man all the time, dude.

and my grandma thinks i'm cool!


So, the fashion industry's hiring conundrum:

A manipulable, badly-paid child vs. an adult.


Is dolally something one does with a wuzza?


@JessicaLovejoy: Maybe, but it's something a boffin would never do.

(Boy do I ever love the Economist...)

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I say man, man! But I've never gone doolally.


I use "man," but almost exclusively at the beginning of a sentence. Ex: "Maaaaaaaan, this pizza is moldy." Obviously I am living on the cutting edge of slang.


@figwiggin I use it only when I am trying to convey ultimate chill. My bestie and I say 'hey, no worries, man' if the other is upset that they may have been an inconvenience. That is literally the only context in which I ever use it at the end of a sentence/in the form that Jane is talking about.


@figwiggin I use it the same way! It's just a bit of emphasis, when emphasis is needed but where profanity is too emphatic. If that makes sense. Like, "Oh man, I do that too!" as opposed to "Fuck yeah" or "Goddamn" or whatever. Haha I should start saying "Fuck yeah" instead, as if I needed to swear with any more regularity than I already do.


I teach Jr High. Kids don't say "square," but they do still say "man." I get called Man many times every day! (I am a lady!)

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doolally. PRONUNCIATION: (DU-lah-lee). MEANING: adjective: Irrational, deranged, or insane. ETYMOLOGY: After Deolali, a small town in western India.


@Curiouser and curiouser Is this also where dilly-dally comes from? Because that's the variant my family elders use.


@Curiouser and curiouser Wikipedia says that there was a British military camp in Deolali, India, and that the longer version is "doolally tap" and tap is related to the local Urdu word for malaria.


@pterodactgirl I think 'dilly dally' just comes from 'dally'? As in, tarry or dawdle. That's what I'd always assumed, anyway.

I didn't know that about Deolali! So interesting. I love that stuff.


@Curiouser and curiouser That's fascinating! Also a little racist now? Sad. But seeing "Deolali" helps with pronouncing it right. In my head it was "Do-lau-lee" which is totally opposite ... I always seem to pronounce things the wrong way. Damn short and long vowels.


@Bitterblue Wikipedia to the rescue again - Deolally tap: "loosely meaning 'camp fever', referring to the apparent madness of men waiting for ships back to Britain after finishing their tour of duty."

So it's not an attack on the residents of Deolali (thankfully!).


@nyikin OH! Okay, that makes a ton of sense. Cabin Fever = Doolally = perfect description of how I feel at the end of a long Chicago winter.


@Curiouser and curiouser And now I wonder about lollygag also?


@D.@twitter Oh god, that's just asking for a bad pun..


I've always heard doolally used in the context of meaning crazy or unbalanced. Must use it more often.

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