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Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

Does anyone else have any advice on a body wash and/or associated lotion that will keep your skin from looking like Smaug, Lord of the Mountain within forty-five minutes of toweling off?

(Even nerdier references: The Face of Boe, and Eustace after he put on the bracelet.)

Well-meaning suggestions involving taking fewer OR cooler showers in the winter (to hell with you, Women's Health) will be dismissed with extreme prejudice.

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Eustaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. I like good old Pond's, but admit to never having tried it as an all-over body lotion.


@a5ouncebird Ponds for the win! It makes my face so smooth and soft I only have to use it once a week, which is amazing considering that the air conditioning at my work is so aggressively drying that my face normally looks like a raisin on a humans body by the end of the day.


Burt's Bees Shea Butter lotion- apply BEFORE leaving the bathroom, while it is still steamy.


@yrouttasight or baby bee lotion. so nice.


I do two things: 1) Johnson's baby wash, which I'm sure you either have or will have more need of. They used to make a great one that was moisturizing too, they either stopped making it or changed the packaging, but the regular stuff works too, and it's super gentle and not harsh, obviously given what it's supposed to be used for; 2) Homemade olive oil/brown sugar/honey scrubs a few times a week to get all moisturized and exfoilated. Oh, and the Lush Butter Ball bath bomb however often you can afford it. Do they make a shower gel with the same ingredients generally, because if so, I will buy the crap out of that.


@thebestjasmine They used to make a shower gel (skinny dip) but discontinued it the way they do with everything I love. I hate you, LUSH, you're my emotionally unavailable boyfriend.


@thebestjasmine They changed the packaging! There's this one (marketed at grownups) http://www.amazon.com/Johnsons-Hydrating-Intense-Moisture-20-3-Ounce/dp/B001E96M8U
and this one for kids: http://www.target.com/p/Johnson-s-Baby-Oil-Body-Wash-13-oz/-/A-12286327


@thebestjasmine: I sometimes put my favorite Bath Bombs into a squeezy bottle with some water, and use them as a wash that way. And seriously, Butterball is the BEST.


@OxfordComma OMG that's brilliant! Also, Titania, yes, that is is! I'm stocking up asap.


@thebestjasmine YES. Olive oil/sugar scrubs never cease to amaze me. So, so soft.

Just be careful next time you step in to the tub. And warn any housemates.


@thebestjasmine Ooh, I do an olive oil/sugar scrub on my face once a week and it's infinitely better than any scrub I've ever bought in a store.


@thebestjasmine : Thanks! It works really well!

:Cinnamon Girl:

@thebestjasmine Also good: soaking your feet (if you do such lady pampering things) in warm/hot water with a splash of olive oil. Your feets will be so soft!


olay makes an in-shower body lotion, which is basically a creamy oil - keeps your skin from drying out, but since you use it in the shower, if it gets everywhere like other oil products (looking at you, baby oil) it doesn't really matter.
you're gonna want a non-slip shower base, though.


Aveeno Active Naturals is the bomb - it is inexpensive and works. I was using expensive stuff - Welleda Skin Food, Korres, Dr. Haushka, and this is the first winter that my skin is not flaky and dry and cracking - Aveeno. I get way too excited talking about it, my skins are baby soft!



@bombed_pop YES, Aveeno! I have crazy bad eczema in the (Chicago) winter, and Aveeno is the only thing that keep it at bay. I use the "extra-overnight-crazy" kind in the tube. Perfection!


@fishiefishfish The Aveeno eczema therapy lotion is pretty great.

Roxanne Rholes

I usually use a thick body lotion, but sometimes I know it's just too much work/time, so I keep a bottle of regular ol' blue shower oil around. Just rub it in riiiight before you turn the water off, so the excess rinses away and you're not all greasy. Also wonderful to shave with! You don't even need the expensive kind. Just the cheap blue stuff!


@Roxanne Rholes What is blue shower oil?


@allerby Seconded. It sounds like this is a thing that everyone knows about but me?


Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons Almond Oil (i.e. the pink one) + Salux towel in the shower, followed by Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials (i.e. the teal one) immediately after. MAGIC. No more KP on my arms and the rest of my skin is like a tee-tiny baby's!


@Monkey You got rid of KP? LET ME LOVE YOU. This Salux towel intrigues me.

Now, how do I get the boyfriend to take up this regimen? (Please note: his current shower regimen includes "wash everything with cheap-ass body wash, rinse.")


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Lactic acid lotion is good for KP - try Lacactin or Lac-Hydrin.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher my thoughts on Salux, which I first learned about from The Hairpin. In short: It's fantastic.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Seriously, get the Salux. And @parallel-lines is right about the lactic acid, but in my experience, the Eucerin I mention above, which has alpha-hydroxy acids, gets the job done for cheaper, AS LONG AS I use it after a Salux. Also I should note that if I stop using this combo the KP comes back right away, so technically I guess it's not gotten rid of as much as beaten back.


@Monkey The teal Eucerin is not enough for the KP on my arms (which basically make me look like Scale-dor of Scratchy Skin mountain if I don't treat), but is enough for the KP on my everywhere-else! That and Aveeno are my go-tos for everywhere-but-arms.

For my arms, I buy a separate lotion, and my KP is bad enough that I need a cream with both urea AND lactic acid in it. Right now I feel like a widow because my forever KP love Carmol 10 was discontinued (It made my arm skin look like normal people skin!), but Lacactin is working well enough in the interim. That said, when this bottle is gone, I'm going to try to find a new one with Urea in it. If anyone has leads, let me know!


@HeyThatsMyBike Ahhh, good ol' everywhere-else KP. Bleh. Totally good point though--the acids in the Eucerin might not be strong enough for everybody's everywhere. Eucerin also makes a 10% urea lotion--maybe combo that with the Lacactin if you can't find a twofer?


@HeyThatsMyBike one correction: I feel like a skin widow. My arm lotion being discontinued in no way makes me feel like an actual widow.


@Monkey Ooooh - good to know! Thanks! Yeah, the Eucerin has been great for the KP on my legs, which is fairly mild. I wish my arms would fall in line, too.
The good news for me is that because I religiously apply moisturizer to the point of almost being psychotic about it, basically every guy I've ever dated has commented on how smooth my skin is. I AM FOOLING THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Salux. Are you in NYC? go to chinatown, they are hangino outside some of those wee cluttery shops. If not, Amazon have em. Will change your life. For $3 or thereabouts. Unlike the stupid pointless $150 clarisonic brush.


@Monkey - Oh, KP :(. I know I have probably mentioned this on the Hairpin before, but I have found one thing that works on the back of my arms- Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Triple Action Toner. I use it in place of lotion after I shower, and I will definitely feel like a skin widow if they discontinue it. It is a BHA toner, not sure about the %, but Paula Begoun says it is an effective % and the formula doesn't have anything else that would neutralize the acid, which I guess is a problem with a lot of AHA and BHA products? Doesn't seem to do much for my thighs though, so will definitely be trying some of the suggestions here.


@curryspice Not sure about Urea, but the thing that made my arms baby soft and rid of KP was Am-Lactin which has 12% Lactic acid... is that a lot? My KP never returned. Lucky assed me! Also, AVOID PETROLEUM IN YOUR LOTIONS!!!! It does not hydrate. It only seals the skin to keep you from losing more moisture, and it's bad for mama nature's skin too, ladies.


@all I have KP on my arms (and elsewhere, but mainly on my arms - apparently people think I have goosebumps all the time? ugh) and I buying everything mentioned here ASAP.


@curryspice Oooh yes, another correction! I am using AmLactin, not Lactactin right now (Can't imagine how I mixed up those two almost identical brand names) to try to fill the gaping hole left by the departure of my dearly beloved Carmol 10. Like I said, it's doing pretty well.


@all Eucerin is the best! I have very, VERY dry skin (and an addiction to long, hot showers) and this is the only lotion brand I've used that works. I use the teal Intensive Healing (with alpha hydrox, not to be confused with Smoothing Essentials, which is much lighter and not as effective) on my driest bits, and the blue Calming Cream on my less dry bits. Their face lotion is good too.


@Monkey this is so curious. acid-y things have never helped my kp. what has helped is Salux (or it's even stronger cousin, a Korean scrubbing cloth) and smearing on Cetaphil cream right afterward.
At this point, the actual KP is retreating, but the scarring left from a chemical peel gone awry is the worst part.


@everyone I love everyone in this thread. Will make a list o' things to hunt down (Target or Amazon--no NYC here) and attempt to Deal With My Arms this winter. They will be all silky and adorable and not scaly. This will happen.


@Monkey Salux towel + coconut oil has eradicated my KP. You can buy big tubs of the coconut oil on Amazon for $10, and I only use a smidge each time.


Read "skin window".


@Monkey Trader Joe's is selling big jars of coconut oil now, holler!




I love Neutrogena Rainbath...it's an "oil" but if you put it on while you're still in the shower, seconds after you've turned off the water, it's really moisturizing and not greazzy (on me at least). It also has a faint, nice scent.


crabtree and evelyn's Le Source stuff is unreal. I use the Hand Therapy lotion as all over lotion and it's amazing. Also, Jurlique. I like the rose smelling stuff, but others are good too. Again, the hand lotion for all over!! helps me survive my overheated apartment that sucks all moisture out of everything.

Lisa @twitter

Check out the products over at Lush. Their ocean salt scrub is wonderful!

On the "can be found in the local walmart" range of things, Gold Bond Ultimate Protection is top notch. We used to leave a bottle at the stable in the winter.


Dr Bronner's Peppermint Oil. I live in Chicago, but I barely need to put on lotion anymore.


@myrna.minkoff I was JUST coming down here to suggest Dr. Bronner's! That + hardcore lubriderm lotion right when you get out of the shower.



Get Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap on your business, and you will scream "DILUTE! DILUTE! DILUTE!" for awhile, but then perhaps find it strangely refreshing.


@myrna.minkoff I use the Dr. Bronner's baby soap, in the light blue bottle. I think it's the same soap, just unscented. Peppermint in the winter is CRAZY you guys! But in the summer, I mix half baby and half peppermint to stay cooler.

Also, I agree with everyone else who says to put the lotion on AS SOON as you get out, while you're still a little damp.

And take fish oil supplements! Moisturize from the inside out! (Not sure if that's an option if you're nursing though?)

@ atipofthehat: I noticed that the DILUTE DILUTE has been much less emphasized (in addition to changes in packaging and an expansion of product breadth) since the old Dr. Bronner died and his family took over.


@myrna.minkoff I love Dr. Bronner's they have the craziest packaging ever. You know that when someone is believes that their soap can cure all the ills of the world that they're dedicated.


@myrna.minkoff YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! dr. bronners is the best! peppermint is my favorite, and you can use it for shampoo too! it helps ward off funky winter scalp issues.


@atipofthehat Good point. The almond version is less, um, tingly, if you're not up for that much refreshment during your morning shower.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@myrna.minkoff DEAR NICOLE AND EVERYONE, I love Dr. Bronners SO HARD. I use lavender in the winter, peppermint in the summer. Definitely dilute it. And the "tingles" w/ peppermint take a little getting used to, but once I did I actually enjoyed the hell out of it?

There are so many products out there that are made of slow-cooked-poisons. Beauty aisles are a minefield and Dr. Bronners is my Camp David.

Also, it's really good for cleaning glasses/sunglasses lenses!

sarah girl

@myrna.minkoff Yes yes yes! I use the tea tree oil one so now, very invigorating without being overpowering.


I think the key is moisturizing right out of the shower; within the first 3 minutes is my rule. And I stopped using body wash in favor of olive oil soap (Trader Joe's usually carries) with a pouf, just because it's less waste, lasts longer, and is much cheaper. As far as lotion goes, I've used the Jergens Shea Butter and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula with success, and sometimes Burt's Bees lemon body oil.


I know this is super gross, but in the winter I only use soap on my pits, crotch and feet and sort of let the run off take care of the rest. I rinse, but don't use soap and add a thick layer of Kiehl's imperial body cream. Even with that, I had wicked scaly legs yesterday (shaving seemed to help a little).


@parallel-lines ...this is my usual routine. what? the other parts don't get stinky/dirty!


@parallel-lines not gross, i do the same. or maybe we're both gross together. also, check out no more dirty looks' site for suggestions if you are into non-synthetic chemically things

Lady Humungus

@parallel-lines I totally do the same thing. Why am I soaping my forearms? Those don't get dirty ever.

HOT SHOWERS ARE FOR WINNERS!!! I live in Buffalo, I'll be damned if I'm going to take a cold shower (or a "cool" shower even) at 6am in January. I can. not. stand. when people even suggest that.


@parallel-lines oh man, after I got back from cuba in the fall, my legs were peeling like a MOFO which was a) gross and b) sad my tan! :'(

shaving definitely seems to help even though it seems kinda gross? Like am I really supposed to be shaving away the skin flakes on my legs? The thing that helped the most was some intensive exfoliating thing that just stripped everything away. HAWT.

also, um, i rarely shower, so, clearly nicole I will be no help here.


@parallel-lines With you on this. I exfoliate the rest once in a while.

In the winter I keep a li'l (repurposed) pump bottle of olive oil in the bathroom and add a couple of squirts to my lotion for extra moisturalization.


@Kulojam I'm not really anti-chemical but I get sooo, sooo dry (thanks hard water!) and it seems to help a little bit--the soap in my shampoo and such runs down and really, my shins and forearms aren't that sweaty.

raised amongst catalogs

@parallel-lines Not gross. I have a "soap is for pits, pads [feet] & privates only" policy!


@parallel-lines Not gross. Really, unless if I'm doing something especially dirty (if you know what I mean*), why would the rest of me need more than a rinse?

*I mean moving things in my basement, swimming in non-pool bodies of water, or working in my garden, of course.

kid madrigal

I just want to say how wonderfully not-gross and validated I feel by this thread. Solidarity in logic, ladies!


@parallel-lines I just put this together THIS WINTER, and I have had wicked-scaly legs since at least high school. The reason they were scaly is that I did the face-pits-biz-feet soap thing. I've started using the washcloth for a full scrubdown (jesus this sounds both gross and rudimentary writing it out), and MAGICALLY, smoothness ensues. Also coconut oil when I get out of the shower.


@parallel-lines OMG KIEHL'S IMPERIAL BODY CREAM. It's just, like, an orgasm for my entire integumentary system.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@liznieve Integumentary is a very, very good word.

Kelly Love Johnson@twitter

I moved to Austin TX two years ago from the (humid, south) east coast and it took me FOREVER to find something that I could use in the shower for dry skin. Summers here are bad enough...winters are SO dry. Just a couple of months ago I found Shikai shower gel on a tip from a friend (drugstore.com) and it's the BEST - I've used both coconut and Yuzu (both smell great) and my skin is amazingly soft and moisturized for the first time since moving. Highly recommend!


I don't know if this is a thing in the states like it is in Canada, but I love Glaxal Base. I buy a huge tub of it at London Drugs every October and it's the only thing that keeps my skin from getting reptilian in the winter. Oh, and applying immediately after showering is key.


Try Zum products. I LOVE THEM. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's a cool company and their stuff works wonders. www.indigowild.com


I use this stuff (http://www.amazon.com/Canus-Goats-Milk-Moisturizing-33-6-Ounce/dp/B001E6Y5H8/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1326391452&sr=8-11) year-round and I love it. Yes, it's made from goats' milk... but it's sooooo creamy and not chemically and artificial-smelling. (Plus, I bought that two-pack a year ago and still have half of one of the bottles left. So the stuff lasts.)


i use gold bond healing body wash - it's really moisturizing and good for my thighs (which get a weird almost-rash on them through the winter). then i moisturize in the bathroom while it's steamy with good ol' cocoa butter.


I swear by lavender soap. I was using regular soap and slathering on the lotion, but was still super itchy. All natural lavender (even on my face!), and Cetaphil cream work wonders.


This method is really sticky, so I only do it at night. I mix half and half baby lotion and Vaseline, then break open a few liquid Vitamin E capsules in as well. Slather it on the second you get out of the shower, cover with long pj's because the cat WILL want to cuddle with your sticky self. For day moisture, I use Ponds.


@OhShesArtsy Oh hello, only other person I've found in the world who knows about this wonderful concoction! It is the only thing standing between me and awful winter dragon skin. I also goop Vaseline all over my hands right before going to bed to keep them from cracking. Cracking hand skin is one of mother nature's meanest winter tricks.


@imforserious I'm so glad someone else does this! My friends think I'm insane. Yes to bedtime hand Vaseline, especially for peely cuticles and cracking knuckle skin. I love Vaseline for night time lip moisturizing, too. It's basically goopy, gross magic.


ARGAN OIL! And not the stuff Josie Maran bottles because that is expensive. Just search "100% Argan Oil" on Amazon and buy whatever looks good. I use 3-5 drops on my face in the morning and at night, and then I just use it wherever else seems dry.

Seriously, my formerly scaly looking legs are now beautiful and wonderful and my super dry face is now luxurious.

Argan Oil forever.


@elizabeast So...okay. So I got super into argan oil while I was in Morocco, and I just saw a GIANT bottle of it on sale at Williams-Sonoma. I know it's used for cooking as well as for skincare, and 100% argan oil should just be 100% argan oil, right? And yet for some reason I am scared to buy it in case I accidentally soak in cooking oil and end up feeling like a greased pig. Thoughts??


@Titania This is also supposed to be great for your hair. I like to put some conditioning oil in my hair the night before I know I'm going to wash it, just a little so it doesn't really get on my pillow and washes out easily. My hairdresser always tells me how healthy my hair looks :)


Totally agree with all the suggestions about exfoliating then straight-up oiling yourself right out of the shower. I use coconut oil or argan if I'm feeling fancy or especially dry. Your skin will just absorb the oil. Sometimes I put on oil then lotion.

Also, I make my own olive/coconut oil soap, because it's fun and it means I get to keep lye on hand like a Victorian poisoner.


@elizabeast And it's the best conditioner!


@Titania I'd suggest checking the ingredients. For a minute, I considered using my Argan oil for my hair on my face, but it has other stuff in it so I won't put it on my skin.

Here's the one I bought: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00397XUIK/ref=oh_o06_s00_i00_details

It's basically scentless (it smells a little like nutty plastic?). I'm pretty sure this bottle is going to last me for a year.

Daisy Razor

@elizabeast Oh, bless you. I bought a little sample bottle of the Josie Maran oil and love it for my face and hair, but I absolutely cannot justify the cost. I'm thrilled to know it's available less-expensively elsewhere.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@elizabeast Ditto to Argan Oil. Amazing stuff.


@.Lauren. After all this Argan love, I just went on Sephora.com and ordered a new small bottle of it. And some Benetint. And a little bottle of perfume. This is the most cosmetics I've bought since Halloween!

:Cinnamon Girl:

@remargaret YAYYY. I bought the Josie Maran one to start, and just ordered my second bottle from a different company on Amazon to save some ka$h monay.

Also, the Hairpin should get paid by Sephora for all of the consumption we encourage down here... Economic recovery, FTW?


@.Lauren. Right? I can guarantee I would not have bought cosmetics online had I just been hanging with my dude housemates. Hairpin Sephora kickbacks for sure.


Coconut oil. It's relatively cheap and it's amazing. I take at least one bath/week with epsom salts and coconut oil in the water, and I have extremely dry skin. Sometimes I'll put it on when I get in a hot shower (all the places that get dry, and that you don't need soap to clean) and towards the end of the shower, I'll wipe/gently massage it off with coarse washcloth. My skin glows and is so soft. I'll often follow up with my current favorite lotion (EO coconut tangerine) but it's not really necessary - I just like the smell. I also eat a lot of coconut oil and use it on my face in combination with rosehip seed oil. I rarely break out (and then only a little around my period) and my skin looks fantastic.

TL/DR: Coconut oil for everything.


@ThereIsNoFluffy I will once again expound my Winter Cure for S.A.D. and Dry Skin:

1. Long warm shower
2. Coconut oil all over face/hair/body after
3. Listen, sing, and dance to Prince the whole time.


@ThereIsNoFluffy Coconut oil is my miracle cure-all now. I'll take an empty deodorant container, and fill it with melted extra virgin coconut oil, and it makes it so easy to use once its solid. Right when I get out of the shower, I run the stick over my arms and legs, and everything is soft and awesome (and I smell like an Almond Joy!).


@limnupon That empty deodorant idea is brilliant!


@Ophelia Totally! Doing it tonight.

Inspector Tiger

@ThereIsNoFluffy I second the brilliant, buuut, what kind of deodorant do you use? the rolling ball thingy? wouldn't that get...stuck?


@ThereIsNoFluffy How do you eat the coconut oil? Like, with a spoon, or in things? (I realize that's a dumb quesiton, but I didn't even know it was a Thing until this thread.)


Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub - wash with your regular body wash/soap and then scrub at those elbows, knees & thighs with the stuff. Leaves you super oily and awesome. My elbows have never had a better winter, and it's cheap (like $6?)

More expensive - L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil. I add a bit to my regular body wash.


@phipsi Seconded on the L'Occitane oil. I use it on its own and it is tha bombbb.


@phipsi TJ's bath and body stuff is AMAZING. Super thick body lotion that lasts all winter? $3.49. Vitamin E Oil? $5.49. Awesome Oatmeal Almond exfoliating soap bars? $2.99. Giant bottle of super gentle face wash? $5.99 <3u TJ's


@phipsi Yes, yes, yes to the L'Occitane oil. It has changed everything. And, as a comment about the price, I have had my bottle for over a year and it is only 3/4 empty. You don't need much, and it works so well, it is worth the money.


Here is a conundrum: what if you have dry winter skin, and love to use moisturizers, but every. single. thing. you use in the shower seems to make the skin on your back/shoulders break out? What is this cruel torture? How do I stop it??


@hotdog you need to change moisturizers! Check your current ingredients, and change things up in a proccess of elimination style.


@lovelettersinhell so I've tried like 20 over the years, all to the same effect...

all the bacon and eggs

@hotdog SO, I also thought that some shower product might be the culprit for my back breakouts, which are a relatively recent phenomenon in my life (great when you are almost thirty and getting acne in new places, right?). Anyway, I went to the dermatologist and that appears not to be the case. Assuming you don't want to go to the dermo and/or take any RX meds, mine got me started using PanOxyl 10% BEFORE the shower (I had been applying in the shower, but this is apparently not enough). Put it on your back and then leave it on for ten minutes (REALLY! Ten!) before you shower. She also got me started on a bunch of other things but did not tell me to stop using regular shampoo/body wash/etc.


@hotdog : ( do you have long hair? I have a long mane that always used to cause my back to break out. I switched to a non-sulfate shampoo and start rinsing my hair really thoroughly, and that helped. Also, I guess it depends on your skin type, but I don't think the back/shoulders need a ton of moisturizing. Have you tried baby soap? Or some other hypoallergenic wash, like Cetaphil? It might help. So sorry, back breakouts are the worst!


@hotdog : Ugh. That SUCKS. I second the question about long hair, particularly if you use conditioner on it. If I use conditioner, I will flip my (short) hair forward so it doesn't get on my back.

Sometimes hard water will make my back break out, too.

I've had decent luck with Kiss My Faces Peaches lotion, since it has AHA in it.


@hotdog Thanks, everyone! This is recent, and I'm a little over 30, so I'm going to try an SLS-free shampoo and something hypoallergenic!


I randomly picked up "Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash" (in the citrus/energizing scent) at Duane Reade like a month ago and IT IS SO AMAZING. Along with using it as general body wash, I also started using it in lieu of shaving cream bc it is so moisturizing and smooth and soothing I barely even have to moisturize my legs after shaving when I shave with it. Highly recommended.

SUz Aqueous AnNe@facebook

Pure almond oil, RIGHT after you step out of the shower, all over your body. Putting it on while still wet helps it absorb. It's THE BEST. I haven't bought lotion in years, because you're just paying for all this water and crap! With eensy weensy bits of shea butter or something added. If my skin is super dry, I'll mix in some avocado oil OR layer some pure shea butter on top of the almond oil after I dry off a bit. You can get a whole kilo of fair trade pure shea butter for around $25 at new directions aromatics - don't mess around with tiny little tins for $20 at a health food store.


I can't remember where I read about this, but it works ~amazingly~:

Take the coffee grinds from your morning coffee, mix with a little olive oil and some essential oils (I mixed with a little of my Burt's Bees body wash instead, as I don't really have essential oils on hand?), use it as an exfoliating body wash, and voila! It's a little messy with coffee grinds getting all over your bathtub and whatnot, but it makes your skin feel so nice.


@slizzii : That sounds amazing! ...But that's also really really bad for your pipes and drains long term...you may want to trap the grinds and dump them in the trash instead.


@OxfordComma Ooo, good idea! Thanks! :)

SUz Aqueous AnNe@facebook

(new directions aromatics = online)

Sara P

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil!


@Sara P Absolutely. Followed up by the body moisturizers in the Amande line--either the milk cream or body oil.


Ahthankyou so much for this thread!!!! Once again the Hairpin makes me feel less alone... I get Old Lady Winter skin every year and it's just horrendous. We started keeping a big pump bottle of Jergens on the coffee table so I can just slather it on hands & face any time I think about it.


Gold bond medicated cooling lotion is The Best, and I really ought to buy some before my legs get scale-covered. It worked better than a prescription mousturizer the winter my legs were so dry they ended up cracking into open wounds, like you get when you have chapped lips and smile? Except for me, it was walking or anything rougher than cloth touching them.


Oh yeah, and I almost forgot! Plain old coconut oil cocnut oil like you cook with is effing fantastic on winter skin. If you have a local herbal shop, they might have some yummy infused ones with lavendar or rose (Rebecca's in Boulder makes and sells it). Otherwise, just buy some at the grocery and smear it in. So awesome on fresh shaved legs!!!


@sox I have some of this I was using as a hair treatment pre-shampoo (didn't notice a difference) so I think I'll try it as a moisturizer, thanks!

PS. I keep mine in one of those condiment squeeze bottles you get at cooking stores, because the whole jar liquified right after I opened it.

Gemma  @twitter

Palmer's cocoa butter right after the shower and one of the Lush face creams. I use a radox foaming shower gel and it works really well for me even though my skin looks like smaug's all year round. But I do love lush's flying fox shower gel, just smells so yummy.

tiny dancer

@Gemma @twitter I used to use Palmer's cocoa butter until I began smelling brownies while working out. Now I stick to Palmer's shea butter.


@Gemma @twitter Ah, Palmers 4-eva!!! Love their products, especially the swivel stick for my lips. Looks like a glue stick, feels like heaven on my dry, nasty lips.


Baby oil before toweling off has changed my life this winter.

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

The face of boe!

Second recommendations for Aveeno products. Both of body wash and super gooky lotion which is the only lotion that doesn't somehow make me feel more dry like half an hour later.

Kim Novak@facebook

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter It's the dimethecone. Lovely, lovely stuff. Aveeno lotion is my go-to.


Here is my recipe for my homemade body scrub. It gets off the rough skin and makes what's left feel fantastic.

It also makes your bathtub slippery, so be careful!

Kim Novak@facebook

Yes! I know winter skin, and I can't stand cooler showers, either.

First of all, it may pain you to do it, but find something fragrance free for the winter if your skin is getting painfully dry. You can go back to the fun stuff in the summer, but switching to fragrance free body wash and lotion was seriously the best thing I've ever done for my skin. It can be difficult to find something that's *really* fragrance free (unscented does not always equal fragrance free- read the ingredients), but my current favorites are Aveeno Baby Creamy body wash (find with baby products) and either Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (if it's not so bad), Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion (if it's a little worse) or Curel Ultra Healing Lotion (for late January/February when my skin is flaying itself off my body). None of the lotions are very greasy, they all sink in quickly (a requirement for me) and they all work extremely well. But *No Fragrance* has really been the key for having even remotely reasonable winter skin.

Shaving will help with the exfoliation, but be really good about the aftercare. My skin *freaks* out when I shave in the winter. I also found that a shaving lotion, as opposed to a foaming shaving cream, helps prevent the freak out. Kiss My Face has a fragrance free, non-foaming, shaving lotion that works well. I've also been known to just use my body wash. And then lots of lotion immediately upon exiting the tub. Or Tend Skin may help as well. Or, go hippie and just don't shave (which I admit, I do. I decided that the pain wasn't worth it in the winter when I'm wearing pants and tights the whole time anyway).

Also, and I know you said you'd dismiss fewer showers as an option, but every other day really does help. I am not more stinky on days I don't shower in the winter. I am less likely to want to take a scrub-brush to my skin. This is a good thing, in my book.


How would the Face of Boe use body wash?


@apollonia666 : With ...um.... tentacles?


@apollonia666 Novice Hame would help.


I use Method Marine Naturals body wash, follow it up with Eos Nourish body lotion (which smells insanely fresh and good), with a few drops of Josie Maran Argan oil mixed in for good measure. I seriously cannot recommend the Argan oil enough...it's a bit pricey, but the bottle lasts FOREVAR and instantly hydrates even really dry skin. Plus, you can use it as a bath oil, PLUS it's great for your face. I mix it in with my Oil of Olay moisturizer as well and my skin has never looked so glowy.


@thanks_maybe I mentioned this downthread, but the Josie Maran Argan Oil is obscenely overpriced. Her Argan infused cosmetics are awesome, but the pure Argan Oil does NOT need to cost that much.

I bought this bottle for $10 and it'll likely last me six months, but probably closer to a year: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00397XUIK/ref=oh_o06_s00_i00_details

Becky Martinez@facebook

Olive oil scrubs are a great idea, but you can also use olive oil as a moisturizer. I keep it in a small dish in the bathroom with a few drops of lavender essential oil (it has cleaning properties and fights acne). In the winter, I shower in the evening, then rub a SMALL amount (just enough to cover my fingertips) onto my face and skin. (More if you use all over your body.) It takes a few minutes to absorb, but it's the only thing that stops my skin from flaking. And it doesn't cause pore blockage or zits!


to join the LUSH choir: i recently picked up one of their solid massage bars after dry skin was making me itchy ("peace" but there are several types). i use it like a moisturizer, first thing after a shower. you warm the bar in your hand and it's a cocoa butter/olive oil base that really sustains without being greasy and has eliminated my problem, and i love the scent, which is kind of spicy/citrusy and exotic. plus, no water to bulk up the weight, and no packaging.

HOWEVER i am all ears for anyone who wants to tell me about kiehl's, as my interest was recently piqued toward the musk line.


@SadieHawkins OH and my facial moisturizer is from ren, the day cream. it's really light and keeps my combo skin happy without causing breakouts.


Are there fragrant sensitive people out there who can comment on these products? I get the worst headaches from perfumes in a lot of products. If it's natural oils, not so much. But Scented Aveeno, Oil of Olay, Burt's Bees, and Anything less "premium-ey" than Aveeno make me want to throw up after about 15 minutes on my body. My skin is a misery right now.

Oh god. And LUSH. I want to be able to use their pretty pretty products, but I can't even go in the shops without nearly vomiting.


@PistolPackinMama I just commented below--I use unscented Dove soap because I can't take pretty much anything skin-wise or migraine-wise. But it works for me! My skin is really oily on my face and pretty dry everywhere else. Also, LUSH stores are an abomination.


@PistolPackinMama My sister is actually allergic to fragrance in skin stuff, and SWEARS by the Unscented Dove sensitive-skin moisturizing body wash stuff (it has the sea-green accents). She's been using the aforementioned Teal Top Eucerin (as have I), which is unscented and great.


@PistolPackinMama I am super sensitive to fragrances, too. Dove's regular body wash makes me want to hurl. You could try unscented oils (get a tub of food-grade coconut oil at the grocery store) or lotions like the Alba Very Emollient (in lots of drugstores).


@PistolPackinMama even as a fan of many of their products, those stores are an olfactory challenge.

Kim Novak@facebook

@PistolPackinMama Yeah, I can't tolerate fragrance at all, so no fun products for me. My go-to products are mostly Aveeno fragrance free products, or Curel fragrance free lotions. The Whole Foods 365 line has fragrance free products as well, but they smell a little funny to me (from the ingredients, not any added fragrance). The Dove unscented body wash *does* have fragrance in it (it's in the ingredients list), but it's not as heavily fragranced, so some people can tolerate it. I can't, unfortunately.


@PistolPackinMama I don't have fragrance issues, but that's one reason that I recommend the Johnson's baby wash, because it doesn't have anything that can be irritating in it, basically.


@PistolPackinMama I would go with Eucerin Calming Creme for body stuff - that is powerful and also smells like nothing. And I love Lush but man, you can smell that store a block away. (For what it's worth, my mom is really sensitive to artificial and strong perfumes but is loving the Lush Skin Drink I got her.)


@PistolPackinMama Scented anything gives me hives and I use Dove unscented bath bars and Aveeno unscented daily moisturizing lotion after I shower. I find that lotioning after the shower makes all the difference for me in terms of dryness. My skin is irritated sometimes by chlorine in the water and the lotion takes care of any dryness/itchiness from that.


@PistolPackinMama I second the Alba nomination. For a treat (I like to ration out my nice lotions by only using them on my arms/decollete), Villainess "whipped" is also really good, has fantastic ingredients (cherry kernel oil! tuberose! cloves and sandalwood!) and smells divine in all its forms.

sceps yarx

@PistolPackinMama I adore the unscentded Eucerin lotions. They really are unscented! And I exfoliate with a handful of damp Epsom salt.


Dove soap, the kind for sensitive skin (i.e. unscented because my skin is really allergic to a lot of stuff). I use it with a cheap-ass scratchy white washcloth (the kind you get as a stack of like 12 for $2 at Wal-Mart) and my skin is baby-soft year-round.


YES, that aragan oil, or baby oil even, or the Nuetrogena Rainbath + Origins Precipitation. The best. I also like the Johnson's and Johnson Lavender baby lotion. I do it right when I get out of the shower and let it sit while I brush my teeth for a second before i wipe the oil. It makes such the difference.

Also, just drink that water you guys. DRINK ALL OF IT, and eat some coconut oil, I can't stomach the burping of the fish oil.


Nicole, you are a great nerd.

I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's Midsummer Night's Cream--
it's thick, supremely emollient, and scent-free.

I also really like the Kiss My Face line that you can find at Whole Foods--they're kinda great.


oh! eustace was such a pill! and being a dragon made him nice! i love that!

as far as dry skin, i am still looking for a good facial moisturizer (coconut oil made me break out like buddy oh!) but i LOVE lush's sympathy for bare skin body lotion. it smells like a spicy vanilla milkshake and my skin just sucks it right up!


I like Neutrogena body oil. It smells good and was the only thing that kept me from being a scale monster when I was swimming every day. It doesn't have mineral oil, which always seems to dry my skin out.

The only problem is its a little bit of a pain to use, and seems to get everywhere. Worth it though!


@Cavendish: I swear by Neutrogena's body oil (sesame). It lasts forever, it keeps you all dewy and glowy without being greasy. And it smells subtle, not fragrancy.


I live in the desert so I've experimented with many a lotion. My absolute favorite in the world is Archipelago's Lavender body lotion. It's a bit on the pricey side (for that many clams the lotion really ought to put itself on my scaly skin) but whereas I could never get down with the body butters because of the grease factor this stuff is not greasy at ALL.

fondue with cheddar

Cool showers are not an option in the winter, but I do turn the temperature down a bit when I rinse my face (and I do that last). I wouldn't call it cool, just closer to warm than hot.

kid madrigal

Just seconding all the coconut oil and argan oil talk, but also, I've found taking Omega-3s to be really helpful, i.e. fish oil or flaxseed oil. No matter the amount of creams and oils I slather on, my hands/nails fall apart in the winter and it seems that they're more affected by what goes in my body than what goes on it.


If you're like me and your face gets particularly dry, I recommend Pond's. Apply it right after your shower, and it will be absorbed by the time you go to put on makeup.

As for the rest of the body, I use St. Ives in the shower and then Queen Helene cocoa butter body lotion. Ladies who have sensitive or extra dry skin swear by Cetaphil.


@klemay When my face is super-dry, I'll use Pond's Cold Cream instead of washing my face with cleanser. In the summer, it feels kind of greasy and gross, but in the winter, it makes my skin so happy.


This might be a little crazy, but they travel awesome: tiny Japanese exfoliating towels. Kind of intense, but they slough off your skin like a dry skin brush. http://www.amazon.com/Salux-Nylon-Japanese-Beauty-Cloth/dp/B000EZOC1O. I've also been pleasantly surprised by Suave's Advanced Therapy lotion, which beats out my Eucerin.

Lexa Lane

I sometimes dream of being able to sink into a tub of shea butter at the beginning of winter and not come out until spring. Since I can't...

Body: coconut oil, Nivea (love!), and my new obsession, The Body Shop coconut body butter. Plus Lubriderm extra hydrating with SPF 30 for the daytime when I need sunscreen.

Face: Boots (at Target) expert sensitive hydrating...something? They sell it in a little jar. It's fabulous, and not expensive.

Also, I absolutely love the Gingerbread Man scrub from philosophy. Yes, it's expensive. I used to make fun of my best friend for spending that much on salt scrub and then she bought me some for Christmas just to prove her point and...I lost that argument.


@Lexa Lane I LOVE that Boots stuff from Target! AND the tub is small enough to be plane-friendly (although the TSA ladies always seem to give it a second look because it looks so big, and then look disappointed when they can't steal it from me).


aveeno positively nourishing body wash (hydrating) + aveeno shower & bath oil. for an added softness boost, after showering/drying also use alba very emollient lotion. none of these are too spendy, but all are very effective!


Best references ever! I am taking notes from all of these suggestions because this is my life. Normally I just slather on whatever I have extra thick (slather is the worst word), and then feel gross and horrible as my clothes stick to me for the next half an hour. But I am taking the idea for making my own scrub this weekend!


@redonion This is why I apply all my lotion and then blow-dry my hair in just my underwear. It gives everything time to sink in.


Regular exfoliation and UDDER CREAM! Especially right after the shower. Heals my cracked hands and scaley legs and provides some entertainment if you make mooing sounds while putting it on.


@LornaLoo Also, I mentioned it earlier, but petroleum based lotions are not great for hydrating... they essentially just seal the skin so no moisture gets in or out.


first aid beauty makes great products! my skin gets really dry AND easily irritated in the winter, so even though it needs mad moisturizing, most creams and lotions just leave my skin burning.

first aid beauty ultra repair cream is A-mazing, and they made a body wash too!


This may sound like crazytalk, but bear w. me. My favorite bodywash ever is CVS bodywash for dudes. Most soaps/washes give me the itchies, but this keeps my skin soft. It smells really good (the scent doesn't trigger my migraines, either) and costs like $2/bottle. When shit gets really hardcore in the winter or I use something that does give me the itchies, I use unscented Aveeno skin relief.


No matter what I do my lips remain chapped and awful for the entirety of the winter, every winter, since I turned 25 or so. Stupid. I blow through Burt's Bees chapstick like it's made of candy or something.

HOWEVER! For moisturizing I have found that St. Ive's Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion is quite literally the only thing that has kept me from shredding the skin from my legs with my fingernails from all the dry, itchy awfulness all winter. And it's only January. This stuff has a very mild scent that I think is quite delightful and, once it's been on for a little while, fades away almost entirely.


@tekkatron My lips are terrible too - I have recently learned that you can exfoliate your lips by brushing them with your toothbrush while you are brushing your teeth! Follow that with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick (I mentioned this upthread too. I LOVE it). Seems to be helping. Not a magical cure, but less ugly/painful.


@Bebe it was actually suggested to me to get a thing of Vaseline (or neosporin if the corners of my mouth are actually cracked) and apply it around the edges of my lips right before I go to bed to keep them from drying out in the night. It's been helping a lot to keep me from looking like someone recently had me bound and gagged in the trunk of their car, at least. And I will definitely look into that Swivel Stick!


@tekkatron Yes, I've resorted to the Neosporin, too! It does work, but if you accidentally taste it - yuck! My mom is a big believer in the magical powers of Vaseline, too, but I just don't like that smell.

The Palmers is always on the bottom shelf in the lotion section, and the Swivel Sticks are the exact size/shape of a glue stick. It's like $5 and lasts FOREVER.


@tekkatron I like Vaseline a lot for that purpose. Sometimes I line the rims of my nostrils with it as well to help mitigate the dryness.

Emma Peel

@Bebe Aquaphor! I have a weird peeling lower lip pretty much all the time, and the toothbrush (I use an old one so it's soft) + Aquaphor healing ointment fixes everything. It doesn't smell like Vaseline but works just as well or better.

:Cinnamon Girl:


I've heard some horror stories about Vaseline (petrolatum based - ew), and used to rely on that and Burt's Bees for my lips. Stopped Burt's because it also has some sketchy ingredients, and peppermint oil is actually drying?

Does anyone have any suggestions that are a little less disgusting, ingredient-wise? I've heard lanolin can be healing for lips? I've tried coconut oil, but my lips are still super chapped ughhhh.


@.Lauren. I may have emailed Jane with that very question. I am hoping she answers it.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@PistolPackinMama I adore Jane, but she is not as anti-chemical as I am, so I'm hoping some of my naturally inclined ladies can help out? (I am less strict about the makeup I put on my face, because the natural stuff just plain blows). But I feel like there's gotta be a good non-poisonous chapstick/lip product?


@.Lauren. Have you tried eos? It comes in an adorable little egg and smells like fruit and lasts a long time. I've been using that and the Badger Balm cocoa butter all winter so far. They both smell good and I'm pretty sure they both ran me less than $5 a piece at Ulta. Eos is at Walgreens sometimes too.

the angry little raincloud

I am a girl with extremely dry skin... or, better said, I used to be. I've finally figured out how not to be a walking scab of Smaug-y grossness or whatever, after spending way too much money on crappy moisturizers and visits to the dermatologist.

What worked:
1) on the moisturizer front, for body: La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume. This shit's gold. It's $20-some bucks, so not cheap, but it is by far the best body moisturizer I have tried. It keeps my legs good all day, it absorbs quickly, doesn't stink, and does not irritate skin that is being treated for other dermatological conditions. You can sometimes picked it up packaged with other stuff (hand cream, spray water, etc.) via the LRP web site or at Duane Reade.

1a) the cheaper alternative: Aveeno Skin Relief (or whatever it's called: the one for really dry skin). This requires more applications than the LRP above, but is pretty damn good. I use it on slightly less dry areas.

2) What really helped, though, was getting laser hair removal on my legs. Hear me out. My legs were scabby, irritated, and just in awful shape (and damn it, I've got shapely legs and wanted to be all "whoo skirts!"). Getting the leg hair zapped out basically has eliminated the most major irritation, and as of this winter, I barely need to apply moisturizer at all. So it might not be just the moisture/oil situation of your skin, as my dermatologist finally pointed out. (It took 3 years, and I don't even want to think about how many doctor visits to get this figured out). Laser hair removal is expensive, yes, but I'm so happy I did it. My legs look and feel great.

Edited to add: I take the longest, hottest showers you can possibly image. Mmmmm.

Lily Rowan

I don't think anyone has specifically mentioned jojoba oil yet, but I just got a little container that recommends adding some to basically everything - body wash, shampoo, whatevs. Haven't tried it yet.


@Lily Rowan I like it! It doesn't make me break out (it's supposed to be a lot like your natural skin oil or something) and it's nice added to a hot bath.


I have a question about all of this. I never use body lotion when I get out of the shower (I take morning showers before work) because the lotion does not dry out fast enough and always sticks to my clothes and makes me feel extra grody. Does anyone have any brands that dry really fast but still make your skin soft? Or any tricks to make regular body lotion dry fast? I want soft skin toooooo!


@Elleohelle There are actually some "quick-dry" lotions out there, but being a dry-skinned monster, they're not enough for me. If you've gotten by largely without all this time, I'm betting they will be plenty for you. I feel like Curel makes one that they call "Fast-Absorbing."
Trick is to slather up the very minute you get out of the shower, and then I typically throw my bathrobe or shorts and a t-shirt/tank (or whatever I wore to bed the night before) on for a few minutes before I dress while I mill around doing other things to get ready til it is nice and dry. But if you do it while you're still a little steamy from the shower and just rub it in super well (use a bit of elbow grease), even the non "fast-absorbing" stuff is absorbed pretty quickly.

Insecurity Millefeuille

@Elleohelle You might try the Eucerin Intensive Repair stuff. I can't stand the oily feeling of most lotions, but I don't really mind this one. It dries more quickly than anything else I've tried.


I have SUPER dry skin from taking a daily antihistamine. (Y'all, Claritin is murder on skin.)I wash with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Bar Soap lathered on to the Dermalogica Buffing Cloth. You guys, do NOT USE LOOFAS. They never get completely dry so they have nasty bacteria growing in them. The Buffing Cloth is like a long sheet of loofa so you can bundle it up and use it like one but then stretch it out to dry. I exfoliate with brown sugar (fine grain) mixed with olive oil. This will not clog your skin. Upon exiting the shower I use coconut oil (which you can buy pretty much everywhere, it's solid and it melts when it hits your body) on my body and emu oil on my face (I order that from amazon.) Then I feel like a perfectly moisturized piece of silk!


@Larkyn WAIT WHAT? I have been to a gajabillion allergists and derms about my yearround everything allergies and dry skin and not a single one of those assholes has mentioned this to me. I know it's metabolized through the kidneys and you have to stay super hydrated when you're on a shit ton of antihistamines, but have you stopped the claritin and seen improvement in your skin?


I use St. Ives Apricot face scrub on my body, usually every other shower, or whenever it seems needed. Picked this tip up from my waxer, who recommended it on the bikini line to prevent ingrowns. It's perfect if you have dry skin that is also sensitive and gets angry when exfoliated. I use Lubriderm or Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion.

Sabon also makes ahhhhmaaaaazing lotions - so pricey, but they smell so delicious and super-thick. http://sabonnyc.com/


OMG I am the worst for this, because my skin seems to have an adverse reaction to anything with sulfates in it. And then I'm like "oooh this smells nice and has cocoa butter in it so it won't dry me out to shit and make me itchy" BUT NO. So now I'm using the Live Clean Body Wash with Argan Oil, and combined with Watkins body lotion, my legs are like crazy-smooth.


I don't know why I decided to start Accutane in the winter, but this post is super timely.


I think body wash is overrated for moisturizing and also pretty wasteful. I usually use a high end bar soap that costs the same and lasts 10x as long.

One body wash I've had good luck with this Flying Fox by LUSH. Its expensive but very moisturizing.

I think the key to really keeping your skin good during the winter is 1. limiting how much you use your heat 2. Getting a humidifier 3. Exfoliating at least once a week 4. moisturizing the hell out of your skin.

As far as moisturizers go, I just switched mine for the Winter because I was getting ezima. I am using an intensive one by First Aid Beauty that I got at sephora. Its insanely rich and thick. For the intense dry patches I use this little miracle balm they sell at Whole Foods called "Eyptian Skin Magic" It does wonders, but use it sparingly only on dry patches because its pretty much just an oil balm that can lead to breakouts.

For the rest of your body I'm not terribly attached to any one lotion. I use Ocean Salt by LUSH 1/2 times a week to get rid of dead skin and use any old lotion.

Hope this helps!


@kate! yes to the humidifier and keeping the heat low! I have a skin disorder that means I get itchy if you look at me funny, and then scratching produces hives and everything just gets itchier and itchier. Moisturizers are as likely to be irritating as helpful, plus I usually hate the smell of scented ones. During the summer antihistamines are enough to keep it under control, but when I lived in a dorm during Iowa winters and it would get so so cold and the heat in the dorms made the air so so dry, my legs were itchy ALL THE TIME, to the point where pain from scratching too much was better than the itching. And then I got a humidifier and ran it whenever I was in my room and my skin stayed moist and calm and wonderful. Plus I had an adorable frog friend. His name was Gustav. Then I moved out of a dorm and kept the heat a lot lower and while I still used the humidifier, it wasn't immediate itchpocalypse if I forgot for a night.


@Lorelei@twitter Yeah. I mean for intense dryness I cannot recomend Eyptian Skin Magic enough. But I am also seriously considering doubling up with another humidifier for now.... good luck.


Just how well do you know Jane, Nicole?

Nicole Cliffe

@atipofthehat I see what you did there, and I like it.

Molly T.

Don't you soap at all. Rub oil all over (I use almond oil) and then steam in a warm shower for a bit and scrub with a warm wash cloth. It gets the dirt off, you moisterize your skin, and it doesn't leave you greasy at all.
In fact, I started washing my face this way about a year ago after having terrible dry skin/acne combo face all winter and my skin has never been better.


Dove sensitive skin body wash, followed by copious amounts of Lush's dream cream. Absolutely essential to my life.

Princess Slayer

I like the Dove extra moisturizing body wash! Feels so good so good. The generic version works just as well.


Cetaphil cream in the big old tub is the only thing that works for me. And Sabon salt scrubs need to be less smelly but DAMNS they make your skin feel foine.


Jergens Overnight Fix. That shit is AMAZING. It's new, apparently, and it is the only thing I've ever used that has actually kept my elbows feeling like they belong on a human being. It is supposed to be used before you go to bed but I also use it after I shave my legs and its great. And a drugstore brand, so cheap!


@emm_a - I LOOOOVE wandering the drugstore/Target/whatever skincare aisle looking for new things to try, will definitely keep an eye out for this, thanks!


Curel, either original or unscented. It absorbs quickly and lasts. I've tried everything fancy and non-fancy under the sun, and that shit is the stuff that keeps people touching me and being jealous. It also cleared up the gross red bumpies on my upper arms.

Inspector Tiger

So this tip is from my mom, and it works for me: She told me that fancy ladies of the past (her words) used halfed lemons on their elbows to eliminate the rough parts to prepare them for the moisturizer. Personally, I use that on any rough part on me such as .... feet (although I don't know if the fancy ladies of the past did that)

Karla Marín@facebook

Use a real loofa every time you shower. Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin, its fragrance free (its like bathing with lotion) then grease yourself up with Palmer's Cocoa Butter the second you've toweled off. You'll be sooooo UN-Smaug-like all day.

I've been doing this since I was a kid and I'm ash free!


@Karla Marín@facebook AND Dove soap is incredible at removing period stains from underwear. Just to bring the tone down a bit.


Oh man, I got this one. I'm sorry if it came up already; there are almost 200 responses to this post already and I have to be somewhere in a couple of minutes.

Anyway, lots of bodywashes are fine, you can go gentle or with whatever scent you like, but before you get in the shower, use a sesame-seed-oil based body oil all over, above the ankle. Make sure you have some nonslip guards in the bath, too (I just have a textured bathtub bottom, and it's fine). Wear it through the shower, which should be lukewarm, and wash off with bodywash at the end. You might not even need lotion after the shower. If you do... whatever lotion you like!

I totally got this from when Jezebel made fun of the Allure article that recommended it a few years ago. But it really works.

Sparrow Morgan@facebook

I just slather myself in olive oil in the shower and then gently scrub with a loofah... When my skin's really dry, I don't even bother to soap off after, I just kinda rinse and then towel off the remainder. After that, you hardly need lotion. Be careful not to slip in the shower, since, yanno, oil.

No-Crack and Udder Balm (available at your local feed and tack store, also generally for sale at chic boutiques like Restoration Hardware, occasionally on the bottom shelf at the drug store) are both incredibly unfortunately named, but are AMAAaAaAA-ZING have saved my skin (literally) in dry winter climates more than once.


AlphaKeri - but it does make the bathtub into a slip-and-slide. Also, take vitamin E capsules.

tequwila mockingbird

When I'm not broke, I use Lush's Dream Cream lotion all over in the winter, and pair it once or twice a week with their Buffy body bar in the shower -- more if my skin needs it. Both are super moisturizing but don't make me reek to high heaven like a lot of Lush products, and they both keep my absurdly sensitive skin from breaking out.

God, why is everything I love so hideously expensive.


"(Even nerdier references: The Face of Boe, and Eustace after he put on the bracelet.)"

In a post about body wash/lotion.

*This* is why I heart the wonderful Hairpin.


Exfoliate ( I know it sounds counter intuitive, but it's important!dry brush, loofah in shower, or apricot scrub). A great cheap soap is Kirk's Coco Castille ($1 almost everywhere, lasts forever, light smell, very moisturizing and gentle), and after you shower? Grapeseed Oil. Buy in bulk at ethnic market if you can (cheapest usually at Middle Eastern places). Grapeseed oil is great for your skin, light and absorbs beautifully and makes a great carrier if you want to add fragrance. Coconut Oil is excellent, but it's heavier and expensive.


Just don't take inspiration from Eustace and try to peel all your skin off. No, not even if a lion turns up to help!

Notorious J-E-N@twitter

Run, Don't walk to Lush. Ro's argan conditioner.


Trader Joe's Midsummer Night's Cream Moisturing Cream for extra-dry skin, unscented with aloe. It's around $4, and it is amazing. Trust.

Philosophy's Gingerbread Man gets rid of scaliness, smells like happiness, warms you up a bit, and one tub lasts forever -- it's a really dense but gentle scrub, so an eensy bit goes a long way.

Oh, and Skin Milk, I think it's called. Creepy name, but if you can get around the cum-like properties of the body wash (except for the smell! It smells lovely), it's great for keeping your skin soft. Also maybe $5 for a ginormous bottle.


Jojoba oil! Trader Joe's sells it for about $7 a bottle and it lasts for months. Rub it on in the shower before you dry off. It's greasy for a moment, but absorbs quickly. It's scentless, non-cogmetic, non-carcinogenic, non-gross chemical or animal ickiness, too! It will also tame fluffy, frizzy hair when used in moderation.


Also, Lush Sympathy for the Skin. Significantly more expensive, but makes your skin feel amazing.


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