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Way Worse Than Johnny Depp: k.d. lang and Her Girlfriend Broke Up

So this is her cover of Jane Siberry's "Love is Everything," which is incredible.

Love is everything they said it would be
Love did not hold back the reins
But love forgot to make me too blind to see
You're chickening out aren't you?
You're bangin' on the beach like an old tin drum
I cant wait 'til you make
The whole kingdom come
So I'm leaving

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not to get picky, but k.d. and her domestic partner (not 'girlfriend') broke up in september and filed for a dissolution of the partnership on dec 30th. even sadder than just a breakup.

Nicole Cliffe

Ooog, that IS sadder.


@becky@twitter Ok, but, please not to suggest that it is inappropriate or incorrect to refer to someone's SO as anything but 'domestic partner' once they've filed papers? Girlfriend is not actually a pejorative. Unless k.d.'s ex says it is in her own specific case...


@junkle My mom called my dad her "boyfriend" through 36 years of marriage. He never considered it a perjorative term.


@Teffodee Does that make me sound like a jerk? Damn. I'm not trying to be a jerk. Just pointing out that I find it adorable when people refer to their Official Significant Others as their "girlfriend/boyfriend". I mean, unless the Official Thing is girlfriend/boyfriend? Whatever.


@junkle @Teffodee I think what @becky was saying is that there was a deeper, legal, binding connection between kd and her partner that the term 'girlfriend' doesn't always confer.


@becky@twitter :(


yes, what @wee_ramekin said. k.d. referred to her as "my wife" in interviews.


@junkle @Teffodee You're not a jerk, but yeah, it's different when you're gay and you don't actually have all the legal rights that, say, your married parents had. For a lot of gay people, it is very important that people acknowledge our relationships as what they are (regardless of the legalities). My own marriage isn't legal, but I would find it clueless and minimizing if anyone I knew referred to my wife as my girlfriend -- I would not think it was adorable. I put a ring on it, people!


@carbonation Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Thinking about it, I think it's the difference, too, between you saying it yourself about your partner, or someone else saying it about your partner.


@carbonation Yes, this! This is what I was trying to figure out how to say last night, but I couldn't figure out how to word it.

When the law doesn't allow you the same marriage rights as everyone else, it is a slap in the face when someone calls your domestic partner (which is the closest you can get to legally calling someone your "wife") your "girlfriend".


@becky@twitter Is "ladyfriend" and "manfriend" acceptable? I use that when I don't know if a couple (straight gay or otherwise) is married or not, it sounds more mature/classy to me than BF/GF but maybe only to me!


@shantasybaby In general I'll say "your lady" or "your gentleman", unless I'm not sure if the person in question likes to use gendered language self-referentially, in which case I use "partner" or "person's name, if I know it"


@shantasybaby partner is widely accepted, but it probably depends on the couple in question.

though, i'm a straight lady, so maybe some of our gay pinners will chime in?


@becky@twitter yes please!

Also, my gentleman doesn't like "partner", because we're in a bilingual city and the french equivalent, "conjoint", indicates a common law marriage (if you cohabit for a year, you're automatically common law in Quebec) and he feels that the fact that we don't cohabit is important to our relationship. So.


You see the tragic end of a long-term relationship. I see a reason to dig my most well-worn suede boots out of the closet and get pretty. I see opportunity.


No, no, it's totally sad though, I would never do that, that's awful, haha, just kidding, see we're laughing about it now.


@melis You be good to her.


Just, like, out of curiosity though, where did you get your boots? I'm asking for a friend, who needs some new boots.



You'll need this. Good luck.



I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I feel sad about this break up news, but I'm a bit thrown by the set of (unintentionally?) filthy lyrics.


Silent but tight moment start with Piano solo, and then her mellow voice starts to flow like a beautiful stream.@k


But we'll probably get at least two albums worth of classic songs?


kd lang and Leisha Hailey dated.

Also, kd lang has one of the Most Beautiful Voices.

I grew up knowing all the words to all the songs on Absolute Torch & Twang and Drag.

This has been a Random Smattering of kd lang Facts™ from wee_ramekin.


@wee_ramekin k.d. lang was born to sing huge songs that make you cry.


This is really tragic, but I actually went *GASP* out loud all to myself when I read this headline on Twitter. Strangely, it was while I was listening to her album 'Sing It Loud'. I am sad for them :( :( :( kd's an awesome lady. Definitely worse than Johnny & Vanessa.
See vid here, her singing 'I'm every woman' with Dame Edna, is amazing, I can't believe I only found it the other week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJPXksRnM5I


Though I cannot help myself whenever I listen to the lyrics
'You're bangin' on the beach like an old tin drum
I cant wait 'til you make
The whole kingdom come'
as I'm always like hahahahah banging, hahahaha making the kingdom come. So childish.


Constant Craving is one of those songs that is unbelievably descriptive if you have been there. If you have ever really craved being with someone - deep longing in your bones - then that song will blow your mind. It captures that feeling musically.

Another example of this type of song capture is Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me, but in a much more wrenching sort of way. If you have been there, that song is devastating.


@karion Ugh. For real.


@karion I CAN'T HANDLE ANY OF THIS. I started reading this comment thread mid-way through an "Exile in Guyville + bottle of wine" evening (ugh) and I'm sorry, I just can't.


@karion See also: Bonnie Raitt's "All At Once"


*quietly slits wrists in the corner*


I have an easier time keeping up with people's imaginary girlfriends and boyfriends.


hey k.d., girl, there's a space in the breakup bunker next to me if you need it. You can croon soulfully, and I will weep silently along with. Seems like a pretty ballin combo to me.


why would you try to take her away when she belongs in the sunshine with me


@melis I'm just keeping her warm during the recovery process! You really want to be some wild rebound fling?! (yes yes a thousand times yes) I promise I'll talk you up, you know, lay the groundwork a little

Two-Headed Girl

Aw, k.d. :(

I saw her at my city's Folk Fest over the summer. She was amazing, and then she closed out the festival with a cover of Neil Young's "Helpless" and it BLEW MY MIND.


@Two-Headed Girl Have you heard her album Hymns of the 49th Parallel? It's all covers of classic Canadian songs, including Helpless and Love Is Everything. She is so amazing!

Nicole Cliffe

My favourite thing ever in the whole world.

Kitten Mittens

Aw, man. I always feel weird commenting on celebrities' breakups (What if it really *was* for the best? What if they are both happier now?). But after such a long time together, any way you slice it, this is pretty sad.

Not to threadjack, but I first read the headline as "Way Worse than Jonny Lang" - and I discovered k.d. lang and Jonny Lang around the same time, so they're always associated in my mind (beyond the obvious name thing) - and that made me SUPER sad, because I recently discovered (argh, not a bot, I promise!) his wife's blog (http://www.therantinghousewife.com/), and they seem like such a sweet little family. So, uh, to end on a happy Lang note?


My mom used to shop at the same organic co-op grocery as k.d. lang in the 80s and they had, like, actual conversations and stuff sometimes. And one time at a show I could have sworn she winked at me. So what I'm saying is, that's my in, right? That or even more evidence that my mom is way, way cooler that I'll ever be.


omg someone else in the world knows about jane siberry.I love that song "Follow Me"


@scojo I had never heard of Jane Siberry until I worked at a Papyrus store (ug!) and this song was on the store's adult contemporary music loop- you don't know how many times I cried at work to this! Partially because it was one of the only songs decent enough to hear over and fucking over again (the other one- Olivia Newton John's "A Little More Love.") Anyway, I loved it so much that I had to look into where it came from and -tada- Jane Siberry.


Jane Siberry!! Jane Siberry!

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