Monday, January 23, 2012


The World's Most Perfect Party Guest

It's never been polite to gossip about other people's relationships, but without bold, attractive people like Martha here there wouldn't ever be anything to talk, email, Gchat, or think about.

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No I hate it when friends get sawn in half :(


I take back anything I said about Al & Tipper or Jada & Will. *This* is the most devastating famous couple split ever.


@julia When I watch Project Runway and question her basic humanity, I aways am comforted by the fact that Seal married her and she can't be all that bad. Now, I will be forced to recognize her for what she really is. An emotionless husk without a hint of humanity.


@graffin Really? Maybe she's changed...? I haven't watched Project Runway in years, but I watched seasons 1-4 (and maybe 5?) almost religiously, and I remember being so impressed that she came off as such an interesting, adorable, and kind person. (I'd only seen her in ads before.)


@SarahP I agree with you! She seems so cute and sweet!


@SarahP I have only watched the last 4 seasons, but she has always come off as cold and emotionless to me. She is like a very pretty robot.


@SarahP @iceberg Thirded, I love Heidi. I just started watching Project Runway All Stars and the new host is making me miss her soooo much.


@graffin Maybe her marriage troubles were affecting her work!


@graffin I'm with you on this one, Buddy Garrity.

And while we're on the subject, Anya?? ANYA????? I'm still not over it.


@julia riiiiiiight? oh mah gah that new model host whose name I can't even remember is TOTALLY robotic and awful, even if I didn't already have a little soft spot for Heidi.


"Don't do it anymore."
"Thanks, I've learned my lesson."

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@Marzipan hahahahahahah ain't that the truth


The Lady of Shalott

@Marzipan I also submit "What, really? No, I had no idea what I was doing was wrong! Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways!"


@Marzipan: Or happen more like this:
"Don't do it anymore."
"Thanks, I've learned my lesson."
-LATER, WITH ANOTHER FRIEND- "There's Page, can you believe what she said to me? What a bitch."


ohh gossip. i have a love-hate relationship with gossip. i mean, something that had a whole tv show named after it can't be WRONG can it?!


@redheadedandcrazy Oh there's no hate about it, I looooove gossip. But I have a policy* not to say anything I wouldn't say if the person were in the room, so I don't ever feel bad about it,

*-Okay sometimes this is really hard.


@redheadedandcrazy I submit that "having a whole tv show named after something" is more likely to be evidence that it is wrong than not.


I love that there are deleted posts in this thread.


Gentlemen, get out your tightest bike shorts and start prowling hotel lobbies. Ms. Klum wants a look at your package!


When my dude found out he said, "thank god! Heidi's coming back to me!"

This one makes me sad. I was really pulling for those kids.


@tortietabbie You could have some sort of open arrangement and help raise Heidi's kids?


@SarahP Ew, no. That's what herds of nannies are for.

Mrs. Coach McGuirk

There is no way Page really learned her lesson.

Tragically Ludicrous

Pfft. We all know about Cora.

Lola P.

now on desperate hunt to find Special Someone so that the phrase "specially-built igloo" can become MY once in a lifetime experience


Ah I love gossip whatevs. But I was very sad to hear about Heidi & Seal, because they just seemed so happy & especially because it seemed like she'd had a bad run with dudes before him.

Also the linked article is just a big ol' reminder to never read comments anywhere iother than the 'Pin.


Perhaps this should not have triggered such a strong emotional response in me. Had to hold back tears. Christ, I hate January.


Whatevs, I stopped getting emotionally vested in celebrity couples since Kenneth Branagh cheated on Emma Thompson...the bastard.


Auf wiederzehn, Seal. :-/


^^ Dude's got some eyebrows.

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