Friday, January 6, 2012


The Week of January 2 - 6

- A Dude admires sunglasses, A Queer Chick watches Glee, and A Clean Person goes above and beyond, and under and around.

- "Tarot folk wisdom suggests that instead of seeking out your own cards, wait for them to come to you." *Meaningful look*

- Esther has a spirited fitness instructor.

- Here are six New Year's Experiments to try on and take off.

- “To the person who has been using the microwave to reheat really spicy food — God, it smells amazing. What is that, saag paneer?”

- Why, it's dark.

- That life-ruining peacock brooch is still for sale. $32K. Ditto the Swiss calendar ring. *Far more meaningful look*

- Jane is watching The Bachelor.

- And the second season of Portlandia starts tonight on IFC, and is online as we speak.

- Enjoy your weekend. Maybe melt something nice into your locket.

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Any Sherlock fans? I just caught up with the first episode of series two that was broadcast earlier in the week, featuring a verrrrrry sexy Irene Adler*. Don't know if it's available in the States yet, but watch out for it!

*A lot of people are grumbling about this portrayal of Irene Adler, saying it's sexist (she's a lesbian dominatrix in this incarnation). To this people, I say "Fie!"


@Decca I want to see that! I love the idea of Irene Adler as a hot lesbian dominatrix. Who knows what latent desires were in Doyle's head when he wrote that character, but she's certainly taken on a life of her own.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@Decca I don't think it's state-side yet, but I LOVED it! Also, is this incarnation of Irene Adler really a lesbian, or is she just "sexually liberal"? The heavy flirtation seems to suggest she is not solely interested in women? (either way, her attitude/body/humor/everything is sexy-awesome)


@Veronica Mars is smarter than me My take on it was that she was a lesbian in her personal life and sexually liberal in her professional life, but Sherlock shook that all up. There's that conversation with John where he tells her he's not gay and she replies that she is, following it up with "But here we are" as in, Sherlock has qualities that make even lesbians and straight men fall in love with him.

I've since had conversations with friends who thought her portrayal was lazy and reductive, but I completely disagree. Can't wait for tonight's episode!


@Decca I just assumed sexually liberal, but I do agree that her portrayal was great.


I felt I should share this, because dolls + the creepiest effing story I have ever heard.

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